7 Causes/Reason and Symptoms of Depression!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are. Corona, I sometime amazed that really are you exist or the threat of yours threaten us more? Your Hypothecated existence haunted us more than anything else. The lives that you consumed, will definitely won’t go unnoticed but there is something still in our hand but we are not scared of you anymore. Look we are roaming freely on streets without mask, look we are preferred to avoid social norms notified by Government, look we are still live with you. If you killed us, then we still able to find one more reason to blame God, not our own deeds.

So, let’s start from there, where we last stopped. Depression, the word, itself shows its cruelty. Don’t you find it? The state of mind, in which one has Mind but won’t able to think properly, one has Heart but won’t able to feel that there’s something in their life too, one has eyes but their tears are evaporated, one has emotions but they were dried at somewhere – sometimes. They have lot to say but the main issue is that they believe it to be shameful to express. If you can’t let out your words, then it became hard to regain your control on your body, on your engine (Mind).


So, following are some of the Causes/Reasons of Depression:

  • Atmosphere: – Absolutely, Atmosphere that you surrounded with is highly affected on your mindset. There are always some people who likes to see you suffer, they like to see your failure, they prefer to see you give up on your goal. Sometimes their weird source of happiness is you. So, they start pressing you and tried to make indirect superiority over you. If you trapped in any of their trick, soon your life became living hell. They tried their best to get control on your life and when you find it, it’s too late. So always stay alert from those, they are in any form (Gender), in no time will enough to make you Zero from Hero.
  • Friend Circle: – We already learn about how the atmosphere will affect your Mindset, so the next point is that the people, which you considered into your friends. It’s noted that in most of the cases, the close friends are found out to be Convicts. The Jealousy, the Money, the Show off Trends proves to be judgemental in such scenarios. How much do you know him/her before putting out your secret to them? Later on, that secret will be used as weapon by them so first confirm before serving your dark to them. “Enemy aren’t born, we create them”; enough to enlighten the truth behind the True Friends and Truth of Friend.
  • News: – Sometimes we act normally, naturally and sometimes paranormally as well. As a human, we are full of emotions so whenever we got some shocked news, spontaneous event occurrence, we soon find ourselves into dwell of sorrow. We don’t know the reason but somewhere in inner we are broken fully and wholly. We aren’t in position to bear the shock and soon started feeling low because of that. Though initially it should have not impacted on our mind but as far as our heart will cry, we couldn’t say that we are okay. May be by Face you can smile fake, but Heart doesn’t do the same. Your life indirectly affected by that and you too believe to be nothing in life. So be aware from that and don’t allow it to get control on you.
  • Relationship: – When it broken, it’s obvious that it’s not possible for everyone to successfully overcome from it, right? The unexpected end of love life leads people to think about them more n more that Really, they aren’t able for him/her or Really, I am this much bad that he/she left me in middle? They are surrounded with questions and end up with big question mark on their Face and Heart as well. Cheating, new normal in relationship. So, one of them comes to know about it that their love isn’t solely their but it’s betrayal, one finds themselves into cloud of anxiety and showering their tears from it. Tears comes but pain remain same it is, until n unless they won’t find peace, a Real Peace!!
  •  Failures: – As a human we all facing failure sometimes, at some point in life. It’s part of life, but it’s not easy for everyone at all. You had guts but not courage, to stand on your scrambling feet then you couldn’t fight back. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, to try, to fail, to stand, to try again, to fail and to stand again. If you are kind hearted, then be ready to live with daily dying. World is so cruel, they can’t accept as you are, instead they made you like them. If you protest or not matched with them then will torture you till your last breath. You find death more reasonable than it. Be ready to be criticize.
  • Financial Insolvency: – Money, the primary need of everyone. But all aren’t lucky to have everything in life. They tried full to achieve and satisfy their need/requirements. Their situation is like if they tried to stitch one, another two gets released. In this fast – forwarding life, it’s hard to manage everything but not impossible. When EMIs gets dues, when Debts hikes daily, when needs also rise sharply it’s became hard for them to survive. They are screwed up by others too, So when the weight of Debts & Dues is increase by the certain limits, one couldn’t stay long in the race. They were outshined by finance. Tense leads them to there, where they even don’t find themselves too!!
  • Overthinking: – Yeah, this becomes serious issue day by day that people started assuming soon that which is far away from reality. They ruin their today, just by thinking about that which isn’t happened in real life. Their small puzzled question one day becomes headache of their own. You know Mind is too sensitive, even more than Heart. Won’t believe? Then try to screw your mind sometime, it will be responded doubled. So just stay alert before muddle it, you might think it as small issue but that small issue one day becomes that much big, that you never imagine it to be.
  • Miscellaneous: – There are so many more reason which are enough to destroy one’s life through depression. Failure in relationship, less grade in examination, sexually harassment, indirect act of someone, inability to secure the job, lack guts to face the world, insolvency and cheating of partner, etc. Though these are few examples of how person feel depression and trapped into others trick.


Symptoms: –

  • Weight loss.
  • Becomes Hyper in small matters.
  • Find Alone in crowd.
  • Prefer to stay lonely.
  • Rigid Mindset.
  • Cry in no matter.
  • Fear of Insecurity.
  • Feels tense over their future.
  • Often Try to Harm themselves.
  • Avoid talks.
  • Gradually becomes Monotonous.
  • Gently Decrease Get to gather with others.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you like the post. Depression isn’t the feeling, nor a story to describe. We all passed through it, some survived, some sink. The one who survive, will definitely becomes inspiration for others and the one who won’t, becomes illustration for others. What you want to be, Inspiration or Illustration?

See you all next Sunday, with the last chapter of topic till then Tataa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.


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No One Comes Alone, Left Alone!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are well and good wherever you are. Corona, don’t you think you tried so much to threaten us? On the other hand, we also felt scared from it. It’s human tendency, but at the same time we fought so many fights along with Corona. May be that took our main test, to measure our tolerance, to know our strength. Some clear it with their skills of patience, calmness, humour and maturity. Corona tried full to broke us mentally, even it succeeded in majority parts but it forgotten that there’s already one virus rules on the earth from thousand of years, i.e. A Human Virus. Till the existence of it, no one can outshine it.

Virus kills the Human, but here Human is enough to kill each other, don’t you think? We love to rule so as we always try to be. If not by force then by pretence, if not by trick then by brick (War), if not by emotions then by revenge, we just try to capture everything under our control. Sometimes wonder, why this virus takes this much of stress when we human is enough to spread the fear, threat? There’s nothing much dangerous than person with evil thought. Had you found though? I, never.

