We Are Dying Before We Are Trying!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are healthy and wealthy physically, as well as mentally. Mental peace is need of the hour, right? This situation is like each of us need counsellor who looks after us in every aspects, on behalf of us. How much one is strong enough, one is feel down when they have to face and defeat their own self!! Getting rid of it is easy but there we people who often made it complicated to go through. Here people are not at fault, completely, sometimes situation and luck also played their respective and pivotal roles in downfall of them. But still question raises, are you unable to tackle down the situation or the situation themselves are more challenging, which one had assumed to be?

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. The little bit exciting and demanding one. All you got some idea by the title, that what we gonna talk about today, right? Yes, about failures, the other side of life. While discussing with Akshita, on some issues of life, finds it interesting to penned down this topic as many of us suffering from it and to apply half heartedly efforts, which is almost parallel to nullify efforts at all. So, let’s dive into this to get some positive vibes/energy to live the life fullest.

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We are Dying Every Single Second, We are Dying in Every Minute, We are Dying in Every Moment, before we are about start to something New, right? Don’t hesitant to confess it, even I am not except in this case. We are too curious and energetic in starting session but as soon as Sun starts to set, our confidence also start to sunk, right? Yes, definitely we lack confidence but how can one gets it without any attempt? Victory isn’t far from your Reach in beginning, it’s far when you think to give up on that idea in Mid way!!

As a Human we all in-need of something always, like always, that’s the human tendency whether you believe or not. Greed for good is always good and the attempts you gave to conquer it never went unnoticed. To give efforts is the first thing, one can focused before anything else, right? Yes, because if you aren’t prepared well mentally to show the guts, you’ll never back with smile on face. You, only happy if you feel from the bottom of your heart, because from the face no matter how much you pretend to be happy but somewhere your inner half isn’t stand by you at all, maybe you are satisfied by face but not by soul.

Life is not what you achieve from it, it’s all about how you create it. Mainly as we differentiate the people in 3 basic categories, Poor Class – Middle Class and Rich, we made it easy to recognise the people by their status, right? If we go deep down, there’s more class one can identified from it, higher middle class, lower middle class, backward class, impecunious and beggar. In fact, there’s no such class one can find, it’s only theory one blindly follows it. What’s your thinking about the lifestyle of the Rich? They eat good, wore good, looks good and? That’s all? Really? Think about it again, what Rich do that poor deny to do? What about work?

We all do the work as per our accordance, true? Obviously at last that are the source to fulfil our needs/requirement and belly. Have you observe the mindset of the billionaire of the world ever? Are the people who is Rich won’t work at all, did you think like that? Then be alert, very first, you must have to visit some doctor/counsellor as soon as possible. The truth is Wealthier suffer the most, because to reach at the top isn’t their goal, to stay on top is their ultimate goal. For that they have to take some decision, instantly and accurately. If they failed to do so, there would be bigger inverse impact on their business. There’s no point to give up on situation, if it’s unfavourable, then they tried to make it favourable one at any cost. To accept the defeat by giving an efforts is much better than not to appear for the attempt even.

To give efforts must be our sole motto, irrespective of the result. If you succeed there’s no one happy like you by doing so and what if you failed? Don’t worries if you can’t succeed you gain some experience/ formula to crack these types of hurdles, which definitely gonna assist you in your next attempt. Experience is the key to Success, if you failed to have it, you can’t simply differentiate between Success and Failure. For you Success is opposed of Failure and Failure is opposed to Success, where in reality it’s wide concept. Both term have their own chronology, the process, and the different outcome for sure.  

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Confidence, one simply can’t boost it, before they can practically used their hidden weapon. And what’s that? For that you have to write it down, at least 10 times, Yes, I can do this; whenever you feel like to give up on particular idea. Then fold that paper and put it in your wallet or there where you find it easily. Read it when you about to give up, it’ll never let you allowed to do so. It reminds you that you made the promise to do that, now you have no way out except to try again. Instead of to die with regret of not taking the chances, sounds better to die with satisfactory efforts that you give.

Look every coin has two a side, if one is for your opponent then the other would be sure for you, no doubt in that. You know, we all scarce one thing for sure, the confidence booster, while beginning, in mid-way and in finishing too. In beginning we scared to do something as we already new at somewhere, in middle of the path, we scared by the barriers we face, the upcoming hurdles and in finishing we scared of the result. In this whole process we dies so many times on regular basis, even one themselves doesn’t know about their DAILY DYING – DAILY CRYING before one confident TRYING.

You don’t need long lectures on motivation, hour long inspirational speech and all to try something. All you need is to have complete yourself with you, who can walk with you – side by side. To die is too easy, you know. There are many causes to die but there you have to find that one reason which never let you down, shut you down. Scared of Height? Scared of Water glitch? Scared of Evil? Scared of Dreams? All your scar are victorious if you are there, so does the new beginning. In eyes of World, you are alone, but you know you aren’t, make them believe you solely enough to make the changes, you saw, you follow.  

“Do not Die before You Try and Do not Try before You Cry, Cry after Try and Die after Try.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like this small dose of confidence booster. Share your viewpoints, suggestions, opinions and thoughts regarding today’s post in comment section will replied yoo soo over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tatta, BByee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!! Stay safe, Stay healthy!!

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News Channels and NewsPapers: The Truth Lacker cum Truth Leaker!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. Time is definitely challenging, so as we. One must have to break all the barriers to live the life fullest. In life something is non-negotiable. One has to accept it whether they wanna believe or not. Life isn’t what you expect to be, it’s how you accept it. Challenges are always there, that doesn’t mean you have to passed it with flying colours, sometimes failure proves to be a great teacher also. So, don’t be afraid to be fail, at last you tried where others give up. You won there when others lost hope, don’t think you lose there where others even not give try. Dominating position is good but have an upper hand is always preferable one.


Anyways let’s kick start our session of today, quite similar and lightning one. Your guess is right, Media, we all gonna learn about the role, the so-called media plays now a days. We will start from root to the actual outcome of their so-called spicy news. As said, one has to know the very simple meaning of it, then to step ahead, right? Absolutely, without having much knowledge one isn’t able to know the motto behind it. So, let’s start.

Communication, we all need it to match the step with the rest of the world, right? Yes, absolutely, indeed we need everything which increase knowledge of one’s, to stay updated with the things one is surrounded by, to know what matters them the most, etc. And how can one joint the dots with world, what are the sources to stay update, what is going on in the world they are live? Answer of all is just one, to keep an eye on all the events occurred and how’s that possible? To see or by reading the news, either on News Channels or Newspapers, right? But really are they trustworthy in current scenario, did you really think like that? Come on man, one can’t be fool by just reading it or knowing it without having depth knowledge of news you read actually. We going through both the sources in depth, subsequently.

