How Long Should be the GRIEF?

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. Wow, finally the last week of the year, can’t express how much happy and optimist I am, not because it’s ending, but in hope of something New and Fresh is on its way. Whatever, let’s see what’s going on, we all are here in bad times and in good times too, right? Not Expect always, sometime just learn to Accept as it is. Life is Risky or Uncertain? Can anyone have answered it? Maybe it’s hybrid version of it, Risktain, which surprises all of us in regular intervals. It’s risky as well as uncertain, because certain risk we known but not able to act accordingly and some are unknown, which apparently goes unnoticed and their starts the roller coaster ride of it, the hanging garden of Life and Death. But really that’s the real fun of life, if we already know the risk then we would never try to go ahead on that path, right? Some risk we take just to prove that we are fearless, but in fact there’s no one scared and kindhearted than us, who stuck between True and Lie, Life and Death.  

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. More precisely, It’s continuance of the last topic, the inevitable truth of Life, The Death. We would start from there, okay. In last topic we see with illustration that No one here is come with a boon of Immortality, everyone passed their respective life and say goodbye to life and all. Grief, there should be existence of it, everywhere right? Because we human made for that. Is it true? Yes or No? Maybe Yes and Maybe No. But Yes, will be overruled No here. Until and Unless we aren’t sorrow or feel bad from heart, we won’t get satisfactory sleep. Can understand that it’s heartbreaking to lose someone who is close to us, but the real question is How Long should be the GRIEF here? Are we made to stuck there for remaining days of our whole life? No, right? Then Wake up, Gets up and Fetch up.

Life isn’t mean to take unnecessary pause. Look Life is like marathon among all of us. The difference is that No Victory flag is here. Many comes, many performs and left, that’s all. So if some left in between  somewhere, means to stop all others? No, not at all, others should have to keep running till the last breath. No Referee here, all are equivalent to each other. No doubt there will be so many hurdles in between that but you must have to go through it, because if you don’t, you’ll probably going to stop, and unnecessary stop not acceptable in any manner here. Though that doesn’t mean one can’t stop, they only stop if they can resume it again, if they won’t be able to resume then possibly it should be their last DESTINY.

So if someone left you in between, what you choose? To Stop with them and also accept the DESTINY of them for yours too or to run until you reached to your DESTINY? Apparently, many will go with second one, but you know what the problem here is? The problem here is we wants to resume but some unnecessary power forced us to stay with them for long, and what’s that unnecessary power? The Grief, to lose someone in mid-way and false hope of them to coming back to you. Yes, we will obviously hurt but we just can’t get over that situation to us and gently becomes one of them. As discussed above there will be so many hurdles awaits you to slow you down so why to gear down and be the sole reason of downfall of us?

If we lose somewhere, whether in Love or Game, definitely hurts us a lot, we cried out heart. We feel shamed and stressed. So yeah, we will definitely have some bad time, But the real question here is that for how long time we should take to outshine that situation, which already handcuffed us from upside down? It’s up to us how we takes things, make, and maintains the relations, share, and care the feeling of others, so why we are not able to take decision of our UPLIFTING? Nothing will change, situations like this will always just try to stretch you to down, if you are EMOTIONAL COOL. We aren’t Emotional Fool anymore; we are upgraded ourselves from that to EMOTIONAL COOL. From outer side we very well pretend that we don’t care at all but from inner side we know the real truth, isn’t it?

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Likewise if someone left us, we surrendered ourselves to GRIEF. Slowly it starts its work to make us physically Weak and mentally Leak. The moment we lost both, WE aren’t remained WE. And how can we forget ourselves, sacrifice ourselves? Is it any mean of? Not at all. You should have to get up, you should have to unleash the blanket of GRIEF. Remember your goal, you are about to compete it and you are about to complete it. If you want to cry then finalize the frame of it, it is possible. It’s difficult to remove the memory of them from ours, but you should have to otherwise it will control you. Look you have whole and sole right to mourn, on leaving of close ones, but you just can’t mean that destiny for yourself too.

GRIEF, the more time you are mourning, the more you becomes weak gradually. We know that we all have certain time limit then why not this GRIEF? It must have. Your heart beating for numerous counts, but what if it forgets to beat for just ONCE, just think about it. Your Soul will obviously in pain but how much fair is that your Heart will feel the same pain? It needs pamper when Soul isn’t under control of body. Mind knows it but here it’s unable to do anything because in such kind of situation we all becomes BRAINDEAD for some moments. Make schedule of GRIEF, and act accordingly. You’ll definitely find peace. You have to RUN, You have to FUN!

We should learn to Move On, For how long we wait for someone? That’s what Life really meant to be, to chase it without any long pause. Pain is part of Healing, because it tries to realize you that Yes, you are Hurt but not Lost. Get Up and Chase it down. You aren’t mean for lose too soon, you are more than that. Just break all the barriers which stops you, if you don’t that it’ll definitely breaks you! Time and Life Never Stop, it’s Directly Connected. If any of it stopped, another one will automatically stop working.

“GRIEF Should be in BRIEF”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the content, please share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!

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Everyone Has an EXPIRY DATE!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. Countdown is already begun, for closing of 2020. But still this pandemic taught us so many things and the upgradation which we will going to see after 5-10 years later, but due to kindness of this pandemic it landed earlier in most possible ways, right? Who had thought the WFH (Work From Home) becomes culture? Are there any possibilities that School/College lecture becomes virtually possible? Interviews/Meeting gonna conducted Online? Who had thought that there will be One fight which every Man has to fought within themselves whether they believe it or not? We All had so many resolutions in end of 2019 for 2020, I’ll do that and don’t do that in 2020. The time is come that all that plans, and resolution should be carried forward to next year with little bit upgradation in it.  2021 will be definitely going to ours, and we make it happen in reality even though this COVID will stay with us for long. We’ll have no regrets at all. All we have would be the Result of attempting something, somewhere to someone.