Image Source: By Michal Vasko on Unsplash

Anyways let’s come back to today’s one more interesting subject. What you think though btw? Any idea by reading the title? Yes, you are right. Today’s post isn’t about human nature, emotion or feeling. It’s of us, of Human. Totally related to each n every human being who born as human and die as human. So, let’s start from beginning,

Human. We all are, right? Absolutely, we. Okay so who made us and what the motto to introduce us, as a human on this earth rather than to introduce like other lively creatures? Had you thought though? No? Okay that’s absolutely fine if you know and even if you not. This post will you all the answers, you are looking for.

Had you thought God had been succeeded in their very first attempt to directly introduced human on earth? Not at all. There’s so much chronology and mindset used behind that. Don’t get it? The history of other lively creatures is more ancient than us. Animals, Birds, Insects were launch on initial stage by God to testify that really the nature they created is good for living or not. After observing the progress of them, God made plans to launch human, to launch us on earth, in this beautiful nature.

They launched the most updated version of his creation as Human. In initial stage, human was also like other lively creatures presented on earth but they possessed one boon from God. The power of Brain. Through using of it time after time, they became the lone superior of the earth and soon started hurting other lively creatures for their selfish purposes, for their greed, for their breed. They believe that this earth is for them only, and forget others. Time passed and they even forget the creator of them too, the almighty. But God knows when to knock the door and when to give signals to human. The one who create something also aware from the consequences and so as they always ready to deteriorate them into that in which they belong to.

How we Human born? We are in womb for 9 months of female breed. In between that God created us and if they find something weird, they soon pause their work and doesn’t allow us second to see the nature, to experience the wonderful creation of it. They stop the production process, though this will happen often. The life they give you is, precious than your whole life treasure.

The One Who Comes as Human on this earth, will come with so many expectations of their family. Not just only human arrives, a lot of dream, responsibilities also on their way. It maybe of their parents or someone else’s. But whoever will be come, never comes alone. If a boy comes, he’ll be star of an eye of his parent and if a girl comes, she’ll be queen of an eye of her parent. There are lots of pre-planned, goals waiting for them. As a human we are good enough in assumption that we finalize so many things before arrival of them in reality.

In the same way, the one who Left us never left alone. If people die, he/she left with their good mark ups and some will leave without making any noise. But the best thing is that the one who left us, left with a good reason to live the life to the fullest. Then soon we knew the real meaning of life if someone close to us left us, alone in the world. We habitual to live with their moments, in absence of the one who left us. We tried to live with their memory, their experience made us strong.

The best part of dying is that we people at last dies as Human, if someone fails to live the life like human. Don’t get it? Okay. During one’s life, they became so powerful, wealthier, get dignity and position in the society, in the world whereas some is not as good as others in life. But when he/she on the verge of Die, that position, wealth, power nothing works. May be those are some sources to live the life happily but not the happiness. The one who born as Human, must Die as Human as well, that’s the law of the World, of the Nature.

In short The one Who comes in this World, will come with so many Pros and Cons of life and the one Who left the World, left with memories, moments and experience he had during his life cycle. If you are good, people will remember you as a good human being, if you aren’t then still people remember you for your bad. In short may be People dies, but actually they aren’t.

“Everything Comes with a Purpose,

Everything Left for a Reason

Everyone Feels the Season

Find your Mission, Vision”

P.S.: These are some of the personnel thought of Writer, not necessary to be right in each n every aspects. Breach of Copyright of the content, leads to violating the rules and regulations of the Copyright and Trademark act.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all loved to read it. Send your suggestion, thought, tips, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Sukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

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Experience Matter, For Better!!

Hello Folks, What’s up? Hope you all are in good shape, mentally as well as physically!! Everything is coming back into the shape worldwide even the graph of daily cases rises frequently. Corona, look people habitual to live with you too. What you think, if you come then we stop to live, to think, to stand and to rise? Maybe you forgot, we are human. Even when we dying, we left with our mark ups. Don’t think by consuming some lives, you won us. Yes, you scared us definitely, but that doesn’t mean we are lost. We Human meant to be fight back, not to give up! Maybe you should have to give up after so much trying of yours to threaten us. Did you forgot, the more you press the spring, double it responds?

Hope that dose is enough to encourage you, I know we all are passed through transformation phase, time is difficult so as we. Don’t let allow to know it (Corona), that we are scared from it. Actually, we aren’t scared from it though, we are scared from ourselves, from our future, right? Absolutely, the death of Sushant Singh Rajput reveals so many dark sides of the life. Success doesn’t matter at all, if you aren’t satisfied, if you aren’t happy, if you aren’t good. The idea of the today’s topic is quite relevant to that too. So, let’s move towards it.


Experience, in simple terms when one practically, personally gone through some task, events or things, we called it by experience, right? Absolutely, we are. We all are experienced one, don’t get it? Your life is the best example, you live it, right? So, You have experience to live the life, in your own way or suggested one. The life is wholly depending on you that how you made it, how you build it, how you live it. You are the lone Constructor of your life.

Experience tells so much about ones, irrespective of matter, betters!! You know the little kid, without falling down, one didn’t know how to walk. Same happens with the adults too. If they can’t go through problems, they even didn’t know the real meaning of Success. Do You know the best teacher of Person, of Us? The Struggle, The Hard work, The Spirit to take the fight against all the odds are the professor of University at Human Behaviour and Psychology.

There can be also types of experiences too.

  1. Good Experience: – What you said about the good one? The experience in which everything happened good or relatively good is good experience. Like you had made planned to go solo trip. You make all the arrangement of yours for the trip and you successfully did it. That’s the good experience, right? Amm, no. Maybe you are wrong. You can’t do always good in all the way, even we people had problem with God too then after all we are human, how can be we perfect at all? There’s always something bad in Good experience too which later amended to be good. Like, in above example of solo travelling you may be lost your Watch, the one which gifted by your close one. But that doesn’t mean your whole trip is meant to be failed, your lost watch couldn’t outshine your joy, your success, your ability, your guts. That mistake could be rectified by the success of the journey!! After all that incident will stand by you when you narrate your first trip to someone in future.
  2. The Bad Experience: – We experience the good one or not, but we all are very familiar to bad experience. Right? Obviously, after all what we are today is just because of that. Bad experience taught us lot about people, events, opinions n our one lit mistake. Though this one is more important than to good one. Because it reveals the truth of world, of people and of yours. We all learnt from mistake, when these mistakes are gathered, it became Experience. We easily remember this too because after all who forgets the shit done with them so easily? The bad experience isn’t bad though, the one who strengthen up their feet will always turn the bad one into memorable one. The one who give up on situation will soon finds no way out.
  3. The Illustrative Experience: – The one who prefer to be practical in life will become role model for others. Their life story, their struggle, their tackling ideas, their dribbling skills to go past the problems became exemplary icon for others. Their practical knowledge becomes source of someone’s success, their chronology changed the life of applicant. Their thinking is crystal clear, either this way or that way but not to give up easily. People with this kind of experience had get control over their Crazy Mind, Emotional Heart and Bonding with Soul. 

