“Everyday is a New Morning”

Hey Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing a great. Time really flies, as it’s been now 3-4 months that I’ve started the journey as a blogger and that all happens because of you all. Really glad to have a blogger-family like you. Thank you for your Supports – your appreciation.

Anyways let’s comeback to our today’s topic. Any idea by reading the blog title? No? Well, it’s all right. I’ll tell/explain you everything in this blog.

Ok first of all let me tell, how many of you’ve future fear or say overthinking issue? So many. Right? Yes because after all we are mankind. So that’s natural that We make plans for better future by living today. But is it right though?

No,not at all. As my post title suggest Everyday is a New Morning, means You can’t move on in life by weighing of past load or future ambition if you forget to Live TODAY. No doubt, planning is important but that’s the Goal, which leads you to the path of Success.

“Write a Story you Want to share with Your Grandchild.”

Yes, Daydreaming isn’t bad but for that ruin out the present, don’t you think is it Wrong? Having a Dreams are wonderful, it inspires/motivates you to achieve it,but for that you need a predefined Goals. Because without Goals your Dreams remains only Illusion and You remains a Daydreamer.

Goals are really really Important to fulfillment of those Dreams and that Goal Starts, How well you perform Today.

“Your Today’s Performance will decide your Future, not Future decides how well you Perform Today.”

Yes but in Future, your Today will definitely assist you whenever you need it. So never forget to live better today. Many people think to save Money for better future but what if you are not available to utilize that Life Treasure? No doubt, your next generation will definitely happy by you but what’s the guarantee that, that Money is moving in Good hand? Have you think about it?

“Future Prediction Means Fear of Today’s Failure.”

On the other side there’s a People who won’t to move ahead in life because of their Past. Their thinking is pure pessimistic. If something bad happened in the past then they assume it also same happens in the Present too. But why don’t people understand that, that was the past and today is a Present – Both are Different, You’re also Different – Situations may also be Different and among all may be Your LUCK is in your Favor this time too so why not to take a Chance?

By Weighing of Your Past Load, You Won’t Going to Make your Today Happier.”

Remain your past as it is, Make ready to fight for yourself. To live by Dying Today Regularly how can one Makes their Future Illustrative one?

In short Your TODAY is Really Precious. Make full use of it. Enjoy each n every moment of it. Sometimes be a little bit Selfish for yourself, and what is wrong in it? Believe Today is a New Morning and So as You. Firmly Defeat Your Past, if it comes to Let You Down.

“Be Hero Today, Future Champion is in Process.”

Everything Starts with a Fresh Begining- Just Remove Negetivity and Feel Fresh to make it happen.

“If You Live Better Today then Definitely Your Future Will be Bright. But No Guarantee Your Future is Glorious or not If You Live by Dying Today.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all are Really Live Today instead of in search of Illusive Future Greed.

Just leave your reply/suggestion in Comment section, will surely count it down and replied it. Leave your #LiveToday Moment as well. I also share mine too.

Happy Weekend Eve. Thank you, See you next sunday till then Byebye- Shukran- Rab Rakhkha- Allah Hafiz.

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Suicide: Not an Option Nor a Choice

Hey Folks, What’s Up? Hope you all doing well. You may got the assumption of my post, by title of the blog. So I don’t think I should’ve to give more narration about it, Right?

Exactly Right guess, in today’s post I told/explain you, why you shouldn’t commit SUICIDE. But have you any Idea Why people/person commit suicide? As one’s life became more n more stressful/painful – by giving up to situation person chose to Commit Suicide as a last option.

But Really it’s Right Option though? Not at all, Infact Suicide will never be the Right Option/Choice even Not Today – Not Yesterday and Never Ever. By commiting Suicide one may release from those situation which lead them to there, but they forget they lost the most precious thing of World, i.e. LIFE.

But do you know what Life mean by? The person who knew it will never commits Suicide and the person who doesn’t knew will always find Suicide as a Right choice or say right option. But their Right option will turned out to be Blow for their family, a huge blow, which never imagine by other.

“Don’t you think, By committing Suicide – You Just Disrespect the GOD?”