So, let’s first start with News Channels. Well if I am not wrong, you all had some idea about Fox News Channel, of USA. Roger Alies, the former US Republican party’s political strategist and NBC executive embarked the journey of one of the biggest News group in 1996, whose practicing biased reporting in favour of George Bush and Donald Trump. The very basic motto of any news channel is to brought out the real truth, which is hidden behind the scenes, to published them and let people allow to know what exactly happens. The FNC isn’t bad either in their perspective, but the way they published news is misleading, also breaching the very basic low of media, not to use that medium where the large public (more precisely, audience) is interested.

There’s very thin line difference between News and Rumours if you find it. News is what you allow people to know and Rumour is what you enforced audience to believe what you show/published. You repeatedly show audience that, which indirectly enforce them to make it believe that whatever they are showing is only truth, nothing else. Truth only unveiled, if one really want a change, which is scarce here in this so-called World, especially in Human. Rumours spread like they are real, and Reality never comes into limelight. Rumour, News channels spread it like they are done something really good.

TRP, News channels, they only show that what increase their revenue, even they don’t care what effect will be on the people who are actually suffering. News Channels are only interested to show what Celebrity wore while step out from the house/gym and what they are doing all day? Which film had done a good on box office and who played better Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni? Well they (News Channels) played better off filed than anyone else, fuckin idiots. Here when one victim is suffering from injustice and they all are in search of some spicy hot news, like really, how far would you go, have you think about it?

Now let’s coming to the other source of increasing Knowledge, i.e. News Papers. If it really print some good topics, it’ll definitely helping hand for the people of country. Reading, it’s make a deeper impact on people, when they read and start implementing some false information. Media, if you work for it then don’t be black dot of it. Newspaper who won’t read it? The begetter of family in early morning, to the customer in saloon, to public service aspirant all read it then why you print some bullshit in it? Is it not your duty to cover that what News Channels lack, the truth?

The world is beyond celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, and rapist, have you forgot it? Why to print that which is no use of anyone? They print those shits because they are paid for that. If you really look into the 20 page of newspaper, one couldn’t find the useful informative news from it. On very first page, they put some hot breaking news, which already becomes normal overnight. As soon as you turned down the pages, you may see, The ex-politician’s son held in rave party, the well-known builder’s name revealed in some high profile murder case, this b-town celebrity celebrate his/her birthday in some foreign country and social media applauded them by saw her/his pictures. This cricketer purchased luxurious bungalow/car, with highlighting the rumoured value of it. Then there comes Astrology page, get rid of your any problem in just 5 minutes, like seriously is there any letter written down on our forehead? And how can one forget advertises? Advertise of new built houses, Some facial creams, weight gainer/losers, just spoiled whole the mood of reading newspaper. There’s hardly any information one could apply in real life.

There are so many similarities in between these two sources but they fucked up the mind of one in different-different ways. Sometimes the tone of Anchor, sometimes the headlines of newspaper itself, sometimes the news they show, sometimes the news they print, sometimes the way they published the news, sometimes the way they print the news, all are ridiculous.

The sole motto of any media is to bring out the reality, whether it’s of Newspaper or News Channels. Instead of to publish unnecessary debates, just do one thing, don’t do anything shit spreading. Maybe it’s your work/duty but how can you spoil others mood/work/health, did you think about it. Still not get it, Are you Really Truth Lacker or Truth Leaker? Are you scarce of truth or you just leak the Truth by yourself?

Truth is Denial Here;

Reality is Abandon Here;

Honesty is Forbidden Here;

Patriotism is Prohibited Here.

P.S.: There must be inclusion of one line on every News Channels and Newspapers; Readers/Audience Caution: One can read/watch the news, but one can’t follow it. Follow it on your risk.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all understand the necessity of the topic. Share your thoughts, suggestions, opinions and advice regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, BByyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

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Indian Democracy: The Self Illustration!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. For me, it’s been quite hectic so far, as we have to keep up the pace with all the upcoming due dates of Government department. Though let me confess, slowly I became, short tempered in between this, don’t know the reason behind it but it really happens with me. In little matters, I became so much aggressive and angry at the same time. Maybe workload or post corona frustration won’t let me live peacefully. I badly need a break but couldn’t afford this time. So, this time I have a tough fight with myself, to overcome my weakness to perform in pressurised situation. This isn’t new for me but at the time too much happens in life, in country, I couldn’t be able to concentrate on one thing fully, but I’ll surely outshine it. This fight isn’t to win, it’s to defend myself from the unhealthier atmosphere I am surrounded by. Hope, I’ll soon weakened it and get best out of myself.

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Anyways let’s quick move towards our one more interesting topic of the day. The topic of today is lit-bit personal but best than rest of all my published post, you’ll find it when you read it till the end. So, don’t missed a single word from it. So very first we know the meaning of concept from its root and understand how governments works.

We all know that every country needs government, who will later look into the matter related to benefit of whole group/ group of people(s). Government consist people themselves. Republic, Democracy, Communism, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Fascism and Dictatorship, etc are the main type of Government. All have their own pros and cons. These can be stretch to many more types too. Among all Democracy is the one in which people had all the rights by fulfilling criteria for being eligible in voting. Especially, the people who born India, they got all the rights by birth of democracy. There are around 12 to 14 basic rights which given by Government to Indian citizen(s) to aware them that they will be safe and secured by having all the rights.

In simple Terms, Democracy means, “All have the same right to live the life, to love the life peacefully. There will be no discrimination among the people, irrespective of caste, region, age, wealth, health and sex.” There will be no difference among the people to chose, to select and to implement the same.

As said Indian Government is Run for People, By People, to people to secure the rights provided to them, but does it really perform as stated in Constitution of India? Does it really succeed to safeguard the voice of common people? Does it have really Democratic rule in nation or just stayed as it is in paper? Many questions raised earlier too but the ongoing controversies of India, insist me to ask those question again n again. Those kind of void words and space bites the people of nation. They also knew about it, but they finds no way out.

If you aren’t rich then you will be pissed off, pieced off and peace off. You will be finished if you raised your voice against injustice, which is the main subject matter of Democracy. Exception are always there who born as common people turned their life into Paradise, like APJ Late President Abdul Kalam, but those are limited ones. Though it won’t if you are rich or any of the following because the value of normal people is normal, was normal and will be normal always in India, the greatest democracy in the world.