So, the main thing is that experience matters at everywhere. In other Words, Experience is sounds Confidence Booster, don’t you find? Just understand it practically. You had given a task by someone to do something. In your very first time, definitely you are low in energy, in confidence, in skills, in everything. But as soon as you done it twice or thrice you get the idea behind the process. That’s enough, you are on right way. Even if you aren’t good in 10th attempt too, don’t be upset. You had learned something new, feel proud on that. In each n every attempt of yours, if you noticed, you do slightly better than your previous attempt. What’s that? That’s the experience, maybe you are slow but steady. Improvement, experience made it in yours, in your behaviour, in your sense of humour, in your talk, in your walk.

Each n every experience teaches something new and that’s what life meant to be. Just arrange the cards, your castle is inches away, made it concrete strong by your experience. It’s fully and wholly depends on us that how we consider it. Each experience learnt something new, teach something new. Though by bad one, people change their opinion and by good one, change their Decision. Thus, it’s matters for betterment, for improvement of one, who experienced it.

We all are New at something, at somewhere, at some point. If we assumed it to be wrong, then obviously it goes wrong. Always remember without making a step, you can’t succeed in jump! So, let’s First gain Experience, and then Apply the Experience.

Life is full of Experiences, each n every experience also different as well. The more you experienced, the more stories you have to share with your Grandchild. Make your experience acceptable, applicable. Help Newbies to teach and assist them via your experience. People without Experience is like Book without any Story…

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all loved to read it. Send your suggestion, thought, tips, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Sukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

The topic of Next Sunday: No one Comes Alone, Left Alone!!

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7 Things You Must Learn To Control in Time!!

Hello Folks, what’s up? Hope you all are good and well in health n wealth wherever you are. Corona, had done enough damages irrespective of Monetary, Non- Monetary. World Economy had been gone already down and we all soon finds it, that’s the monetary damage. The Non-Monetary damages, maybe it hit more than that of monetary ones. Stress, depression, anxiety, fear, future uncertainty and loneliness insist all us to think about us more n more. We could overcome from Monetary crisis but outshined our own self will ask more sacrifice from all of us.

Recently I came across through many people and many blogs, news that people had started assuming their respective lives in danger. And the main thing is that the youth affected badly due to this pandemic. The reason is very simple that they had fear of losing someone or themselves. Sounds weird but that’s the harsh truth of today. Many assumed that future will be uncertain but not this type of. Corona, made us all helpless but how can we forget that we are human. As far as our existence will be on this Earth, how can we remove hope within us? Maybe we are helpless but not hopeless. Will come up on this topic in next blog till that let’s move towards one more interesting subject of the day. So let’s start,

Today we are going to see which would get control for better future and for better us, hope this will find helpful to all of us. So, let’s Start,

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  1. Control your Emotions:Had you thought where we lose? No? Okay so here we go. We all know that we human are bundle of emotion and where there comes emotion between us, between our decision, between our choices, we start thinking from heart and there starts the real panic. We couldn’t control our emotions, not bad though but as said be emotional not emotional fool!! There are lots of people who is available to take advantage of your emotions, if you give them chance then they will definitely gonna piece you off. Consider both the opinion of Heart and Mind if you want to control anything, it gonna works. Lack of anyone will enough to destroy you, destroy your whole life. Show emotions, but never reveal what your Heart wants over your Mind.   
  2. Control Your Hunger:Hunger, not related to food only. There are so-so many types of hunger whether it’s of earning money, fulfilment of requirements, to be perfect in everything or of getting everything in quick succession, which one has to control in time. Greedy never satisfied their hunger as they remain always greedy. Always believe that your brain, has also some limit like your belly. The one who failed to get control on their hunger ness will always go half stomach. Even a life treasure isn’t enough to satisfy their hunger, often they ended up in satisfaction of others hunger; like hunter haunt down itself. Satisfaction is a big thing, if you jealous by someone then you ended up losing your lit hut in search of Mansion.
  3. Control Your Anxiety:Anxiety, how would you define it? Any guess? Yes, you are right. It’s the prediction of Future Danger but how can be you fool enough to ruined your today for that which not happened in reality? We all know well that the whole world is based on assumption, people had strong belief that tomorrow will come but who said that tomorrow will only bring bad? The Sun never forgets to shine in less or more manner then how can you forget to rise up? Did you forget that you are Human? Don’t think so, it’s obvious that we scared from danger but even in danger we aren’t meant to be lose every time. We would overcome from it, but only n only if you believe that Yes, I can do.
  4. Control Your Mind:There are plenty of thoughts playing in one’s head, in that small power house known as Brain. In those thoughts we don’t know when and how we started to forecast our life events so rapidly, ended up losing control on ourselves. It’s never easy task to control Mind as it does what it wants and did accordingly. The cycle is simple of your downfall. First you start assuming something which leads to overthinking, which leads to anxiety, which leads to stress, which leads to depression and finally leads you to there where you find one way, Give up on your life. Mind has power that forces you to do that which you actually don’t want to but as it’s not in your control you gonna follow it. So in time learn to control your Mind, before someone gets rid of it.
  5. Control Your Heart: – Off course, If you learn to control your Mind then how can you forget to control your Heart? At last each n every decision is parallel to this both, don’t you think? Look here too a cycle works, very first Mind thought something, then that thought goes towards Heart to know its concern. If it approve then mind works accordingly, but if it denies then, human body betrayal within itself. Heart, itself never took decision but enforced Mind to take the decision on behalf of it. Heart wants so much which is nearly Impossible, which n how many wishes you would able to complete of your Heart? If Mind is an Ocean of thought then Heart is Pond, which produce so many rays, so many ways.
  6. Control Your Spending: – Spend, we all like to spend on thing, right? Whether it’s off on Clothes, Accessories, Electronics, Shoes or others stuffs like that. But really you need that or just to fulfil your mule demands? Not saying or stop you to spend but alert you to navigate your budget. Looks every time isn’t the same, one should have to do some savings from their respective earnings, like this corona pandemic has learn so much about it. Emergency funds would always be there if something bad happens in all of a sudden. Don’t buy that which just fulfilled your requirement, instead of that invest your money and make more money from that money.
  7. Control Your Screen time: – Last but not the least, Learn to Control your screen time. Yeah, sounds crazy but you should have to control your screen time sooner. Your eyes had to tolerate so much just because of you. Had you seen a Blind people? Just try to blind fold for some time. Even 5 minutes you can’t imagine your life without your eyes then how can you punish your eyes like this? Give it proper rest time to time. The world is so beautiful but for that you need an eye. Had you thought though, what if you lost it just because of your own shit?

