Prepare for the WAR!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective life wherever you are in this world. It’s almost November and we are nearing to close starting year of the decade that too in most dramatic way. Who thought that we all passed this whole year almost in our respective home, Mask becomes The Savior and affect all of us in either ways! We all are witness of this nightmare, aren’t we? Many Succumb due to this pandemic, some able to survive and some learn something from this or that way, right? But still we are alive, that means we had given a strong fightback. It’s just matter of time. Don’t you hear that phrase, Time waits for none? Good or Bad, any time does not stay for longer; Just remember that. Let’s hope for the best, we successfully overcome from this situation soon.

Image Source: By Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Social Media is a Marketplace that Trades in Human.

– Courtesy: The Social Dilemma

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any idea about today’s lesson that what we are going to learn today? What have you thought by the title of the post? Let me guess what you thought, We are going to talk about some fights, probable war scenes, some blood shots, some casualties and after war world right? But no, You are absolutely wrong, though we aren’t going to talk about any of that. This WAR is within ourselves, sounds crazy, right? Then you must have to watch The Social Dilemma. The Documentary revealing the truth of so-called Modern Humanity. Yes, the topic of today is fully based on it. So, let’s start the topic without wasting much time and understand its hazardous effect on us, i.e. humankind; as soon as possible because This WAR is definitely thousand time more Dangerous than this Pandemic, just think about it now.

Not scared you but try to unveil the truth which is forbidden for so long. In February 2004, when Facebook officially launched by Mark Zuckerberg, at the time no one has never thought about the potential consequences of it. They can only see the brightest side of it and just forget to draw their attention to the other side of coin. Same trend followed by the Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pinterest as well. All joined the rat race to provide the best services to their latent customer. They all started to boost their user base, experience, and entertainment for them. In starting, the growth was low as it was new for all of us, but as soon as it started to spread its popularities, they all becomes the necessity of every human being on the Earth, right?

Just take an Instance, The 2 old day child of today also changes its expressions/moods just by seeing the Smartphone, isn’t it? What’s in that Smartphone? Have you noticed that ever? A barely 6/7 inches box, containing all the flavors of life in it, is that the reason? Maybe yes and maybe no. Many opinions in that, right? So, what we can do now? Are we in any position to do something now? The answer of first question is we can do if we WANT. And the answer of second one is No; we aren’t in position to do anything now. Because we all lost control on our respective selves, aren’t we? Absolutely we lost it since we start using it. If you can focus on first answer you get the answer of second by default. It only going to happen if we really feel by heart that yeah, we are on wrong path, whose chances are very- very- very low. It’s like we all are on same Ventilator and don’t know when it going to stop, but the thing which is sure is that the ventilator won’t last long.

Image Source: The Economic Times

If You aren’t Paying for the Product, then You are the Product.

Courtesy:- The Social Dilemma

Look at the time when whomsoever created the Different Apps, the aim of them is to connect the people, connect the countries, connect the World with one another, right? So, what had happened that we people make so much distance within ourselves? We are connecting in virtual world, but in reality, we lose contacts. The like button, why they created that? To appreciate others, their work and like kind, right? Then why we downgrade yourself by not getting desired likes? Are those some likes proves who you are in real life? Not at all. Like for like, some plays good games here as well. You can buy the likes, just pay for it and be happy for some moments. In fact, whatever on WEB, has Price actually. Not just likes you can also buy Followers/Connections, Comments, and all. But what happens next if you aren’t able to pay for it anymore?

Why Social Media Apps Founded, had you thought? No, Because we all found trapped in so called free entertainment. Because we forget the simple rule of life, Nothing is free here. One must have ready to pay something in exchange of something/someone. And here we makes the mistake, unamendable mistake. We are like, how it harms us? After all the creator of these apps are also Humans, right? But no, they hunt down you gently, without your knowledge you’ll be knocked down after sometime. Very first it becomes our habit to use these social media apps daily and then we swiftly attracted it in no time. It affects us Indirectly, so that you aren’t in position to get rid of it. The termite of a Mankind!

We are sad but we don’t the reason behind it, we are depressed as well but we are frightened to confess it, we are happy but for limited edition, Mood Swings like in a moment we are the happiest person in the whole Universe and in another we are deeply found in some shock. If someone not gives the reply us in time, we started to worrying about it. If someone stops following us, we found in stress. If someone not like the picture we posted on social media, we started doubting on ourselves. Isn’t that sound crazy? Yes, it’s, that’s what we all do here. We aren’t human anymore, happiness is thing of time only. WAR is already Began, Survive if you can.

Just Remember,

“If there is a Social Media, then It’s not Necessary that We all must have to USE it, Use others!!”

So that’s all for the day. As I said earlier post, All War isn’t too Win, Sometimes it’s for Defence too. The WAR against us is the same one here. It’s up to us now, How we make a way out of it. Be ready for the Worst situation. Because neither I nor you have any Idea who’s Enemy is here. Send your suggestion, thoughts and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Taata, BByee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Head over Hand or Hand over Head?


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15 thoughts on “Prepare for the WAR!!

  1. It’s a current debatable topic indeed. But I feel no matter how much we argue about it, social media has become a integral part of our life now, for all generation in-fact. It’s like, love me or hate me but you can’t ignore me !!!! It will be interesting to see where we all will land eventually.


  2. Yes, I took a 40 day break from social media. It’s crazy how our brain re-wires itself. Honestly, it was nice, and I felt more grounded. I’m not sure how I feel about it now. I’m not on as much, but I can’t say I’m getting rid of it either.


  3. Social media is definitely something to be careful about. It is a curse and boon depends upon us how we use it. If used mindfully one can gain a lot from it. However, like you rightly said nothing is free.


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