Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective life. Some days ago I’d thought that Now in couple of months we’ll be in normal as we are before last March but feel really pity to make this kind of request to you all. Maybe COVID and People of the earth are too much in love with each other. We doesn’t want to let it away from us and on the other hand COVID, also loves to roam here on the earth. Isn’t it? Joke apart, but like seriously we all people are equal and sole responsible for whatever happens right now in the world. Why we people don’t understand that there are really few precautions we blindly have to follow whether we like it or not. But no, we want to roam, that too without any precaution, is it really necessary to go outside (Expect in some emergency)? If we take it for granted then really if COVID will become insane paramour of us, then it’ll going to be very difficult for us to deal with it. And after all Who like to have beloved like that? Please stop all your outing if not urgency, by doing that you’ll going to do such a kind act and that’ll definitely noted down in the right hand side of your balance sheet. Consider it as request or plea.

Anyways let’s have quick eye on major updates of the from the past week. COVID become ruthless again and started havoc of it gradually. Brazil records hike in daily cases and so does the rest of the world. Dutch PM Rutte claims fourth term in election win. Spain has passed a law to legalise euthanasia, becoming just fourth country in Europe to allow people to end their own life in certain circumstances. Tanzania’s Samia Suluhu Hassan about to make history as first Female President of the country after death of John Magufuli. NASA reveals first sounds of perseverance rover driving on Mars. At least 58 killed by gunmen on motorcycles in Niger. Biggest sandstorm in a decade turns Beijing skies yellow. North Korea ignores US offer for talks, citing its hostile policy. Real Madrid make it to the Last 8 for the record breaking 33rd time in Champions League and only team from Spanish top flight to make it to Quarter Finals of this year.

Till now we have completed 4 sessions of the series, Entrepreneurs: The New Age Profession. Don’t know really that how many sessions are still left there, but one thing is sure that it’ll cover major aspects of the life alongside the challenges one will going to face in the path of becoming an ENTREPRENEUR. Sometime a small effort is enough to build a strong community. Isn’t it? Absolutely, Sometimes we just scared to execute something which often opens up so many doors for the proceedings. So today we will see how failure works as a hidden boon for Entrepreneur. But before that, anyone who by any of the reason missed the previous session kindly visit the following links for sneak peak of our lessons we learned till now,





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Who does like failure? After all we are meant to WIN, right? Absolutely we are made to Win, but the term, we had exaggerate in some or other manner. In this world, if you going to ask anyone, what would you like to be, an Ordinary Men with an Ordinary Dreams, an Extraordinary Men with an Extraordinary Dreams or an Ordinary Men with and Extraordinary Dreams? What is common in all 3 terms here, can you able to find it? The Word ORDINARY, right? That means you have to start with bare hands and gradually raise your efforts in predetermined directions. As we saw, “ORDINARY” term is Mandatory in all situation, one can also say that without Losing one can’t Win. One has to face failure first then and only then they can able to taste Success.

Basically there are 3 types of Human in this world as mentioned above. The Ordinary one, whose Dreams are also ordinary like their life. They scared to break down the box and at the same time refuse to go outside of that box. They are seems like Satisfactory people. Less is enough for them and they won’t go hard to achieve their dreams if they failed in something. They simply give up and starts believing that it’s their destiny, that’s all. In addition to that due to their raise in that kind of atmosphere, no one, literally no one comes to them, to boost their confidence, because they all are same by heart, just a dissimilarity of face.

Then there comes an Extraordinary Human with their Extraordinary Dreams. They are exactly contrary to Ordinary Human. Where Ordinary Human believes there will be no Days anymore, Extraordinary Human Comes to their Rescue, to make them believe that yes, There will be Day, and I, You, We all are going to witness the same. Why to give up when we have not actually started yet? They are analytical people who had strong belief that they can find some clues if they are able to reach its root. They start their efforts in that way and anyhow able to find the solution from it. They are Ordinary but their extra efforts and positive result made them Extraordinary People with an Extraordinary Dreams.

“Think Out of the Box, If you can’t, then Think about the Box!!”

