7 Lessons This Pandemic Taught Us!!

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. Welcome back to our remote school. The response in the last post of yours is just immense. Thankful to all of you, who had give it a read and consider that suggestions in their respective life. If anyone who missed the last post kindly follow the link below, the one who already did, wishing you the best in your life if you had already decided to start something new. Let’s change the Opportunity into Success.

Post of Last Sunday: Let’s-start-something-new

Now welcoming all the newbies to the remote school, where we learn about the ongoing affairs of the world, to understand it. We also find some remedies of the issues and tried to outshine that as well. If you are nervous or feel low at any point of time in your life then tried it out, will bet you, you never go upset by it. Just give it a read and find a new you. It’s all about time, if today is worse then be prepared to face more worst situation to this too because then and only then one can able to see that RARE SUNRISE.

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Anyways, let’s quick start our session with one more interesting subject of the day. All, including myself cursing Corona by whatsoever reason. As we human always tried to find out reason instead of to know the cause behind it, right? Obviously, we human won’t missed single reason to curse/blame others. Though if we looked sharply, we find many reason to celebrate this time too. So, let’s start by taking high notes of Corona:

  1. Health is Wealth: – In this time we all came across the real meaning of our health. Before this pandemic we all are aware but now we are beware of it too. If one is wealthier but he/she isn’t in good condition whether physically or mentally then their life treasure is of no use. Maybe it stretched their days but not the years, not the satisfaction, not the fun. Healthier mind is always preferable over wealthier mind. Illness can be cured but can’t avoidable. We all started to take precautions regarding our respective health, doesn’t we? This pandemic really puts a big question mark on our face, Is This Really Us?
  2. Remote Working: – Who said we need office to work? Definitely, there’s a difference between office environment and home environment. Office is the place where one finds, Fun-Appreciation and Criticism all at one place while in home environment it’s not possible but this pandemic also taught us to deal with it. Work from home, a Future concept, but just because of sweetness of COVID-19, we all placed ourselves in that shape as well. Virtual meeting, Job interviews and Online work, all to do by sitting at home will definitely cost saving process in short term for companies but in long term it will be cost increasing method.
  3. Home School: – Kidos, Does your kid(s) listen to you when you enforced them to stuck to PC/Laptop/Smartphone Screens for their Online Classes/Lectures? No, because for kids these all are just instrument of having fun. Give them Smartphone they started playing games soon, give them PC/Laptop, they started using it for entertainment purpose but just and just kindness of COVID-19, this all instruments become handy to all of us. From watching online lectures to submitting the homework/projects to conduct exam become possible due to it. This concept is new in major countries, but we should have to adopt it whether one like it or not. It’s the future, and how can one simply deny it?
  4. We are Nowhere Near to God: – By some of the Innovations, Researches and Technological empowerment, we all have some kind of feelings that we are something. Really? Never think of it. The Innovation, Technology will soon collapse with immersion of yours from this earth, from this galaxy. This pandemic is perfect illustration of it. Our so called, medical science too failed by whatever reason but drastically find it hard to develop a vaccine to combat against this virus. The one who creates the world, will also know how to destroy us without harming much to nature. If you are think you are something, then you are nothing in front of all mighty. At last you are human, maybe you have perpetual succession but what if no one is left here?
  5. Little is Enough: – In life of Human i.e. us, 3 things is important more precisely, essential. Food, Cloth and Shed, right? And what this pandemic taught us? If you have this three then definitely you gonna survive, no rocket science behind that chronology. It’s our mindset that we need all which we want. But why we forget that what we want will never be indeed and what is indeed will never be need, it’s mandate?! Luxurious lifestyle maybe change your lifestyle but not your life. It’s us who specify standards that if we are rich then we need everything and if we are poor, we want everything, we can survive with little too. Tried it out, it’s not hard at all.  
  6. Pandemic turned out to be Opportunity: – Absolutely, this pandemic enforced all of us to think about ourselves and it succeeded in that too. We tried that what we scared to do before. One tried to get out of their control zone and give attempt to something new. Result isn’t important and never be, it’s your attempt when you showed guts to draw that sketch which you believes to be impossible in beginning, ended up with a baggy smile of self-esteem.  
  7. Home Sweet Home: – Home, where Heart Meets, Heart Stays. The one who wrote about it, will definitely ended up with ink but not with words. This pandemic gives us opportunity to understand each other more, to know more and to explore more with each other. Games, Sweet Fights, Sarcastic Conversation all takes place during this, but at last as said if you are at Home, then you are Safe. As an Introvert/Extrovert and as an Ambivert, all loves to be held at home, a paradise of every human on this earth.
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So those are some high notes, which one should consider rather than to blame others. We are human, we are enough to change weakness into strength and strength into Success. Corona hurts us lot, no argue in that, but if we think about it again and again then we might hurt ourselves more than corona did, so better to move on with Baggy smile!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all able to understand what the hidden message corona wants to convey us. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: 3 Things One should Never Beg for Which They can Earn!!


