Hide – Stop – Run!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your life. November, it’s already November of 2020, like seriously? Well we all have a big and unforgettable worse start of the decade, don’t know what follows. But one thing for sure that whatever this pandemic brings, we are still alive, be grateful for that even though you think you pissed off, because at last you are still surviving – which means you have to find ways to deal with this kind or even worse to this kind of situation, right? Absolutely, we should, and we must, we are human not to give up. This year comes like we all wait for the Blast (in good way, also leap year, so we assume good 366 days, but there’s no single day passed when we won’t scared of this pandemic whether one believe or not.) and it comes like boom, saw us the mirror image of our own.

2020, comes out of the box and shocked all of us. The only thing we can do is either to fight back now or wait for some relaxations of ourselves. Anyways, let’s quick move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any guess by the title? No? Okay don’t worries. We will go through it soon. The concept of today is based on recent up down occurred in our respective lives, which taught us so-so many lessons. Thus, this one is grab from there, so let’s start without wasting more time.

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As said, All War isn’t to Win only, it’s sometimes for defence and pride too, right? No matters, whomsoever won it, casualties recorded at both the sides, no argue in that. WAR, if you read it in reverse, it makes them RAW, like they have to start from beginning, as harmness/ blood and greed finished one of them by root and now they all are looks like newbies. Start from there where you stop isn’t helpful in such conditions, so be aware before announcing any type of WAR, with people, with nature or with anybody.  

As a human we also need to maintain the balance between Offensive and Defensive mode. One can’t be Offensive all the time and can’t be defensive for always. It makes one’s life a living hell if they unstable it even for a minute. The game of Soccer is best example of it. There should be always balance between Attackers and Defenders, one can’t go always for a goal, and one can’t be defensive every time. If there’s lack of Attackers, they can’t score even a single goal and if there’s a lack of Defender, you don’t need to look at scoresheets, the face of players is enough!! The importance of Attackers and Defenders is almost parallel, no one gets upper hand over another. What Attackers can do, only done by them and what Defenders can do, only done by them. If you misplaced/gamble their place among them, the worst result awaits you.  

The path one chose to follow will never be an easy one, it’s all up to them how to deal with the situations/barriers/problems/issues, etc. Always remember if you want to attack, then be ready to face the same or may be even worse situation than that.

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The same happens with the Human Life. Yes, you read it right. There must be perfect balance between mental and physical health of one, that’s the basic condition. If one is strong by mentally but not physically, they must have to rely on someone else, likewise one is fit physically but not mentally then mental asylum is the best place for them. As said Trust People, but don’t Sane/Mad one. Even court of Justice failed to punish them because they can’t punish them who lost control on themselves, their mindset. This is base rule of any human, they should be fit mentally and physically so that they can perform their acts and responsible for it.

As a human we can’t be Aggressive all the time, calmness and patience is much needed one here. Sometime result which one wants may be delivered late but that shouldn’t affect your brain. As said in aggression one forget to think what is good and what not, right? So, take a deep breathe first before making any move, which later proves to be regrettable one. On the opposed side, one can’t be defensive for always, sooner or later they must have to break the barrier of their inability to be aggressive. If you forget to learn that you have to suffer the most. People gonna press you more n more, if you prefer to stay in your lit nut, because they know you learnt to defend only, fight back isn’t in your vein.

Hide, whenever it seems reasonable, there’s nothing bad in that. Did you noticed the thief? What they does? They hide when they find situation isn’t good, they stop all their works for some time and then start again when everything looks good and relaxed. You have to do the same. Hide when you thinks you are about to expose more in public eye. Stop all your works for some time, till situation won’t get under control. If you avoid this basic, there’s no one to blame for, it’s only YOU, who is there for everything.

Hide, when situation is against you, take a small halt, pause your all the actions, and then wait for the right moment. Right moment will definitely come, have some patience, you get the time to play for your gamble too, for sure. It’s all the game of time, if you learnt to deal with it, then there’s nothing in this world, which stops you to conquer it. Make a sprint like who cares. Because you know, you wait for it, so why to think for others now, are they think of you when you are suffering? No, right? Yeah, then do it, it’s your turn now.

Everything is Fair in love and war, right? Though Definitely you aren’t here to love and neither to war. So be prepared yourself to habitual to deal with worst situation of the life. One never know what awaits them, all they knows is they will suffer, and they will go through it. Be Attender, the hybrid version of Attacker and Defender. At the time you know how to attack, when to attack and where to attack with support of solid defence. You know when to halt, when to tackle, when to dribble, how to win aerial duals and how to nutmeg the opponent. Opponent will be in any nature, shape, type, all you can do is to have some mindful strategies, plans and paths to follow.

One can’t Hide for Always; One can’t Stop at All and One can’t Run for Always!!

So that’s all for the day. Delay should be preferable over shutting down something for always. But when you about to resume it again, do it with all your courage, power and will. Remember, you can only stop when you know you will comeback stronger than ever. Be a Sprinter, on your knees, takes a deep breathe until the flags up for the run and then show what you are able to. What you think about? Send all your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tatta, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Confession, the Passion One must Follow!!


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Loyalty is Royalty!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are safe and well wherever you are. I am really glad to know your thoughts in my previous post about Apology. For me it slowly becomes an addiction to stick to this site, but yeah, I like this type of addiction though. After all who gonna deny this kind of love, getting from its audience cum family?! It’s less than a year, but not got even a single link when this site became an essential thing in the life!! Every Sunday I eagerly wait to publish my post, and the way you responded is just… I even couldn’t find the words to express my gratitude towards you!! I enjoying reading yours as well. Keep Writing – Keep Shining.