Image Source: Davide Ragusa on Unsplash

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting cum ironic topic of our human life. The title looks so informative so don’t think will have an introductory para here as well. Though belief becomes so strong after recent incidents happened in life, more precisely the past week was a terrible one as I already mentioned in post of last week that 2 of my friend’s father died on a same day, I was unaware about the same until some of our common friend had informed me about the news, eyes were opened with shocked, with a doubt and lots of scare one can find in it. How it feels when you know that you have to suffer from the same pain but don’t know when? It’s sure. It’s damn sure because that incident just proves it. Life is cruel sometimes but that what it means to be.  

Literary we all have an Expiry Date, no one here is come with a boon of Immortality, right? Then why we people become so touchy with each other? Why we people make close relation with each other even we know the final destination of everyone? Why we people sink into grief after their departure? Why we cry to pain? Why we can’t stop them? So many questions but not a valid reason apart from that irony, The one who comes must has to go back. We know we have perpetual succession of generation but why we don’t able to live together for long and long without dyeing? Why one left others to their destiny? Is it necessary? Maybe Yes and Maybe No.

“One can Able to Stretch the Days But not the Time!!”

Look sometimes that void just becomes loophole of one’s downfall and sometimes people rises to the highest after knowing the fuckin truth of life that there’s no Truce between Human and Almighty, regarding life. They sent us here, then definitely they had absolute right to summon us when they wants to, right? But what if that Truce exist? It’s almost impossible, right? Boon never works for always. Take an Instance Hiranyakashipu, the evil from Indian Mythology, Who gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside the house, any place in the world i.e. neither in sky nor on land nor in heaven nor in pataal lok, by any weapon, and by man, god, asura or animal. At the time Lord Vishnu creatively adapts into a mixed avatar that is neither man nor animal and kills the demon at the junction of day and night, inside and outside, known as Narsimha to get rid of him.(Nar means Man and Simha means Lion.) God knows that No one can deny the truth of the life even after getting best boon from themselves.

Image Source: Pixabay

Even they can overrule their own blessing then who are we? The question rises here is quite relatable to all of us. If you are on this earth, then be ready to get back from it as well in any manners. No matter how good you are and bad you were. Nothing matters, nor your good works, neither bad one. The works you did while your existence can change your afterlife but unable to amend the current life’s rules and regulations. If one was going to die by Accident or any Disease or Killed by someone then it will happen in any manners, no one can stop it, even not who decided it. Some things are Crystal Clears, we make blind trust and tried to revise it to Clear Crystal. It only going to change your view but not the decision which was already taken.

We all are known Chess, right? But do you know We are nothing, but We all are like Pawn of Chess Board, of them Some are Knights, Some are Rooks, and Some are Bishops. We all have to defend and at the same time we must learn to attack as well but the real KING is someone else, who gets control on ourselves, on each of our activity. But you know the difference here is, that No one survives except The KING. Here the work of The KING is to invigilate the rules and regulations of the Game, not the Players. KING only knows that whatever decided by him, will be stand, no less than that- no more than that.

Expiry Date if we talks about it then let’s understand something from it. What does it actually mean? Your Existence won’t define you, until and unless someone really understand and worth your value, irrespective whether you are dead or alive. That’s the people who tries to get over you but forgets that they can’t change the law of nature. Even your time is fix and at the time you also left them all then how can you expect others will stay with you?  T&C embedded on forehead of every people by the Real KING when we people are born, though not visible, did you know that?

“LIVE THE LIFE, Don’t Expect the Life. Left it to ME.”

So that’s all for the Day, hope you all like it. Death is inevitable, right? Share your Views, Thoughts, Suggestions and Opinion regarding today’s post in Comment Section will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tatta, BByee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!! Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!

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Clap Won’t Sound with a Single Hand!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this week. Life is sometimes so cruel that it will testify you in many ways. For me, the past week had been a ridiculous, I mean is there something left still? 2 of My friend’s father died on a same day and I wasn’t aware about the same, until some of our common friend informed me, (Social Unavailability was also one of the reasons behind it that I wasn’t get the news of their death, major setback of Social Detox.) May those beautiful soul find rest in peace! Here people not dying to Corona, they are dying to normal disease, don’t know what the new year brings? Till now I was too hopeful that We will overcome from everything but can we able to overcome the situation like Death? The one who is come, must has to go back, we all know but why we become so touchy with them even we know the truth of Fuckin life? Yes, I am Shocked. Yes, I am too Doubtful and Yes, I am Scared too!!

Image Source: Pixabay

Anyways let’s quickly move towards our topic of the day. In last topic we came across Quality is enough to Outshine Quantity, right? So today we’ll see one more matter related to it. Yes, there’s a phrase that Clap won’t sound with a Single Hand, everyone knows the meaning of it right? If anyone don’t know, here I’ll brief it soon but before that let’s understand something. What is one going to do if he/she wasn’t get good response from others, irrespective of work, love or for any other motto in exchange of good work? Here motto is considerable because there’s always some aim/motto of doing some work right? So definitely it will gain center stage here. Did you get the answer? No? Okay let’s try to deep dive in the subject and measure the depth of it.

We won’t create more suspense here; Co-Operation is the base of today’s topic. What is mean by Co-Operation? To give support to someone in Interrogation/ Investigation or in any kind of wok, to give best of us to them, right? In narrow term, this sounds good but if we want some broad meaning of it, what it should be like?  Look in formal way, the definition is too simple one can mind it with ease but in Informal way, it is too wide, if you closely observe the Word, Co- operation, then Co stand for Combine and Operation means project, when two or more person engage in for any business relation or any other kind of then there should be fully and wholly support of both/predetermined  parties in project. They should be trustworthy to themselves and can work for the benefit of their sole motto.

Let’s take an instance, You are working with someone, there is good business relationship between you and your partner, right? If One wants to stretch their relationship to next step or next level, then in which direction it will heading towards? Are there any chances that they will ended up being a close friend and do favor to each other apart from working culture? Yes, there is always possibilities that they could both ended up being best friend with each other, but ONLY and ONLY Both Wants to. Their relationship beyond work culture is notable one, they visit each other’s house on regular basis, maintain good bonding with other family members as well and in short time, they both become integral part of each other’s family. Please note here they were not in serious relationship/lovebirds, they were just regular friends who enjoys each other’s company and feels good, that’s all.  

