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Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are good and healthy wherever you are in this pandemic. The week was absolute horrible, as there happened so many horrified events at different places. But the one which shook the whole Beirut, the capital of Lebanon was heart melting and outrageous one!! It’s not even wrong to said it shook the whole world though, tremendous ammonium nitrate explosion took Beirut on terrible ride, felt by 100 miles away too. Over hundreds of fatalities recorded, thousand became shelter less, thousands of missing and damages of billions of dollars had been affected to the economy of Beirut. May those soul find rest in peace.

Another incident of fire occurred in Ajman Market, Dubai, UAE. Not much heated like Beirut one, but this too made a huge impact on UAE economy conservation and pollution control plans. No such reason yet to be find by official behind the incident but hope they will be succeeded soon. We human must have to suffer as we harm earth by our acts since last couple of decades, so this is the lesson nature wants to taught us. If we still underestimate it, we must be ready to face the circumstance of it, even worse than this. Human, we aren’t for regret!! Either we have to change or we had already in the financial statements of God, still not known. Air India Plane crashed on runway while landing in Kozhikode airport in Kerala, India, resulted into death of both the Pilots along with other 16 people who returned from Dubai to India under Vande Bharat Mission, initiative of Indian Government to bring back Stranded Indians to India. May all those soul find the peace wherever they are!!

Image Source: Groundreport.in

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Nepotism, you all are aware from it, right? No? That’s fine, here we learn all about it, that too in depth. Sushant Singh Rajput, mostly Indians know that there are spreading so many gossips on his death, the idea to penned down this topic is fully based on that. Many believes that he too became victim of this poison, i.e. Nepotism. Many believes that he was in depression because of nepotism which enforced him to lead to that decision. Rhea Chakraborty, his girlfriend was also one of the major suspects as she tried to push him in dark and gain some undue advantage of his fame. Thousand faces – Thousand Talks.

So today basically, We will come across that What really Nepotism is and how it comes into limelight. Is it so bad as we people think about it? Are we really know how it affects and all? Obviously, this topic isn’t new, but we people made it fresh in recent time. Don’t you think? Sushant Singh Rajput, a late Bollywood actor was a gem, who acquires good personality, fame and popularity in his short career, but nepotism just outshines him in every aspect, that’s what we people talk, share and believe about him but that’s not the real and whole truth though. We will try to enlighten the concept so we will able to think about it again.

Nepotism, When the people gives priority to other who is his/her relative or who had given some preference while making of choices or selection in comparison to others by whatsoever reason is generally termed as Nepotism. This tradition was highly applicable in Corporate world which lately followed by all the industries, whose Chairperson/CEO will be of that who had some connection/genes to founder of the company. The next generation will just have to do one thing, to adjust themselves while filling in off other’s shoe, which leads to injustice to those who was really able for that position, for that designation, that’s what we people think.

But do you really think that by some backward support, success is guaranteed? Not at all, it’s the whole delusive concept. The struggle you did, to be acted by those too who is entered as your competitor. One can buy anything with money, but talent guts – courage – luck not favoured by anyone. Look maybe they introduced by some people, who thinks they are beneficiary for them but then how would you judge yourself to them? When you think you compared to them, then it doesn’t mean at all. If you are replaceable one then always remember the one who replaced you, had also replaceable at the time being in force at sometime in the life. Everything is interchangeable, it’s just matters of choices, followed by rightly execution of those selections.

The one who enters via some connection, had in fact more pressure than you.

  • Very first challenge for them is to remove your fame from the audience which is quite impossible if you are stable and well popular.
  • The second challenge for them is to carry forward that legacy which is, itself a huge mountain to weigh on the back.
  • The third challenge for them is to prove right in each and every decision made by their ancestral.
  • The fourth one is to prepared themselves better than you, who attracts more fanbase, power in comparison to yourself.
  • The fifth one is to boost the self-confidence, to face the criticism and blame because compared to normal people, the son-daughter of celebrities are highly judged by either paparazzies or people. These are some of the reasons, why you shouldn’t try to entered in the game as nepotist.