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Yes, I’m Scared!!!

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Am not Scared to be in Love,

But Yeah Am scared to be Broken Heart

Am not Scared of Falling,

But Yeah Am Scared of Height

Am not Scared to be in Pain,

But Yeah Am Scared of Being Hurt.

Am not Scared of Loosing,

But Yeah Am Scared of Choosing

Am not Scared of Sinking,

But Yeah Am Scared of Water

Am not Scared of Burning,

But Yeah Am Scared of Fire

Am not Scared of Lonely,

But Yeah Am Scared of Being Alone

Am not Scared of Zombie,

But Yeah Am Scared of Live one

Am not Scared by Demon,

But Yeah Am Scared of GOD

Am not Scared of Trying,

But Yeah Am Scared of Result

Am not Scared to be Proven Wrong,

But Yeah Am Scared of Lying

Am also not Scared by Death,

But Yeah Am Scared of Daily Dying….

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The Long Unwanted Pause!

Hola guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and safe wherever you are. The Corona became serious migraine day by day. The more we taken care off from it, the more it’ll press us. Staying home and social distancing the only way to combat against it. I know no one like it but that’s what we can do the best for ourselves.

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Have anyone thought those days would also come that all of us must have to stay home to save ourselves? Not at all, right? Obviously, no one think about it, even not in the dream though may be many imagine this situation in their fictions like movie/web series/short films etc.

The Whole world stops, the Countries imparting lock-downs, the Stats imposes Curfew, the Government imposes penalty against those who intended to breaks lock-down, The Transaction among countries pause, People became slave of their own. Have you found any difference between Prisoners and these kinds of People?

The World Economy enters in Recession, Many Packages provided by government to combat against this Epidemic. Millions and Billion dollars of Donations/Pledge announce by Companies/Person/NGOs/Hospitals/Charity Foundation to fight back and stand against this Pandemic. Still that is the truth the crisis mark its outrageous impact on Human Existence.

Streets are Desolate waiting for resuming Transportation, The Offices are Vacant waiting for resuming its Operations, Boss waiting for Clients, Clients waiting for some relaxations, The Flights are setting idle on run-ways waiting for its Passengers, Governments are searching vaccine and waiting for some good news, People are waiting in good faith and expectations from respective governments.

In this Situation every Government should thankful to Their Real Heroes. The Policeman (I know They are Corrupt but, in this time, they justify their duty/role very well). The Doctors (The Distinguished God in white Outfit). The Farmer (Because of them we got proper food grains to eat in this situation as well).

Though still one Question plays in mind, Is this Pause necessary in Worldwide? May be yes, may be No. This is the proof that Human is still Human, there is around 7 Billion People in the World, but no one succeeded to find out vaccine for it. Many Pros of this pandemic like Global Pollution Decreased, Men valued the life gifted by God, People come ahead to help others, Insects/Birds/Animals also get insight of this beautiful World.

During this time, we came across through many new words and understand the real meaning of it. Like Self Quarantine – Lockdown – Pandemic – Social Distancing – Isolation – Work from Home – Comorbidity – Covidiot – Asymptomatic – Community Spread – Mitigation – Cluster Quarantine – Transmission – Ventilator – Incubation Period, etc.