  1. Politician
  2. Actor/Actress
  3. Cricketer
  4. Cleric
  5. Businessmen.

If you are any of the above, or some connection with them too, you’ll be survive and meant to be the horse of long race. You can do anything if you are any of the above, one can compare the holy place like India to POK too, who often forgets that the place which one addressed as POK had provided them shelter, money and pride too. If that wasn’t enough, then they write to PM and CM too, for their security, they feel unsafe, why? Simple, just because they know that they had done something wrong, if not they why to ask for security? On the other hand government also approve their demand and provide Y category security to them, Who has no sense that to wear the mask is mandatory in this situation, instead they prefer to wore glasses, maybe because of shame they aren’t in position for eye to eye contact with people. This is called Democracy, first to speak without any sense on social media platform from hometown and then to beg for security to government. I often thinks, what if people like me spoke that kind of words publicly, will I/We still alive?

Now coming back to another viewpoint of the story by political angle. One make a statement by addressing India as POK and the reaction of politic side works like two-edged sword. On one side the local government fully protest the statement of crazy lad and do some harm to their property too. While on another side the Central government who had provided security to that crazy lad, maybe and maybe due to their future vote bank in some regional areas of Northern part of country support her. So now there is cold war between local government and Central government due to this, just because of one crazy lad. This is Democracy really? Especially when your country fought against outer enemies like a lone wolf, you are continuous working to demolish it instead to make it high.

Cricketer, if you are one, then you’ll be rule in heart of people. You’ll be paid for your services, much higher than the yearly income of many Indians for one match. Endorsements, Advertisements, Dignity, all they got but still some went unsatisfied. Some have bigger bellies than rest of all, proved in this field too. Sports politics is more dangerous sometimes, the one who gives all often rejected and some came through by support of wealth. This is Indian Democracy, all have right to know but no one has right to know BTS (Behind The Scene).

Cleric just be it. It’s not wrong to say that You’ll get more prestige than God too. Not much hard though, learn some tricks to treach people, grow some beard, that’s all. Knowledge, no use of that here. As people of India are kind of superstitious, one don’t need more efforts to spread their tips and tricks on them. Want to rapped someone, then do it by name of God. Want money then do it by name of God, want to play with someone then do it without any fear that you are the lone superiority over here. Here people wastes tons of milk daily, but finds it so hard to share some clothes, food to poor guys, this is democracy, Indian Democracy.

How much Ambani/Adani/Mahindra/Tatas gain and lose, media is busy to cover those, but no one really cares how many people died on regular basis. If they consumed alcohol, then it showed their status and if people like me consumed it, then we called by Fluffy (Sharabi), drunken and all by the same society who recognised the wealthier good and common people bad. Here many parents still, forced their daughters to marry rich guy, irrespective of his age, health instead of to free her to make her own choices. Indian Democracy where, women is still handcuffed by old tradition of their respective regions, she is free to chose but not to implement the same.

Image Source: John hain on Pixabay

P.S.: Not writing this to spread hatred ness, but to show the mirror image of Indian Democracy. Yes, I am diehard fan of MS Dhoni, but from very first ball of every cricket game, it is fixed already. Yes, I am the Fan of Narendra Modi, especially when he is coming from our own city, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but let me confess the current politics games are really dirty ones. If current situation is stay long, then it’s not wrong to say, China will soon seize India, the whole South Asia more precisely.

This is genuine appeal by an Indian to every Indian there, who read this, Please be one, instead of to be Termite. India is all ours, all we need an eye to accept it as our mother nature. In past, the lack of unity amongst our Kings, already haunt us. So please don’t do that this time. India need all us, we need India. Freedom is a big thing; collective efforts is needed for our betterment.

“If you aren’t able to do something good then don’t do the bad either at least!!

So that’s all for the day. I know today’s topic is not my kind of, but I have to penned it down. I can’t see, India this much pressurised. Hope you all can understand. Penned down your thoughts, suggestion, and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. I also request to all of you, to share this article as much as possible for you. Be a Contributor not a Spreader!! See you all next Sunday till then Tataaa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

The topic for the next Sunday: Tips, Tricks and Trims of Life!!


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Make Space for Your Place!!

Hola guys, What’s up? Hope you all are good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. Time is really challenging and so as we, right? Absolutely because as said by the 3rd law of Newton, Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction, we proved it right in many ways. The more Corona tried to pressed us, the more strength we applied, not in defence but to break down the barriers of Corona, i.e. lockdown, social distancing, use of face mask and sanitization process. Not bad though but still as said Prevention is better than Cure.

The last week, as usual not go right in many aspects. Beirut again trembled by fire on the same place that took place month ago. India, suffering most than any other country not because of Corona but because of people of the country itself. Really corona does not scare me but the people like Kangana Ranaut makes life so hard that being a citizen of Democratic nation looks like a curse in itself. I mean how can one use democratic right in this way? Lack of Unity already haunt India in past (Ruling of British Empire in India for about 2 centuries) and now especially when it combat against China, Pakistan, and all neighbourhood countries as lone wolf. So please stop to spread this hatred ness among people and request all Indians to be one, because Maybe corona can be conquered but the fight against jealousy, hatred ness can never be. The bushfire of California is also red-light alert of almighty, to take care of nature.

Anyways let’s comeback to one more interesting topic of the day. Space for the Place or Place for the Space, what you chose? Not get it? Okay right, we will go through it soon but before that if you missed the last post then just follow the link mentioned below,

5 Subjects wish to see in Modern Education

Space, you know it matters in lives of all of us. But there are some spaces, some blank spaces which are already reserve for the people. The space reserved in heart of parents for their kid, the space of fiancée in heart of her fiancé, the space of best friend bench, the space of to park vehicle in parking area, the space of Chief guest on Stage, the space of sit while travelling, the space of driver on driving seat, the space of villain/dark character in Movie, etc. What you mean by it? Any idea? No? Yes? Confuse, right?

Whenever the one who is favourable by another by whatsoever reason, shows the interest of that another person in that one person. But is it easy, to impress people by your act? Not at all. Maybe that another person blindfold by an eye, but not the crowd. Crowd notice all even you, forget to judge yourself but crowd never failed to do so. Place maybe you got that, but to stay there is as hard as to combat against invisible enemy. Each n every steps you took, the more enemy you create because Some people don’t need reason to hate you, Jealousy is enough.  

Yes, there’s a difference between Place for the Space and Space for the Place. Place can be earned by hard work, by honour, by respect, by strength, by sense, by some bunch of papers and by power too but for space you need heart, to feel and to be feel. Place can be temporary allocated but the space you made might stay as long as you want. Be like air, lit-bit loophole and your work is done. Just like an air, you don’t need big space to show your status, little space is enough to prove your worth, to prove your existence. Don’t believe it then try to clipped out your nose for just a minute.

Have you ever noticed the Sky? It hide so many emotions and at the same time make space for Stars, for Moon, for Sun, for Birds, and for some human creations too, don’t you find? No one tolerate in the world like the Sky does. It cries, it tempers, and it pampers too. What is in Place? If today is yours then maybe tomorrow will be someone else’s. Look Place does not matter, the matter is that the Space you chose to make it Place. Focus on to make Space rather than to concentrate on Individual Place. If you succeed, you will be remember for long, if you failed, you finds an experience to do it again.

