Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. Just be happy and don’t forget to smile. Because everything in life is Temporary so why to spoil the Life Permanently? Even the Life we all have, itself has temporary span then why not to live it to the fullest? As we become mature enough we execute some points in our respective life with calculated amount of risk and return, aren’t we? Yes, we all but the level of Maturity is the limit of us, i.e. of Human being. All we have is this single life, Live it in your way. Life is to live not to die, Life is to Enjoy not to be always Serious, If something is already written in your destiny then it’ll happen at any cost. Don’t leave the Life, Learn to Live the Life at every second, in every passing moment as said it never stop to teach us.

Anyways Let’s have an eye on the Major News of the World from past week. India beat England in very First Match at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, The World’s Largest Cricket Ground. Novak Djokovic Won the Australian Open For the Record 9th Time in his Career. Jeff Bezos again becomes the WEALTHIER of the World, followed by Elon Musk, according to Forbes. Tiger Woods emergency call emerges after golfer hurt in crash. Pakistan to remain on Terror watchdog FATF’s Grey list. Facebook bans Myanmar Military from its platform. UK lowers COVID-19 Alert level. 3 Dead and 5 Critical after Singapore Workshop blast. Australia Passes Landmark Law requiring tech firms to pay for News. 23 Tons of Cocaine seized in Europe’s biggest haul. Barack Obama Admits that Once he broke a friend’s nose for using Racial Slur. The US launched Airstrike in Syria on Thursday, after 36 Days of New President Joe Bidden.

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Anyways let’s start from there where we stop in the last session. So to all those who wasn’t aware/know about this, or somehow missing the first session Please kindly follow through last session here, before start reading out today’s session. It’ll help you to understand the upcoming session and rest of all thank you for joining today’s session as well, if you’d already read the last session. So let’s start,

Just assume right now you are 20 (in age). The People surrounded by you facing some issues but not able to express that what they actually feel. Gradually they become victim of that issue and the responsibility to save them is solely on yours. What you’ll do, now? Remember you are the only one who can help them out and if you failed to do maybe you lose them all, in short span of time. This will include your well-wishers, parents, friends, mentors and all human being. Would you like to stay alone on this earth? Or are you selfish enough that you’ll not take care off them? What’s your reaction on this, Will you able to find some way to save them or will you just sit and look all the shit happen to them?

See here you are also facing the same problem, but you know the crux to detox it. All you have to do is to step up, take the responsibility and find out the solution, somehow. The second barrier here is Large Group of Public. Always remember, when you tried something fruitful, not necessary that all will accept your proposal. Some will agree with you and others might will go against you too. All you have to focus is on your Goal, because at last majority always wins. If you find the crux, you’ll gradually able to find more people will favor you, then what in the beginning. You have to focus on to convert your opponent into members and also to taken care off, the present members. It means that you have to progress in your goal, with the help of Human being itself.

Mind it, You are alone in Crowed Street. The Street is Full of Vehicles. There are Buses, Tram, Taxies and Scooters too. On that path, you’ve to come up with an idea of Bicycle. Maybe that will depreciate your knee while paddling the Bicycle, But you’ve to think, exactly opposite to that. Maybe that’ll hurt your knees a lit-bit, but there are other benefits too, to riding a bicycle. Such as It’ll reduce the pollution level, Blood Circulation will be regularize in your body, Less chances of major accidents, Money Saving idea and Most importantly, your body gets exercise which overall increases your health, and as said good health always leads to wealth.

Image Source: Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

No argue, you’ll be blame badly, but that’s how entrepreneur thinks and work. They work against all the odds and make other favorable in their side by their critical structured thinking. Look maybe People, Situation, Condition will be against you but you are with you. Don’t do any work or take any step half heartedly. Yeah it’s okay to take risk but they should be calculated in some or other way. Risk will be turned into Return if you are Optimistic. If you aren’t sure about it, if you aren’t ready to face blame of the world, if you aren’t know what’s risk and what’s your next step then this will not be your cup of tea, never ever.