Suicide, the word itself shows its Cruelty. By Killing themselves how can One can said that he/she survived? Infact they don’t kill themselves only, They kills firstly their Confidence, which forced him/her to doing stuffs & face result whatsoever.

They kills their family, by giving them unexpected news of the death. They kills their respective life which is very rare. They just kills the aim of their life.

But really If you born as Human then just Thank to God, for giving you life as human and what do you did if you’ve no courage to face problems or issues of life? Just shorten your life, that’s all? Is it the right treatment to the God Gift?

Of Course, NO. Then what to do if you’ve thought in your mind to commit Suicide? Really, I know when people have no guts to face the world or say left no option to live the life they drove towards it. One should’ve to find the Reason to live the life, & that reason is very clear – Happiness of your Parents.

Just think about it, when you decided to commit Suicide – Remember Your Mother’s Face, Ocean of Million Dreams to see you as Most Successful person of the World & Your Father’s Face, who say less but there’s lot to learn from each n every word of him. Really don’t you think that reason is enough which forced you to think about your Decision regarding life?

“Just Remove Pessimism from You Brain.”

Look Problems, Obstacles, Issues, Defeats and Shame is part of your life cycle. It doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on situations or say you are useless. Let people blame you or whatever they want to do with you. Just stay with yourself.

It’s said that In Bad Time Even your Shadow won’t Stay with you. But I want to say Who need Shadow when you’ve your own Support. Never break down your Confidence. The Day when you starting to doubt towards yourself, Your count down is began of Life.

Do whatever just be hammer will. Never give a shitty chance to others to judge you. Just stay with your Real Personality. Never be Fack, be Original.

I just want to share my funda which help me lot when negative thoughts playing in my Brain,

Always carry a Photograph of your Parent in yout Wallet or Purse & whenever you feel pessimist/negative, Just See it, Believe me You Automatically Gonna Smile/feels Relaxed.

“Just Tell the God, Yes I’m Living the LIFE.”

Really Before commiting Suicide, think Calmly, think Twice, think pros and cons of it and then chose, Is it really Beneficial to others by commiting you Suicide? If your inner soul won’t respond stop there & calls to your close one to whom you can share your Situation.

Suicide is not an Option, Not NOW – Not THEN – Not SO EVER.

So that’s all for the day, if you meet any person who looks broken and left no interest to live the life then help him/her to get out of difficulties. Otherwise one can contact me on follow email ID, I’ll consult you soon.


“7 Best Ways to Get Rid of Stress.”

Hey Guys, Hope you all are doing great. I hope you can get my point what I am going to tell you about in this blog, yes right guess Stress Management.

Stress,What do you mean by it? According to me, Stress is nothing but result of your Own power/will weakness. Stress can be any type of, Physical Stress – Mental Stress – Illusive Stress or say Created Stress. When people can’t handle the situation they started to tense about it & it leads to Stress.

Sometimes people themselves be the reason of their life downfall. They become panic and short tempered while they face negative result in their respective task. But it is the solution to blame others for your own mishandling of events? No, not at all – Real people are those who accept failure and then move ahead more strongly than ever.

So here is the tips to get rid of Stress,

1. Erase/Remove Overthinking:- Yes by overthinking of situation you create more difficulties for yourself. So firstly erase/remove that from your brain and develop New thinking rather than Overthinking. By overthinking or assumption of your life event you go distance but not so far. It’s like, “So Close yet So Far.” It’s said that Behind One good thought there’s always Many Bad thoughts playing. So it’s necesaary for us, people to chose correct Idea.

“Kill it Before it Kills You”

2. Try to Forget Past:- Study proves that people who constantly stuck to their past will always had hard time in their future life. Forget what happened in the past, because it’s always in search of haunt you. Always remember, By weighing of Past Load, You Can’t make Your Future Light. The more you stuck to past, chances are more to ruin your future. And How can one be fool enough that past going to ruin their future?! Think about it…

“Forget the Past but Remembers the Lesson”

3. Do that what makes you REFRESH:- Doing that what make you feel refreshed is the best among all. Whenever you feel like nervous/upset, do that what makes you happy. If you love to listen Music then listen, If you love to Write then note down, If you wanna hang out then go somewhere, If you wanna Dance then Dance like who cares?! It’ll definitely helps those who always in search of happiness. In short by doing your favourite stuff, you feel like energetic-confident & refreshed. If your mood swung then change your routine and restart it.