Corona, I don’t think it gonna be stop its fear at least for this year. We’ve to be habitual to live with it otherwise either we gonna die to its fear or we gonna die through it. Intention isn’t to demotivate you, but as a Professional student, I can try to understand the economy. From the last 2 months, Indian economy solely bearing 40000 Crores loss in single day then you can think about the situation of rest of the countries of the world. Indian share market also lost its rank in top share market of the world, in which 2016 India stood 7th and beginning of 2019 it’s ranked 10th but now at the end of March 2020, India lose its rank. Definitely it’s the effect of Corona, the effect of uncertainty. So may be mask is new normal from now and Work from home is new tradition in the World. So, let’s ready to accept the new life adaptation.

Royalty isn’t that What you Earn, It’s that which Learn to Earn!!
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Anyways let’s move towards today’s topic. Seems like old fashioned on first glance, don’t you find through title of the post? Loyalty, good to hear but in practical, very rare to find. Right? Obviously in today’s fast-forwarding life, loyalty lost its credit ability. Honesty, the synonyms to Loyalty. But don’t find any functionality in today’s lifestyle, would you? Let’s start from beginning…

Honesty, In simple terms, To gain the trust of someone by doing best for them through us, right? Okay. It shows the faith people put it in the people but what if that trust broken by them? In today’s world you may find many person who are habitual to broke it irrespective of the gender/cast/age/religion of the person.

We are that much Treacher, that if we want to illustrate loyalty, we have to consider Dog in phrase/idioms. People trusted Dogs more rather than other people. Sounds outrageous, but that’s the hard reality of today’s human. As said, If you find honesty/loyalty then keep it, it’s rare. No argue to it, but have you find any reason that why people cheat others? Is there only Monetary benefits? Not at all. There are so many reasons of it.

The very first reason i.e. Revenge. Yeah people cheat others to get revenge of their hard time. If someone had done something wrong on sake of others, then the one who has done that, must have ready to face the circumstances of it. The one who used to be loyal becomes unwanted criminal because of their ignorance. The one who won’t appreciate good, often ends up in bare hands.

Revenge followed by Helplessness. Sometimes loyalty won’t works as thought. The one who is corrupt enforced others too. In that case loyal people either give up to the situation or they gonna give up on their life. Their loyalty ends up with the life of that man. Yes, it’s the reality. In that scenario, Either you have to be like them (Corrupt) or you may have to give up on your life ethics. Most prefer the first option, because at last everyone loves their life.

The next and final one is Greed. Maybe this is most reasonable cause of Dishonesty. Present almost everywhere and in everyone, don’t you think? Obviously, The main and upmost reason of dishonesty is Greed. As said Hunger of the Human can be Satisfied but Greed, go unsatisfied all the way. There’s no way to satisfied greed of Human. They always tries to achieve more n more. If not by Strength, then by Emotions; If not by Guts then by Buts. In between that they never know when they reached there, where it’s impossible to take U-Turn. There’s nothing wrong to say Greed, enough to destroy your Breed.

So, what’s Loyalty? To stuck to one thing irrespective of benefits/gain/loss whole life, fully dedicatedly without betraying someone for others. This concept is old but as said Old is Gold, This concept has its own pros and cons. There are so many people in the real life who still believe they should have to loyal to others. For them, their life ethics is more important than any other things. They won’t deal in exchange of their life ethics. If something is wrong for them then it’ll be wrong for always. Often, they lost their lives in doing so. They find death more comfortable rather than to live with myth.

We all are wrong in some way, but that’s the admirable who is less wrong. No one is perfect. In everyone’s life one moment comes definitely where they have to make call. Maybe it’ll go wrong in future or maybe they’ll succeed in their endeavour. Sometimes you doesn’t want to do that which is wrong but at the time you are helpless – hopeless. You know that’s wrong, but you can’t do anything.

Every people should at least try to loyal to their relative ones, Father/Mother to their family – Employee to his/her boss – Boss to their Management – Companies to its Customers – Consumers to their Ethics – Management to Government and Government to its resident. There should be transparency in each and every transaction if you want Growth and development. Men dies but it’s their name and their deeds which other reminds for long. As said, If you do something Good, you’ll find very less for Appreciation but if you do something wrong you gonna be criticize badly.

Our focus shouldn’t only to earn money, we should earn dignity along with earning. Earn Name, money will generate automatically. If you go behind Money, maybe you gonna loss everything. I know it sounds good in writing and hearing but in practical life it’s very tough. Efforts and Attempt is necessary not the result. Try to be loyal, Feel like Royal!!!

The lone difference between the two is Royalty can be earn time after time but Loyelty if once lost it’s hard to gain it again!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you like today’s concept. Just try to give it different shape. Share your opinion regarding today’s post in comment section. Also recommend your suggestion/experience to this, will eagerly wait to hear from you. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, bbyee, Rab Rakha, Shukran, Khuda Hafiz!!


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The Mysterious Trio : Heart, Mind and Soul

Hey folks, what’s up? Hope you all are doing well and good. I know this time the whole world is passing through transformation from one phase to another. Though this is the time to show what we human able to do. I know, It’s not so easy but still how can we easily give up on situation where we are the most updated version on this earth!! We ruled almost everywhere and tech-savvy. So, let’s pledge to do something to save ourselves from this outbreak. And Let’s Hope soon we’ll find the solution to overcome from this situation.