Bonus Tips, Control Your Words: – Yes, you read it right. You must learn to get control on your words. If not then Mahabharat is the best possible Example, the word enough of Draupadi for the War. One has to know that how to use, when to use, where to use and which to use otherwise your value will be like that which acceptable by all but not applicable at all. Rather than put weight on your action. Believe in to do, not just to speak. Speak less, show more. Made your work recognisable one, you don’t need an identity.

So that’s all for the day, Hope you all like it. Send your suggestion, thought, opinion, tips in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday, till then Tata, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!!

The topic of Next Sunday: Experience Matter, For Better!!

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I Can’t Be You, You Can’t Be Me!!

Hello Folks, What’s up? Hope you all are Healthy and well wherever you are. I think Corona couldn’t scare us more now, we all experienced the fear of it but now it’s time to fight back. Sounds crazy but that’s what one crazy person think about. We all resect it, in less or more by following the norms and routine precautions for at least 3 months. Really glad to be back again in work and comes to know about the value of freedom in more depth. Hope you all too, now know the real meaning of Freedom. After all who doesn’t love it?! We are Freebies, so obviously we love to roam freely but, on the other hand, we also love to capture beauty!!! Aren’t We?

Image Source:- Pixabay

Anyways Let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Just wants to assure you all, if you read till the end you will never go upset by it. It not relates to any particular community, gender, group or something like that. It relates to us, Human. All of us, all living creatures, all the human being. So, are you ready for one more roller coaster ride for the today? So just first tell me, what you think from the title of the post? No idea? Okay. Don’t worry, that’s why I am here. Try to give you all the answer in this post.

So, Let’s first understand the first part of the post. i.e. I Can’t be You. We human always loves to copy others, Right instead of looking for our own Inspiration? Obviously, we find others Garden more Greenish than of ours, that’s human tendency. Don’t feel ashamed about it, there are so many who thinks the same. I am also like you, not the exception in this as well. But do you know why we do like to be like Others? Is it easy? Is it hard? You know it’s too, too, too hard to be like others.

We like someone then became fan of his/her. We changed our lifestyle, we started reconstructing ourselves and still we aren’t 10% of them. You know why? Because it’s of Nature. Nature of people never changed. For your information Nature and Behaviour both aren’t similar though. Nature is what actually comes out from your inner self, while behaviour, we changed it like seasons without any reasons. Behaviour is self-made, while nature is Natural like it said.

Is copying others are really easy? Not at all. May be you look like them, may be you live like them, may be you earn like them, may be you spend like them, may be you smile like them, all these possible but to change your nature, you need to forget who you are, which is slightly Impossible. Everything isn’t that simple as one thought. The way others answered, maybe you aren’t succeeded in that. The way others gain Attraction, maybe you failed in doing so. But the Question is Why You be Like others?

Are you not happy with your life? Okay. Then find your problems in your own way. Do Audit of yourself on regular basis. You find the answer within yourself, improve yourself, made some changes accordingly. Had you thought ever though, Why God Made Us Different from each other? If he/she wishes then they made us all same, it’s possible for them then why we constantly tried to prove them wrong?

If you want to follow/admire someone then Go and looks into Mirror. You know the best thing about the Mirror, Even Each n Every pieces of Broken mirror showed your Real and Whole face. Just simply denied yourself to observe someone, follow someone and judge someone. Utters regularly, I can’t be You. I’ll like to fall into my Pond rather than yours Ocean. We all are unique, so there must be some creativity inside us. Finds it and make it happen what you want to see in the World. Don’t be like World, Don’t be like People of the World, Be You.

Image Source: Pixabay

Now, Let’s move towards the next part of the topic. i.e. You can’t be Me. It’s not the opposite of the first part like many of you thought. What we want isn’t always necessary, we achieve it or let me say we succeeded in each n every attempt of ours. If something or someone isn’t yours then it’ll never be yours. People will gonna stretched that out from your hand by slap even if that in your reach, even if that in your possession. If something or someone is yours then it’ll be yours even millions of efforts of others wouldn’t stop you to succeed in your endeavour. What it means though?

That means we have learnt to satisfies ourselves. If something wants to go then allow them to leave, if something bad happened then forget it, but never enforced yourself to stuck with past event. Everything isn’t performed as you thought, as you plan, that’s what Life mean to be. Give up, many compared this act to it but hello guys wait. If we take 2 steps back then who said we are done, maybe it’s the real starting. The Rise of new You!! If you can’t be me then I’ll try to make it happen and tries fully to be mine, the spirit works more than your act. Maybe I’m fail, Maybe I’m Tired, Maybe I’m lost but Still I am Alive!! That’s enough to make a comeback, don’t you think?

We people often finds the reason of our Failures, don’t we? Absolutely we are. We just can’t sit and regretting all the time. Rather than to stuck with failure, get up and find alternatives. For example, You had assumes to score in football match but you ended up making an assist, which is almost equivalent to get on the scoresheet and to win the match. You can’t get the ball back into the net but you contributed to get the ball back into the net. Maybe Goal isn’t count in yours but how that Assist go unnoticed? Had you forgot even King is also nothing without it’s Troops?

So, intension is just to find the ways to celebrate, not directly then indirectly, not actively then passively, not by you then some of your acts, not you then someone of you. Always remember life never ends by leaving of someone. Believe If something happens then happens for Good.

If something or someone not belongs to you then never be upset. May be something good and better is awaits you. Never cry in little matters, be mature enough to let go things which isn’t in your control. Always believe and appreciate your soul, Yes I’d get better today than what I Yesterday.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion on today’s post in comment section. Will soon replied you over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

The topic of Next Sunday: – 7 Things You Must Learn to Control!!

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Aware From Creature Resides in You!!

Hello folks what’s up? Hope you all are well and healthier wherever you are. After long 2 months stay at home Finally, able to see the mother nature, following norms of Social Distancing, and use of face mask. Don’t know but it Feels weird when walking on the streets, working in the shifts. After coming back to home one question constantly played in my Mind Should I changed or the World? The Sun still shined at bright, the Moon also spread its magic, the Nature too was good as before the pandemic so what changed, really don’t know. Did you feel the same? If yes, had you succeeded to find the answer what changes made in the world? May be this is just starting. Something Strange or something worst is yet to come!!!

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Anyways let’s move towards today’s topic. The topic is something different rather than rest of the topics. Many awaits to knew what it is after all. But let me aware you guys This is in reply to my fellow blogger Pankanzy’s Post. i.e. She Interviewed the Most Dangerous Animal. So, all the men hood, brotherhood present here if you upset or disagree on my thoughts then please pardon me or let shut off your fucking mouth. This will be going to one of the fierce posts. Abused words also used in it so made your mind bearable one to tolerate it, especially Men like me. The post is fully dedicated to Girls/Women present here, present in the World, present anywhere in the Galaxy.