One have to be Courageous and Gutted to accept the Failure and know how to made Ladder of Failure which leads you to the path of Success. Maybe Ladder of Failure that you are about create, maybe broken or missing any step itself. Look here failure doesn’t mean to not achieve the GOAL, but also includes how to find alternative way if Plan A won’t works at any point of time. Backup of Resources, Strategies and Chronology will be there. Because you or any of your team member doesn’t know how and when issues arises. It can be of any of the type and arises anywhere. Future is Unpredictable, so as you and your plans. Plan in that way because without performing such plans one can’t say they will going to succeed or going to fail.

TENET, do you know the quality of the word, meaning we will see later on. Read the word from forward and backward. Do you find any difference? It’s the same from forward and backward. And what does it mean by? A Principle, Belief or Doctrine which is generally held to be TRUE especially. Be like that. When you are clear in your Vision, then and only then you can achieve your Mission. Mission is nothing but a Forecasted Vision which is probably can be achieved by nearest future. Vision is important that what you are thinking and by which time you are about to complete the same. Yeah we aren’t Astrologer here, but can predict the future by calculated risk.

Do you how Entrepreneurs Think and Work? First they make arrangement of their needs and then they steps ahead. This called Moderate Mode of Game. Entrepreneurs will always go scarce of something so they know they have to be better in this Game. Too much Attacking Mindset and much Defensive mode not works here. They have to think in both the way. If they fall then how badly they will fall and if they rise then at which height they will rise? If you not fall any point of time then reassess your plan because sometimes All Good also Creates Doubt.

So that’s all for the day. Please don’t skip any part of the Series, ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age Profession. There’s so much for you all. Just try to think in different ways. Don’t hesitate to put your idea forward because the World of Today won’t wait for the late comers. So be on Time and Catch the Right Bus at Right Time. Otherwise if you missed the Bus, maybe there’s a Bus, but you won’t be able to recognize the same. Send all your thoughts, suggestions, recommendation and opinion regarding today’s post in Comment section, will reply you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Taata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz! Stay Happy, Keep Smiling!!


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14 thoughts on “ENTREPRENUERS: The New Age PROFESSION!! Part-2

  1. Quote by Stanley Gordon West – “smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone”
    If I see someone having a bad, unbelievable, totally “bonkers” day I just say to them “keep smiling and the world will wonder what you are up to😊”

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  2. Great post! I’ve recently started my own venture and it’s super scary but I’m hoping it will be extremely rewarding as well. 😊

    Being clear about your vision and mission is the only thing that will help through all the decision making and crisis. Knowing what you’re aiming to do and achieving it.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great serie you started, dear Divyang.
    Most likely one of the major reason people don’t become entrepreneurs because of their own limiting beliefs. The question ‘how do you know its true’ has proven to be very helpful for me. Money is not evil, we are good enough, etc. And even if the field of interest is saturated, we have our uniqueness as a person to bring to the table.

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  4. Haha that quote quite similar to all of us, isn’t it?πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    And here you come with a super solution, Keep smiling and confused others that why we are happy this much?πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

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  5. Hey Moksha, first of all many many congratulations to you on starting a new journey!!😊😊
    If we start something new, then we are exact the same like toddlers, we are scared to fall down when we just start walking on our feet!!
    In the same way, when we start new, we feared by making assumption about the same, right?

    Absolutely, totally agreeing here with you.
    I choose vision over mission here though!!
    First be clear vision to look each and every particles (issues), and then set a series a goal termed as mission!!

    Will happy to help if anything from my side will be needed!!πŸ˜…
    Thank you and sending you the best wishes to you!!😁😁

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  6. Thank you so much Ma’am!!

    Yeah, I am agree with you here!!
    No doubt in starting phase there are many barriers one has to face and subsequently clear off but it is the whole process, why to just think negatively that barriers will going to stop us to our goal?
    Instead barriers will comes as a speed breaker to aware us that you have to control your vehicle, otherwise it will be out of control of driver!!

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  7. It truly works. Even though I’m retired, just keep smiling with others. They know I’m “bonkers”, but it still drives some crazy. Have fun!


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