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Anyways let’s come back to today’s topic. Today I won’t publish/write anything about Corona. Instead of that, Today I’ll share something fresh with you which I come across when I wrote my book yesterday. Yes, I am still half in my book, as changes come, I modified it & that’s how I got the idea to write on this topic.

In our Body 3 Parts are more important than any other parts, right? i.e. Mind (Brain), Soul and Heart. As all these have significant effect on our body. Absence of any of the above mention 3 parts creates difficulties for One to survive or let me say without it One can’t live. Right? Yes, absolutely. Have you heard/seen any People/Man who has no Soul or heart? Not at all, right? We saw many people who has Brain, but he/she has no functionality of it. You may find many people in mental hospital, that’s because of Low brain power or say acentric/limited use of it. Sometimes one go mad as something unexpected happened with them in their respective life. In short without these 3 parts Humans won’t sound Human. They seems like Live body or let me say a bag of Bones.

If someone give you chance, then what you acquire from those 3? Many go with Mind; Many go with heart but very little will go with Soul. Not getting my words, let me understand you all.

Let’s first take Mind (Brain). You may see very intelligent people in the world in your entire life; or maybe not. It’s also depends on the person, vary from person to person. You know, to control one mind is very easy, you may heard many stories about it. We People are very sensitive, if someone talks with us sweetly, we’ll start put trusting on them soon. As we people won’t listen bad about ourselves so one can easily rule the brain of Ours.

Hypnotize, I don’t think any of you don’t aware from this word. This is the Technique through which one can easily play with mind of others. You may find one phrase in my post that Brain never goes old, but that doesn’t mean it won’t Tired. One can shape their mind to do so many things at a time but after some time, it won’t work at all. One’s stamina/immunity/power is limited whether they believe or not. So, my point is that don’t choose Brain.

Now come to the second point i.e. Heart. Have you seen Heart? No, I am also not much lucky in that too!! A 250G small piece looks like engine of One’s body. Without it no one can live, at least not Human. The people who is very close to us lives in our Heart and without them we feel like our heart missed to beat, right? Obviously, We human are emotional fool!! We take small matters in Big sense and there starts drama. The one whose Heart is bigger (not in size) looks happy all the time or say at least pretend to stay happy. They just avoid to cry before the World, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get hurts.

The one who has heart, hurts sooner or later. Heart Attack, I think you all are familiar to it, right? Okay but have any of you think why it calls heart attack? Simple man, when one can’t bear the shock, their heart isn’t in the condition to tolerate it. So, whenever some spontaneous things happen in one life, they either live happily or they going to Die soon. Many people are in habit to break the heart of others and Heart also broke easily. They break it not because of it is small/weak, they break it because we gave them authority to break it.

Now let’s back to 3rd part i.e. Soul. Where Mind can be control by someone, when your Heart is ruled by someone, but there it’s your Soul which never separates from you. Neither it can be broke, nor it can be control. It’s all yours till your Existence. Soul and your body is complimentary to each other. Without soul body is just bundle of bones and without body there’s no existence for Soul. You know Soul is immortal. After your death, your body may be either buried or may be found in graveyards. So Rather to find Life partner put weigh to find Soul partner.

Though my main point is come now to write on this Post. Whenever I do something I want to listen to my soul, but then Mind present its different Opinion and what I say about Heart? Heart always had its own view for it. They all are also right in their respective scenario. Mind is Working Properly. Heart is in Perfect Condition and Soul is also its own view. So, with whom should I have to go? If I asked you the same question whom should you Follow? Heart – Mind or Soul?

So that’s all for the day. Please
send your suggestions in comment section, I’ll replied you over there soon. Please stay safe guys, it’s examination of God. We’ll overcome from the situation very soon. If there’s a hope. May be there’s a Success too. The whole world is running on ray of hope, the future is unsure but still we people hope tomorrow will come. Exactly that, this time shall pass soon!!! See you all next Sunday till then Tataaa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz..
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The Alphabet of Life

Hello Folks, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and healthy wherever you are. Corona Epidemic rolling its bulldozer all over the world that many strong Buildings i.e. Italy/US/France/UK/Germany also felt vibration through it. Since last 15 days I just heard the word/news of Corona virus more than anything else since I Born, really it gets more attention may be that’s its quality i.e. Attention Seeker. So today I won’t post anything related to it, instead i would like to introduce the unique Alphabet of Human Life. So Let’s Start….

“It’s not just the Alphabet, It’s the Description of LIFE.”

Active:- It doesn’t mean to stay on duty all the time, just mean to give efforts to stay fit-healthy-wealthy. Alertness and Activeness this duo quality is essential for every human being. The day you feel lazy is the starting of your fall-down. Rest is necessary but too much rest made human useless.

Bold:- Be Bold in your nature means prepare yourself to stand in all type of situation irrespective of good/bad situation on your own feet. Believe you are strong enough to face the problems because Others only left you when they find you Fighter!!!

Commitment:- Once you committed to do something than it’s important to make value of your Words because those are the words which affect others directly/indirectly. If you start doubting on yourself than believe me very soon you find yourself there where there’s no U-Turn no Diversion.

Dedication:- When you committed something with someone, you only gonna fulfill it if you dedicated yourself fully towards that task. As said Half Heatedly efforts often ended in result of Pessimism!! So whatever you wants to do, did it with support of inner soul.

Energetic:- Energetic doesn’t mean to stay high or say aggressive all the time. Don’t you find Enthusiasm similar one to Energetic? The only difference between these two is Energetic people are often Enthusiastic but Enthusiastic People are always Energetic as well. The People who is Energetic would also be Enthusiastic otherwise energy of the people wasted by many ways..

