Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. It’s already been 2 Months and we even don’t realize. Have you? Time is really flying now a days, and as soon as days are passing in this kind of lightning speed, tension of mine is increasing day by day in the same way. I’ve Final exams in June of my Professional Course, namely CMA (Yes I am future Cost Accountant, and maybe that’s more surprising for you if you don’t read Face behind the Blog page). After postponing for a year (June 20 Term was Cancelled by Institute itself due to COVID and skip the January Term due to personal reason) , but now I can’t afford more delay in the same. Apart from that many obligations to fulfill in upcoming months but that’s how the life act, right? We just react to accordingly, that’s all. So in short it’s up to us how and when we set up our priorities and completed the same in most optimum way.

Anyways let’s have an eye on major events of the world from the past week. On Thursday a Powerful Quake hits near New Zealand, warning of Tsunami issued for the same. Legislation on H-1B Visas introduced in US Congress. UN Tells Myanmar military to “stop murdering” Protestors after 38 death in a single day. Saudi Arabia Government made it clear that only those vaccinated against COVID-19, will be allowed for Hajj. 317 Schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria. 2 US Navy Warships in Mideast affected by Corona virus. World’s first space hotel with Artificial Gravity expected to open in 2027. Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy sentence to imprisonment in Corruption case during his tenure. Pope Francis Travels to Iraq on a mission of Healing. Scientist discover 3 Deep-Sea sharks that glow in Dark. India Setup a Final Birth against New Zealand in First ever WTC ((World Test Championship) at Lords in June 2021, after defeating England in recent Test Series.

Image Source: Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

Anyways let’s move towards to the next part of our ongoing Sunday topic, i.e. Entrepreneur, The New Age Profession. Many of you might be aware that we had start the series on Entrepreneurship in which we will going to try cover all the points through its root. In previous Two Amazing Session we came across some critical points which one may face and denied them to their path, their goal. In case any of you might had missed the sessions please refer the following link for the same before directly jumping out to this session. Rest of all can join directly, from this session!!



Challenges, who likes it after all? We all tend to prefer easy work in which there are less efforts, less risk and return is as parallel to the high risk. Aren’t we? Yes, we all are. If something isn’t good or in which we aren’t comfortable, we prefer to leave that. Some leave after giving some attempts and some surrender with ease to this. Here problem isn’t problem. Problem is that we leave something because we are lazy enough or habitual in regular cum boring work. If something tries to stop us, instead of to move ahead we happy to pause there. Because we are lazy, aren’t we? The very first motto of to be Entrepreneur is that Never Stop your Mind to learn new. If you Learn Few, chances are there that you’ll definitely earn few.

It’s shown that the people who scare to take any challenges often ends up in bare hands and won’t get enough hike in their respective career as assumed by them. But do you know why we people feared to take this kind of challenges which have power to change our live upside down and vice versa? No we don’t know actually. Since Childhood, we learnt one thing from our parents that to apply defensive strategy. If something bad had happened then their parents are there to help them and to find a way out for them. It’s obvious that as a parents they have worry of their kid, but how will they grow if you don’t provide them a chance?

In Today’s world most of the parents taken care of their Kid’s all good and bad. It’s really good though in some aspects but remember There will be the Days or Situations where you’ll not be available for them, so think what they’ll do without you? Do they succeed in their path, they are on at current? The chances are less because they didn’t know how to take decisions or say they aren’t aware regarding what to do next if some spontaneous situation will arrive. In addition to that they are inexperienced, it will be definitely major setback for them. So teach your Kid, since childhood itself that you have to do on your own, because there will some situations/days where even your shadow will not be with you. You have only Support of yours, that’s all.

Image Source: Pixabay

If you teach your Kid in that way then definitely they will learn in phase manner. No argue that they will fail in initial stage but where the actual situation will arise they will perform exceptionally well. At least far better than nothing. “Always better to have some bucks than the Empty Pocket!!” Look Confidence is not just Feeling, it’s whole process From to do something positively to Finishes it off with flying colors. When you are confident enough that yes, you can do at your own then might it’ll be consume some of your time in starting but after consecutive steps with consistency, you’ll reach there with smile face. At that time, Do you know what you will remind first?

You’ll remind that at the time you are nothing. You are almost like piece of shit. There’s no one for you even in some cases your parents also leaves you. You’ll remind that there’s night, a Long- Large Night, where everything seems blurry even though there’s enough Power supply. You’ll remind that Once you are nearest to give up almost, but there are also you who rise up to the highest and remove all the barriers which seems to stop you there for always. You’ll remind that Once you also cried your heart out, because you need someone there badly for you and unable to find at least one helping hand, which heats you more to move ahead more courageously towards your ultimate goal. You’ll remind that how to turn failure into sailor, who is optimist enough to cross the ship in that Tsunami.

People with less option or backup will always finds themselves in difficulty. Because they aren’t aware about how important it is to have Back up plans. Look Conditions/ Situations/ People and Value will not be same for always. They are changing at regular intervals. if you failed to keep a pace with it, you’ll find yourself far away from your Goal. You know what is the Most Unpredictable thing in this world? People itself, we don’t have fix anything, like seriously we have nothing fix. Our Taste, Fashion, Routine, Work, Habit, all are changeable. Even though our Priorities are also changeable in day to day basis. (Some of those even don’t know about Priorities and Choices.)

We are signing off today’s Part with One Question, What you’ll choose? Study or Skill? Study is that, You particular learnt at School but for Skill, you’ve to go outside of the School. Just assume you are Good at study but don’t have relevant skill then is that make any sense? Skill is as Important as Study, maybe more than the study itself. What’s your view in that? There will be many opinions in this regard, and I personally can understand the same but before make any wrong assumptions let me clear, Study is Important. Skill is also important. But What if Study will mix up with Skill?