No argue in that, that nepotist finds work easily but that’s how the company runs, Industries runs, nation runs. You must have to learn to deal with it. One couldn’t run away from it that they gain some advantage over you. If that chronology works, then Messi-Ronaldo won’t chase each other, the son of farmer won’t posted at reputed designation in Government, the orphan of today won’t become future billionaire. You must have to clear all the barriers/obstacles because that’s what the life means to be.      

Image Source: CEOworld magazine.org

If you think all circumstance will favour you then be alert. Hard work and Struggle, the more you did, the chances of your success are more than nepotist. Had you heard about the experience? That’s all, you edge past your competitor there. Maybe they gain some favouritism, but they can’t ask for experience from anyone. Make space for yourself rather than to find space for yourself.

Look we all are related to someone, so it doesn’t mean that we all are nepotist. Favouring to someone makes you Nepotist then be that and accept frankly, what’s wrong in that? After all it’s your money you gamble either on Nepotist or normal one. The need and choices of people are used to be change each n every day, so don’t start judging yourself rather than to start focusing to improve yourself.

The law of nature is very clear, Be Kind to Everyone But never expect the same. The world is so cruel at the same time, they need one reason to hate you in exchange of thousand reasons to be love are perished against it. There are many illustrations that nepotism won’t always work. Find that opportunity and make them believe & regrettable that what they missed. Your value is in your hand, if you forget to observe it then how can you expect others be?

It’s not the matter that Who is Wrong and Who is Right but it’s the matter of What is Right and What is Wrong? If you tried to prove others wrong then how can be you Right either? Think about it, your happiness is your key of success, if you allowed other to unlocked it then prepared to fall apart. It’s absolutely right that your decision will definitely going to affects you but how much right it is to blame others if others decision also affects you. Is other’s influence on you that much, that it leads you to unwanted paths? If yes then, believe me you had no control on your life.

So thinks about it again, before judging anyone that who’s nepotist and who is not. If you are not then why to be jealous to them? Are you not capable of that or had you already scared of being lose? So that’s all for the day. Sent and share your suggestions, tips, thought to comment section section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday till then Tataa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz…

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Depression: The Modern Plague!!

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you are well and fine wherever you are. Just hope, couldn’t expect the reality though!! Still as a Human, wishes best for our own existence. I recently joined one page as a contributor, one can catch me out there as well. Just starting out activities there, come and join us on beautiful journey, Roaring Flames Writing Club..

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Anyways let’s get back to today’s topic, most demanding topic and concerning as well, Depression. What’s that? We all are aware from it, but couldn’t able to express it, right? And that’s the harsh reality that we are scared to confess that Yes, I’m depressed. The more you try to pressed, the more you depressed. We human surrounded by so many people around us but no one is available when we badly need at least one with whom we share our words, our sorrow, our feelings, our mindset, our situation. Money, Power and Dignity isn’t enough to be happy, if you aren’t happy with your inner half anymore. So, let’s start from the bottom,

Depression: – When the person sad deeply somewhere in inner self, when the fight of Heart & Mind is actually on another level and hesitant  to express that what he/she wants, what makes him/her monotonous gently, which leads him/her to loneliness in crowd, how he/she separated from rest of the people, won’t be able to find out the answers, believes him/herself to be there where he can able to see one way only, to shorten the life and finds the peace which, in this life isn’t possible for him/her. He/ She noticed everything, they surrounded with, they also know that they aren’t in good condition – both mentally and physically, they want to express those unspoken words but scared to be spoken. When they find themselves alone even, they are surrounded by people.