Fierce:- Be Fierce in your Decision Making but never take decision Fiercely.. People said Fierce one never be Passionate, In fact those are real who wants to do anything for Success. The heat when you feel the micro edge defeat is the moment, where you don’t need a kind heart – all you need is a Courage which is part of your Fierce Comeback…

Guts:- If You Fail what you do? You’ll give try for max. up to 3-4 times, right? Look the every failure taught you a lesson, if you can’t understood it then it’ll teach you again n again unless n until you know the real meaning of Failure not the Success. It’ll take the Examination of your Guts not your Knowledge because you may gather knowledge from anywhere but Guts are rare!!

Honest:- At least be Honest to Yourself. Because whatever you do your soul partners you in each n every Crime(Act) of yours. If you can’t be honest to yourself than you never be honest to anyone else in the world. Honesty isn’t Rare, Honest People are Rare!!

Intelligence:- Let me clear you all, Study not works at all everywhere. It’s your sense and humor which supports you anywhere. I don’t want to discourage Scholar, Study is important till Interview but in interview your response and intelligence put authority over your study.

Judge-mental:- This quality should be present in every Human Being. In fact it present in all of us but in wrong way. People Start to Judge others but that’s not the correct meaning of the word Judge. If you want to Judge anyone, Starts from yourself. If you find yourself perfect one then and only then Go ahead. If you’re not perfect then how can you expect Perfect-ism everywhere??

Knockout:- You know what is the beautiful moment of Life? The day you defeated your Fear, Knockout it that it’ll never try to Scare you… Though it’s not easy. Many tried but instead of Knock outing Fear they Knock out themselves from the World. It’s like Do or Die game. If you miss it’ll hit.

Labels:- Never give labels to others that what is good/bad. The one which is good for you, doesn’t necessary to good for others too. It’s just matter of opinion that what is good for them and what is not good for others. This is not an Ability nor a Quality. It’s totally viewpoint of People vary from person to person.

Money:- Money is the Most Powerful Inspiration and when you have that you don’t need any other Inspiration right? May be Yes, May be No..The People who run behind Money lost themselves often. Rather to run for Money, Make Money which works to regenerate more money. In past Greed of it, destroy many Human Breed. Be Greedy to make it, rather than to earn it As said Brain never goes old.

Necessary:- Do You really know what is necessary for you or not? If no then mention me the quote of Warren Buffet: If you Bought that what is not Necessary for you, Very soon you Sold out that Which is Really Necessary for you.. Done routine checkout to your requirements and plans accordingly.

Opportunities:- Opportunities are like Ball of Cricket Game. If you miss, you may got other balls to face, but the only condition is that not to hurt too early. Because barriers are part of your Success Journey. If One Opportunities gone find another one to be Succeed. As said You only Lost if you Give Up. Just hammer strong your will power and confidence in yourself.

Practice:- Practice makes Man Perfect, is this Idiom/Phrase Wrong? No? Then why to stop yourself? The more you Practice, The more expertise knowledge you gather in that particular matter. You only advise others if you well Developed. As said first Learn then remove L from it.

Quality:- What you prefer, Quality over Quantity or Quantity over Quality? Quality, right? For example iPhone. If you give quality to others they will be habitual of yours and never left you unless n until your better Competitor enters the market. People loves show off then why not to take benefit of that habit? Be Brand – Sold Brand – Sold Quality!!

Reason:- We people often find reason to leave someone/something. Don’t we? Definitely, we always love arguing so that argue sometimes itself becomes reason. Never Find A Reason rather than find a Visionary Mission of that reason which wants to lead you towards the mountain of Success!!

Success:- Success is not your cup of tea if you have egoistic or say arrogant belly. Your metabolism to digest the failure is everything that you need to be Succeed. If you want Success then Achieve it but never beg it. If you beg then it’s not Success, it’s only some shitty sympathy of others which you accepted as Success. Be a Failure, so and so you can only knew the meaning of what the Success is.

Tactics:- Yes as I said above your sense of humor and intelligence plays an important role in your life. Your will power and out of box thinking that how to tackle the particular situation when to Dribble and how to shuffle for the next move is all you need. Prefer on to Be Tactical More rather than to be Practical!! Because for appliance of Tactics you’ve to be Practical sooner or later..

Unique:- The efforts which are different from others will put you in that category which many often Dream about. Uniqueness and Incomparable, this both quality is enough to monopolize your Existence. People only choose/select you if they find you/your efforts more comfortable than their Previous Experience, otherwise why they strike an ax on their own leg?

Varieties:- Always try to Give variety to People. People have fond of accepting new changes whether it’s in Cloth/Gadgets/Books/Food or other items. You may find people hunger at most of the time, so it’s up to you how you satisfy their need and requirements. People Consume what they Digest easily so be humble to them as well..

Wallet:- We know Money couldn’t buy happiness but Money gives many reasons to be happy, Don’t you think? Absolutely, money satisfies most of the requirements so always think big. Rather than to weigh your Wallet, think to Rise up your bank balance. The more you earn, the more you try to live peacefully happy life!!!

Xenophobia:- If you come in this world then just forget that really you hate someone. That someone whatever do to harm you, just ignore them and be kind enough to draw your attention to productive work. Always Remember We are here to save not to harm, We are here to Produce not to vanish!! Never be too strict to yourself either…

Yield:- As a Human being we always go there where we make profit now, or in nearest Future. That’s the human tendency. There’s one rule in investment: Higher the Risk, Higher the Return. So prepared yourself to lose first, the same or more what you expect to earn. Because Without losing you never think to Win.

