From Everything to Nothing and Nothing to Everything!!

Hello Guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective lives. Life of today is really been challenging by each and every passing moment, right? What we can do though? We can live the life we wants to, we can build the life we wants to, but all that is possible only and only if we are up to the marks, even if we don’t know what’s life brings it out next. It’s your life make it large. Ply your time, feel the change and be the change.  

As a human being, all we can do is to enjoy the life as much as we suffer. Life is exact mixture of that duo, The more you suffer, ready to enjoy later. But remember don’t expect Joy before Sorrow, if you can’t get through bad, maybe there’s a chances that you are going to miss the best part of life. Look life is that what you made from it and how you build it otherwise ready to live the ordinary life, lived by millions and billions people out there. So, what you choose, Live the life like rest of people or Live the life like the best of People? Whatever choose, choose wisely.

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. As always today we also gonna talk about human nature. The behaviour that changes people by people, place to place and time by time. Any guess? Yeah that is much relevant to all of us in much or less manner. That also true, Because no one here is Professor by birth and no one here is dumbass by birth, it’s we the people who makes the difference, within us, to us and by us, right? So, let’s dip dive into this subject matter to learn more about it from base to know, to understand and to implement.

How many of you have seen a newborn baby? All of us, right? Okay so now the next question is How they comes into this world, in this galaxy, in this world? From their parents? By Kindness of God or Some Magic happens, and genie put them down here? It’s the whole process, right? Absolutely yes, then did you really think that new-born baby has everything before their birth? The destiny is already written down of them? Maybe yes or maybe no. So many opinions, here right? In majority times it’s up to that baby that their destiny will be decided by what they were actually doing in their respective life later on they passed on the earth.

No argue in that, that someone is wealthy by birth. There are many illustration in that regard too but If you closely eye on history then you will be able to get the reality of this world, which looks so damn beautiful from its outer panel but inside somewhere it definitely ask many sacrifices. APJ Abdul Kalam, the best example one can look forward to. He’s definitely not rich neither any background support to come ahead and penned down his name in the books of History by his acts. Wings of Fire, if you wants to know that what I wants convey you then that’s the best reference, his autobiography. Apart from him, There are many too, but I suggest that what I know certainly.

Look life is definitely not that what one had assumed to be. It always shocked people by its spontaneous acts. One should always be ready to face it. It’s not wrong to said that it’s quite similar to Roller Coaster ride. In just a second you were rise up to sky and in another you were down to hell. No one has actually real idea where their life going through. Neither we are God nor astrologer, so better to be human. If you tried to compare yourself to God, then they are always there to show you the differences between you and them. If you tried astrology, then you are obviously on wrong path. There is no one who knows yourself better than you, right? Then why to consider that fishy idea.

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Astrologers, the cheap copy of God, trying to assume the life of others but in between that they forget of themselves. So that’s not the way you can look forward. Life is full of uncertainties, you by your own hand write down your story whether it’s be good or bad. Hard work, patience, and Strong will going to assist you in your endeavour. And most importantly, how can one forget the LUCK factor? It must be with you, otherwise your millions and billions of efforts won’t paid out, never ever. There should be role of LUCK in your fate, otherwise you gonna pieced off, every second, every minute, every moment you passed here. At the same time LUCK also follows Courageous, if you find something hard and give up easily then it’s not for you in any time. By experience, Luck starts to observe the same.

We aren’t Ambanis, Tatas, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, we are we, who is enough to make difference. They have everything because they worked for it in past for this moment they lived in today, in fact they create their own life, don’t blindfold by their success, it wasn’t overnight, there must be some sleepless nights, some freaking depressed night, some grief nights, some fearless decisions as well. All we can do is to find that small clues which lead us on to the same path. Find it, Joint it and be it. They have the digest system and metabolism to have that success, that too on constant basis. Don’t stop yourself by doing anything, until and unless it’s harmful.

Look everything needs Change. So very first let’s try to change yourself, followed by time and place. Because time and place won’t change if you, won’t think to change by yourself. When time changes taken place, Wealthier becomes penurious and penurious becomes wealthier one. Though as said earlier it won’t happen overnight unless and until you really try to be. Magic creates but there are you, who has power to create that as well. Don’t be haughty, be naughty!!

Do You know the most weird quality of humankind? Yes, you guess it right. None of us go satisfied here, the one who has everything and the one who has nothing. The one who has everything goes for more instead of to smug in what they have and the one who has nothing tried to fulfill necessity. Follow some Life hacks for beautiful life:

  • Take Proper unbreakable Sleep
  • Don’t Erase Smile from your Life
  • Earn Enough money to Survive.
  • Small is Beautiful.
  • If something is for all, then that doesn’t mean we all must have to use it.
  • Don’t feel jealous in lack of something.
  • Practice: You are For Everyone, rest will done automatically.

So that’s all for the day. What’s your view regarding today’s post, penned all your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in comment section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all of you.

Topic for the Next Sunday: Smile is an Art, Create it as you want!!


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20 thoughts on “From Everything to Nothing and Nothing to Everything!!

  1. Astrologer-the cheap copy of god😜😜😂😂
    Lol now this is stuck in my mind😂😂
    Well written👏👏👏
    And also Happy Diwali

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  2. Again a great one altogether again😅
    Pardon me for one thing, please tell me some points to fulfil the very first life hacks for beautiful life..!😌🤭🤭 ( I hope you are getting that properly..!🤭🤭) satisfactorily..!!???

    The part where you explained, everyone makes their life of their own, was the best part of the post..! We should work on us, on our life, for us..!😁

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