Face Behind the Blog

Hello Guys, Many of you might go wrong in recognising me. So here I come to you with this Introductory page.

Divyang here, more precisely Divyang Rajput, the face behind the blog. Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Scorpion and Debatable one.

22, Graduated and Registered Student of ICMAI and currently in finals of my Professional Course. Costing is my subject, so after learning so much about it I decided to give up on some things mentioned below..

  • Am not available on any social media,
  • Using Nokia 105 in this time too but one can never try to underestimate me, I keep updated my self on regular basis. Try your luck if you won’t believe.
  • Prefer to do work on my Lappy.
  • Currently doing an Internship @Fenil P Shah and Associates.

Am suffering from Dementia, in which it’s hard for me to remember things easily, but on the other side I can easily memorize contact number of person easily, (I haven’t saved anyone’s number in my cell except Family Member and Sir that too because if I met something bad then people got some clues to informs them.)

Human Tendency, Human Nature, Human Relation and Human Feelings these are some topics on which I can easily penned down.

Try to Publish a Book of my own. It’s WIP(Work In Progress). Stay tuned guys, blog on every sunday @7 PM IST.