Zero:- Simply The value of zero always seems nullify. But in reality it’s the Zero which make worth of your Wealth. Don’t believe? Then try to remove last zero from your Earning. Still not saw any change? Do you know the special Quality of Zero, It is good enough to make you Zero from Hero. So who are you?

So that’s all for the day, hope you all like the new version of my Alphabet which is essential in human life cycle. Keep sharing your views, thoughts, opinion,suggestions in comment section – will replied you soon. See u soon on next Sunday till that Taata, Babbye, Rab Rakkha, Shukran, Khuda Hafiz!!


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Mind the ABC of Life…

Hello Folks, What’s up? Hope you all had a great start of New year & if not then don’t be sad it’s just beginning. As said beginning should always be different then Climax. So keep up with pace towards your goal & be passionate at the same time. Today’s my post is based on that, hope you all will find it helpful. So let’s start but before that let me give quick update of the world from past week.

The People from all over the world celebrated the New year in very fascinated ways. Like Amazon rainforest wildfire, Australia also become victim of natural calamity, troops sends to tackle down fire,killed almost half a billion animals. Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Commander was assassinated in US Airstrike in Baghdad on Thursday night, the US Defense Department Conformed. In Jakarta, Indonesia More than 50 people were dead in Flood. Russia develops a new weapon travels 27 times more faster than Sound. So that’s all the major events I consider in today’s post.

Anyways, let’s Coming back to today’s point/agenda. The new year comes & many people have resolute/planned to execute many things/stuffs in this year. So my blog topic is wholly reflect on that, that how people should concentrate and not to be arrogant driving towards goal. Though this subject relates to all and one can easily applied this one to their daily healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Each & Every people must have Kept in mind the follow ABC of Life for having beautiful & worthy life.

Attitude:- Ahh not in that mean, what you assume. Let me explain, Attitude means having a Own Grew Personality, not to measure people useless or brainless if one has better understanding than others. To let people know about you, your humbleness and simplicity is all your worth. We all know that Life is race, but You only win if you have power to Digest the Success.

“Develop your own Attitude from differ than Rest of all.”

And as said there’s Slight difference between Attitude and Arrogance. Never be arrogant to have upper hand in competition/stuffs. The people who were arrogant never digest success and ended up in giving up whole life treasure, even sometime he/she has to walk by washing up his/her respective life. Kindness/Helpfulness are the key of Happiness. One can say that he/she is happy but his/her inner soul never stand by his/her side.

Don’t be Blind in Your own Personality, let observe others too and then make your next move. Give equal importance to others as well. If your attitude is bury yourself then what it means? Does it make any sense? Having an Attitude is a good thing but always remain in Attitude is Worthless. Show Attitude there where it’s necessary, never there where it’s seems unusual/outrageous.

Behavior:- Ok let me say, what are you mean by Behavior/Behaviour? To act in different situation or to act towards different people according to situation, right? Well that’s the half meaning of the aforementioned word. Let me give brief explanation of word.

“Change in Your behavior is like Change in Yourself..”

Behavior means to Behave as per our condition, towards different kind of persons in versatile situation/consequences. Here I consider our condition, means changes occurs in ourselves not in others. The Change is made when we progress in life i.e. the stage of becoming Rich from Poor, the stage of becoming Matured from short tempered, the stage of becoming Human from a Ordinary Man. In all the cases we change by experience or say by Age. The person who remain Down to Earth in all the situation is truly knows as a MAN.

The day when that feeling coming in your mind/soul that I am Something your downfall started till What for me, Nothing.. So always be a man and remain helpful to others. Never Change your tone or show off your Money power, always be in nature and smile all the time. Your Vanity may be just for temporary Don’t make it permanently to vanish your Life.

Commitment:- In among all the three, Commitment is the almost necessary all the way. The commitment required whole life, in all situation & in all ife events. The above two are(i.e. Attitude & Behavior) also worthless if you are not committed to yourself because Commitment is predefined/preconditioned everywhere.

Attitude & Behavior don’t changes if you not committed to yourself. The one who is not committed will always finds him/herself uncommitted everywhere. If you wants to do something, then you must have to do that. Lack of commitment showing immaturity of a Man.

“Make a Promise not to break down Commitment.”

Someone has said very truly, The only thing is going to stop yourself, is only You. Be Passionate towards your Goal/Mission/Vision. Focus & Concentration is required when you going to commit something. If you committed but don’t fully concentrate then you’ll end up in pessimism.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you’ll never underestimate the aforementioned ABC of life. Keep the like, share & comment as well as your thoughts, opinions & suggestion regarding today’s post. Will Appreciate your thoughts, Thank you

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5 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Ashamed of Yourself.

Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope you all are doing a great. We are alomst heading towards the end of another year, i.e. 2019 on this planet. So let me give one answer Have your New year resolutions Fulfilled/Achieved? Of Course as always mine not, so am zealous to know about it from you. Though it’s not demotivating but still it hurts when some tasks won’t fulfilled. Still there is positives that you’ve tried if you really take a chance. My today’s topic is fully based on Human Mentality & it confirms blog title. So let’s start

But before that let me give quick updates of World. In Italy, a Flood breaks the records of last 59 years & major part of country affected. In Hongkong & Chile people protest against respected Government & Violence seen there. Even Australia couldn’t save itself from Firebush & there’s danger of scarcity of water in Sydney. In Cricket India remain undefeated for 13 Consecutive Home Series. In Football Ronaldo & Messi shine for their respective national team i.e. Portugal & Argentina.