Image Source: Pexel

The real issue starts now, now due to some unavoidable reasons, one of them decided to stop talk with another one except business talk. The one who is still hopeful that there are some chances to get their friendship back on track, try their best but another one had given up already, then what happens next? Will another one still take any chance now? How much positivity left in them? At some point of time, he/she will also give up and agrees to their destiny. So what one will note from this instance? The simple cognition of it is there should be balance of maturity and understanding between the parties before entering into any kind of work or relation either of intentionally or unintentionally.

If one start losing faith, losing trust with others then it must be clarified in mean time. How much one tries to maintain some relationship, but if another won’t respond then there is no chance that, that relation will go further. It will deteriorate instantly, without any doubt. It depends on counterpart to respond it, show their interest too, otherwise it won’t settle for less. The efforts, the courage and the guts shown by others to maintain something won’t stay long, it should be two sided. If only you tries and another one will just wait & watch then your efforts are of no mean at all. Sometimes its preferable to move on rather than to constantly get your head on wall.  

Just try to do single efforts by your end, and let the counter part stay like statue, would you think that they will end up in something fruitful? Not at all. Dual sided efforts are needed in any instance, otherwise it looks like One party cares the most and another one won’t mind at all. If you are team leader then it should be your motto to get best out of everyone, not shared any biased opinion otherwise the transparency and integrity which is base of any project will destroyed before it could be executed in real time. If you biased to someone and feels like they should treat you good always then sorry first improve yourself then expect the same from others. Mind it What you Did to someone, ready to be treated by yourself for same.

“Do Good to Everyone

Good going Everywhere

No Bad to Anyone

Bad will be Nowhere!!”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all get what it wants to convey through. Share your thoughts, opinion and suggestions regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Taata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe!

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Head over Hand or Hand over Head?!

Hello guys what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. December, the most beautiful and cheerful month of the whole year. Not because it comes in end of the year, it is because sooner there will be start of the New beginning, something fresh. Yes, pandemic is still with us, but we all experienced something new, or say we saw almost face worst situation of life all together, right? As said Issues won’t make us weak, it reshaped us for the all new changes of life. If we aren’t capable enough for that, then how can we develop? How can one grow? Definitely sometimes it’s become too extreme because it happens so quickly, that one fails to adopt it in time and succumb to death. It’s the Law of Nature, If you can’t accept the change then how can you expect the world will going to accept you as you are? Being rigid don’t work at all, be flexible and try to be shaped yourself in that particular situation as per need of the condition/need of the hour.

Image Source: Galus Australis

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. By the title, it seems lit-bit confused one, right? Most of you finds that this topic will be related to human body, right? As it comprises two indivisible parts of it, i.e. Hand and Head. Maybe you are right in that guess and maybe you’ll be wrong at the same time. Just Try to recite the Title, It is combination of Two Sentence itself, Head over Hand, and Hand over Head. Did you find the differences between them? Did you get what it tries to convey through? No? Okay, let’s understand it. We go one by one so more clarification one can find here. So let’s start first by,

Head over Hand. The very first question rises here is that What is mean by Head over Hand? Let’s understand. One has so many friends and is popular among them. Due to bigger network he/she reaches everywhere by using the sources available to him/her. In short, he/she made his/her own Big Image in public eye, but he/she fails to maintain very basic thing of life, The Relation. He/she used other’s mind only but fails to establish the necessity of life, The Human Relationship. He/she start the race to become one of the best but ending on losing the back support. He/she choose head over hand means they try to use brain of people for their own benefit and forgets everyone way too far from their reach. Their success won’t last long. Is it really called Success?

Now let’s understand Hand over Head. One has smaller network, resources availability is also low, but their reliability and level of optimism is too high. In addition to that they know if others are there then and only then their success is meant. One thing is crystal clear in their mind, that they will going to rise together if they fell together. Here he/she works for the people and wants to achieve the height of Success with them. When he/she is appreciable, he/she wants that their team also be part of their success as a group. Maybe Success route is Slow but it’s Steady one.

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone

But If you want to walk far, walk together.”

                                                          -Ratan Tata

Hope, now you are able to identify the differences here. The very basic question right now is what one choose in between, Head or Hand? Hand all the way, right? Absolutely, because one can’t simply grow if they forget or lapse the importance of others in their career/success. Look people comes and people go but the real one stays till the end, why? Because they know you, they believe in you, they understand you. If they are able to know you, to understand you then how can you be one be so selfish and forgot them easily? The issue seems genuine but if you closely observe it, it doesn’t.

We all know that All coins have two side, So let’s start from Scratch. One side of coin is good, and another one is bad. If we talk about bad side, then it will include all the stories of Struggle – Hard work /Smart work – Give up and Rising of One’s on their own feet.  Now let’s try to reveal the other side of coin, i.e. Good side. When the people who suffers through all ups and downs, he achieves success and what it brings along with it? Money, Dignity and Ego also follows. Yes and they all played their respective part in the life of successful people, right? Absolutely and there starts the real troubles without any doubt.

Though here people isn’t at fault. It’s the Situation, Consequences and surrounding of them, which often lead them to unwanted ways of life. What is done to him, exactly the same done by him, still we can’t expect that they should behave accordingly. If someone uses him/her and then trash them down to somewhere then it’s not the same one can follow with others. When people stuck somewhere, they starts to think from heart which always creates propaganda and leads to biased decision, slant opinion and all. Maybe by that way they gets the solution they are looking for but for short term. For any long term benefit you have to think about others as well and include them in your plans too. Which creates the layer of trust gently and beginning of your dynasty.

Helping hand is always preferable over some bucks. Try to help someone, maybe you forget that but the one who is beneficial due to you, will always remember you. Don’t use people, Be people for People. Value them to be better human. Sounds silly but it isn’t. In this preach world, everyone use everyone for either of the matter. If you choose Head, then You can start Sprint but for Marathon, You must have to choose Hand. One only pick your hand if they Believes in you, with that their mind also going to assist you.

Hand Attracts more Head but Head Attracts only Head.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all get it what message it wants to convey. If people choose Head then they only able to get Physical benefit of others, but if they choose Hand then they able to get Physical and Mental benefit of them as well. Whatever you choose, choose wisely. Share your thoughts opinions and suggestion in comment section. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!!