Dangerous Animal, the word Pankanzy, my dear friend had used to describe the Men hood, to describe people like me. I totally agree on that after reading the post of him but then I think this is inappropriate use of word to describe people like me, Men. Why to insult the breed of Animals, for the shake of people like me, Men? At least they won’t rape of other animals by misusing the name of God that too in those holy places like Temple, Mosque, Churches etc… Had you read any news at any time that Animal caught while raping of another animal at Mosque? Had you read any news at any time in the life that Lion raped his own kid? I hadn’t, never ever.

The intention is just to say that the one who is mature enough never done this kind of act, more precisely non forgivable crime. If that become forgivable then everyone habitual to forget and doing rape became usual/routine activity for men like me. Animals, I remember something from that. It is said that We are updated version of Monkeys, right? Yes, we are. But as fast as we updated, our thoughts at the same time and at the same speed our thoughts were became more n more lower graded or let me say deteriorate. Is this the real development or growth of brain of people like me? Men, if we born as Men then who said that We have all the rights to do anything with anyone?

People said that we are Social Animal, right? But can you find the difference between Animal and Social Animal? Animal, they have their own feelings, emotions, care for others while what we have on the other side? Yes, we are so called Social Animal forget to behave Socially. The never satisfied Hunger ness of Sex, Greed of Money and how to do wrong with others, qualities of men like me. Yes, I am Men, Social Animal. People call me by that but just forget the meaning of Socialize itself.

Priyanka Reddy, the nearest possible case I could remind of Hyderabad. A Doctor by profession belongs to good family background. But what had happened to her? Majority of People knows that Convicts of crime were Encountered by the Police Officials but had anyone thought Is the real justice delivered? The convicts had first followed her then brutally raped her one by one, followed by burying the body of her. What if the same procedure will follow to give the justice of late Priyanka Reddy? First raped of all convicts, enforced them to run nudes/naked on the street and then bury them all Basterds. (Here raped of convicts means to cut out that fucking dick of them, that they used as weapon.) This case reminds many of us to Nirbhaya Kand of Delhi, 2012. 7 Years to that horrible incident and still daily one Nirbhaya lost her life because of this kind of Creature, Social Animal.  

In addition to that this kind of Creature lodged Mercy petition to the President and their family members also doing best possible for their bailment. Like how? Are you not human? Is there any kind of humanity in you? First you raped and then files mercy petition. Have you given chance to that girl for the same? Had you Mercy on her before raped? Fuckers, you ruin someone’s life. There are so many red-light areas, go there and satisfied your hunger but why you spoiled life of her? If you aren’t ready to made expense on that then do masturbate, had you forgotten you had hands too??

Image Source: Detroit Lakes Tribune

You even not seen her age fucker. She’s not in position to bear the pain. Even if she is in position to bear the pain you had no right to satisfy your hunger on her. What you get after doing that? Your second of enforced, enough to spoiled her whole life!!! Have you forgotten; you are also from her? Men, why you forget to respect the Women?

These Creatures are so mentally unbalanced that even they won’t let out their mother, daughter, cousin, niece, the list goes on. Some says the cloths wore by girls enough to seduced us, Men. Like how? What you see in that dress wore by that 4 years old? What she has to wear, is also chosen by you? It’s her choice, it’s her selection that what to wear and what not to. And yeah more over it’s her life after all, who given you right to interfere in her matter? Creepy People – Creepy thoughts!!!

She is Female, not a Free Male…

We Men thought that if we have dick, we can do anything with it, right? Learn to Control your dick. If it tightens then do something good. Be a Sperm Donor, but please don’t do this. In addition to that by doing so you also got some money. If she is Female, and you are Male then it’s your duty to save her. Before Lose your Pants, Ready to see yourself in Grave soon.

If She is for Love then it doesn’t mean she is for Enjoyment. 

If She is for Sex, then it doesn’t mean she is for Enforcement.

Always Remember If she is, then and only then You are!!

Aware from the Creature resides you, Men. Learn to control it in time, otherwise you won’t get a second to Revive. Before going to rape her, always remember you also gonna be fucked up sometime, somewhere maybe more brutally and more ridiculously.

“If She is Bleeding

Because of your Enforcement

Then prepared yourself

To Exhales Bloody Tears.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion on today’s post in comment section. Will soon replied you over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic of Next Sunday:- I Can’t Be You, You Can’t be Me!!

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Numbers: Don’t Lie At All!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are. Many countries of the world had given relief in lockdown or let me say they had given relaxations after cynic try to containment of Coronavirus. Offices and Transport resumed again after pause of almost 60 days with lesser capacity, vehicles started running on the road and Shops, factories continued their respective operation. That’s necessary after all, how many days we captured the Men into their own house? May be to captured the Men is easy, but to captured the Mind of Men isn’t been. It’s never been easy to get control over the brain of people, as it’s working without any break. Excited to be back again in routine and to see the mother nature.

I know we all are excited but never think that lockdown had impacted badly on our life. After all it’s for our life, it saved my life and thousands of like me. Yeah economy affected badly, but as far as we youth is there we could also overcome from this situation. We aren’t Prisoners, We are Future of the World. What we do today, will get tomorrow. If 2020 is the dark spot, then let’s try to make 2021 to Illustrative one by giving efforts. Someday ago I read one article published in my local newspaper that 30% of my countrymen think to buy Four Wheelers at the end of this year and in that 30%, 70% are from age group between 20-35. I know this is just probability or study but we youth had power to do so, to do it possible. Collective efforts go long!!

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Now let’s comeback to today’s one more interesting topic i.e. Numbers. Numbers louder than Words, really is it? There should be two opinion in this regard. First one, the one who habitual to be punctual and discipline whole life and Second one, the one who believes that numbers are nothing but just parameter to judge others. So just tell, In which category, are you belongs to? Don’t get any idea? Okay we start from origin of numbers.

Aryabhata, the Indian Mathematician who had Invented the Zero. Everyone is aware from that right? But what after that? There were many Mathematician of different regions from Greek, Roman, European and Miser. They had given different theories and thesis on the basis of their experience and experiment. Pythagoras, Euclid, Einstein, Newton, Thales, Archimedes, Pascal, Ramanujan were some famous mathematician of the world. Though today we don’t focus into thesis or something like that but understand how much influence of the numbers on our daily lifestyle and all. So, let’s start,

24 Hours, we all have in a single day, right? Or let me say more precisely 1,440 Minutes/86,400 Seconds/ 51,84,000 Milliseconds. From waking up in Morning at 7 till we made our way to bed in the night we came across numerous times with numbers in whole day, don’t you think?