“Feel Fresh – Feel Refresh”

4. Talk to Your Close ONE:- It’s said that by sharing your feeling to others, works Amazingly. You become light heart. No believe then try it out whenever you trapped into those situation. Talk to close one doesn’t mean talk to your better half, it means talk to them with whom you feel comfortable – to whom you can share anything without any shyness and guilt. But make sure never give a chance to blind trust, might be it works backfire. So alert while sharing too.

“Share Feeling-Emotions but Never Share Secrets”

5. Enjoy Nature:- Believe me World is heavyweight, & so your will. There’s a lot to live and lot to believe. One Mistake might be Change your Life then don’t you think your One Idea is enough to be Pioneerism?!? Accept Nature is beautiful, so as you. All you need is a better eyesight to enjoy it.

The World isn’t too small, that it doen’t Consider your little Change and isn’t too big that Your Efforts are not Noted down.

“Enjoy it like There’s No Tomorrow”

6. Make/Meet New Friend/People:- The best way to reduce the stress is to spend time with your friends. If you don’t have friends, then don’t worry- as I said above World isn’t too small, make a new ones and Share your feelings. Meet new people will gain your experience and you’ve sight to identify what’s good and what’s bad for you. Learn through it and go ahead. Stress increasing if you decide to stay alone, because Loneliness itself is a big Curse. Regularly attachment with people will not only helps to improvise, it helps in so many ways.

“Make Friends – Make Trends”

7. SMILE:- Last but not the least, The best,easy and simple way to get rid of your Stress is to SMILE. It’s said that there’s No Smile if there’s a Stress. So never forget to Smile. Smile cures/heals everything. Solution of all the problem is just one, A Smile. Believe that this time will also gone, all you need is patience – calmness and confidence. Stressful time will come for temporarily, so don’t let it be for Permenently. It fully depends on you, how you deal with it – by smiley face or by panic role. SMILE is Medicine of the all disease in the World, there’s nothing which it not heals. So keep Smiling….

“Smile is The Best Medicine”

So that’s all for the day, Any suggestions regarding post comment it down, will surely appreciate it. Happy weekend Eve…

For Any Query/Suggestions email me on divyangrajput97@gmail.com.

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Yes, I am Learning….

Yes, I am learning Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day, From Everyone For Everything – Have you any excuse/argue?

Don’t think so because life is like mystry box, you never know what will come out next, so be ready to train yourself everyday.

“Learn till your knowledge turns into Experience.”

Learning makes you strong, not weak. That feeling when you don’t answer of someone’s question will heat you and you like I’ve to answer it, why am fail to reply. The thing that is matter what efforts you made to learn, not that thinking what people thought about your failure of replying.

“Wake Up like It’s a New Morning – Everything is old,

Forget what happened last night & Move Ahead”.

If you think you knew everything then believe me you’re wrong. No one knows everything, no believe then tell me Who is God? & Where’s the God? If you answer it correctly I salute you.

Yes, I am learning How to walk – How to Talk. I am learning How to do – How not to do. I am learning What is Right – What is Wrong. I am learning Who is Good – Who is Bad. I am learnig from People – for People.

“Learn to Discuss/to Solve but Never learn to Jealous.”

Life Teaches you by so many illustrator, learnt from it and be strong. Never ashamed yourself for learning from others, If you don’t know then frankly said I don’t know and be curious/zealous enough to know about it.

If you be straight forward and open minded then no one stops you by learning. Learning from youngers than you, won’t make you SMALL, in fact you know something interesting which you not known before.

Yes I do Mistakes oftenly, because I wants to learn. If you won’t make mistake then you go ahead for temporarily not so far. But after sometime there will be a stage you find yourself in deep trouble, where there is no wayback.

Put aside your EGO and Learn. Never be shy of learning. The World itself is a Boundryless School, where everyone’s a teacher learn from them and make a way.

“As said No Age of Learning.”