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Prepare for the WAR!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective life wherever you are in this world. It’s almost November and we are nearing to close starting year of the decade that too in most dramatic way. Who thought that we all passed this whole year almost in our respective home, Mask becomes The Savior and affect all of us in either ways! We all are witness of this nightmare, aren’t we? Many Succumb due to this pandemic, some able to survive and some learn something from this or that way, right? But still we are alive, that means we had given a strong fightback. It’s just matter of time. Don’t you hear that phrase, Time waits for none? Good or Bad, any time does not stay for longer; Just remember that. Let’s hope for the best, we successfully overcome from this situation soon.

Image Source: By Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Social Media is a Marketplace that Trades in Human.

– Courtesy: The Social Dilemma

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any idea about today’s lesson that what we are going to learn today? What have you thought by the title of the post? Let me guess what you thought, We are going to talk about some fights, probable war scenes, some blood shots, some casualties and after war world right? But no, You are absolutely wrong, though we aren’t going to talk about any of that. This WAR is within ourselves, sounds crazy, right? Then you must have to watch The Social Dilemma. The Documentary revealing the truth of so-called Modern Humanity. Yes, the topic of today is fully based on it. So, let’s start the topic without wasting much time and understand its hazardous effect on us, i.e. humankind; as soon as possible because This WAR is definitely thousand time more Dangerous than this Pandemic, just think about it now.

Not scared you but try to unveil the truth which is forbidden for so long. In February 2004, when Facebook officially launched by Mark Zuckerberg, at the time no one has never thought about the potential consequences of it. They can only see the brightest side of it and just forget to draw their attention to the other side of coin. Same trend followed by the Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pinterest as well. All joined the rat race to provide the best services to their latent customer. They all started to boost their user base, experience, and entertainment for them. In starting, the growth was low as it was new for all of us, but as soon as it started to spread its popularities, they all becomes the necessity of every human being on the Earth, right?

Just take an Instance, The 2 old day child of today also changes its expressions/moods just by seeing the Smartphone, isn’t it? What’s in that Smartphone? Have you noticed that ever? A barely 6/7 inches box, containing all the flavors of life in it, is that the reason? Maybe yes and maybe no. Many opinions in that, right? So, what we can do now? Are we in any position to do something now? The answer of first question is we can do if we WANT. And the answer of second one is No; we aren’t in position to do anything now. Because we all lost control on our respective selves, aren’t we? Absolutely we lost it since we start using it. If you can focus on first answer you get the answer of second by default. It only going to happen if we really feel by heart that yeah, we are on wrong path, whose chances are very- very- very low. It’s like we all are on same Ventilator and don’t know when it going to stop, but the thing which is sure is that the ventilator won’t last long.

Image Source: The Economic Times

If You aren’t Paying for the Product, then You are the Product.

Courtesy:- The Social Dilemma

Look at the time when whomsoever created the Different Apps, the aim of them is to connect the people, connect the countries, connect the World with one another, right? So, what had happened that we people make so much distance within ourselves? We are connecting in virtual world, but in reality, we lose contacts. The like button, why they created that? To appreciate others, their work and like kind, right? Then why we downgrade yourself by not getting desired likes? Are those some likes proves who you are in real life? Not at all. Like for like, some plays good games here as well. You can buy the likes, just pay for it and be happy for some moments. In fact, whatever on WEB, has Price actually. Not just likes you can also buy Followers/Connections, Comments, and all. But what happens next if you aren’t able to pay for it anymore?

Why Social Media Apps Founded, had you thought? No, Because we all found trapped in so called free entertainment. Because we forget the simple rule of life, Nothing is free here. One must have ready to pay something in exchange of something/someone. And here we makes the mistake, unamendable mistake. We are like, how it harms us? After all the creator of these apps are also Humans, right? But no, they hunt down you gently, without your knowledge you’ll be knocked down after sometime. Very first it becomes our habit to use these social media apps daily and then we swiftly attracted it in no time. It affects us Indirectly, so that you aren’t in position to get rid of it. The termite of a Mankind!

We are sad but we don’t the reason behind it, we are depressed as well but we are frightened to confess it, we are happy but for limited edition, Mood Swings like in a moment we are the happiest person in the whole Universe and in another we are deeply found in some shock. If someone not gives the reply us in time, we started to worrying about it. If someone stops following us, we found in stress. If someone not like the picture we posted on social media, we started doubting on ourselves. Isn’t that sound crazy? Yes, it’s, that’s what we all do here. We aren’t human anymore, happiness is thing of time only. WAR is already Began, Survive if you can.

Just Remember,

“If there is a Social Media, then It’s not Necessary that We all must have to USE it, Use others!!”

So that’s all for the day. As I said earlier post, All War isn’t too Win, Sometimes it’s for Defence too. The WAR against us is the same one here. It’s up to us now, How we make a way out of it. Be ready for the Worst situation. Because neither I nor you have any Idea who’s Enemy is here. Send your suggestion, thoughts and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Taata, BByee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe!!

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Smile is an Art, Creat as You Want it!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all doing good and well wherever you are. Are we pretend to be normalized or we just become fearless, don’t know, right? Some of us had no fear of infection but still if you don’t want to take care of yourself then please don’t infect others. There are some countries in which Second wave had already began, and this time the speed of the infection had increased rapidly, in United States alone, around 1M cases recorded in past week, China also noted some new fresh cases and so does the rest of the world. Even if we able to vaccinate it, the fight is still on and even worse condition is waiting for all of us. Stay home and avoid getting out if not necessary. Always, Remember You surely get second chance to roam the world but not the second life, for now just focus on to survive, good days will be come but for that you have to be there to see, to feel and to believe. This fight will ask many sacrifices than one had think, be ready for it. Not scared you but tried to put down some reality to you. Songbird, you must have to see the trailer of the Movie, Starring KJ Apa (Archie Andrews of Riverdale), Sofia Carson and Alexandra Daddario based on the same content. Rest will be on yours, whether to follow government guidelines or not.