Don’t you think numbers had Taken up supremacy in our daily lifestyle? Obviously, it has. From having birth as a human till the journey of Graveyard, numbers never forgets to follow us or let me say more precisely numbers are loyal friend of us. Wherever we goes, it always with us. The very first day of ours on this mother nature, earth is celebrated by us every year namely as Birthday celebration. We remember that day and parallelly excited to celebrate it, aren’t we? From there we enters into School, a 12-year long journey where we almost learn everything, Good-Bad-Plus-Minus-Lessons, and all. Though in School life Percentage is upmost everything. If someone get goods then each n every wish of them satisfied unconditionally and the one who get worst often punished by their parents, really this is the system of education?! This is education!! Level of Education never compared by Numbers.

So, after completing schooling at around 17-18, we enters into college life, right? Where some becomes Sincere/discipline and others make their own way. After completing degree from recognised college/university all started/joined race to get the highest packages in Campus Placement.

Earning, the new criteria to recognise people rather than by their real identity. The more zeroes in your package, probability to get a good girl is also high, that’s what some believe. Really is it? Dignity, Reputation and Position are the steps of stairs which leads you to wealthier but that do not reveal your real face.

Age, the next criteria to judge others, right? Yeah, We saw many people who encourage less and taunted more. The one who criticize also knows how to answer it and dribble down the situation. If you are getting an older, you can’t do anything new, that’s what they say, and Abraham Lincoln had given them proper answered after facing lots of failure in the life.

From Purchasing Daily needs to the Score of Sports to the Wealth of Person to the Temperature to the Speed/Mileage of Vehicles to the Turnover of the Company to the Age/Weight/Height of People everything is measured in Numbers or Something parallel to numbers.

But still the question plying in the mind, is these Number lie? Not at all. If you are good in study and secure good package, then what’s bad in that? It’s the proof of your achievement. The one who is 90 years old and still manage rank in richest people in the world is really honourable. The one who had won 6 Ballon d’or isn’t anyone’s cup of tea, the one who had 1 Billion Dollar lifetime agreement with Nike is not an easy thing to do.

From Birth to Death, number won’t unfollow you unless and until you won’t go mad. It’s the harsh reality that we are surrounded with Numbers, Really. From taking birth to Earning Money to Spending on Requirement to do anything. We even don’t know when and how our Digits on social media finalize our status by likes to comments to followers to followings!! But yeah, we’ve to admit that they don’t lies at all. Maybe we lies but Numbers they, never ever. If We are 70 then maybe, we tried to hide from the world but that numbers never fib.

Numbers, Really matters likewise words. If Words are the Medium of understanding to each other then Numbers are the medium to connect with each other, not agree? Okay let me explain with the Best possible Example, Your cell number. For people it’s easy if they wants to connect with you, don’t you think?

“Concern is just to aware you all that Numbers never lies. We are scared to accept the reality, rather we find delusionary peace. Number aren’t for Dumber; We have to collectively remove this biased line.”

So that’s all for the Today. What’s your thoughts though? Sent your opinions, suggestions, tips, experience to comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz….

The next Sunday Topic: Aware The Creature Resides in You!!!

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Plans that Works, that Runs!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are safe and well. In India, finally lockdown 4.0 will comes into force from tomorrow in which many relaxations and reliefs should be provided to both, Individuals and Economy but corona virus still spread its fear at its peak, as said we have to learn to live with Corona, that’s the sole way to stabilize human existence. Government tried full, applied many strategies too but it won’t control at all. May be that’s our destiny, roam with Mask on face, to follow social distancing n all. Anyways we are habitual ones to accept the changes, don’t you think; whether it’s in Technology or in Human, so let’s start from there where we paused!! I’ve surprise for you, for that you have to read till last.

Anyways let’s move towards today’s one more interesting topic, i.e. Plans. There are so many synonym of Plans like Strategy, Bullet Journal, Budget, or say to do list etc. So, what is Plan? How it works and How many types of Plan? We should go through each, step by step. So, let’s start,

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Plan, In General Meaning, The future vision created in Present or let me say the policy/the procedure to work on certain things to achieve predetermined Goal. We all made plans accordingly, as per our requirements- as per our needs, right? Absolutely, without pre-set strategies one could never succeeded in their vision. As said the small vision of Present often turns into Future Brand. For constant and rapid growth, one must has to organize things, lack of it leads to failure.

“Plan Doesn’t mean to consider only Future, A Proper Organization of People, Money and Resource management which leads you towards your Ultimate Goal. In short You’ve to Keep Pace with Everyone for Everything that You Assumed!!!”

One could never Jump big without making small step. If they tried to do so, they fell badly. We all works for Growth and Development of Ours, of people of the country, of Nation. But the condition is that you need a proper roadmap to reach there. You have to work on it without fail to conquer it. If you don’t then whole your work considered into scarp. Study also proves that the chances of success in Pre-set plans is higher than compared to Emergency ones.

Plans almost works everywhere. From small houses to run big industries/companies to Government to World. Everyone knows too that plans are necessary for happy living; it also controls the unnecessary usage of Money and resources. Through plans one can easily access it and execute it. Here Execution also plays a major role. If you made some plans-strategy but couldn’t execute it in time, then is there any worth of it? In addition to that your strength and energy also wasted. You occurred loss from everywhere. It’s better to make some row drafts rather than to finalize one and sole if you have time flexibility.

Revision is better than Amendment in Plans. Make amend only that which is necessary because it’s very tough process. Everything is changed while adopting amended plans compared to revised ones. Not get my point? Okay let’s Understand, Suppose you Make wish list to visit Places. You add many places from your bucket like Visiting of Taj Mahal, Disney Land, Pyramid of Egypt, New York City, etc. But after precisely observing it you think that your budget isn’t enough to cover all places, so you revise your wish list and remove the high cost visit of New York. This is called revision of your Plan.

Image Source:- Pinterest

Now Come to Amendment. You think New York isn’t your cup of tea, so you replace New York to Madrid. Madrid is covering in your budget and also good to visit, so you amend Madrid in your wish list alternatively. Likewise, you change everything, from ticket to places you want to visit. This is called an Amendment in Plans. So yes, there’s difference between Revision and Amendment in plans, based on person themselves. So now let’s come to the types of the plans,    

Basically, there are 3 major types of Plans.

  • Short Term Plans
  • Long Term Plans
  • Emergency/Spontaneous Plans

Short Term Plans: – Well this type of plans are pre-arranged and valid up to monthly, quarterly, half yearly or semi-annually based on their requirement. Not only an individual but MNCs and corporate world are habitual to this one. From your bullet journal to arrangement of liquidity (Finance in MNCs), these plans have their own uniqueness and status. Short term plans are in other words is like engine of Motorcar, it has to perform irrespective of its result. Short term plans are more useful in comparison of other two. One can’t easily predict long future and emergency situation, so they have to handy some strategies/policies to come out from the danger.