In this time everyone focus on to find right place for themselves, Kid looks for the place where he/she enjoys fully, Youth looks for the job security, Adult looks for the wealth from where he/she can survived happily after retirement. We all coincidentally joins that race which has no end, only one destination, Regret, for not to make call on right time in right direction and in right situation.

The Space you are looking for is in yourself only. To Find a right place is not bad though, but why to find just place why not to make space for yourself, for the people you are surrounded by? If you find the space, you find the place automatically but what if you find the place which is already occupied? Will you wait? All you need to make Space is Courage and trust in yourself. If you believe you can make a difference then go for it without wasting a second, because the dream you saw, maybe seen by someone already too. Maybe thousands were failed, maybe millions were given up already, may be billions were lost in that space, you need to wake up there, to do that.

Place changes often, but the space you made – you create is hard to change. Had you seen God, Almighty? No, right? But still we all believe that he/she is here between us all the time. What is that? It’s the space, we had for them. If you can’t enough to make space for yourself, then find a place equal to space you want to create.

There’s no mean of that, if everything you wish you got without much efforts. There’s different kind of Kick one received while such honoured he/she earned. No matters Who’s your father or Whom you belongs to, the matter is that Who are you? If you are known by your own Name, then don’t you think you have to go for it? Finds a,

“Space for the Solace

So that’s all for the day. hope you all got it what this post is for. Space matters, place also matters but how make space for your place is upmost matters, without any argue, right? Send your suggestions, thought, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the next Sunday: Indian Democracy: The Self Illustration!!


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3 Things One Should Never Beg for, Which They can Earn!!

Hola Guys, How’s you? Hope you all are good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. The fight is definitely long, even the vaccine could available, because it’s not the fight to win. As said Every War isn’t to Win, but it’s to defend as well. The war against this pandemic is just like that, we must have to defend ourselves with support of offensive mode. If we only aim to win then definitely, we have to suffer more. So, let’s ready for the game, because maybe and maybe this is just beginning…

Not to discourage you, but to encourage all of you to ready for the upcoming fights. We all deal with many things at a times but that’s not a big thing. If one has to survive then he/she must have to do it. Situation is worse, but it’ll definitely change whether you believe or not. As a human what we can do? We have 3 options, 1st is to fight against it, 2nd is to wait for improvement and the last is to give up on situation, whatever you chose, don’t forget to ping this answer in comment section.

Image Source: D_VYANG_TALKS ©

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any guess? What we are going to talk about today? No? Okay, no worries, we’ll go through it soon. The idea behind to penned down this topic is also due to sweetness of current situation of COVID pandemic. We all know that due to this pandemic every country has to suffer from economy loss irrespective of quantum. It affects global economy, so many went unemployed, laid off from duties and termination in contracts but today we are going to talk about that which one should never beg, which they are able to earn because Whatever is Beg can’t be Earn ever and Whatever is Earned can’t be Begged. So, which are the 3 things which one should never beg for, if they are in good shape by both mentally and physically, let’s see.

  1. Money: Money, who won’t love it in this world? Me, You, We all are blindfold everything in front of it, right? Absolutely, we are. As said Money is the most powerful inspiration but what if something else outshined it? Is that going to be happened? Everything is possible, but for now just divert from that question lit bit. Who said that to earn money is difficult? If you are skilled, mindfulness and sane then you can earn as much as you want. Then Who said that to earn money is easy? The one who makes money through money. What it means? If you had little money, then it’s enough to make it giant but only n only if you wish. Everyone can earn money. The one who is in need and the one who is greedy will find thousand ways to generate money for themselves. But the one who is lazy, insane will find it hard to possess it. They lost their money and when they are empty, they started begging because their bank balance was over not their need and requirements. But is it good to beg for yourself to others? Are you not enough or capable to weigh off your weight on your shoulder? Keep aside 20% from earning for any kind of emergency, start investing in capital markets or if you have no capital then try to find out skills of yours that will assist you to generate money. Once you start begging, then it’ll never be end.
  2. Fame: – Fame, what did you mean by it? Any idea? When you start living in heart of people rather than to live in actual life is called fame. You are not there but still your hypothesis existence is enough to generate that energy in absence of yours. And how’s that possible? Fame, your that name which earn by you after cleared off the Night of lava where many melted and many halted. The night in which sun rises but not in your life, you work for that, one day that sun will rises in your life too. Unlike Money you can’t beg for Fame. You have to made by yourself, for yourself till yourself. If you beg for it then it never be called fame, it called grant of someone by seeing your seek condition. Maybe you favoured by someone to get that but then how long are you able to handle that hangover of your fame? One need guts to have it, to possess it. If you lacking any of it then only n only God can save you from the unknown storm of your life.
  3. Respect: – Confused? May be you are but Yes, Fame and Respect both are absolutely two different words and they both have their own definition. The one who has fame will get respect as well but the one who is respected, fame isn’t guaranteed. Though many similarities one can find here. Likewise, fame, respect also can’t be begged. You can’t simply ask for respect unless and until you are well played on field (life). Among all the 3, Respect is the most difficult for the people to have it. Respect doesn’t mean to complete the formalities, it can be feel by heart, by both, the host and the person who got respect. Then how can one earn it? Very simple, First Give Respect then ready to be respected. Loyalty/Honesty has the direct relationship with it while greed had adverse relation to it. Respect leads the all the way. The path of Success, the path of Truth, the path of Fame, the path of Wealth. So, focus on to it. In fact, respect is the first step towards your well-being. Your status defines you, really well said.

Be a Negotiator rather than to be a Beggar. Never agreeing on life ethics if you learn that you’ll never ask favour of anyone. Once you tasted any of the above, you’ll soon become addicted to it. Though who won’t loves that after all? The difference between Normal people and beggar is beggar will always go unsatisfied irrespective of what he/she get. What you chose? Chose wisely.

Money, Fame and Respect once you lost, it’s kinda difficult to get back. So beware before making any move. Though Money can be earn again and again but Fame and Respect, once lost, can’t be. Although money can assist you to get that, but for that, you have to HAVE it.

So that’s all for the day. Send your thoughts, opinion, suggestions regarding what you think about today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday till then Tata, Bbyye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the next Sunday: 5 Subject, Wish to See in Modern Education!!


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7 Lessons This Pandemic Taught Us!!

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. Welcome back to our remote school. The response in the last post of yours is just immense. Thankful to all of you, who had give it a read and consider that suggestions in their respective life. If anyone who missed the last post kindly follow the link below, the one who already did, wishing you the best in your life if you had already decided to start something new. Let’s change the Opportunity into Success.