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The topic of the day is quite contrasting to the situation of today. In this pandemic many lost their jobs, become shelter less and some gets depressed too, right? So, in that means just give an effort to read the whole post till the end, will surely generates some positive vibes in you. Being happy nowadays become serious issue, right? On other hand we became sad, dive in grief and feel stress often, right? In between those happy and sad moments, joyous and grief moments, positive and stress life, one thing gently disappeared from our lives, what’s that? Yeah, The Smile!! So, let’s learn to smile, with smile. Yeah, it’s not hard though, just try it.

Smile, you know, there’s no sense to think that where we must have to smile, when to smile and how to smile, right? It can be in any random moments, with friends, with lovebird, in nap of mom, while capturing moments, in happiest/crazy scenes, doing some nonsense with friends, replying to friends online, while teasing someone, in sarcasm, we all find that moment where we forgot to care that what people gonna think that how we smile. That’s the biggest benefit of Smile. If we think what others think then what others gonna do? Smile as much as you can, as much as you want. Life isn’t mean to live with so much load, some moments are precious, live in that moment and make it memory. That memory which in future brings smile on your face when you are low.

Have you seen the Smile of toddler? How innocent it is!! Enough to melt anyone’s heart, right? Yeah, because there’s no preach in it, it’s pure like 24K Gold. Why? Because they are happy from bottom of their heart, eyes testified it. No matter how many times you see that it remains the same. Sometimes it’s rare to find that kind of smile. As a Kid, they don’t care what world gonna talk about them. In fact, they don’t know the world either. Be like them, just forget what the fuckin world is, Smile like who cares. They smiled like there’s no one exist except what they see. But why we can’t do the same? Does the age gap make difference here, that too thwarted one!!

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Smile isn’t Science, neither Commercial one, it’s proper an Art! And you, yes absolutely You Are the Artist of it. Why only you, We all are the Artist here, right? We can create it as we want it. The Art which One can See, One can Feel and tried to resemble it too, no matter fake or real but at least we people try. What do you do if someone cheat you? What if someone teases you? What if someone pulling your legs constantly? What if someone try to irritate you? The only answer one can give properly is to reply with Smile, a reply with wide (baggy) smile. Let them do what they want to, just don’t forget to smile in most difficult situation of the life. Maybe they can’t change their behavior, but you can, so just smile and make them ashamed by your kind act. You know there’s a limit of everything, sooner or later they will understand it for sure.

The day, you can’t Keep smile on your face in whatsoever matter, isn’t the only Bad Day, it’s Bad You too. Remember, it’s your Life and moreover it’s your choice after all, that what makes you happy. If you want to dwell in your illusive happy moments, then nobody helps you to rescue you. You had better idea that what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Smile not only happies you, but it also helps you to overcome your failures, struggles and stress. It fully and wholly depends on people whether to live happily with smiley face or stay like fucked ass. Just remember how happy you seem to be when you smile, smile automatically would appear on your cheeky face, it works really, just give a try.

Smile Goes Miles. Won’t believe? Click a photo of yours with a weird Smile and upload it to social media. It’s been gone long, where you won’t be able to reach, it reaches there. It touches heart and feels by many. Smile is like that memory, which is enough to create another one, like subsequently. The more you practiced it, the master you will be in. In other words, it’s free of Cost, so why not to take benefit of it? As we have to paid something in exchange of something or someone then why to ruined this sole opportunity of happiness? Always remember there is nothing free in this life, not even the air, you breath in and exhales.

Some Benefits of Smile:

  • Helps in Reducing Stress.
  • Starts Living in Moments.
  • Feels Happy from Bottom of the Heart.
  • Helps in Good Sleep.
  • Improves Metabolism.
  • Reduce Disease relating to Heart and Liver.
  • Helps to Keep Social Relations up.
  • Feel Joyous and Satisfactory.
  • Helps in Gaining Weight.
  • For better Pictures of Ones.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the lesson of the day. It’s easy to implement in regular life. Practice now for Perfect Tomorrow. Share your opinions, thoughts and suggestions regarding today’s post in Comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe, Be happy!! Say Cheese…😁

Topic for the Next Sunday: Prepare for the WAR!!


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From Everything to Nothing and Nothing to Everything!!

Hello Guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective lives. Life of today is really been challenging by each and every passing moment, right? What we can do though? We can live the life we wants to, we can build the life we wants to, but all that is possible only and only if we are up to the marks, even if we don’t know what’s life brings it out next. It’s your life make it large. Ply your time, feel the change and be the change.  

As a human being, all we can do is to enjoy the life as much as we suffer. Life is exact mixture of that duo, The more you suffer, ready to enjoy later. But remember don’t expect Joy before Sorrow, if you can’t get through bad, maybe there’s a chances that you are going to miss the best part of life. Look life is that what you made from it and how you build it otherwise ready to live the ordinary life, lived by millions and billions people out there. So, what you choose, Live the life like rest of people or Live the life like the best of People? Whatever choose, choose wisely.

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. As always today we also gonna talk about human nature. The behaviour that changes people by people, place to place and time by time. Any guess? Yeah that is much relevant to all of us in much or less manner. That also true, Because no one here is Professor by birth and no one here is dumbass by birth, it’s we the people who makes the difference, within us, to us and by us, right? So, let’s dip dive into this subject matter to learn more about it from base to know, to understand and to implement.

How many of you have seen a newborn baby? All of us, right? Okay so now the next question is How they comes into this world, in this galaxy, in this world? From their parents? By Kindness of God or Some Magic happens, and genie put them down here? It’s the whole process, right? Absolutely yes, then did you really think that new-born baby has everything before their birth? The destiny is already written down of them? Maybe yes or maybe no. So many opinions, here right? In majority times it’s up to that baby that their destiny will be decided by what they were actually doing in their respective life later on they passed on the earth.

No argue in that, that someone is wealthy by birth. There are many illustration in that regard too but If you closely eye on history then you will be able to get the reality of this world, which looks so damn beautiful from its outer panel but inside somewhere it definitely ask many sacrifices. APJ Abdul Kalam, the best example one can look forward to. He’s definitely not rich neither any background support to come ahead and penned down his name in the books of History by his acts. Wings of Fire, if you wants to know that what I wants convey you then that’s the best reference, his autobiography. Apart from him, There are many too, but I suggest that what I know certainly.