Long Term Plans: – Basically the plans which aren’t short term, automatically considered into long term plans. Generally, the tenure of long-term plans are from One years to infinite period. Here, Infinite period means, suppose one had think to establish a business. So, the foremost condition is to assume the future of the business in current scenario and then to make roadmap accordingly. Well set business isn’t so easy process, one can search the office of Amazon in 1999. One has to think from each n every angle of business criteria and make it tolerable one to bear some uncertainty prevailing in the market. Since the long term are risky one compared to short term, one has to make necessary arrangement of security as well.

Emergency/Spontaneous Plans: – As we all know life is full of uncertainty. So, one has to ready with back up plans as well. If something goes wrong whether in business or individual life, this plan works out always. I don’t think anyone isn’t aware from the current situation of Corona pandemic where government comes out with an emergency plan to combat against it. Economic packages and Reserves are often provided to get control over the present situation. Likewise, people has also be ready to face the unpredicted situation of their respective life. One can only survive if they know how to overcome from it.

So, these are the plans which carried the life of ones. First You make the plans but after those are the Plans which makes you, a better person, a better individual but only if you execute it in properly. Don’t you think, Plans only runs if it works!!!

Surprise!!! Yes, now like I’d done previously I’ll tell you the topic of my next post here, everyone is free to make a content on that as well…  Topic is, Numbers, don’t Lies at all. Feel free to participate in, voluntarily. Just ping me if you done a post on it!! Thank you, all the best!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion on today’s post in comment section. Will soon replied you over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

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Does, Apology Works Always?!

Hello Guys, how are you? Hope you all are doing good and healthy as well. Corona, Corona, Corona words scare me more than its actual existence, have you feel like the same? Don’t worry, here I come to you with a solution. Just remember the days that are before the pandemic and feel how much happy you are then. Really it works!! Why to feel low if you are safe still now?

What’s the difference in yourself you noted before the pandemic and after the pandemic? Have you find? No? Then why to feel alone, broken?? Is that works and changed your mood? Not at all guys, just be positive all the time because that’s what we can do least to save ourselves. It’s not too easy nor too hard, just try. Be motivate all the time, if you are not, then how can you feel Positivity you are surrounded with? Maybe it’s the matter of time, Maybe it’s matter of situation we don’t know when it’ll wrap. Seems like never ending movie, but as we all aware by law of nature Whichever will come, come with an expiry date. So, stay safe Mentally – Physically and Emotionally.

Image Courtesy : Mindful.org

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s topic. Yes, You guess right, today we’ll discussing one more interesting subject which almost matter’s in most of everyone’s life. Apology!! What you mean by it? In simple words it means, To show our condoles/sympathy to the people who are hurt by us or by some of our acts, right? Absolutely it’s correct but don’t you find it too narrow? Okay here we go…

We all knew the general meaning of Apology, right? Yeah, but very few of us knew the real meaning of it. Apology, why we apologise and how many types of Apology, have you think about it? No? Then ok, let me understand you all. We are Human. That’s truth, right? Okay now tell me, What we made of? Full of Emotions, feelings and Thoughts, right? Obviously, we are. At last on this planet we are the only one who can feel, who can relive and who can believe.

As we are mixture of these component it affect in different ways in our lifestyle. Sorry, sounds easy to say but let me aware you it’s not easy at all. The Arrogance and myth belief of I am something, stop you to do so. When we made mistakes or say when we feel from heart that our words hurts someone, we offers our apology instantly. In that scenario it’s the best way to save the relation, irrespective any kind of it is.

The person who hurts from our words either protest us or they became silent forever. Argument isn’t in their nature may be, still if we won’t offer apology to them then we are not able to consider ourselves in Human. If we are human, then it doesn’t mean we always made mistake and then escaping by just say sorry. There’s a limit of everything, the day you crossed that limit you are finished.

Apparently, Apology is mainly of 3 Kinds. A condoles Apology, Survival Apology and Fake Apology. Condoles Apology mainly used when we heard something strange and won’t find any other words to tackle down the situation. Like if someone die, we usually heard people saying that; Sorry to heard that/Sorry for your loss. This apology used by those people also, whose intention isn’t to hurt others. Like, Sorry I didn’t Mean that.

Now come to 2nd type i.e. Survival Apology. This apology mainly used by those who can do anything to save their relationship with people. If Employee had done some mistake, he better to apologise for that what he has done. The people who lives in relationship often habitual to this one. They don’t want to upset their love bird. Sorry, can we give one more chance to our relationship? People of this kind are usually sensitive and carrying. Even a big mistake from others are let go by them.

And the final one i.e. Fake Apology. This apology is like that people, who offers it. Fake people – Fake Apology. At last what we can expect from those guys? Pretence can be smell from them, from their words. This apology isn’t enough to count in but as said Apology is Apology. Whether it’s from heart or by Fake smile. Used by those for whom it doesn’t matter at all. If some robber, rob your house but after some days police caught him. At the time the apology offers by them is just for their rescue. Some people are that much habitual that they apologise so confidently with giggle on their face that it’ll give them unexpressed peace of world.  Sorry please, don’t go!!

Though it doesn’t meant to apologize is bad. It is Good. It proves you Human. But the way you express Apology is everything. There’s no forgiveness for Crime. In fact, there should be restriction on forgiveness in such acts.

Now say does, Apology works always? No, not all. It always depends on situation, on person and on the circumstances. If you kill anyone and then offer your apology, what you think, would you make your way out from Punishment? May be Law release you innocent, but the soul of the victim will never forgives you. Apology doesn’t works always; it’ll vary whether you believe or not. Apology works there where it really meant but not there where it becomes the source of escapement.

If you had did something wrong to anyone then be prepared to face the circumstances of it. As said your deed comes to you. If not you, then somebody of you. If not in this incarnation, then the followed but you’ve to pay what you do. What you think, Would you escape by the Justice of God? No one will go pardon!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all love this. Send your suggestions/ thoughts/ opinion on today’s post in comment section. I’ll replied you over there soon. Stay safe, Stay Healthy. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda hafiz….

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The Alphabet of Life

Hello Folks, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and healthy wherever you are. Corona Epidemic rolling its bulldozer all over the world that many strong Buildings i.e. Italy/US/France/UK/Germany also felt vibration through it. Since last 15 days I just heard the word/news of Corona virus more than anything else since I Born, really it gets more attention may be that’s its quality i.e. Attention Seeker. So today I won’t post anything related to it, instead i would like to introduce the unique Alphabet of Human Life. So Let’s Start….

“It’s not just the Alphabet, It’s the Description of LIFE.”

Active:- It doesn’t mean to stay on duty all the time, just mean to give efforts to stay fit-healthy-wealthy. Alertness and Activeness this duo quality is essential for every human being. The day you feel lazy is the starting of your fall-down. Rest is necessary but too much rest made human useless.

Bold:- Be Bold in your nature means prepare yourself to stand in all type of situation irrespective of good/bad situation on your own feet. Believe you are strong enough to face the problems because Others only left you when they find you Fighter!!!