Have you feel demotivated of yourself anytime in life? Answer is yes, coz there’s no one, that stay positive all the time. Even too much positivity sometimes changes into pessimism itself. So if you’re demotivated anytime during any stage of life then try to read following 10 minute read.

1. You’re Different from Others:- Yes you read it right & that’s the lone truth of World. Don’t believe then let me explain. Have you seen the people who thinks like you – who talks like you – who walks like you – who live like you? Don’t think so beacuse even that much similarities couldn’t find in Twins too. So how can you be like others? Remain in your own personality.

“Believe, You’re going to Make a Difference.”

It’s 100 Time better to remain in own Shadow rather than to Shadow of Someone Else.

Don’t be like others, let allow others to be like you. Beacuse People always prefer Original. If you do different, then people mocks you in earlier stage but after that they also applause you. So if you’re different then Congratulate yourself first, for not like others.

2. Your Thoughts:- As said above you’re different from others, it’s obvious that Your thinking is different than rest of all & that makes you Separate to be a leader. Your thinking capacity will decide your next step beacuse the More you think the More you Link. Never tired of thinking. Though it doesn’t mean to heavy stress on yourself but to match stairs of Success and it’s Story.

“Thinking like Linking, Linking like Connecting.”

If One thinking is Enough to be Rich then Why there’s so much poverty in World?

As only thinking is not necessary a planned/executed presumption is upmost towards the Glory of Success. So keep thinking…

3. Your Ability:- As your thinking differ from others, your ability always stand by you. Not each n every people is able to do the same in what others specialized. Find out that specialization & ready to tackle down situation via it. The ability to dribble problem/issues makes you different from rest of all.

“You can do More than You Know – than You Believe.”

Be ready to Do different, if you not then what is difference between you and others?

Sometimes a little-bit favor of Luck & Risk put you in driving seat in difficulties. Be able to do impossible Because even Possible sounds like positive. Able yourself first – then liable – then reachable & then touchable.

4. Your Confidence:- This is the only thing that is with you even you lost everything. Confidence can’t see – it won’t be touchable & even not know the existence but still it’s always with you if you believe or not so never separate it from you.

“Winners are just Updated Version of Losers, Be that.”

Through Confidence you are going to Win Everything but as soon as you Lost the Confidence, You’re on the verge of loosing Everything.

Confidence is very rare because now a days people are over confident that they are Confident but that over confident just finishes the remained Confidence of mankind. Stay Confident…

5. Your Opportunities:- Sometimes it’s just matter of opportunities that you got and others won’t. Make full use of it. It’s better to utilize those opportunities rather than to regret later. Opportunities are the hidden hints/gifts from God & how can be one fool enough to ignore that precious gift.

“Opportunities aren’t good or bad, they can be either Catch or Miss.”

Winners turns opportunities into stairs of Success, Loosers turns opportunities into Reason of their Loss.

If you are lucky enough then opportunities itself become path of your Glory. Be ready to catch opportunities. If you miss it’ll hit you, badly.

& this last one Extra doze

6. Knowledge:- Do You know, you know that what other’s don’t? If you know that, your knowledge is enough to assist you whenever you need it, then believe me you’re in demand. People will appreciate your knowledge & as well you.

“Believe, it’s just your cup of tea; None would dare to it.”

The One Who knows, Knowledge is Power will definitely Never Sit down Silent.

Once you gain knowledge then rest of life people will take care of it. In the whole world there’s no one who helps you, you and only you’ll going to be Saviour of your life.

So it’s all for the day. Keep sharing – liking – commenting & don’t forget to suggest in comment section your thoughts regarding today’s post. Wish you all a very happy Sunday Eve….

See you all next Sunday till then bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz.

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Expectations: It Hurts – It Cures!!!!

Hey Folks, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. The topic of today’s blog is recommended by one of my collegue. Though at first I won’t get any sense but after observing the Words I couldn’t stop myself to write on it, So let’s start

But before that, let me give quick updates of the World. Halloween fever was shown in many American – Europeon Countries/States. After Amazon forest Firegoal, there’s recorded one more incident of it in California, USA. In Cricket Australia had clean sweep Srilanka in T-20 Series. German Chancelor (Angela Morkel) was its official visit to India for 2 days. China launched 5G Covered Bus. Many news agencies confirmed death of ISIS leader Bagdadi.

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s topic. What will you mean by Expectations? Just Hope for Something from Someone, that’s all? Yet it’s not wrong at all, hence it has more deep meaning than it.

Expectation isn’t just a Word, It’s a Mixture of Hope – Feeling – Emotions & Tear of Joy.

“Expectations not always Work but Work as per your Expectations.”

Don’t you believe? Ok then let me explain you. In this World Everyone expect something from someone, though there’s nothing wrong from it. But still when those expectations can’t fulfilled, many people broke down or say they just lost hope from those to whom they expect.

A Child Expect to get everything and if his/her mule wasn’t satisfied, he/she tried to fulfilled it by Crying. A Mother Expect a bright future of her kid. Father expect to satisfy all his family’s requirement. A Lover Expect a pure love and trust from her/his beloved ones. Rich Expect more n more money & Poor Expect to be Rich soon. A Begger Expect a food for one time, A Pet Expect love from its Warden. Student Expects Good Mark in Exams & Player Expect Match Winning performance of himself. Giant Tech Expect More Margin and Entrepreneur Expect Success.