Post of Last Sunday: Let’s-start-something-new

Now welcoming all the newbies to the remote school, where we learn about the ongoing affairs of the world, to understand it. We also find some remedies of the issues and tried to outshine that as well. If you are nervous or feel low at any point of time in your life then tried it out, will bet you, you never go upset by it. Just give it a read and find a new you. It’s all about time, if today is worse then be prepared to face more worst situation to this too because then and only then one can able to see that RARE SUNRISE.

Image Source: D_VYANG_TALKS ©

Anyways, let’s quick start our session with one more interesting subject of the day. All, including myself cursing Corona by whatsoever reason. As we human always tried to find out reason instead of to know the cause behind it, right? Obviously, we human won’t missed single reason to curse/blame others. Though if we looked sharply, we find many reason to celebrate this time too. So, let’s start by taking high notes of Corona:

  1. Health is Wealth: – In this time we all came across the real meaning of our health. Before this pandemic we all are aware but now we are beware of it too. If one is wealthier but he/she isn’t in good condition whether physically or mentally then their life treasure is of no use. Maybe it stretched their days but not the years, not the satisfaction, not the fun. Healthier mind is always preferable over wealthier mind. Illness can be cured but can’t avoidable. We all started to take precautions regarding our respective health, doesn’t we? This pandemic really puts a big question mark on our face, Is This Really Us?
  2. Remote Working: – Who said we need office to work? Definitely, there’s a difference between office environment and home environment. Office is the place where one finds, Fun-Appreciation and Criticism all at one place while in home environment it’s not possible but this pandemic also taught us to deal with it. Work from home, a Future concept, but just because of sweetness of COVID-19, we all placed ourselves in that shape as well. Virtual meeting, Job interviews and Online work, all to do by sitting at home will definitely cost saving process in short term for companies but in long term it will be cost increasing method.
  3. Home School: – Kidos, Does your kid(s) listen to you when you enforced them to stuck to PC/Laptop/Smartphone Screens for their Online Classes/Lectures? No, because for kids these all are just instrument of having fun. Give them Smartphone they started playing games soon, give them PC/Laptop, they started using it for entertainment purpose but just and just kindness of COVID-19, this all instruments become handy to all of us. From watching online lectures to submitting the homework/projects to conduct exam become possible due to it. This concept is new in major countries, but we should have to adopt it whether one like it or not. It’s the future, and how can one simply deny it?
  4. We are Nowhere Near to God: – By some of the Innovations, Researches and Technological empowerment, we all have some kind of feelings that we are something. Really? Never think of it. The Innovation, Technology will soon collapse with immersion of yours from this earth, from this galaxy. This pandemic is perfect illustration of it. Our so called, medical science too failed by whatever reason but drastically find it hard to develop a vaccine to combat against this virus. The one who creates the world, will also know how to destroy us without harming much to nature. If you are think you are something, then you are nothing in front of all mighty. At last you are human, maybe you have perpetual succession but what if no one is left here?
  5. Little is Enough: – In life of Human i.e. us, 3 things is important more precisely, essential. Food, Cloth and Shed, right? And what this pandemic taught us? If you have this three then definitely you gonna survive, no rocket science behind that chronology. It’s our mindset that we need all which we want. But why we forget that what we want will never be indeed and what is indeed will never be need, it’s mandate?! Luxurious lifestyle maybe change your lifestyle but not your life. It’s us who specify standards that if we are rich then we need everything and if we are poor, we want everything, we can survive with little too. Tried it out, it’s not hard at all.  
  6. Pandemic turned out to be Opportunity: – Absolutely, this pandemic enforced all of us to think about ourselves and it succeeded in that too. We tried that what we scared to do before. One tried to get out of their control zone and give attempt to something new. Result isn’t important and never be, it’s your attempt when you showed guts to draw that sketch which you believes to be impossible in beginning, ended up with a baggy smile of self-esteem.  
  7. Home Sweet Home: – Home, where Heart Meets, Heart Stays. The one who wrote about it, will definitely ended up with ink but not with words. This pandemic gives us opportunity to understand each other more, to know more and to explore more with each other. Games, Sweet Fights, Sarcastic Conversation all takes place during this, but at last as said if you are at Home, then you are Safe. As an Introvert/Extrovert and as an Ambivert, all loves to be held at home, a paradise of every human on this earth.
Image Source: D_VYNAG_TALKS ©

So those are some high notes, which one should consider rather than to blame others. We are human, we are enough to change weakness into strength and strength into Success. Corona hurts us lot, no argue in that, but if we think about it again and again then we might hurt ourselves more than corona did, so better to move on with Baggy smile!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all able to understand what the hidden message corona wants to convey us. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: 3 Things One should Never Beg for Which They can Earn!!


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Let’s Start Something New!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are healthy and wealthy by physically as well as mentally wherever you are in this pandemic. Time had taught us so many things which is hard for us to taught by ourselves, right? Absolutely with time we became matured enough to adopt the new changes and to behave accordingly. Look corona too teach us so many things by its single shot, we adjust to live with little, home sweet home and health is wealth. In fact, those old idioms prove right and accurate now in this situation, don’t you find?

Creativity only takes place if we human finds ourselves in danger, right? The 3 I’s are really proving it appropriate. Intelligence, Innovation, and Implementation. First through power of our mind we think something then try to discover it after in-depth research and finally implement those thought in real life. That’s how the creativity completes which resulted into less human efforts in that particular fields. The idea of today’s post is based on that, so before starting it, a brief intro is necessary. So, let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day.

Image Courtesy: D_VYANG_TALKS ©

Whatever you assumed by reading the title of the post is correct in all the way. Not much explanation is needed so that we move towards the main points swiftly. Okay just tell me, What is new happening to you in last some days? Have you remembered something, or the everyday routines works as always? Have you thought to start something new in your respective life recently during this pandemic? Yes? No? Confused? Okay, no worries at all. Here we will come across all the views regarding it soon. It enforced all of us to think about us, in fact more than what we think about us before the pandemic.

Do you know why one thinks to start/bring something new in their life? For betterment/improvement, for money, for fame, for satisfaction, for revenge, for ease of life. Right? Absolutely but do you think is it enough? Not at all. When one thinks to start something new a predefined chronology works, for the revolution they wants to see in this world, in human of this world, where the improvisation in their life along with others (related or not) is take place accordingly, for the benefits of whole human group. After the successful implementation of that chronology, life of them is changed. The updating process in human comes into force and feels by everyone. Change is necessary whether for yourself or for the whole group, not by you then by some of you but it’s mandate.

