“Unity is Dignity.”

Hey Guys, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. Now it’s becoming impossible to post a daily blog as my schedule tighten day by day. Though I’ll try my best to post a daily blog but if am not then please forgive me. Hope you understand!!

Anyways let’s move on to today’s topic about Unity. Yeah, feel Curious? Coz this issue is not common at all so I always tried to give you some unique doze through my posts, so let’s start,

Unity : A Connection among people which is unbreakable and stand up for each other when any of them is in difficulty.

In short Unity is a long-lasting Bonding of people whose collective efforts are enough to achieve their predetermine Aim. And as this bonding broken their downwards started till its worse.

“Unity in Diversity.”

Unity means we stands together – we falls together – we works together – we failure together – we succeed together.

We become younger by listening that story of a Man and His Sons. Firstly he gave one wood stick to each of his three son and asked them to break it, they did so easily. Then He gave bunch of woodstick to them one by one and again asked them to break it, None of them succeed. Finally the Man explained his son that Like this wood stick if you are separate then one can easily beat you but if you are stay gathered, it is not going to be easy to defeat you for your Opponent – That’s the Strength of Unity.

This formula applied everywhere and nothing wrong in this. It really makes the sense that One Effort and Collective Efforts are far too opposed. Strength of one is limited as atlast We are human, so it’s Impossible for a Man to Succeed in all field.

The best Example of Unity is MNCs. It’s not depend on one man – all contribute their share for the Growth & Development of Companies. Their Collective efforts will leads them to the lone way of Success. Really Bonding matters!!!

“There’s Nothing that can Separate you, Until m Unless You Want.”

Bonding not only Risk sharing but it also helpful to gain more Ideas from different people and as it said Two is better than One (एक से भले दो).

You may find many Illustrator of great bonding or say co-ordination. A Football Game – A Business Enterprise – HUF – Government Sectors, all you will find a Unity of people that works for betterment of themselves – public – nation and world.

Always remember Unity is your precious Asset, never wash it out for the shake of some shity piece of papers. It’ll always strenghten you and ready to assist you whenver you need them.

सब का साथ , सब का विकास

– Narendra Modi

Btw The next blog will be from V (Verify your Versatility).

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