So there’s each n every People in this World Expect from others in return of Something. There’s no one who is UNEXPECTED, and if people not Expect from others then at last Expect from GOD. Because in this World none is fully/wholly satisfied, There seems a Flow of Greed in Vein of Human Boday instead of Flow of Blood.

“Perfection Should be Expected But Expectation Shouldn’t be Perfect.”

“Expectation is just Assumption of Reality.”

To have Expectation is good because it’s show Optimism of Mankind. But when those expectations couldn’t fulfilled then also be ready to Pamper Courage to Get up and Fight to achieve it. The Whole World walk on Expectation. Because people Hope Tomorrow Morning will bring something New for them. & As said If there’s a Hope may be there’s Success Too.

Expectation Hurts, When you expect More, than you able for it. Expectation Cures, When you expect Less, & Achieve More. So there’s only needed one mindset, Expect Less but give Try 110% , so that you won’t get Unsatisfied. Although more expectations from others will definitely Ruin your life, so its better to Expect from yourself.

When You start to Expect from Yourself, You Really Starts to Live the Life on Your Own. If you still expect from others then after sometime You’ll return by Bare hand – a Broken & as Pessimist.

Expectations are Good but Always Good Expecatation, Don’t you think it isn’t Good?

“Unexpected Expectations are like Human Without Sense.”

We People always Hope for Good because we can’t bear Failure or say we have no guts to accept the failure, but Sometimes Failure is More Important than Success. If We Can’t Fall Down then How can We Learn to Get Up? So it’s necessary to fell down, to get up, to give try until n unless Satisfactory Victory recorded.

Expectation Sounds like Synonym of Hope. Limited Expectation Prove you to be MAN, Unlimited Expectations Prove you to be PUNK.

Never be Upset if your expectations go unnoticed. Add one More Expectation to that list, Tomorrow will be Mine & I’ll be fuc*in satisfied. Be Hungry Enough to get it, Rather than to wait like a Kitten.

And last one quote,

“I Hope but Never Expect…”

So that’s all for the Day. Hope you Enjoy it. Keep Liking – Commenting and Sharing your views, will reply you soon. See you soon on next week until n unless than Bbbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz…

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Words : That Really Matters!!!!

Hey Folks, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. I came up with new idea for you, So from now I am adding one more interesting thing in my blog i.e. Weekly Update of World.

So Let me give quick updates of World because There is so much happening in the world right now, i.e. British Royal Couple’s Official Visit to Pakistan, Violence in Catalonia for their different status from Spain, Amazon forest’s fire almost covered 10-12 Countries, In India Dengue fever covers most of the states and many dies because of it. UN cuts their spending because of Non-availability of necessary Funds from Member Countries. In short there’s so much that we mankind struggle now a days, by ourselves – by nature.

So now let’s turn back to our today’s topic, i.e. Words spoken by us i.e. We Human Beings. Have you ever give importance to your words or say have you ever think your words Pros and Cons before speaking? No, then really think about it because it’s not a lit-bit thing, it’s much bigger issue than you think. Though it doesn’t mean to overthinking, but make sure whatever you are going to tell is really reasonable to say or not.

Words, The people’s Real Inner Sound. Because what is inside of Human Body will come outside as Words. So make sure whever you speak, make worth it otherwise your value also be Nil & was that make any sense? Don’t think so.

“Some Make World from their Words , Some Just Make Words from this World.”

As said Pen is Mightier than Sword, I just wants to change it by Words are Strenghten than Sword. Because it’s the word which effect on one’s heart or say it’s the words which affects one directly or indirectly.

You know it’s look like quite easy and simple to reply somebody but behind that there’s need a proper mindset and understandment. Don’t believe? Ok let me explain.

While facing an Interview apart from your Dressing – Look and Resume, Your Confidence of Reply to questions turned the game by your side. Believe me Your words make a huge impact on opposed person. Your sense of humour is upmost necessary in doing all the stuff. In someone’s funeral you can’t make a statement- I am happy for his/her Death. Or say you can’t make a Statement in Someone’s Marriage that They will going to separate after Marriage. So it’s your Words which makes you a REAL MAN.

One will may Poor by Money but Sweetness of his/her Words will definitely Changed his/her Destiny.

“Change Words – Change World”

Don’t think to give more narration for above mentioned thought as it fully and wholly depends on you how would you react and reply to others.

While on the other hand, if you’re millionaire but no sense how to talk with others then believe me your piece of papers are just Scrap. If your words hurts someone then people afraid from you to talk. Other Peoples will just use you for their purpose and after fulfilling their purpose they’ll start to Ignore you. Because they know You are always burried mouth.

There are different kind of people : The Talkative One – The Silent One & The Rubbish One. Words of Talkative ones’ are Good to listen but there flow of words will ends up in Confusion. Then the words of Silent ones’ are most effective as per study. As they speaks oftenly people loves to listen it and understand it. They speak less but very Consciously.

And last one the words of Rubbish one, who don’t care what impact of their words are falling upon people. They speak without thinking which ends up with misery. People hurts from their words, (here it doesn’t mean to identify weak people).


Some are also good in playing Word Games, they just shape themselves for handling different types of situations or say challenges.

P.S. Politicians are Exception in above case…😂😂 Please note

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it and as always keep liking share and Comment as well. See you all next Sunday (Diwali Special Post) till then Bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Alaah Hafiz.