L: Learn

E: Every

A: Aspects

R: Reconcile it n

N: Nomenclate for betterment

In the world, everyone gonna teach you something, observe it and then replied from your understandment. Never be too quick to reply because Sometimes after effect is more dangerous than Earthquake.

You only gain Experience by Learning, The day you stop learning is the day you stop Yourself from doing Everything.

So Never be reason of your own downfall. Never STOP Learning.

So that’s all for the day, wishing you all a great Weekend,

Suggestions should be welcomed at divyangrajput97@gmail.com

7 Benefits Of Not Using Social Media.

Hey Guys, As it’s my Reborn as Blogger I going to start with my favourite topic i.e. Distance from Social Media Platform.

I know it’s very very difficult for us to maintain a distance with Social Media now a days but it’s not Impossible though. I wish beside having my CMA Firm in Future, I also wants to work for people to teach them about social media platform. In short I wants to open Consultancy Firm as well as my Professional Firm too.

Many of you won’t believe that I am not available on any Social Media Platform since the last 2 years. Is am not human? Is I don’t have feelings? Is am I not going to survive from it? Is am old fashion or Say Is My thoughts are Evil? Everything is possible all you need is a Will, a Strong Hammer Will. Before innovation of technology have you heard people are dying because of non avilability of it? No then why this stupid box is so much important for you?!

Anyways Following benefits will surely help you to recognise that what is bad and what is Really Good.

1. Happiness of Family:- Yes, it really matters if you loved your family and love to spend time with your family. In many families there’s a problem of one kind or another that their kid always stuck to their smartphones, instead of to replied their parents, they are looming in desires to get something very big. They ignore their parents and do whatever they wants to do. So in short if you are not connected to social media, You’ll may find the real happiness, which is rare.

2. Time Flaxibility:- Yes, this is the best than the rest of all. If you are continuosly stuck to social media platform, it’ll jam your brain and you won’t find interest at anywhere. It’s better to utilize maximum time rather than to waste it for some jerky-punky stuffs. And as it’s said If you waste your time Today, Then Time’ll going to waste your Tomorrow definitely. Be productive enough rather than to be mule peasant.

3. Real Interaction with World:- Yes, you read it right, by giving space to yourself in this world, you’ll interact with the world. Don’t know what that 5-6′ box has in it, that people forgot to live the life in their own way. It’s like human not operate smartphones, smartphone operates human. Checking notification again n again, be panic in small difficulties makes the human more weak. Instead of that if you really wants gain the knowledge then meet new people everyday. And as it’s said Life Never stop Teaching then why to stop ourselves. Besides that 5-6′ Box, there’ so much to live, so much to be happy and so much to be yourself.

4. No Jealousy:- Yes, don’t believe then try to stop checking others life updates for few days. You’ll soon find the answer. Yes by engaging on social media is good but through it felt jealousy isn’t good though. Many people just want to change their life by noticing others success but they really don’t know what they people did it to achieve it. If they can do then may be you can too but if it’s not possible for you then why to feel jealous? People go mad and do that what they actually doesn’t want to do. Reaaly disastrous!!!

5. No Pressure to Reply:- It’s said that if you are active on social media platform then there’s such kind of pressure or say formality to reply the messages or notifications. We can’t ignore even text of someone then how can we ignore the social media pop ups?? While on the other side if you are offline you got the space for yourself which rarely provides social media. Yeah it’s good upto certain level but after that you, yourself becomes victim of your illusion.

6. Good for Health:- No I am not joking or kidding, study proves that people who less active on these platforms, are strong by mentally & by physically too. The people who active on Social media platform for late night causes too many disease. People going to be crazy, short tempered, insane and depressed. Ratina of eyes became weaker and that leads too many problems like headache, panic and felt alone in crowd. Sometimes people harrased by someone and suicide/rapes/owner killing/money londering/murder cases comes into existence. So it’s upto you whether you want to be a Saviour or Loser.