Look life is definitely not that what one had assumed to be. It always shocked people by its spontaneous acts. One should always be ready to face it. It’s not wrong to said that it’s quite similar to Roller Coaster ride. In just a second you were rise up to sky and in another you were down to hell. No one has actually real idea where their life going through. Neither we are God nor astrologer, so better to be human. If you tried to compare yourself to God, then they are always there to show you the differences between you and them. If you tried astrology, then you are obviously on wrong path. There is no one who knows yourself better than you, right? Then why to consider that fishy idea.

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Astrologers, the cheap copy of God, trying to assume the life of others but in between that they forget of themselves. So that’s not the way you can look forward. Life is full of uncertainties, you by your own hand write down your story whether it’s be good or bad. Hard work, patience, and Strong will going to assist you in your endeavour. And most importantly, how can one forget the LUCK factor? It must be with you, otherwise your millions and billions of efforts won’t paid out, never ever. There should be role of LUCK in your fate, otherwise you gonna pieced off, every second, every minute, every moment you passed here. At the same time LUCK also follows Courageous, if you find something hard and give up easily then it’s not for you in any time. By experience, Luck starts to observe the same.

We aren’t Ambanis, Tatas, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, we are we, who is enough to make difference. They have everything because they worked for it in past for this moment they lived in today, in fact they create their own life, don’t blindfold by their success, it wasn’t overnight, there must be some sleepless nights, some freaking depressed night, some grief nights, some fearless decisions as well. All we can do is to find that small clues which lead us on to the same path. Find it, Joint it and be it. They have the digest system and metabolism to have that success, that too on constant basis. Don’t stop yourself by doing anything, until and unless it’s harmful.

Look everything needs Change. So very first let’s try to change yourself, followed by time and place. Because time and place won’t change if you, won’t think to change by yourself. When time changes taken place, Wealthier becomes penurious and penurious becomes wealthier one. Though as said earlier it won’t happen overnight unless and until you really try to be. Magic creates but there are you, who has power to create that as well. Don’t be haughty, be naughty!!

Do You know the most weird quality of humankind? Yes, you guess it right. None of us go satisfied here, the one who has everything and the one who has nothing. The one who has everything goes for more instead of to smug in what they have and the one who has nothing tried to fulfill necessity. Follow some Life hacks for beautiful life:

  • Take Proper unbreakable Sleep
  • Don’t Erase Smile from your Life
  • Earn Enough money to Survive.
  • Small is Beautiful.
  • If something is for all, then that doesn’t mean we all must have to use it.
  • Don’t feel jealous in lack of something.
  • Practice: You are For Everyone, rest will done automatically.

So that’s all for the day. What’s your view regarding today’s post, penned all your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all of you.

Topic for the Next Sunday: Smile is an Art, Create it as you want!!


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Confession, The Passion One Must Follow

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective lives. Although this year itself isn’t good for us, i.e. humankind, the last few days went extremely outrageous. The France Terror Attack followed by Attack in Afghan University where Book Fair was organised, succeeded by Attack in Capital of Austria, Vienna. Gone are goody/foody Days, resembles it to a Bloody Days, looks more appropriate one here. Like literally, innocent always pissed off in no time by somewhere, no matter how much we all talk about Justice and other similar bullshits, right? Obviously, what’s the fault of those kid who attended the Book Fair, where terrorist showed their cruelty, we all are suffering now a days, then why this type of Violence, is it necessary, like seriously?

So many questions, but not able to find a single answer, can anyone? Yeah obviously, the one who understand this, never dive into this type of Crime/Bloody games, they knew the only single word, No Mercy!! That’s all. The above mentioned 3 attacks performed in 3 Different Countries but the motto of those will definitely be one, Remove Humanity – Human Erased Automatically.  But may be they forgot, by doing so none of them will find Peace anytime. How can one expect to get place in Paradise whereas your actions aren’t enough to have place in Hell either.     

And how can one forget the roller coaster ride of Presidency election of USA, Congratulations America, Joe Biden will soon take over the Presidency of World’s heavyweight. Hope he will continue to do good work in future for all of us.

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any guess? Yeah, as always it will be on human behaviour. Find it most appropriate ones to write on instead of to focus on other niche. Human, it’s like never ending topic, one can write anything on it, whatever they likes to, but the only condition is, be companion of reality. Because we people likes to read ourselves but not that which often go against one’s will, so keep in mind that basic rule. Rest based on your creativity and fiction.

Confession, What is it mean by? If one asked you about to brief Confession, how would you explain that? Any Idea? May be, you said, Confession is to accept the consequences of your actions and reactions, right? Yeah, it is. But don’t you find it narrow? Whereas it’s more than what one has confessed and what one about to deliver after that confession of counterpart. In short, Confession is a wide and broad concept that what one thinks about it and what one adopt from that. We will gone through it sooner later on, before that let’s start from root.  

Confession as said earlier, It’s the whole process, starting from to realise by someone that they had done mistake in their respective work, followed by to think about it how to amend/clear it, followed by steps to be consider while doing so which finally followed by judgement process as outcome of that confession. So, it’s not only to confess by someone and approved by another, it’s beyond that if you closely looks the above mentioned process of Confession. It depends on the person, situation and time being in force. So let’s deep dive into this to know more about it, to know what confession is and what’s the process, what’s outcome of it.

Confession, when one thinks that he/she has to take responsibility of their work, their mislead – their greedy selfish motto? Look before confessing something one has to assure about its probable pros and cons, without it, maybe it creates more dramatic/confusing situation. So, one has to keep in mind the 3P, The Place and The Person and the Probable Result for their act of confession. Here probable result means to ready with backup plans too, that what if it goes right and what if it goes wrong.

“Leader always Comes Ahead not because they wants to be leader

They comes ahead because they wants to Grow, not to run away from Problems.”

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Definitely it’s not the cup of tea of Craven, more precisely the person who prefers to run over everything instead of to face the situation and get through it. One must have strong will, to go out with the person to whom, he/she thinks to confess. The process of Apology followed by the process of Confession, because without confession one couldn’t find the reason behind being apologetic and being forgiven, right? So, if you think to apologise someone, better to learn to admit your bad first. If one go directly for sorry, it creates thrill/mystery in between people, so better to admit first your offense and then be apologise for the same.