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Suicide: Not an Option Nor a Choice

Hey Folks, What’s Up? Hope you all doing well. You may got the assumption of my post, by title of the blog. So I don’t think I should’ve to give more narration about it, Right?

Exactly Right guess, in today’s post I told/explain you, why you shouldn’t commit SUICIDE. But have you any Idea Why people/person commit suicide? As one’s life became more n more stressful/painful – by giving up to situation person chose to Commit Suicide as a last option.

But Really it’s Right Option though? Not at all, Infact Suicide will never be the Right Option/Choice even Not Today – Not Yesterday and Never Ever. By commiting Suicide one may release from those situation which lead them to there, but they forget they lost the most precious thing of World, i.e. LIFE.

But do you know what Life mean by? The person who knew it will never commits Suicide and the person who doesn’t knew will always find Suicide as a Right choice or say right option. But their Right option will turned out to be Blow for their family, a huge blow, which never imagine by other.

“Don’t you think, By committing Suicide – You Just Disrespect the GOD?”

Suicide, the word itself shows its Cruelty. By Killing themselves how can One can said that he/she survived? Infact they don’t kill themselves only, They kills firstly their Confidence, which forced him/her to doing stuffs & face result whatsoever.

They kills their family, by giving them unexpected news of the death. They kills their respective life which is very rare. They just kills the aim of their life.

But really If you born as Human then just Thank to God, for giving you life as human and what do you did if you’ve no courage to face problems or issues of life? Just shorten your life, that’s all? Is it the right treatment to the God Gift?

Of Course, NO. Then what to do if you’ve thought in your mind to commit Suicide? Really, I know when people have no guts to face the world or say left no option to live the life they drove towards it. One should’ve to find the Reason to live the life, & that reason is very clear – Happiness of your Parents.

Just think about it, when you decided to commit Suicide – Remember Your Mother’s Face, Ocean of Million Dreams to see you as Most Successful person of the World & Your Father’s Face, who say less but there’s lot to learn from each n every word of him. Really don’t you think that reason is enough which forced you to think about your Decision regarding life?

“Just Remove Pessimism from You Brain.”

Look Problems, Obstacles, Issues, Defeats and Shame is part of your life cycle. It doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on situations or say you are useless. Let people blame you or whatever they want to do with you. Just stay with yourself.

It’s said that In Bad Time Even your Shadow won’t Stay with you. But I want to say Who need Shadow when you’ve your own Support. Never break down your Confidence. The Day when you starting to doubt towards yourself, Your count down is began of Life.

Do whatever just be hammer will. Never give a shitty chance to others to judge you. Just stay with your Real Personality. Never be Fack, be Original.

I just want to share my funda which help me lot when negative thoughts playing in my Brain,

Always carry a Photograph of your Parent in yout Wallet or Purse & whenever you feel pessimist/negative, Just See it, Believe me You Automatically Gonna Smile/feels Relaxed.

“Just Tell the God, Yes I’m Living the LIFE.”

Really Before commiting Suicide, think Calmly, think Twice, think pros and cons of it and then chose, Is it really Beneficial to others by commiting you Suicide? If your inner soul won’t respond stop there & calls to your close one to whom you can share your Situation.

Suicide is not an Option, Not NOW – Not THEN – Not SO EVER.

So that’s all for the day, if you meet any person who looks broken and left no interest to live the life then help him/her to get out of difficulties. Otherwise one can contact me on follow email ID, I’ll consult you soon.


Yes, I am Learning….

Yes, I am learning Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day, From Everyone For Everything – Have you any excuse/argue?

Don’t think so because life is like mystry box, you never know what will come out next, so be ready to train yourself everyday.

“Learn till your knowledge turns into Experience.”

Learning makes you strong, not weak. That feeling when you don’t answer of someone’s question will heat you and you like I’ve to answer it, why am fail to reply. The thing that is matter what efforts you made to learn, not that thinking what people thought about your failure of replying.

“Wake Up like It’s a New Morning – Everything is old,

Forget what happened last night & Move Ahead”.

If you think you knew everything then believe me you’re wrong. No one knows everything, no believe then tell me Who is God? & Where’s the God? If you answer it correctly I salute you.

Yes, I am learning How to walk – How to Talk. I am learning How to do – How not to do. I am learning What is Right – What is Wrong. I am learning Who is Good – Who is Bad. I am learnig from People – for People.

“Learn to Discuss/to Solve but Never learn to Jealous.”

Life Teaches you by so many illustrator, learnt from it and be strong. Never ashamed yourself for learning from others, If you don’t know then frankly said I don’t know and be curious/zealous enough to know about it.

If you be straight forward and open minded then no one stops you by learning. Learning from youngers than you, won’t make you SMALL, in fact you know something interesting which you not known before.

Yes I do Mistakes oftenly, because I wants to learn. If you won’t make mistake then you go ahead for temporarily not so far. But after sometime there will be a stage you find yourself in deep trouble, where there is no wayback.

Put aside your EGO and Learn. Never be shy of learning. The World itself is a Boundryless School, where everyone’s a teacher learn from them and make a way.

“As said No Age of Learning.”

L: Learn

E: Every

A: Aspects

R: Reconcile it n

N: Nomenclate for betterment

In the world, everyone gonna teach you something, observe it and then replied from your understandment. Never be too quick to reply because Sometimes after effect is more dangerous than Earthquake.

You only gain Experience by Learning, The day you stop learning is the day you stop Yourself from doing Everything.

So Never be reason of your own downfall. Never STOP Learning.

So that’s all for the day, wishing you all a great Weekend,

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