Finally Comes the Human Who broken many times, but still looks Pretty in Pieces due to their inner Beauty. Maybe they are broken badly by Outer self, but their inner self is still energetic, enthusiast and optimist to fight against any adverse condition/situation of the life. They aren’t Unbreakable but they trained themselves to mussel every tussle, either tactically or technically. They are Ordinary and Simple looking but their dreams are as high as to reach SKY. Even though they aren’t able to reach to SKY, at least they gain experience of Flying. And as said Falling Doesn’t matter if you already know how to handle yourself and how to direct in oppose wind.

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The Difference is quite genuine here. In first case we saw that People who plays less risky game often ends up less, nearest to ZERO. Because they are raise in ordinary situation, where the thinking of all people are same. Instead of to motivate someone, they try to pull their leg and enforced them to group with them. Mob tries their best, that no one from group leave them. One thought prevailing there, “They are for Mob and Mob is for them.” Nothing else than that and Nothing More than that. If you are born Poor then believe you will be Poor till your Death. But how much fair that if you won’t give them wings to fly and idea to follow?

In Second case, we saw that People who gamble everything to achieve, succeed in Short term but in Long term they will face some kind of issues. If we formulate Extraordinary People = Extraordinary Dreams, then Extraordinary(People=Dreams). That means the formula of success is dependent on that people and dream they saw. Because the effect of Extraordinary is already nullified. Too much Offensive strategy leads them to forget about Defense. In that case, one will be in two opinion, either to go for Ordinary Life with Extraordinary Dreams or Extraordinary life with Ordinary Dreams. Majority of the people ends up with second option. i.e. Extraordinary life with Ordinary Dreams.

The third case, the most impactful and fruitful in among all. Yeah it will ask many typical questions at regular time, but for Ordinary People who are ready to propose extraordinary efforts can crack them strategically. They calculate the return factor in happening of particular risk. They know it won’t going to easy for them when they are Ordinary and expects no support from others as well. But they used the same as weapon. They know they have “X Factor” in form of their Dreams. The extraordinary dreams. The dream they saw in an open eye. And as said,

“Dream saw in an Open Eye isn’t Just Dream, It is Life.”

Many People Separate in two ways that Entrepreneurs’ can’t be segregated in these terms, but they are. Because to start something, one need a proper vision and how that vision comes? By Dreaming, right? So why not it can’t be divided into above mentioned term? Yeah, no doubt, the situation of human themselves or issues they have faced till now, guide them to do something Unique, an ultimate solution which possibly affects the life of current generation and upcoming generation.

As far as your Vision will be Clearer, there’s nothing in the world which stops you to move ahead. One will be automatically on the way of WINNING, once they start facing Failure/Issues/Problems. It encourage people to do something, with right efforts in right manner. There maybe many issues in the world but who said that Solution isn’t there though? You don’t have to pick each and every opportunity, you have to pick an appropriate one and same should be followed till the final Destination.

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So that’s all for the day. Please don’t skip any part of the Series, ENTREPRENEURS: The New Age Profession. There’s so much for you all. Just try to think in different ways. Don’t hesitate to put your idea forward because the World of Today won’t wait for the late comers. So be on Time and Catch the Right Train at Right Time. Otherwise if you missed the Train, then maybe there’s a No Train then after. Send all your thoughts, suggestions, recommendation and opinion regarding today’s post in Comment section, will reply you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Taata, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz! Stay Happy, Keep Smiling!!!


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Problems: The Amended Version of Failures!!

Hello Guys, What’s up? Hope you all doing good and well wherever you are in this world. A big virtual high 5 by my side from India. So, let’s first start with the news from the last week before deriving to the subject matter of the day. Greta Thunberg, Rihanna and some other lawmakers from the UK and US comes to the support of Farmer who Protesting against the Government of India regarding implementation of Amended Farmers Bill Act. Facebook suspends Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu linked chatbot for breaking its privacy rules. Myanmar blocks Twitter Instagram for undisclosed period. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif urges Joe Biden to return to nuclear deal. Russian man drinks 1.5 Liter Vodka on livestream and dies as views watch in horror. Iran conducted surgical strike in Pakistan, frees border guards held by Baloch terrorists. The price of a Bitcoin is staggering high and traded nearing to 40K Dollars!! So that’s all from the news of the week.