Do you know Elon Musk? After failed launch of PayPal in 1999, he was almost over. He thinks to improvise the life of people through its innovation in Digital transaction, but somehow, it’s not proper delivered and failed to gain the attention of public. So, does that means he has to stop trying, to think, if he failed once? If he had done the accordingly then He won’t be able to get the pre order of 250K of Cybertruck, that too each with 1000$ in advance. Tesla, don’t think have to mention anything about it but still if you are not unaware from Elon Musk and Tesla then go and googled it without wasting a second.   

So, the point is, if you think to start something new then let it possible to happen in real life too, don’t left it in midway. Maybe you failed once-twice -thrice but just believe in yourself that at last victory will be yours, you walk off with a baggy smile of satisfaction rather than to broken loser. If you think to left it in midway, then the very first question raised is that then why you started off? Are you not aware from the circumstances or have you already scared by the real outcome? Is that the reason then you are in never position to take decision – to make calls.

To bring the new change in the world isn’t the cup of tea of everyone, but still not hard at all if one give their full efforts. Look failure doesn’t mean you are scrap, maybe you lack the resources you want, maybe you lack some favours, maybe you lack some enthusiast one badly need. But after each n every attempt irrespective of result, there is one kind of positive vibe generates in one which fuelled the subsequent efforts. As said, You only need courage once, in subsequent effort the courage of first attempt is enough to lead the path.

Once you decided to bring/adopt new changes then make it happen, irrespective of how much sacrifice it wants from you. Because the Sacrifice and Struggle of today will generate another initial of S i.e. Success. But before that you have to cross the river of Failure, Whose depth is narrow, but width is too wide that you will definitely gonna stuck into it. If you are able to survive from it successfully then n only then you able to find that All grapes aren’t sour. If you won’t taste it then it’s your bad, and after crossed that river who is fool there who went tasteless?!

If you Failed while bringing something new then rather than to quit the game too early, find the proper reasons behind it. If you got some then work on it and tried again. If you aren’t able to find the one, then modified your vision,but don’t leave it. Amend the revolution where it looks possible, then tried again. If it still not works then leave it as it is, ask for some expert opinion and consider it. Just increase your efforts, not for Success but not to face failure again. If you laid down somewhere between Success and Failure then tried to boost your confidence that yeah, I can do this. I can survive from this situation as well, if I am there then no one is better than me for the situation.

New, done by very few. If you thinks to, then tried to be consider in that. Don’t hesitant to start something new and at the same tie don’t be too overwhelmed by it. Always think big so that at least you achieved that which seems impossible on very first glance. Once you taste the success, you won’t prefer anything else, but you should tried to prefer something else apart from success. If you can’t digest the success, then how can you believe you digest the failure with ease too?

So that’s all for the day. Think again and again before making new step/move but once you consider it then stuck to it. Failure, Sadness, Nervousness, stress all awaits you, faced it and then conquer your vision. Because without strong enemy, there’s no fun in ease victory. What you say? Penned your thoughts, opinion, suggestion, and tips on that in comment section will eagerly waiting there and replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

The topic for the next Sunday: The Lessons Taught by Corona.


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Welcome to the World of Nepotism!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are good and healthy wherever you are in this pandemic. The week was absolute horrible, as there happened so many horrified events at different places. But the one which shook the whole Beirut, the capital of Lebanon was heart melting and outrageous one!! It’s not even wrong to said it shook the whole world though, tremendous ammonium nitrate explosion took Beirut on terrible ride, felt by 100 miles away too. Over hundreds of fatalities recorded, thousand became shelter less, thousands of missing and damages of billions of dollars had been affected to the economy of Beirut. May those soul find rest in peace.

Another incident of fire occurred in Ajman Market, Dubai, UAE. Not much heated like Beirut one, but this too made a huge impact on UAE economy conservation and pollution control plans. No such reason yet to be find by official behind the incident but hope they will be succeeded soon. We human must have to suffer as we harm earth by our acts since last couple of decades, so this is the lesson nature wants to taught us. If we still underestimate it, we must be ready to face the circumstance of it, even worse than this. Human, we aren’t for regret!! Either we have to change or we had already in the financial statements of God, still not known. Air India Plane crashed on runway while landing in Kozhikode airport in Kerala, India, resulted into death of both the Pilots along with other 16 people who returned from Dubai to India under Vande Bharat Mission, initiative of Indian Government to bring back Stranded Indians to India. May all those soul find the peace wherever they are!!

Image Source: Groundreport.in

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Nepotism, you all are aware from it, right? No? That’s fine, here we learn all about it, that too in depth. Sushant Singh Rajput, mostly Indians know that there are spreading so many gossips on his death, the idea to penned down this topic is fully based on that. Many believes that he too became victim of this poison, i.e. Nepotism. Many believes that he was in depression because of nepotism which enforced him to lead to that decision. Rhea Chakraborty, his girlfriend was also one of the major suspects as she tried to push him in dark and gain some undue advantage of his fame. Thousand faces – Thousand Talks.

So today basically, We will come across that What really Nepotism is and how it comes into limelight. Is it so bad as we people think about it? Are we really know how it affects and all? Obviously, this topic isn’t new, but we people made it fresh in recent time. Don’t you think? Sushant Singh Rajput, a late Bollywood actor was a gem, who acquires good personality, fame and popularity in his short career, but nepotism just outshines him in every aspect, that’s what we people talk, share and believe about him but that’s not the real and whole truth though. We will try to enlighten the concept so we will able to think about it again.

Nepotism, When the people gives priority to other who is his/her relative or who had given some preference while making of choices or selection in comparison to others by whatsoever reason is generally termed as Nepotism. This tradition was highly applicable in Corporate world which lately followed by all the industries, whose Chairperson/CEO will be of that who had some connection/genes to founder of the company. The next generation will just have to do one thing, to adjust themselves while filling in off other’s shoe, which leads to injustice to those who was really able for that position, for that designation, that’s what we people think.

But do you really think that by some backward support, success is guaranteed? Not at all, it’s the whole delusive concept. The struggle you did, to be acted by those too who is entered as your competitor. One can buy anything with money, but talent guts – courage – luck not favoured by anyone. Look maybe they introduced by some people, who thinks they are beneficiary for them but then how would you judge yourself to them? When you think you compared to them, then it doesn’t mean at all. If you are replaceable one then always remember the one who replaced you, had also replaceable at the time being in force at sometime in the life. Everything is interchangeable, it’s just matters of choices, followed by rightly execution of those selections.

The one who enters via some connection, had in fact more pressure than you.

  • Very first challenge for them is to remove your fame from the audience which is quite impossible if you are stable and well popular.
  • The second challenge for them is to carry forward that legacy which is, itself a huge mountain to weigh on the back.
  • The third challenge for them is to prove right in each and every decision made by their ancestral.
  • The fourth one is to prepared themselves better than you, who attracts more fanbase, power in comparison to yourself.
  • The fifth one is to boost the self-confidence, to face the criticism and blame because compared to normal people, the son-daughter of celebrities are highly judged by either paparazzies or people. These are some of the reasons, why you shouldn’t try to entered in the game as nepotist.

