How Long Should be the GRIEF?

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this world. Wow, finally the last week of the year, can’t express how much happy and optimist I am, not because it’s ending, but in hope of something New and Fresh is on its way. Whatever, let’s see what’s going on, we all are here in bad times and in good times too, right? Not Expect always, sometime just learn to Accept as it is. Life is Risky or Uncertain? Can anyone have answered it? Maybe it’s hybrid version of it, Risktain, which surprises all of us in regular intervals. It’s risky as well as uncertain, because certain risk we known but not able to act accordingly and some are unknown, which apparently goes unnoticed and their starts the roller coaster ride of it, the hanging garden of Life and Death. But really that’s the real fun of life, if we already know the risk then we would never try to go ahead on that path, right? Some risk we take just to prove that we are fearless, but in fact there’s no one scared and kindhearted than us, who stuck between True and Lie, Life and Death.  

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. More precisely, It’s continuance of the last topic, the inevitable truth of Life, The Death. We would start from there, okay. In last topic we see with illustration that No one here is come with a boon of Immortality, everyone passed their respective life and say goodbye to life and all. Grief, there should be existence of it, everywhere right? Because we human made for that. Is it true? Yes or No? Maybe Yes and Maybe No. But Yes, will be overruled No here. Until and Unless we aren’t sorrow or feel bad from heart, we won’t get satisfactory sleep. Can understand that it’s heartbreaking to lose someone who is close to us, but the real question is How Long should be the GRIEF here? Are we made to stuck there for remaining days of our whole life? No, right? Then Wake up, Gets up and Fetch up.

Life isn’t mean to take unnecessary pause. Look Life is like marathon among all of us. The difference is that No Victory flag is here. Many comes, many performs and left, that’s all. So if some left in between  somewhere, means to stop all others? No, not at all, others should have to keep running till the last breath. No Referee here, all are equivalent to each other. No doubt there will be so many hurdles in between that but you must have to go through it, because if you don’t, you’ll probably going to stop, and unnecessary stop not acceptable in any manner here. Though that doesn’t mean one can’t stop, they only stop if they can resume it again, if they won’t be able to resume then possibly it should be their last DESTINY.

So if someone left you in between, what you choose? To Stop with them and also accept the DESTINY of them for yours too or to run until you reached to your DESTINY? Apparently, many will go with second one, but you know what the problem here is? The problem here is we wants to resume but some unnecessary power forced us to stay with them for long, and what’s that unnecessary power? The Grief, to lose someone in mid-way and false hope of them to coming back to you. Yes, we will obviously hurt but we just can’t get over that situation to us and gently becomes one of them. As discussed above there will be so many hurdles awaits you to slow you down so why to gear down and be the sole reason of downfall of us?

If we lose somewhere, whether in Love or Game, definitely hurts us a lot, we cried out heart. We feel shamed and stressed. So yeah, we will definitely have some bad time, But the real question here is that for how long time we should take to outshine that situation, which already handcuffed us from upside down? It’s up to us how we takes things, make, and maintains the relations, share, and care the feeling of others, so why we are not able to take decision of our UPLIFTING? Nothing will change, situations like this will always just try to stretch you to down, if you are EMOTIONAL COOL. We aren’t Emotional Fool anymore; we are upgraded ourselves from that to EMOTIONAL COOL. From outer side we very well pretend that we don’t care at all but from inner side we know the real truth, isn’t it?

Image Source: Brian James on Pexels

Likewise if someone left us, we surrendered ourselves to GRIEF. Slowly it starts its work to make us physically Weak and mentally Leak. The moment we lost both, WE aren’t remained WE. And how can we forget ourselves, sacrifice ourselves? Is it any mean of? Not at all. You should have to get up, you should have to unleash the blanket of GRIEF. Remember your goal, you are about to compete it and you are about to complete it. If you want to cry then finalize the frame of it, it is possible. It’s difficult to remove the memory of them from ours, but you should have to otherwise it will control you. Look you have whole and sole right to mourn, on leaving of close ones, but you just can’t mean that destiny for yourself too.