He/she need just one person to share those feelings, those words, those dried emotions, but not succeeded in that and from there they often find themselves into more trouble. They need one, but that wasn’t the whole truth although!! They need actually three, to convinced, to listen what he/she wants to show, to express. First Heart and Soul & finally the person who stand by him/her. If they won’t find anyone, anymore, they gonna soon thinking to complete their life chapter in any manner, for any matter.

“The one who already made his/her Mind to Die finds many Reasons for it but won’t able to find out that one which proves enough to save his/her life.”

Sometimes people try to be that which they aren’t actually. They hide their real identity and prefer to stay in fake reality. They know it goings to be hurt, but not much aware that it will change their life, even they have to take decision to end it. They became villain of their life, by co-incidentally but they are. They taken the decision so they must have to face the consequences of it, no one would run away from it.

If you had guts to play with your Mind, then also be ready to pay for your mind. If you screwed it, it’ll definitely screwed you, even more than what you actually did to it. You know it going to be crazy then why you taken that type of fierce steps? Did you forget, your mind isn’t yours. You are of your mind. Actually, you aren’t either of your heart too, it’s already beating for someone else, don’t you remember? Nothing is yours except your soul, that too till you are alive. Listen everything, everyone but Never consider that which lost your control on your crazy mind, which can possibly cost your heart, and hurt your soul the most. 

Image Source: Lori Calabrese

Right now, in the world, everyone has one power in themselves by default. To judge people either to themselves or someone else. If you start judging yourself then it’s really great way as you want to improvise yourself but at the same time there’s very thin line between Improvisation and Depression. If you start overthinking without having a proper idea about something then probably you gonna sink, no one would never ever gonna save you. If you lost somewhere then you must have to try to find the way out. If you just sat and waiting for someone then you won’t stay long. Same happens in Depression, If you can’t stop judging yourself you won’t able to overcome from it. Stop your mind and try to restart it.

Have you worked on P.C./Laptop/MacBook? You aware from that whenever system gets load, opens up so many programmes at the same time, it’ll started stuck/hang during it’s functionalization. If you won’t take proper, immediate step/action then it’ll stop running and soon you ended up bare hand and upsetting. Same happens with Mind too. If you give too much load to your Mind, it will get confused, tried to give signals to you as well but still if you won’t take instant necessary steps it’ll go crazy, and soon made your life, a living hell.

In short Depression is nothing but when you gave so much pressure to your mind to think that which is still not happens in reality, it adversely affects your body, your mindset, your thinking capacity and your heartbeat. Don’t forget to clean up the cache – temps, the unnecessary confused thought from your mind. If you can’t trash it, then only trash will be come out from you as well.

The other way to fight against it is to Restart your mind, sounds silly but just try to delete all those thoughts from your mind which is practically Impossible. That’s the sacrifice you have to give, if you want to live. Reboot your body system and forget who you are before system rebooting. If you won that race, you had guts to face.

Yes, I know in my previous post I had announced about the upcoming post about 7 Ways to deal with Depression but while writing that, I just realize that how people knows that they are stressed, depressed and how they trapped into it gently? So, my mind insisted me to start from its small particle, the process of it, causes of depression n all. Sorry if I upset your curiosity, but really, it’s necessary to know the basic about it. If you don’t know how you depressed and if you really depressed or not then those ways won’t help at all. In the next post we’ll see the causes/reason of Depression, followed by ways to deal with Depression.


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No One Comes Alone, Left Alone!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are well and good wherever you are. Corona, don’t you think you tried so much to threaten us? On the other hand, we also felt scared from it. It’s human tendency, but at the same time we fought so many fights along with Corona. May be that took our main test, to measure our tolerance, to know our strength. Some clear it with their skills of patience, calmness, humour and maturity. Corona tried full to broke us mentally, even it succeeded in majority parts but it forgotten that there’s already one virus rules on the earth from thousand of years, i.e. A Human Virus. Till the existence of it, no one can outshine it.