P.S. The other day I Posted this on LinkedIn, Check it out.

So that’s all for the day. Please don’t skip any part of the Series, ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age Profession. There’s so much for you all. Just try to think in different ways. Don’t hesitate to put your idea forward because the World of Today won’t wait for the late comers. So be on Time and Catch the Right Train at Right Time. Otherwise if you missed the Train, then maybe there’s a No Train then after. Send all your thoughts, suggestions, recommendation and opinion regarding today’s post in Comment section, will reply you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Taata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz! Stay Happy, Keep Smiling!!


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31 thoughts on “ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age PROFESSION!! Part-3

  1. Like your news summary. “There will be the Days or Situations where you’ll not be available for them.” I totally agree with you here. There are a lot of helicopter parents nowadays who hover over everything, even children’s free time. LOL. Fancy telling children how to play. That’s crazy. Children are born to play and be playful. Anyway, love your informative post.

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  2. Hi Divyang! You sure put a lot of work into your posts on top of all you have going on in your life. You must have a really fast paced life! It’s funny to read the news in your post because I barely pay attention to the news. My head is a bit in the sand. A space hotel? I shudder to think what it must cost for a vacation like that. WAY beyond anything I could ever afford. 🤣😂🤣😂

    It’s cool that you talk a bit about pace in your post and keeping up with changes. I’ve been thinking about pace too. But a little differently. Sometimes life makes you pick up the pace and other times we need to learn to pace ourselves and take things a little more slowly or we burn right out. It’s not easy to recover from that. I hope you’re living life at a healthy pace my friend. Take care Divyang! 💚💙💜 😊

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  3. Yeah, absolutely Ma’am!!
    there are two opinion in this regard
    People can study now developed skill later on or elsewhere skilled people by following the skill right now and studies later on , in any of the reckoned university of the world!!😅

    Thank you so much for the comment!😁

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Fingers cross!!😅😅
    Ku6 nai keh sakte, iss life ka!!

    Haa aaj se 5-10 saal pehle ki baat aur thi, but last couple of years just changed my opinion towards life, what you say in this regard?😅😅

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  5. Pata nahi. Meri opinion life ke baare me hamesha se same hi hain. Live it the fullest….regrets to reh hi jaati…chahe kuch bhi kar lo. I live in the moment and think about it later😅😅

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  6. Hello Tina Ma’am, really glad to see you here!!😊😊
    How accurate you are!! How did you know that btw? Are you astrologer too? 😅😅
    Joke apart, but yeah right now, started a journey, of which I don’t have any idea, whether I’ll be succeed or not? But I am hopeful as far as I have Mentors like you, are in my life, 😅😅

    Haha, yeah someone had suggested me to include some updates in beginning of the post, either of personal life or news of the world, so I followed the same. Sometimes includes my life’s update and sometime world’s update!! Hahah, I too, can’t even think about vacation like that, my whole life’s earning will not enough for that I guess!!😂😂

    Yeah, I like your way. Kind of Speed breaker, right? We have to pace accordingly barriers faced by us in our life, otherwise once it went out of control, no one gonna survive!!
    Yeah some pains are unbearable, but we can’t do much in that!! We have to tolerate it and deal with the same!!😅😅
    Hope you and sir both are in good health, sending wishes to you!!🤗🤗
    You too Ma’am, see you around!!😊😊❤❤

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  7. Wow, I like your way!🤗🤗
    In Starting of my life I had different approach than you mentioned above but after graduation, a bit contrary approach seen and observe in my life.
    Started living in Present Moment rather than to much think about future!!😅😅
    Regrets ka kya h, ro lo ek baar ji bhar k, ek baar nikal jaye bas fir shanti!!😅😅

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  8. I don’t know what I live has in future. I am a college student for time being. Live revolves around academics only. Have yet to face the real world. Things may change then or may not. I would try my best to be like this as much as I can🤭🤭

    Wahi na regrets to khatam nahi honge….umar ke saath woh bhi badhenge…kam to nahi ho rahe🤣🤣

    Where have you been? You were away for quite long this time.


  9. Future? Did you really say future?
    I can’t see anything in the Future now!
    The only thing I can see right now is today, present moments!!😅😅

    Well maybe this time you assumed wrong about me, by saying that I have completed my graduation doesn’t mean that I have real life experience, I am professional student and in finals of my course😅😅 Still a long way to real world!!

    Regrets are in queue, ek jata h, dusra aa jata h!!!😂😂

    Are I was replying to my comments, bahot dino se reply nai diya tha kisi ko to bas aaj time mila to reply kar raha tha!
    Aur aapke post pdh rha tha!!😅😅 I missed so many of yours, let me comment there!!😂😅


  10. Hahah! That’s true too. My finals are approaching and my present goal is sail through it😃

    Well yes, I did think you’re done with your studies.

    Ohh aaj aapka reply to comments din hain🤭🤭 Theek hain aap padhe jaake mere posts n comment kare🤣🤣 Mene aapke mostly saare post padhe and comment kare😅😅

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  11. Yeah, definitely you’ll Zish!😁😁

    I knew, That’s why I clarified!😂😂 Finals in June, then done!! Whole year ruined due to corona (Last June term Institute cancels the examination and Jan Term my Internship was ongoing) so now in no position to further postponement!!

    Yeah, it’s reply day!😂😂
    Ji jarur pdhte h, aur karte h comment bhi!!😂😅

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  12. Ah, you’re so kind Divyang. You always make me smile. Really enjoyed reading your response. Thanks so much for that. Stay awesome and take care of yourself. 😊😊❤❤


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