Image Source: Olav Ahrens on Unsplash

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting subject of the day. The topic of the day is lit bit related to all of us, and maybe many of us come into contact of it on day to day basis. In fact it’s nothing wrong to say that we all face it in more or less manner in our respective life, right? Yes, so the topic of the day is Problems or Say Issues of life, of us, Human. As said earlier we human may have many problems in the life but that’s what the life is meant to be. Without Problems one can’t progress in their life, they all stopped as it is and never thought about the solution of it. So the Problem isn’t Problem it is hidden boon which often unveiled the path of opportunity, the path of conqueror which finally leads us to the path of Success!! So let’s start from the scratch and understand the True and Whole meaning of Problem.

Problem, How can one going to Define it? Think, think from the depth of your mind. Which Condition or Situation will leads you to the Problem? Or say How can you identify the Problem you are faced? Is there any way? NO? Yes? These are some very basic Question if you really faced Questions like these while you stuck in some queries or issues of life, right? Look it’s very easy to say that I am facing the problem(s) in something while attempting it but if you really don’t know what kind of Problem you are facing then how can you identified that? How can you assess that and How can you mitigate that? This is important to know because many of us really don’t know the chronology behind the process of Problem. If one really know the whole process then he/she will definitely finds some solution of it.

Let us assume that we have Problem in everything, right? Yes absolutely. If we don’t find solution or possible answer of some query/problem then we just put it into the bucket of an Issue. Rather to solve the problem we wait of someone to solve it on behalf of us, right? Yes, we all do. In fact We are feared to give the efforts, and the irony is we even don’t think about the result. Efforts are enough to scared us!! Though do you know Why it scared us? Yes, it scared us because we don’t even completely understand where we are going? Where we are facing problems? Where we left the loopholes? Where we loose the grip? These question itself sounds horrible. Isn’t it? If No, then try to answer it whenever you are stuck somewhere. The one who don’t know the answer we’ll go through it.

Problem is nothing but a lower of confidence in one to attempt something by just assuming the false consequences about the same. When we people are pessimist to do something, there are chances that they were back with bare hands. When Problems creates in anything or say facing problem, we people often becomes defensive and start thinking to amend the path or left it in mid way. Why we become Pessimist or Defensive? If Problem arises then definitely there’s some way out. One can’t simply say that Just because of the Problem Occurred, he/she left something/someone. Is that the solution?

“Don’t ever try to Amend Problem to Failure, Try to Amend the word Solution to Success!!”

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Half hearted efforts always brings bad result. If you done by any doubt in Mind then maybe there’s some chances that you were able to find the way out but if you done by any doubt in Heart then there’s 99% chances that you were back with sad face. Did you able to find the difference here? Okay let’s understand. When you are deciding to do something by Mind, then it execute it in its inner side and ready to take some calculated risk whereas when you are deciding to follow heart then it will only implement the decision by blind/fake emotions. It will never calculate any risk factor and there starts the propaganda. If you can’t able to assess your risk then how can you going to identify problem you are facing?

Problem isn’t the Problem if you closely observe the spell of it. Problem is only there if you won’t be able to find the solution of it. Look if Day is there then there’s night too. If White is there then Dark is also present there. If Good is there then Bad also exist in between it. If God is there then no doubt the Evil is also there. The same way if Problem is there then definitely there is some solution of it. Opposition is the New Law of Nature. We can’t say that Problem stopped us, How can Problem stop us to do something? Isn’t it sound weird? Instead it looks more appropriate We are stopped because of Problem. We are scared to confess that we are facing problem and subsequently finds the solution of the same. If you left something because you feel that it’s not your cup of tea then which cup would you like to have? A Cup of Poison? A Cup of Humiliation? or A Cup of Satisfaction after giving a courageous effort to make some steps towards the query you face, to resolve it?

