Smile is an Art, Creat as You Want it!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all doing good and well wherever you are. Are we pretend to be normalized or we just become fearless, don’t know, right? Some of us had no fear of infection but still if you don’t want to take care of yourself then please don’t infect others. There are some countries in which Second wave had already began, and this time the speed of the infection had increased rapidly, in United States alone, around 1M cases recorded in past week, China also noted some new fresh cases and so does the rest of the world. Even if we able to vaccinate it, the fight is still on and even worse condition is waiting for all of us. Stay home and avoid getting out if not necessary. Always, Remember You surely get second chance to roam the world but not the second life, for now just focus on to survive, good days will be come but for that you have to be there to see, to feel and to believe. This fight will ask many sacrifices than one had think, be ready for it. Not scared you but tried to put down some reality to you. Songbird, you must have to see the trailer of the Movie, Starring KJ Apa (Archie Andrews of Riverdale), Sofia Carson and Alexandra Daddario based on the same content. Rest will be on yours, whether to follow government guidelines or not.

Image Source: Kassidy Sherburne On Unsplash

The topic of the day is quite contrasting to the situation of today. In this pandemic many lost their jobs, become shelter less and some gets depressed too, right? So, in that means just give an effort to read the whole post till the end, will surely generates some positive vibes in you. Being happy nowadays become serious issue, right? On other hand we became sad, dive in grief and feel stress often, right? In between those happy and sad moments, joyous and grief moments, positive and stress life, one thing gently disappeared from our lives, what’s that? Yeah, The Smile!! So, let’s learn to smile, with smile. Yeah, it’s not hard though, just try it.

Smile, you know, there’s no sense to think that where we must have to smile, when to smile and how to smile, right? It can be in any random moments, with friends, with lovebird, in nap of mom, while capturing moments, in happiest/crazy scenes, doing some nonsense with friends, replying to friends online, while teasing someone, in sarcasm, we all find that moment where we forgot to care that what people gonna think that how we smile. That’s the biggest benefit of Smile. If we think what others think then what others gonna do? Smile as much as you can, as much as you want. Life isn’t mean to live with so much load, some moments are precious, live in that moment and make it memory. That memory which in future brings smile on your face when you are low.

Have you seen the Smile of toddler? How innocent it is!! Enough to melt anyone’s heart, right? Yeah, because there’s no preach in it, it’s pure like 24K Gold. Why? Because they are happy from bottom of their heart, eyes testified it. No matter how many times you see that it remains the same. Sometimes it’s rare to find that kind of smile. As a Kid, they don’t care what world gonna talk about them. In fact, they don’t know the world either. Be like them, just forget what the fuckin world is, Smile like who cares. They smiled like there’s no one exist except what they see. But why we can’t do the same? Does the age gap make difference here, that too thwarted one!!

Image by: StockSnap from Pixabay

Smile isn’t Science, neither Commercial one, it’s proper an Art! And you, yes absolutely You Are the Artist of it. Why only you, We all are the Artist here, right? We can create it as we want it. The Art which One can See, One can Feel and tried to resemble it too, no matter fake or real but at least we people try. What do you do if someone cheat you? What if someone teases you? What if someone pulling your legs constantly? What if someone try to irritate you? The only answer one can give properly is to reply with Smile, a reply with wide (baggy) smile. Let them do what they want to, just don’t forget to smile in most difficult situation of the life. Maybe they can’t change their behavior, but you can, so just smile and make them ashamed by your kind act. You know there’s a limit of everything, sooner or later they will understand it for sure.

The day, you can’t Keep smile on your face in whatsoever matter, isn’t the only Bad Day, it’s Bad You too. Remember, it’s your Life and moreover it’s your choice after all, that what makes you happy. If you want to dwell in your illusive happy moments, then nobody helps you to rescue you. You had better idea that what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Smile not only happies you, but it also helps you to overcome your failures, struggles and stress. It fully and wholly depends on people whether to live happily with smiley face or stay like fucked ass. Just remember how happy you seem to be when you smile, smile automatically would appear on your cheeky face, it works really, just give a try.

Smile Goes Miles. Won’t believe? Click a photo of yours with a weird Smile and upload it to social media. It’s been gone long, where you won’t be able to reach, it reaches there. It touches heart and feels by many. Smile is like that memory, which is enough to create another one, like subsequently. The more you practiced it, the master you will be in. In other words, it’s free of Cost, so why not to take benefit of it? As we have to paid something in exchange of something or someone then why to ruined this sole opportunity of happiness? Always remember there is nothing free in this life, not even the air, you breath in and exhales.

Some Benefits of Smile:

  • Helps in Reducing Stress.
  • Starts Living in Moments.
  • Feels Happy from Bottom of the Heart.
  • Helps in Good Sleep.
  • Improves Metabolism.
  • Reduce Disease relating to Heart and Liver.
  • Helps to Keep Social Relations up.
  • Feel Joyous and Satisfactory.
  • Helps in Gaining Weight.
  • For better Pictures of Ones.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the lesson of the day. It’s easy to implement in regular life. Practice now for Perfect Tomorrow. Share your opinions, thoughts and suggestions regarding today’s post in Comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe, Be happy!! Say Cheese…😁

Topic for the Next Sunday: Prepare for the WAR!!


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12 thoughts on “Smile is an Art, Creat as You Want it!!

  1. Omg, kya baat hai..!
    This post of yours…hasiye aur hasaiye😅😌

    Well…I think, being happy along with making others around us too, is a big thing to ask for. And yes, the best one too, and very few can do that as well.
    Anyways, jokes apart, good to read from you again divyang. I know I had been a bit off from this blog stuff from sometime, but, yeah back to read your wonderful posts all over again. 😌

    Coming to the post, very well executed one divyang. Also I’ll surely remember the benefits of smiling every time I dont feel like..! Your post is very inspiring and refreshing to me🙂🧡

    And, I hope you are doing good as well. Stay safe and cherry. 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True, recently I have been through toughest time but I realised my smile made my family at ease. I still remember my mom used to say just by talking to me made her feel every thing will be all right. So SMILE is not only our savior but also others 🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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