No argue in that, that nepotist finds work easily but that’s how the company runs, Industries runs, nation runs. You must have to learn to deal with it. One couldn’t run away from it that they gain some advantage over you. If that chronology works, then Messi-Ronaldo won’t chase each other, the son of farmer won’t posted at reputed designation in Government, the orphan of today won’t become future billionaire. You must have to clear all the barriers/obstacles because that’s what the life means to be.      

Image Source: CEOworld magazine.org

If you think all circumstance will favour you then be alert. Hard work and Struggle, the more you did, the chances of your success are more than nepotist. Had you heard about the experience? That’s all, you edge past your competitor there. Maybe they gain some favouritism, but they can’t ask for experience from anyone. Make space for yourself rather than to find space for yourself.

Look we all are related to someone, so it doesn’t mean that we all are nepotist. Favouring to someone makes you Nepotist then be that and accept frankly, what’s wrong in that? After all it’s your money you gamble either on Nepotist or normal one. The need and choices of people are used to be change each n every day, so don’t start judging yourself rather than to start focusing to improve yourself.

The law of nature is very clear, Be Kind to Everyone But never expect the same. The world is so cruel at the same time, they need one reason to hate you in exchange of thousand reasons to be love are perished against it. There are many illustrations that nepotism won’t always work. Find that opportunity and make them believe & regrettable that what they missed. Your value is in your hand, if you forget to observe it then how can you expect others be?

It’s not the matter that Who is Wrong and Who is Right but it’s the matter of What is Right and What is Wrong? If you tried to prove others wrong then how can be you Right either? Think about it, your happiness is your key of success, if you allowed other to unlocked it then prepared to fall apart. It’s absolutely right that your decision will definitely going to affects you but how much right it is to blame others if others decision also affects you. Is other’s influence on you that much, that it leads you to unwanted paths? If yes then, believe me you had no control on your life.

So thinks about it again, before judging anyone that who’s nepotist and who is not. If you are not then why to be jealous to them? Are you not capable of that or had you already scared of being lose? So that’s all for the day. Sent and share your suggestions, tips, thought to comment section section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday till then Tataa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz…

P.S.:- By the next week or two I am thinking to start my own Podcast, I’ll informed you about it in the next post if everything plans accordingly. I tested my voice and some improvement is needed so I’ll have to work on it to improve my voice as a podcaster, Stay tuned for the further updates..

Topic for the next Sunday: Let’s Start Something New!!


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Is the Racism only Disease Exist in the World?

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are. As I mentioned in my last post about our firm’s new undertaking. i.e. Undertaking of the Accounting and Legal Compliance of William John’s Pizza outlet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat post lockdown. Here I cover my little experience about it as it was my first solo experience as an Inspector of Inventory and Asset Management. Many go wrong that I’d pizza outlets but no, our one of the clients is just entering into the business as an investor. They chose us as their accounting head, as we are registered as Chartered Accountancy firm. So, my Sir had given me opportunity to had little experience in this field. Though if you will ever plan to visit Ahmedabad then you’re most welcome at these venues, i.e. Vastrapur, Maninagar, Motera and Odhav.

It was really a new experience for me. New in that way, because before this in person meeting with client, I accompanied to my sir or some senior colleague. But in this adventure, my sir provided me the sole and whole right to visit all outlet to me and also given the grant to ask any question what I want to know curiously. I go there and met the Manager of all the outlets, develop new business relations which eventually turned out to grew my confidence of public speaking. During my first visit to Odhav, I was lit bit nervous but as soon as I reach there, I gradually started showing my true colours. i.e to ask questions to them, visited Kitchen area and noted down everything, that I think to be helpful for us in valuation. Soon in 2 days I completed the visit of rest of the outlets and submitted my work to the sir, presenting them and understand the accounting held on outlets, policies and some observation to him. It was really wonderful experience, So, that’s all, I think I add little bit more personal touch in today’s blog but let me confess Yeah that’s true I was overwhelmed by my work.

Image Source: Pixabay

Anyways let’s move towards our today’s one more interesting topic of the day. You got the basic idea right that what we should gonna talk about today, right? Yes, right the type of hatred ness among the people, by the people, for the people. This is based on incident of George Floyd. Yeah, the one who is died by torturing of Police official while he was allegedly passing a counterfeit of billion of dollars. All started the movement and showed their support to him, by #blacklivesmatter. But really, he was innocent like that? Why we just able to see the only side of the coin? He was about to arrest and soon find himself behind the bars, then definitely he had done some acts which isn’t right in eyes of law. It not shows any biased opinion, but no one thinks the reason behind it? If you go in past you find many evidences that he was involved in many unlawful acts. If he was genuine citizen then, why police official held him? We people are really crazy, when some people tells about something, we soon started believing on that without revealing that dark side of the picture. We mob just need one reason, to hate someone, even thousand reason of love doesn’t matter in front of it.

Though It doesn’t mean police had power to do anything with us, they have some criteria, ethics, rules, they must have to follow, maintain. But the real question is that, why we start supporting that hashtag, #blacklivesmatter? Had anyone given try to know the real truth behind the story? Social media, never believe on that. News channels, Newspapers, only print that, what actually beneficiary for them, not us. We all are same then why to give that separate importance to it? Look at the sky in the night, you won’t find anything exact contrasting to it except moon and stars. Just turned off all the switches of your house, you won’t able to see anything. Black was important, is important and will always be important. But why we forget if we start that movement, then there are some people exist who adversely available to gain the benefit from it? Is it not enough to spread the hatredness to white tone people?

Racism, what actually it means? Do you know? Not at all. If you know then you never did support the movement like blacklivesmatter. People had not problem with body/skin colour, we had problem with ourselves. When we can’t see other’s success or when we couldn’t digest success of others, we soon start hating them by whatsoever reason. Will you start that chain again if some black cop kills white man, #whitelivesmatter? Just think about it, it was coincident may be, that the one who died was black and cops were white by tone. Racism is our own set up, so don’t make it personal. If to call someone is black is racism, then how you feel when someone judges you by body type/structure? Is that not bodism? In fact, that was more problematic than Racism. Skinny, fatty, deaf, handicapped, we all saw/met this kind of people in routine.

How you feel when someone constantly reminds you about your body type? Ohh look at that stick, Hey want to see balloon, look at that girl. The synonym of body type isn’t found yet, but still we managed to do by ourselves, our own creation. Their continuous reminder leads people to there where they soon start judging themselves and ends up by giving up on their respective life. Many feels stress due to that regular slow poison. Is that not torture? Why they go unnoticed, injustice? Why someone not started the chain #nobodytypematters. Or are you still in search of illustration like George Floyd?