Confession isn’t the game of Kind-hearted, one need Courage to face the people, the guts to face the criticism of the people, the strength to stand on their own feet, and the strong will that would enough to land on accurate result. But one need crystal clear eye in their vision of being Responsible and procedure thereafter. Lack of confession often shows that you aren’t unable to stand on your own; you are coward and you’ll never be leader anymore.

But in today’s world, it sounds good only n only on paper, in real life nobody comes ahead. Once they did something, then they easily forget about the consequences of their acts, right? We prefer to run away from the situation, even without giving try to handle it. We scared to come ahead, we scared to take responsibility, we scared of consequences, we scared of result, and in between that scared you don’t know, how and when their acts become hell for others. Here we people don’t scared of taking risk, but we scared of just assuming that risk, and how’s that good in any ways?

Confess when you think you hurt someone, confess when you did something wrong, confess when you think you are wrong, confess when and how situations gets out of your control, confess on every little error, it won’t make you silly, in fact it’ll help you to be better, to perform best. If you aren’t able to see your own error, and held responsible for your own acts then how people recognise you, did you think that? Confession makes you strong not weak, if you think so. It shows that you are matured enough to step ahead and accept your acts/deeds. 

“If you find excuse in every matters of others, Then you’ll never grew on your Own.”

So that’s all for the day, hope you all follow this simple rule of life, Confess and Face!! Penned down your thoughts, suggestions and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic of the day till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the Next Sunday: From Everything to Nothing and Nothing to Everything!!


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Hide – Stop – Run!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your life. November, it’s already November of 2020, like seriously? Well we all have a big and unforgettable worse start of the decade, don’t know what follows. But one thing for sure that whatever this pandemic brings, we are still alive, be grateful for that even though you think you pissed off, because at last you are still surviving – which means you have to find ways to deal with this kind or even worse to this kind of situation, right? Absolutely, we should, and we must, we are human not to give up. This year comes like we all wait for the Blast (in good way, also leap year, so we assume good 366 days, but there’s no single day passed when we won’t scared of this pandemic whether one believe or not.) and it comes like boom, saw us the mirror image of our own.

2020, comes out of the box and shocked all of us. The only thing we can do is either to fight back now or wait for some relaxations of ourselves. Anyways, let’s quick move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any guess by the title? No? Okay don’t worries. We will go through it soon. The concept of today is based on recent up down occurred in our respective lives, which taught us so-so many lessons. Thus, this one is grab from there, so let’s start without wasting more time.

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As said, All War isn’t to Win only, it’s sometimes for defence and pride too, right? No matters, whomsoever won it, casualties recorded at both the sides, no argue in that. WAR, if you read it in reverse, it makes them RAW, like they have to start from beginning, as harmness/ blood and greed finished one of them by root and now they all are looks like newbies. Start from there where you stop isn’t helpful in such conditions, so be aware before announcing any type of WAR, with people, with nature or with anybody.  

As a human we also need to maintain the balance between Offensive and Defensive mode. One can’t be Offensive all the time and can’t be defensive for always. It makes one’s life a living hell if they unstable it even for a minute. The game of Soccer is best example of it. There should be always balance between Attackers and Defenders, one can’t go always for a goal, and one can’t be defensive every time. If there’s lack of Attackers, they can’t score even a single goal and if there’s a lack of Defender, you don’t need to look at scoresheets, the face of players is enough!! The importance of Attackers and Defenders is almost parallel, no one gets upper hand over another. What Attackers can do, only done by them and what Defenders can do, only done by them. If you misplaced/gamble their place among them, the worst result awaits you.  

The path one chose to follow will never be an easy one, it’s all up to them how to deal with the situations/barriers/problems/issues, etc. Always remember if you want to attack, then be ready to face the same or may be even worse situation than that.

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The same happens with the Human Life. Yes, you read it right. There must be perfect balance between mental and physical health of one, that’s the basic condition. If one is strong by mentally but not physically, they must have to rely on someone else, likewise one is fit physically but not mentally then mental asylum is the best place for them. As said Trust People, but don’t Sane/Mad one. Even court of Justice failed to punish them because they can’t punish them who lost control on themselves, their mindset. This is base rule of any human, they should be fit mentally and physically so that they can perform their acts and responsible for it.

As a human we can’t be Aggressive all the time, calmness and patience is much needed one here. Sometime result which one wants may be delivered late but that shouldn’t affect your brain. As said in aggression one forget to think what is good and what not, right? So, take a deep breathe first before making any move, which later proves to be regrettable one. On the opposed side, one can’t be defensive for always, sooner or later they must have to break the barrier of their inability to be aggressive. If you forget to learn that you have to suffer the most. People gonna press you more n more, if you prefer to stay in your lit nut, because they know you learnt to defend only, fight back isn’t in your vein.

Hide, whenever it seems reasonable, there’s nothing bad in that. Did you noticed the thief? What they does? They hide when they find situation isn’t good, they stop all their works for some time and then start again when everything looks good and relaxed. You have to do the same. Hide when you thinks you are about to expose more in public eye. Stop all your works for some time, till situation won’t get under control. If you avoid this basic, there’s no one to blame for, it’s only YOU, who is there for everything.

Hide, when situation is against you, take a small halt, pause your all the actions, and then wait for the right moment. Right moment will definitely come, have some patience, you get the time to play for your gamble too, for sure. It’s all the game of time, if you learnt to deal with it, then there’s nothing in this world, which stops you to conquer it. Make a sprint like who cares. Because you know, you wait for it, so why to think for others now, are they think of you when you are suffering? No, right? Yeah, then do it, it’s your turn now.

Everything is Fair in love and war, right? Though Definitely you aren’t here to love and neither to war. So be prepared yourself to habitual to deal with worst situation of the life. One never know what awaits them, all they knows is they will suffer, and they will go through it. Be Attender, the hybrid version of Attacker and Defender. At the time you know how to attack, when to attack and where to attack with support of solid defence. You know when to halt, when to tackle, when to dribble, how to win aerial duals and how to nutmeg the opponent. Opponent will be in any nature, shape, type, all you can do is to have some mindful strategies, plans and paths to follow.