The one who survive will have one more topic to share with their grandchild. Yes, definitely it is a fight not against enemy, it is the fight within themselves. It is a fight of one’s Mental health to Physical wealth. Enemy is good but what if Enemy is invincible? Yeah, ours fight is against it. So be ready, never give up so early. It’s just a beginning.

Still the fatalities recorded can never be forgotten easily. This Pandemic will definitely go down in the History. Is the life after this Pandemic will be the same which is before the start of the Pandemic? Not at all, many things will going to change. Global Economy has to Tolerate/Omit many things to get back on the Track. So, get ready for roller-coaster ride.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all follow the government guidelines and co-operate with them to fight against this Pandemic. Sent your suggestions/thoughts/opinion in comment section will replier you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakkha, Khuda Hafiz.

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Hola Guys, What’s up? I know, not the right time to ask this type of silly question but still hope everyone is in Good Health and Wealth. Corona virus just started showing its true colors and so as we human began campaign to save the Existence of us.

Just a week ago I write a fierce Draft on COVID-19 but looking at the current situation just changed my mind and refused to publish it. Firstly I don’t want to publish any post regarding it but after knowing its Harmfulness just can’t control myself to write on it.

“Yes, Our Earth is in Danger and So as We, So let’s take an Oath to Conserve it Again.”

Here I just wants to share my thought what I believe. The One Who Born will Definitely Dies; The things Started will Definitely Ends; The Bad Spirit will Always Follows Good Spirit; Truth always Defeat Lie; There’s always exist opposite of everything in the world whether it’s a bad or good for mankind. All we need is Patience, Safety, Self care & Fighting Spirit to Never give up. Lack of any of this will always leading to the One way only where you find no U-turn or Diversion.

In this Pandemic situation just request you all, Please Don’t spread any kind of misleading information which is later dangerous to any of us. Strictly follows government guideline and trust it only. Never be part of Rumors or something like that. That’s the reality that Yes We are in Danger and also makes a Question mark to Our Existence. So Following are some Role which should be play by everyone during this Global Pandemic.


  • To declare lock down whenever seems necessary.
  • To provide Regular updates of the Situation of that particular country.
  • To give reliefs to some medico science and its research
  • To take strict action against those who spread Rumors/false statements.
  • To aware the people about this situation and steps to taken care of.
  • Order to Stand by all the forces, for any kind of emergency.
  • Give support to another countries to develop the vaccine of Disease.
  • Choose Volunteers who might be helpful to them.
  • Issue Guidelines/Orders/Notifications regarding Actions taken by them in nearest future.
  • Sanitize the Area of Victim and shift the affected ones to Quarantine/Hospitals/Safe Areas.


  • Very First of all Never be Panic.
  • Trust only Government Sources.
  • Never trust Social media messages.
  • Help those who is in need of help.
  • “Sharing is Caring” make this idiom illustrative one.
  • Always give Precaution a Priority as said you only save others if you are well.
  • Stay away from Rumors.
  • Take care of yourself first as said Stay home is the biggest thing you can contribute now a days.
  • Wash your hands after regular intervals and Sanitize your houses as well.
  • Support Government officials and help them by following rules and regulations given by them.
  • Protect your kid from Bacteria and advise them to be clean.


  • Stay at home.
  • Learn and Develop a new Skill (i.e.Reading/writing cooking/serving/suiting/washing whatever that develop your mind)
  • Play indoor games.
  • Be updated with the Government Notifications/Decisions and also aware others too.
  • Don’t be part of Rudeness/protest of some unnecessary Acts.
  • Be part of online classes and watch it.
  • Be safe yourself from Bacteria and other kind of Fungal Infection.
  • Make limited/necessary use of Social media.
  • Develop a habit of talking with yourself.
  • Be helpful to your Family men/Countrymen/Neighbors.
  • Take care of your younger siblings.

So that are the some tips/rules/role which follow by everyone to fight against this pandemic.

Together We will – Together We Can

Stay Strong – Last Long – Nothing’s Wrong.

“If we are together Nothing will Break us.”

Hope you all will share your contribution to survive from this global pandemic and support each others. It’s just another way of Examination of God so don’t be panic #togetherwewill!!!

P.S. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ site gives latest fatalities due to Disease. Not to scared you but to inform you that the virus is really spreading its Break Hevok Globally.

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