Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you are good and well wherever you are in the world. The other day when I was studying late night, I came across such a beautiful reality. May be many of you also observed the same. The World looks too pretty when there’s no Noise, irrespective of any kind. Sleeping is indeed a best medication one can follow on regular basis. And absolutely there are so many benefits of the same, right, starting with the above I mentioned already. Nature was Beautiful, is Beautiful and will always be Beautiful. There are we human who tried our heart out to demolish the beauty of it. Look If Nature will going to be Deteriorate then You’ll be Depreciated much faster than that.

Anyways, Let’s Have a look on the major events of the world from the past week. China approves plan to control upcoming Elections in Hongkong. Brazil plunges into crisis as a second wave and deadly new variant overwhelm hospitals. Japan marks 10 years since Triple Disaster killed over 18K People. Israeli PM cancels historic UAE trip, citing disagreement with Jordan. Nasa releases first sound from surface of Mars. Most distant cosmic jet discovered 13 Billion Light-years away. 15 Dead and over 100 Wounded in Equatorial Guinea explosions. Switzerland votes to ban face covering including Burqas. Juventus and FC Barcelona both were knocked out from the UEFA Champions League of this Season, that means No Ronaldo or No Messi Show there will be, after 16 Years!!

So it’s been a quite a long since we started our Journey of to be a virtual Entrepreneur. In previous 3 sessions we overcome all the issues faced by an Entrepreneur, right? In case you missed it, don’t worry, just follow the link mentioned below. As we know being an Entrepreneur is not an easy work. But at the same time, if you followed below mentioned points you’ll definitely something in hands, either an Experience or a Preperience. Many of you might not aware from the word. It’s a new word, more precisely authenticated one. We’ll soon understand the meaning of the same. So all of those who are anyhow missed the previous parts of the Series, Entrepreneurs: The New Age Profession, kindly follow the link mentioned below.




Image Source: Austin Distel on Unsplash

In last session we came across the critical part of to be an Entrepreneur, i.e. Challenges. Today we will go more further in that particular topic and understand how it will affect us in both the manner viz. Directly and Indirectly. As an Entrepreneur, One can only move ahead if they really know how to tackle the particular situation and how to get control over situation without being panic. It seems like you are on the path of Lava, where on each and every step you find, a Throat-cut Competition from the people, place, price, government and several other factors.

We all know that We all learn at least something from experiences or such incidents happens with us in our life, right? It’s called Experience, Do you know why? Because we passed through such situations, then adopt something from that (a lesson or a value), and then applied the improved strategy in the following attempt, right? As a Fresher we are New, so we don’t have much idea about some situations/ conditions. Sometime We only better with Something in mind, Anything in Heart and Everything in Soul. Got it? No? Okay let’s understand it with one illustration.

Assume You are the Player (Either of Cricketer or Footballer). You know before heading towards International Career one has to Play some County or Club Matches, right? But Do you know what will happen if he/she aims to play direct into International Team? Look when you are play for County or Club, at that stage, remember the important thing here, You are Learning there. As your County/Club level Performance will decide your next destiny. It’s called Preperience. Preperience in that term, because you are about to gain some practical knowledge, relevant skills in such field before launching something to a bigger level. Preparedness is important here, that how well prepared you are to take some calculated risk.

In above case, If someone planned to move directly into International Matches, there are less chances that you’ll succeed there. As one has no experience of Pitch Condition, Weather and has no idea about Strength-Weakness of Opponent player’s, in such cases the risk factor is definitely high. One more thing, if you perform poor then there are less chances that you’ll get another chance to represent your country on International level. Remontada will always be your dream, but unfortunately you can’s do anything. Experience of International Matches and Preperience of Local Games will definitely plays an important role.

“When Preperience meet with Experience, it’ll create the magic of Resilience.”

Image Source: Pixabay

In general understanding, Preperience can be defined as the Adaptability of one in such a manner that will make an immediate impact on something. Preperience and Experience both are different terms but both are Interchangeable and Interdependent. When you say you are Prepared but not Experienced, and vice a versa, that won’t work actually. A proper combination of both is required and at the same time it’s hard to find – follow. Preperience not just help to overcome some issues faced by you on initial stages but also finds or assist to find some solutions for improvement and betterment in certain areas.

Preperience not just helpful in initial stages but also helpful while following some ongoing path. Maybe Experience can be proven as a Key of success but what about Preperience? If one is Experienced but not able to adopt the decision in right time and in right manner then it’ll of no use. Preperience is almost parallel to Experience. It’s not wrong to say, Maybe more important than Experience. Maybe Experience Provides you the Framework but if you aren’t good enough to execute the same then does that any mean of? Absolutely no.

Preperience is equal to Pre Experience. It is the stage or phase which is upmost necessary for your Development and Growth. If you remained underdeveloped it’s hard to gone through Experience. In the same way Entrepreneur must have quantum of Preperience, before undergone such relevant experience. No doubt experience will definitely helps you, but the point here is that developed some skills of yours. If you really know yourself then try to reckon what you like and what kind of improvements are needed in yourself. Because you can’t expect everything from others, you have to be MASTER in something. And how can be you MASTER?

Yeah, We are Learn with Experience but can’t omit the importance of Preperience either. As an Entrepreneur, definitely you lack some experience but with the help of optimum Preperience, you can bridge that gap in likely manner. Many Study also proves that the People who makes Practice before the Match gets Qualitative advantage over the other People when actual Performance measured. Your game will definitely improved if you practiced well, which ultimately reflects in your Performance.

“Be Prepare to Adopt, Be Prepare to Execute, Be Prepare to Fall, Be Prepare to Fail, and at last Be Prepare to Succeed.”

So that’s all for the day. Please don’t skip any part of the Series, ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age Profession. There’s so much for you all. Just try to think in different ways. Don’t hesitate to put your idea forward because the World of Today won’t wait for the late comers. So be on Time and Catch the Right Train at Right Time. Otherwise if you missed the Train, then maybe there’s a No Train then after. Send all your thoughts, suggestions, recommendation and opinion regarding today’s post in Comment section, will reply you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Taata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz! Stay Happy, Keep Smiling!!!


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7 thoughts on “ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age PROFESSION!! Part-4

  1. Dear Divyang, You always write wonderful quotes in your post that never miss a chance to hold me in its brilliance😍😇

    This quote is definitely one of them.
    “When Preperience meet with Experience, it’ll create the magic of Resilience.”

    Keep writing and keep inspiring 👍😊

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  2. I am learning from you dii, after all who will going to miss a chance to inspire from you, and your brilliant posts?!!?🤗🤗

    Big fan of your writing!
    Thank you so much dii for your appreciation!!😊😁

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