7. Your Privacy is Safe and Secure:- The less you share your private information to this platform, the more you are Safe and secured. In today’s world your little mistake will cause you more, even your brain can’t going to image it. Really your one silly mistake and your whole life is going to be changed along with your family members. Many won’t believe that from last year to till date data of biggest social media platform users i.e.Facebook is leaked for 4- 5 times lonely. So be make sure while updating your profiles on social media. You’re nowhere safe then how can you trust this platforms?!

So that’s all for the day, hope you like it and keep suggesting better way if any, if you think is good for mankind.

Suggestions should be welcomed @divyangrajput97@gmail.com

Back From Break

Hey Guys, What’s up? As I told you to before am going on a break that it seems like Impossible for me to get back on this platform, but here I made a Comeback.

As Am not engage with people (Because of Non availavlability on Social Media Platform) So I soon realize that am gonna bore by daily routine & gonna become Introvert more n more.

I really miss this family and that’s the reason I came back. Though many find that am pretended to go on a break but literaly I was not in position to carry out so many things on one boat.

As a Proffessional I’ve to be punctual and that leads me to this platform again. This platform gives wings to many bloggers like me, Once they find the path, then even thousands of barriers are not enough to stop’em.

I can’t expose more which actually this platform provide me when am active on it. So I decided to turn back. I know it’s going to be difficult to post daily but now I’ll try to post a blog once or twice in a week.

And Yeah I also Noticed that my new MFM challenge not working well so I think to move on from that and start from there where actually I master in (i.e. Social Issues n all). So basically my posts are related to that. So be ready for new doze, It’ll be thrill and Adventurous journey.

Stay Connected Stay Healthy…

On a Break,

Hey Guys, What’s up? Hope you all doing great. As I said continuosly in my previous blogs that day by day my schedule became hectic, so now it’s become embarrasing for me to walk with it. So I decided to go on a break, I know am going to miss you all badly but that’s the right selection for the moment I see right now. I’ll comeback if possible but if you’ve any query then you’ll reach me anytime by E-mail, I mentioned below.

And yeah one good thing happening to me today, I just can’t keep calm as I cleared my Intermediate Examination of CMA. I don’t share this one with you just because of I love to show off or say I am too happy.

I shared this one with you to prove/show that there’s nothing Impossible in the world if you believe in yourself. After facing negative result in my previous attempt, I made a Comeback – a strong comeback, which might be remember for long.

It might be normal for others, but for me its really huge Achievement. As I even not cleared One group in my previous attempt, here I completed the whole Intermediate level in this attempt.

Believe in yourself, Patience, Calmness & Hardwork is the key of Success and today it’s prove that & most of all, I did what I want to do. I really thankful to my Professors, Friends and all who are with me all the time. Never let yourself down, You are the Champions…

I also wants to thank Manjul, who nominate me for Behind the Blogger 2.0 Award but as I am going on a Break, am not going to participate in. Feel free if you wants to participate. Just follow her, she’s really a good blogger.


Also a huge thank you to all of you for your love and likes, I just miss my precious family…. Connect with me if you have any query & feel free to share your words, @divyangrajput97@gmail.com

“MFM Challenge (B’wood) : G

Hey Guys, What’s up? Hope you all doing great. Let’s quick start our session of MFM Challenge from G.

The plot of today’s movie is based on Indo-Pak partition. Any Guess? Ok let me tell you the story of the movie, might be it’ll help you to recognize the Movie. I am not going to tell you about the title of the Movie, You should have to answer it by commenting. Let’s see how much movie lover are there!!!

“Level of Patriotism is Damn too High.”

The Movie has starcast like Sunny Deol, Amisha Patel, Amrish Puri, and others. This movie is one of the biggest hit of Sunny Deol, So I’ve added this one into my MFM. Typically this film is Period Drama genre with a lit bit flavor of Action, the one who are curious, to know about the situation of people after Indo-Pak partition should added this epic into their watchlist.

This Movie has everything whatever you expect. If you demand Action it’ll serve you, If you demand Dialogues it’ll never upset you, If you demand Songs to feel like heaven it’ll also provide it, If you demand Emotion and all then believe me the whole Movie is just made for you.

I just love the Movie because of there’s nothing to hate or say dislike about the movie. Character of Tara Singh played by Sunny Deol was irreplaceable. The role of innocent lover and after distinguished into Aggressive protector of his family is mind blowing. You may find so, why I so much praised his character when you watch the movie.