One can’t Hide for Always; One can’t Stop at All and One can’t Run for Always!!

So that’s all for the day. Delay should be preferable over shutting down something for always. But when you about to resume it again, do it with all your courage, power and will. Remember, you can only stop when you know you will comeback stronger than ever. Be a Sprinter, on your knees, takes a deep breathe until the flags up for the run and then show what you are able to. What you think about? Send all your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tatta, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Confession, the Passion One must Follow!!


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Gratitude is the Best Attitude!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this time. Time? Did you say something on that? Don’t worry, whether you have or not. Time never waits for anyone, right? Yes absolutely, so don’t give up so early on situation, this time shall too passed, all you need is to have passion and courage to face it and go through it. Time isn’t in control of mine nor any of you, so let it be flow in it’s own way, we can work on to change the time, but we can’t change the time, that’s for sure. What we can do is only to have time and lose it in either good or bad way. What’s your path though?

Image Source: Jack Canfield

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day about human nature i.e. Gratitude. What you mean by that? Easy right? In general terms, To have affirmation towards all the well wishers and all the persons who have paid attention to our work and appreciate us in different-different ways, right? Absolutely it is. It’s how we the people runs, the nation runs, and the world runs. So now let’s deep dive into the topic and know it thoroughly.

We, the people are mixture of emotions, feelings, expressions and ethics, right? So, does how they shape their respective life. Each feelings – emotions, expressions and ethics played pivotal role here in growth and development of humankind. The thing which is learn/see by us (we people) since childhood will have a long-lasting impact on ourselves. Though it sometimes rely on memory of ones too. Sometimes circumstances also played their respective role in development of a person into human, Devil/Evil. Not necessary always that the one who did wrong in past will do the wrong in future too, in majority cases the inverse scenario also found here. Means the one did wrong in childhood becomes mature enough to know and tackle the situation and the one who did good acts in past, comes out of the course, and became the rebel/villain.   

Human Behaviour and Human Nature, these both the terms sounds similar but if you closely looks at it, you’ll find the meaning of it. Human behaviour can be change time after time, but the nature of human often remains the same. Behavioural changes are those which were adopted from someone/somewhere while nature of person isn’t ease to change. If one habitual to cry, they’ll always be, if one habitual to get aggressive, they’ll always be, if one habitual to give up, they’ll always be. Nature is rigid in nature while Behaviour is flexible one, it shaped by us, whether by fake or real. It’s the nature of people which recognised by the people, by the world.

Do You know, how Hitler recognised by, by his cruel mindset, right? How Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi recognised by, by simplicity of his life, right? How Abraham Lincoln recognised by, by his never give up spirit, right? So, what’s that? That’s the nature, the Simplicity, the cruelty, and the spirit all reckons by nature. So, the next question rises is that what’s the Behaviour then? In simple terms, To act according to different kind of situation, people, and place, predefined or instant. Like someone is good to some people but then he is at his worst with another, later on changed their mood accordingly. Mood swings, Up-down of life, are the main causes of behavioural changes.

Amongst all the feelings, emotions and expressions, Attitude matters the most, of the people. There’s very narrow difference one can find from Attitude and Arrogance. Attitude isn’t that what you show, attitude is what others notice from you. If you failed to differentiate between Attitude and Arrogance, hard path is awaiting for you. In simple terms, Attitude means, To let allow others to show what you did confidently, with your guts and your never dying spirit. The moment where you think that you are something, you became nothing by that very first moment. Attitude won’t teaches you to feel others low, it teaches you to generate positive energy so that whomsoever seeing you, observe you – follow you, to fill that void of their heart.

Image Source: Mindsoother Therapy Center

Gratitude, what you mean by that? To appreciate others in good way or the feeling of to be grateful to others, right? Obviously, one can’t be fool enough to ignore the love they received from the others. Gratitude is the feeling where you feel from the heart and proposed your kindness to them. But is it that much easy as one thinks? Not at all. Very first you have to be kind to have it, offensive mode of yours works often but, the way you replied others says it all.

If you are able to bifurcate Gratitude, what it seems like? It’s the combination of two words. Great and Attitude, right? The way you shaped your Attitude says all about you. Gratitude is the whole process of to be appreciate by others to appreciate all them who appreciate you. If you can’t proposed your well words towards audience then later or sooner, they all will gonna leave you there, with your missing act of Gratitude. If people is Great then there’s a possibility that maybe their attitude is also good to take off the high notes but not always necessary that whomsoever carrying off Attitude will always be a good man.

When you proposed your warm words towards your audience, it works like magic. On one hand they are overwhelming by your work and on another hand, you done your job of Gratitude. It feels by both, the recipient as well as proposer. Isn’t that good? Isn’t that sound good to carry Gratitude? Aren’t you feel happy by doing so? Gratitude is the best Attitude one can ever carry with them.

The idea to penned down this topic is based on notable milestone on this platform. We are now 2K D_VYANG_TALKERS and also surpassing the very First Century of Blog post two weeks ago. So, you are reading 101st post of mine today, isn’t it interesting? This all becomes possible, just because of you all. As I said earlier post in too that this platform is the second family of mine, glad to have you all in this journey. The journey of learning, The journey of Ups and Down, The journey of Clashing of thoughts, The journey of a Companion. A big Thank you to all of you. Before one year ago, I don’t assumed I can ever get this kind of attention from you, but it happens. Life isn’t that much bad though!!

In this whole Chaos of life we forget to be grateful and make regret preferable one, right? Following are some normal tips to be grateful to others, to yourself, to the whole Universe.

  • Be grateful for the What you have;
  • Be grateful for the Who you are;
  • Be grateful for the People you have;
  • Be grateful for the Things you have;
  • Be grateful to the God;
  • Be grateful to Yourself;
  • Be grateful to your Acts;
  • Be grateful to your Result;
  • Be grateful for what you Possess;
  • Be grateful for the Life you have.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like it. What is Gratitude for you, don’t forget to share that with us in comment section will replied you soon over there, See you all next Sunday one more interesting topic till then Tatta, Bbyye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: All Wars aren’t to WON only!!


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