Problem, just mind it, You are handcuffed of your own. There’s no one who can stop you unless and until you stop your own. You faced the Problem and soon you became defensive to change the way instead of trying to go out to its root. Have you give efforts to find out the actual query? No, right? We feel that we can’t do that, if we do then problem arise and we Failed. So don’t you think we had just Amend the word FAILURE with a word Problem? Absolutely see, because of Possible fall out we ready to change the way. We can’t always run just because we face Problem. It’s not the solution. And let us just assume if we decided to run away every time then how far we will go? Are we either trained to in Marathon? So what will be the solution of it?

There is so many solution of it, depending on the Problem you are facing. But let’s start by the Problem itself. First try to identify what is the Problem you are facing? Then give efforts to recognize why problem arises? Is there anything to improvise in yourself or in the attempts you are giving in continuous flow. Then assess the factors affecting your efforts like Risk factor, Thinking Process, Opinion Matters, Decision Making or Procrastination of your own. Find possible way out by implementing mind tricks and effective strategy. Then try alternative ways to lend on some specific solution of your query in quantum. Pick a right solution from it and then apply the same in the real issues. So that’s all, Your Problem is solved. It’s not that much tough or easy. Queries should be there to Improvise Ourselves otherwise what will be the difference between us and others?

“Problem isn’t Problem. It’s Just Opposite to Solution. Try to Find out Solution rather than to Focus on the Query!!”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the content of the day. So here we conclude the topic of our Sunday School of the day. Mentioned all your memorable moments if you find something relatable. Your all thoughts, Opinion and Suggestions are welcomed in the Comment Section, share it without any hesitation. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!! Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!!

P.S. Always Remember, “Don’t be a Problem yourself, in Finding out the Solution of Problem.”

Topic for the Next Sunday: Set a Limit off your ANGER!!


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If You are RIGHT, then it Doesn’t mean Others are WRONG!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you are doing good and well wherever you are. One month has been passed of 2021, anything new happen to you or start something new recently? For me it’s good start of the year. I’d just completed 2 Months as a Content Writer with Online College Reviewing Company. Study is going well and also done some Online certification courses pertaining to my study background, i.e. Accounting. So in short life is gradually getting back on track. Good time will definitely come if you are able to survive from bad time. Still there’s a long way to go, can’t expect a good time always. Life should be mixture of it which we can experience through many good and bad moments, memories of it, right?

Now turning back to weekly news around the corner from the past week. The incumbent Portugal President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reelected for the second term to serve as a President. Peru Orders Lockdown due to emerge rising of the Cases, Possible Threat of the second wave. While on the hand Lockdown in the England set to last until at least March, indicates PM Boris Johnson. Space-X set a record by launching 143 satellites on a single shot with latest Falcon 9 Mission. India Celebrated its 72nd Republic Day on 26th January. Italian PM resigns over handling of COVID crisis. Nepal Supreme Court summons PM Oli in Contempt cases. Poland is nearing to implement Total-Ban on Abortion. Estonia Becomes the first country which is Led by Female Prime Minister and Female President at the same time.

” The more You believe Only You can be Right, Ready for being Wrong;

On every Single Second, Every Single Minute and on Every Single Passing Moment”

Image Source: Pixabay

Anyways now let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. The title is enough to convey that what will be the subject matter of the day, isn’t it? Okay so what you understood by the term Right and Wrong? Right is that which isn’t Wrong and Wrong is that which isn’t Right, right? In simple terms it is correct, without an argue because We don’t need Proof for Right, We need Proof to Prove Wrong!! The irony of Truth is that it consist the word Ruth in its spell. And what about Wrong? Any guess? We will go through it sooner from its root and understand the whole process.

So before we could Start the topic let’s better understand the term RIGHT and WRONG. The definition of Right and Wrong can be differ by People to People, Place to Place and Time to Time. So may be it is varied by the People, Place, Price, Time and Consequences. There is no any fix definition for the abovementioned duo terms though one can be defined it as, “The Things which are Proven Correct by all the means, following all the manners in the books of law, irrespective of the how much suffer others will be, by judging something true, later on leading to some outrageous consequences can be termed as Right.” As mentioned earlier it can be differ and depends on the understanding of one. Right isn’t just right but many also believes it to be the RIGHT of Life. When someone pronounce right, it generates three or more meaning altogether. It creates hype and curiosity at the same time but let it be as it is.