Commitment:- Once you committed to do something than it’s important to make value of your Words because those are the words which affect others directly/indirectly. If you start doubting on yourself than believe me very soon you find yourself there where there’s no U-Turn no Diversion.

Dedication:- When you committed something with someone, you only gonna fulfill it if you dedicated yourself fully towards that task. As said Half Heatedly efforts often ended in result of Pessimism!! So whatever you wants to do, did it with support of inner soul.

Energetic:- Energetic doesn’t mean to stay high or say aggressive all the time. Don’t you find Enthusiasm similar one to Energetic? The only difference between these two is Energetic people are often Enthusiastic but Enthusiastic People are always Energetic as well. The People who is Energetic would also be Enthusiastic otherwise energy of the people wasted by many ways..

Fierce:- Be Fierce in your Decision Making but never take decision Fiercely.. People said Fierce one never be Passionate, In fact those are real who wants to do anything for Success. The heat when you feel the micro edge defeat is the moment, where you don’t need a kind heart – all you need is a Courage which is part of your Fierce Comeback…

Guts:- If You Fail what you do? You’ll give try for max. up to 3-4 times, right? Look the every failure taught you a lesson, if you can’t understood it then it’ll teach you again n again unless n until you know the real meaning of Failure not the Success. It’ll take the Examination of your Guts not your Knowledge because you may gather knowledge from anywhere but Guts are rare!!

Honest:- At least be Honest to Yourself. Because whatever you do your soul partners you in each n every Crime(Act) of yours. If you can’t be honest to yourself than you never be honest to anyone else in the world. Honesty isn’t Rare, Honest People are Rare!!

Intelligence:- Let me clear you all, Study not works at all everywhere. It’s your sense and humor which supports you anywhere. I don’t want to discourage Scholar, Study is important till Interview but in interview your response and intelligence put authority over your study.

Judge-mental:- This quality should be present in every Human Being. In fact it present in all of us but in wrong way. People Start to Judge others but that’s not the correct meaning of the word Judge. If you want to Judge anyone, Starts from yourself. If you find yourself perfect one then and only then Go ahead. If you’re not perfect then how can you expect Perfect-ism everywhere??

Knockout:- You know what is the beautiful moment of Life? The day you defeated your Fear, Knockout it that it’ll never try to Scare you… Though it’s not easy. Many tried but instead of Knock outing Fear they Knock out themselves from the World. It’s like Do or Die game. If you miss it’ll hit.

Labels:- Never give labels to others that what is good/bad. The one which is good for you, doesn’t necessary to good for others too. It’s just matter of opinion that what is good for them and what is not good for others. This is not an Ability nor a Quality. It’s totally viewpoint of People vary from person to person.

Money:- Money is the Most Powerful Inspiration and when you have that you don’t need any other Inspiration right? May be Yes, May be No..The People who run behind Money lost themselves often. Rather to run for Money, Make Money which works to regenerate more money. In past Greed of it, destroy many Human Breed. Be Greedy to make it, rather than to earn it As said Brain never goes old.

Necessary:- Do You really know what is necessary for you or not? If no then mention me the quote of Warren Buffet: If you Bought that what is not Necessary for you, Very soon you Sold out that Which is Really Necessary for you.. Done routine checkout to your requirements and plans accordingly.

Opportunities:- Opportunities are like Ball of Cricket Game. If you miss, you may got other balls to face, but the only condition is that not to hurt too early. Because barriers are part of your Success Journey. If One Opportunities gone find another one to be Succeed. As said You only Lost if you Give Up. Just hammer strong your will power and confidence in yourself.

Practice:- Practice makes Man Perfect, is this Idiom/Phrase Wrong? No? Then why to stop yourself? The more you Practice, The more expertise knowledge you gather in that particular matter. You only advise others if you well Developed. As said first Learn then remove L from it.

Quality:- What you prefer, Quality over Quantity or Quantity over Quality? Quality, right? For example iPhone. If you give quality to others they will be habitual of yours and never left you unless n until your better Competitor enters the market. People loves show off then why not to take benefit of that habit? Be Brand – Sold Brand – Sold Quality!!

Reason:- We people often find reason to leave someone/something. Don’t we? Definitely, we always love arguing so that argue sometimes itself becomes reason. Never Find A Reason rather than find a Visionary Mission of that reason which wants to lead you towards the mountain of Success!!

Success:- Success is not your cup of tea if you have egoistic or say arrogant belly. Your metabolism to digest the failure is everything that you need to be Succeed. If you want Success then Achieve it but never beg it. If you beg then it’s not Success, it’s only some shitty sympathy of others which you accepted as Success. Be a Failure, so and so you can only knew the meaning of what the Success is.

Tactics:- Yes as I said above your sense of humor and intelligence plays an important role in your life. Your will power and out of box thinking that how to tackle the particular situation when to Dribble and how to shuffle for the next move is all you need. Prefer on to Be Tactical More rather than to be Practical!! Because for appliance of Tactics you’ve to be Practical sooner or later..

Unique:- The efforts which are different from others will put you in that category which many often Dream about. Uniqueness and Incomparable, this both quality is enough to monopolize your Existence. People only choose/select you if they find you/your efforts more comfortable than their Previous Experience, otherwise why they strike an ax on their own leg?

Varieties:- Always try to Give variety to People. People have fond of accepting new changes whether it’s in Cloth/Gadgets/Books/Food or other items. You may find people hunger at most of the time, so it’s up to you how you satisfy their need and requirements. People Consume what they Digest easily so be humble to them as well..

Wallet:- We know Money couldn’t buy happiness but Money gives many reasons to be happy, Don’t you think? Absolutely, money satisfies most of the requirements so always think big. Rather than to weigh your Wallet, think to Rise up your bank balance. The more you earn, the more you try to live peacefully happy life!!!

Xenophobia:- If you come in this world then just forget that really you hate someone. That someone whatever do to harm you, just ignore them and be kind enough to draw your attention to productive work. Always Remember We are here to save not to harm, We are here to Produce not to vanish!! Never be too strict to yourself either…

Yield:- As a Human being we always go there where we make profit now, or in nearest Future. That’s the human tendency. There’s one rule in investment: Higher the Risk, Higher the Return. So prepared yourself to lose first, the same or more what you expect to earn. Because Without losing you never think to Win.

Zero:- Simply The value of zero always seems nullify. But in reality it’s the Zero which make worth of your Wealth. Don’t believe? Then try to remove last zero from your Earning. Still not saw any change? Do you know the special Quality of Zero, It is good enough to make you Zero from Hero. So who are you?

So that’s all for the day, hope you all like the new version of my Alphabet which is essential in human life cycle. Keep sharing your views, thoughts, opinion,suggestions in comment section – will replied you soon. See u soon on next Sunday till that Taata, Babbye, Rab Rakkha, Shukran, Khuda Hafiz!!


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