GRIEF, the more time you are mourning, the more you becomes weak gradually. We know that we all have certain time limit then why not this GRIEF? It must have. Your heart beating for numerous counts, but what if it forgets to beat for just ONCE, just think about it. Your Soul will obviously in pain but how much fair is that your Heart will feel the same pain? It needs pamper when Soul isn’t under control of body. Mind knows it but here it’s unable to do anything because in such kind of situation we all becomes BRAINDEAD for some moments. Make schedule of GRIEF, and act accordingly. You’ll definitely find peace. You have to RUN, You have to FUN!

We should learn to Move On, For how long we wait for someone? That’s what Life really meant to be, to chase it without any long pause. Pain is part of Healing, because it tries to realize you that Yes, you are Hurt but not Lost. Get Up and Chase it down. You aren’t mean for lose too soon, you are more than that. Just break all the barriers which stops you, if you don’t that it’ll definitely breaks you! Time and Life Never Stop, it’s Directly Connected. If any of it stopped, another one will automatically stop working.

“GRIEF Should be in BRIEF”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like the content, please share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz. Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!

Topic for the next Sunday: Don’t want to Defeat Anyone, Just wants to WIN for Myself.


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22 thoughts on “How Long Should be the GRIEF?

  1. Grief is something like death. Inevitable! The worse grief is the one you cannot share because no-one understands. Grief and depression are like relatives.

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  2. Reblogged on congratulations. What a brilliant word description. Yes, we all suffer grief. The path through our lives has so many doorways to open or shut. Never look back you’re not going that way! Don’t become stuck in a bottle drowning. This suffering is a gift, not a curse. Suffering if you allow yourself to heal inherently becomes a learnt response and enable yourself to help others with their journey through life. Giving yourself through writing words as this Award-winning author accomplishes perfectly with intelligent compassion. Shalom 🙏😇🦋💫💫

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  3. Grief is a complex topic to talk about. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief, some cry it out, others might avoid talking about it, some try to distract themselves as much as they can. In any manner, grief causes immense pain to the ones dealing with it and they might lose the ability to think straight during such times. I can only wish and pray for peace and strength for people who have to deal with grief in their life.

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  4. I like the idea of not having expectations of anything or anybody… this leads to disappointment. It’s better to accept the situation and move on. I experienced this recently and as soon as I was able to accept, it was a weight off my shoulders. As for grief, it’s important to mourn a death for as long as we need to, recognizing that “life is for the living” and we must move past while retaining wonderful memories of their presence in our life. Emotional Cool is a good thing to have!


  5. Perfectly said. Grief is natural in the moment of loss, but will weigh you down and weaken you if you sink in it for too long. Better to move past grief and keep moving forward!


  6. Very interesting post and it’s different for everyone.
    I personally know that I will not move on FROM grief, but I move on WITH my grief. That is not to say that I will forever be depressed and sad, not at all. Grief ebbs and flows and I have come to learn a lot about it over the last two years. I have come to respect it and the part it plays in my life. And honestly, I would not want to give my grief away even if that were an option. It’s just a reflection of how much I love and miss my mum.

    I hope you are keeping well 🙂


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  7. Babe. There is no schedule for grief, and can’t be. The art is to keep going while grieving. Even if you can only make the gestures of functioning normally, you will function. Remember, running is a mechanical act. The body is doing its mechanical work, the mind is soaring above it.


  8. Thanks for sharing this. It is not easy, I lost my best friend last month in February and till today I still think of him. I finally accepted the loss but it weighs me down and weakens me every time I remember him. I don’t even get the inspiration and vibe to writing anymore. Although, recently I started writing again and I wish to be consistent. With due time, I’ll be emotionally cool and my grief would subside.


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