Bullying and Social media hatred ness works like to add petrol in the fire. If we want to hate someone then we don’t need reason, we need social media. Yeah, there is no source better than that. When you had no guts to face people, you find social media your best companion. Meet me on social media, I’ll see you on Social media, the latest virtual slogan used by people. Really means, social media, is it social or are we forget to be social? Still confused….

Sexual harassment, the very old concept which is relevant to specific industry, Film industry, Business industry, etc. #metoo, another hashtag moment which had roots of 80s and 90s or maybe older than that. We are focused but only when other steps up, right? We scared to be pioneer rather than we find peace to be shadow of others. Why to scared when we are right and something wrong had happened to us, irrespective of nature.

Casteism, the new flu seen among the people, would you experience it? We have some strong belief that if person related to that cast then he/she must be like other people of the caste. Is that right thinking? If one apple is bad then will you not give chance to taste those other apples in the basket? People are different, their mindset is different so as their thought.

So that’s what I like to say about the different disease that are still exist in this modern era too. Not sure, you are agreeing with it or not but it doesn’t matter. Most of you will cursing me about that inclusion of George Floyd, but think about that question I asked, or simply just google it you’ll find the answer. If you still not satisfy then comment all your query, suggestion, thoughts and opinion regarding the post will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Sukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the Next Sunday: Welcome to the World of Nepotism!!


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Money: The Dearest Honey!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all doing great wherever you are. Time flies, really means 2020 is about to end but our fight is still there, to combat against the virus. We already going through the demanding issue of today’s new normal about depression in our previous three instalments. The one who missed kindly follow the link mentioned below. Really happy to know your feedback and suggestion towards it, stay alert because you never know when you reach there and became a victim of it. Our fight is within ourselves so let’s hold a breath for a second to face the upcoming threat with courage. Wishing you all the very best for the forbidden War.

Anyways now let’s coming back to today’s one more interesting topic. Yeah, sounds funny but that’s the title, Money: The Dearest Honey. As soon as you keep reading it till the end you will soon find the reply automatically from the post. Title is very important part of Post, as said we are habitual to judge the book by its cover. So, the more crazy you chose the Title, the more people will likely to attract it. Shh, this is the tips of a good blogging too, chose apt title for your post so that your audience will easily connect with it.

Image Source: Financial Partner

Money, how would you define it? Amm, maybe you said, Source of one’s income or say the bunch of paper which has some value or maybe you said, the one which has power to satisfy need or requirements of life. All are true, no argue in that but is it enough though? Really money had that much value/importance only? No, Right? Absolutely like people, we are surrounded with money too, even if that’s not wrong to say; more than people. Aren’t we?

Money, as said the most powerful inspiration, the one which is used to negotiate transaction (monetary-non monetary), the one which satisfy the hunger of people, the one which leads to unnecessary quarrel between peoples often, the one which is strong enough to cheat the people, the one which is motto of life, the one who possessed is reach and who don’t is poor, the one which testify the strength of country, the one which is basic need to live the life, the one which can’t be eat, but still many consumes it, the one which can exchange with anyone. In short Money is the instrument, which sounds good when we have it.

Money used everywhere. Don’t you think? Obviously, it is. But for that 2 condition is much needed. The first one, You have to have it, if you have to buy something/someone. Here someone relates to human being, as said if you have money you can buy anyone, anything. Everything and Everyone has a price tag, all you need is to preparedness to pay for it. But only n only if you are ready to pay the demanding price. The second one, You must have to show your Interest of buying. You simply can’t negotiate if you don’t want to purchase something, if you do then also be ready to bear the hard words of the counterparts. If you want to buy something but will not able to spend or you won’t like to spend then it’s not your cup of tea, to be successful bargainer.

We all love money, right? Yes, we are. Had you thought why we earn money? If we don’t love money then why we possessed it with us? Does that have any meaning to possessed that which actually we don’t like to. Then there’s no difference between that and scrap. We all love to spend, right? We all love to save, right? Yes, we save it for future and also by spending it We satisfy many of our needs, greed. We are blind fold of it and believes it to be everything. Aren’t we?

It’s not bad though but the way you earned the money, the way you spend the money says a lot about you, about your character. If you live luxurious life, everyone gonna attracts by you, if you live simple life, very few one can find. Money is the new measurement of today’s life. Your status also determined by how much you earned. Earning is important, no matter how you earn it. Money, actually what it does? It pays your dues/debts, it pays your subscription, it pays your luxurious brands, it pays your routine expenses, it pays your rent, it pays everything where monetary exchange acceptable.

From running your houses to run MNCs to proceeds the growth of country/nation, money is the basic of everything. If you want to buy vegetables/fruits or want to buy house, then do it with money. If you want to gift someone, then buy it through it. If you’d acquire services of someone then pay them for their services through that papers. If you consumed goods then cancel out your due with it.

Though Money isn’t everything if you believe or not. Money is only n only source of happiness but not the true happiness, one can buy anything with that bunch of money but not the satisfaction he really wants. Go in the market and Ask any vendor are they deliver happiness/ or are they supplier of happiness? The only answer you got is, We only sell that what you want, what you demanded for not what happies you. Because they are also right, How can they sale that what they actually don’t know? i.e. what makes you happy. It only knows by you that what actually means for you, you have better idea of your happiness than anyone else. You have lots of lots of money, but still there’s chance that you passed many sleepless nights when on the other hand one had little money but they got that sleep which other scarce.

If you have money then value it. If you not then it also won’t. If you become arrogant by having it, then remember you won’t carry that with you. You placed the money but you can’t carry out it. It also can’t be carried forward in your next life too. What you have is only for this term so utilize it for betterment of you, for your countrymen, for the poor, for the orphan, for the needy ones. There’s no confession needed that one isn’t love money.

“Money Speaks, Money Leaks; Money Sticks, Money Picks.

Money Splits, Money Connects; Money Saved, Money Waved.

Money Spend, Money Bend; Money Lend, Money End.

Penny Money, Money Honey.”

So that’s all for the day, Hope you all experienced that sweet trap of Money somewhere, sometimes in the life. Send your experience, thoughts, suggestions, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday, till then Tataa, Bbyyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz..


P.S. Tomorrow is a big day for me as I’ll look after the Inventory and Asset Management of William John’s Pizza outlet for the first time, since my firm has taken all the charges of Accounting, Legal Compliances of all 4 outlets of Ahmedabad, Gujarat post lockdown. Will share experience in the next post.

Topic of the next Sunday: Is the Racism only Disease exist in the World?

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