Virus kills the Human, but here Human is enough to kill each other, don’t you think? We love to rule so as we always try to be. If not by force then by pretence, if not by trick then by brick (War), if not by emotions then by revenge, we just try to capture everything under our control. Sometimes wonder, why this virus takes this much of stress when we human is enough to spread the fear, threat? There’s nothing much dangerous than person with evil thought. Had you found though? I, never.

Image Source: By Michal Vasko on Unsplash

Anyways let’s come back to today’s one more interesting subject. What you think though btw? Any idea by reading the title? Yes, you are right. Today’s post isn’t about human nature, emotion or feeling. It’s of us, of Human. Totally related to each n every human being who born as human and die as human. So, let’s start from beginning,

Human. We all are, right? Absolutely, we. Okay so who made us and what the motto to introduce us, as a human on this earth rather than to introduce like other lively creatures? Had you thought though? No? Okay that’s absolutely fine if you know and even if you not. This post will you all the answers, you are looking for.

Had you thought God had been succeeded in their very first attempt to directly introduced human on earth? Not at all. There’s so much chronology and mindset used behind that. Don’t get it? The history of other lively creatures is more ancient than us. Animals, Birds, Insects were launch on initial stage by God to testify that really the nature they created is good for living or not. After observing the progress of them, God made plans to launch human, to launch us on earth, in this beautiful nature.

They launched the most updated version of his creation as Human. In initial stage, human was also like other lively creatures presented on earth but they possessed one boon from God. The power of Brain. Through using of it time after time, they became the lone superior of the earth and soon started hurting other lively creatures for their selfish purposes, for their greed, for their breed. They believe that this earth is for them only, and forget others. Time passed and they even forget the creator of them too, the almighty. But God knows when to knock the door and when to give signals to human. The one who create something also aware from the consequences and so as they always ready to deteriorate them into that in which they belong to.

How we Human born? We are in womb for 9 months of female breed. In between that God created us and if they find something weird, they soon pause their work and doesn’t allow us second to see the nature, to experience the wonderful creation of it. They stop the production process, though this will happen often. The life they give you is, precious than your whole life treasure.

The One Who Comes as Human on this earth, will come with so many expectations of their family. Not just only human arrives, a lot of dream, responsibilities also on their way. It maybe of their parents or someone else’s. But whoever will be come, never comes alone. If a boy comes, he’ll be star of an eye of his parent and if a girl comes, she’ll be queen of an eye of her parent. There are lots of pre-planned, goals waiting for them. As a human we are good enough in assumption that we finalize so many things before arrival of them in reality.

In the same way, the one who Left us never left alone. If people die, he/she left with their good mark ups and some will leave without making any noise. But the best thing is that the one who left us, left with a good reason to live the life to the fullest. Then soon we knew the real meaning of life if someone close to us left us, alone in the world. We habitual to live with their moments, in absence of the one who left us. We tried to live with their memory, their experience made us strong.

The best part of dying is that we people at last dies as Human, if someone fails to live the life like human. Don’t get it? Okay. During one’s life, they became so powerful, wealthier, get dignity and position in the society, in the world whereas some is not as good as others in life. But when he/she on the verge of Die, that position, wealth, power nothing works. May be those are some sources to live the life happily but not the happiness. The one who born as Human, must Die as Human as well, that’s the law of the World, of the Nature.

In short The one Who comes in this World, will come with so many Pros and Cons of life and the one Who left the World, left with memories, moments and experience he had during his life cycle. If you are good, people will remember you as a good human being, if you aren’t then still people remember you for your bad. In short may be People dies, but actually they aren’t.

“Everything Comes with a Purpose,

Everything Left for a Reason

Everyone Feels the Season

Find your Mission, Vision”

P.S.: These are some of the personnel thought of Writer, not necessary to be right in each n every aspects. Breach of Copyright of the content, leads to violating the rules and regulations of the Copyright and Trademark act.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all loved to read it. Send your suggestion, thought, tips, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Sukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

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