There are so many scenes which one might be remember for long, everything is worth watching. One find it very interesting to know the old Hindustan. Really the most part of scenes were filmed in flashback but none for a second think about it and stuck to it. Though this film has long running length like other Indian Movies, i.e. above Three hours so one who has no time flexibility should find it time wasting Movie. But believe me you are going to be a FAN of Tara Singh after seen his role.

So that’s enough to recognize the movie by these much hints, hope you got it. Let me know in the Comment section, the movie title. Am desperate to know your feedback….

“MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Fukrey

Hey guys, what’s up? I just wants to clarifies that whatever movie I recommend to you is just my favorite list, that doesn’t means I ordered you to watch. I don’t force anyone to watch it compulsorily, it’s upto you whether to watch or not. So watch in your time as per your schedule.

Anyways let’s comeback to our today’s MFM Challenge from F. I am little bit confused between choice whether to include Fanney khan or Fukrey in MFM. But at last I make my choice on Fukrey. Comparatively Fukrey outclass Fanney Khan in all subjects. So let’s start,

Fukrey, sounds crazy I know but that’s the title of the movie that we are going to talk about in today’s session. Starring Ali Fazal, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Richa Chadda, Manjot singh, etc

Basically Fukrey, is Comedy genre film – like my other two previous FM i.e. Dhol & Chup chup ke. Fukrey is punjabi word generally used for Slacker guy, the movie story is based on four guys who justifies the movie title very well. You comes to know when you watch.

The story is simple but the way they showed it wonderfully. But there are certain scenes which might go above one’s understanding. If I frankly said, I just like the character of BHOLI PUNJABAN played by Richa Chadda, her swag as lady gangster is mind blowing. Though the acting of other character are also not bad though. The character of Panditji (Pankaj Tripathi) is also worth watching. The slight touch of Punjabi language is enough to cover it worth.

Dialogues and Music is the plus point of the movie. There are couple of songs that you might murmuring for days like Ambersariya and Rabba. One should add these into your song playlist if you like to listen hearty songs. Really well composed and filmed. The comedy lovers can’t wait for the sequel of the movie but I only refer you to watch part one only.

Overall a great comedy entertainer. If you like to watch comedy then add this one into your wishlist for upcoming weekend. You won’t go upset or say your expectations should be fulfilled from this one.

“MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh Aisa Laga

Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope you all doing great. As I said in previous blog my schedule is gonna tighten day by day, so I can’t stuck it out to post regularly. So may be after 23rd am going on a break or say am gonna post once or twice in a week.

Anyways let’s quick start our session of MFM Challenge from E. Today’s Movie isn’t in my wishlist, but I prefer to watch just because of Rajkummar Rao. Neither I like Sonam Kapoor nor any other cast of Movie. I am just a big fan of his Acting.

Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh Aisa Laga, is basically title based on Veteran Actor Anil Kapoor’s Movie 1942 – A Love Story. Starring Rajkummar Rao, Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla & others.

This film consider good social message to world i.e. Lesbian Relationship, which is Normal in Western Countries but not in Indian Culture or Say Asian Continent.

To fall in love with people of same gender is normal. It’s not a big deal but as our mentality is still of 1920s, we are not going to accept the truth or say we have no guts to accept it.

We chose to play in ground of Illusion rather than to prefer Reality. Really disasturous!!! It’s their life – their choice – their love then who we are to interfere in their decision?

Attraction is normal, whether it’s for Men or for a Women. Apparantly this kind of situation increased day by day in World though it’s not a wrong nor a bad, then why to create barriers for them? Is it right treatment to your love ones? Think about it, again think about it calmly.

Is your happiness is above than your own Child’s happiness or say won’t you be part of your Child’s Happiness? This is the plot of Movie. Acting and Music is not bad though.

One who love to watch Socialistic Movie should add this one into your wishlist. If Frankly said I don’t like the Movie, but as I don’t want to miss the acting of Rajkummar Rao I added this into my MFM.

So that’s all for the day, do share your views on Movie.

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