The Second Term, WRONG, how can one identify that something is wrong? There is only one way, you know what is that? We can’t recognize the wrong unless and until we don’t do/face something False or Experience something wrong. This is the fact that you can’t say that you can’t be Wrong, because you haven’t sufficient proof to justify your thought. Here Proof works/trust more than the people to prove wrong a FALSE. If somehow one is able to even prove that, then the next propaganda takes place Does WRONG can be RIGHT or RIGHT can be WRONG? Is it really possible? How it is Possible? Why it is Possible when Truth is Proven True and Wrong is also Proven True? SO the Answer is Yes. All is possible, between the fight of True and False, Right and Wrong, Correct and Incorrect.

How many of you have consider the opinion of others while planning or organizing something? Many of you, right? But how many of you have successfully executed the same in real life? Very few, right? Yes, Absolutely when we talk about real life experience we all become defensive in more or less manner and planned accordingly which is possibly going to best for us, for the people surrounding to us. Though this isn’t wrong or unethical but to ignore the importance of others completely, isn’t it sound half hearted efforts? Okay, when we ignore the opinion of others? So the answer is, When they are outsider or say when they are betrayal/traitor one or say when they are too Offensive. Any other reason to leave the opinion of them? Maybe there are and maybe there is no other reason except the above.

Image Source: Susan Yin on Unsplash

“If you are Right then Don’t Change the People Who are Wrong;

Just Try to Change the Perspective.”

Corporate World, Political Cold Wars and Local House Ministry(among family members), are some of the places where conflict of decisions or opinions generally takes place in direct or indirect manner. In Corporate World, Higher Management often ignore the importance of Lower level or say give very less importance equivalent to almost null. They took the decision and inform the employees of their Company or Organization. In Politics, Party Member who have some connections to progress ahead in his/her career joins the other Parties and may betray the current party for another. Everyone focuses on the betrayal of that member but no one really cares or gives an attempt to know what reasons led him/her to that? In Local House Ministry (Among Family Members), everyone is busy now a days that they couldn’t spare some time for their own Family. Everyone in Family founds other busy with someone/something. Sometimes it becomes the sole reason to fall for another. A small quarrel leading to the downfall of them.

In all the above 3 situations one thing is common among them, did you find it? The lack of Importance and Understanding. In Corporate World, if Manager communicate the feedback of employees to higher management and if higher management consider it in time then they can survive for long for sure. If current party consider the importance of party member then maybe he/she won’t betray. In Family, rather to find excuse of each other, if one had try to understand each other, they can find solution for it. Everyone feels that there is no mean to stay, even if they are right in all the manners and have right to be there. When one is try to succeed by overriding the VALUE of others then they just forget that the actual PRICE will be paid by themselves, not by the one who went.

Look, True doesn’t mean that it will be Correct for the all. One have to Consider the opinion of others and execute them in mean time, in most effective manner so that the Interest of all the stakeholders will be safeguarded. One can’t be selfish enough to ignore such a fact that collective strength prove too strong for the any opposition. If you left any loopholes by doing so then it will have definitely some disastrous result. Maybe you are Right in your Way, but how can you just put a full stop or question mark on others perspective? The leader isn’t that who finds the solution of query, Leader is the one who utilize the power of collective efforts. Because he/she knows that it will sure generates some output sooner or later. One must have to learn to trust others, have respect others’ point of view and joins them in the decision making. This works and works efficiently.

“You are Right, then Others also have RIGHT to be Right!!”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the content of the day and more than that the topic of our Sunday School. Mentioned all your memorable moments if you find something relatable. Your all thoughts, Opinion and Suggestions are welcomed in the Comment Section, share it without any hesitation. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!! Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Problems, the Amended version of Failures!!


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