Confession, The Passion One Must Follow

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well in your respective lives. Although this year itself isn’t good for us, i.e. humankind, the last few days went extremely outrageous. The France Terror Attack followed by Attack in Afghan University where Book Fair was organised, succeeded by Attack in Capital of Austria, Vienna. Gone are goody/foody Days, resembles it to a Bloody Days, looks more appropriate one here. Like literally, innocent always pissed off in no time by somewhere, no matter how much we all talk about Justice and other similar bullshits, right? Obviously, what’s the fault of those kid who attended the Book Fair, where terrorist showed their cruelty, we all are suffering now a days, then why this type of Violence, is it necessary, like seriously?

So many questions, but not able to find a single answer, can anyone? Yeah obviously, the one who understand this, never dive into this type of Crime/Bloody games, they knew the only single word, No Mercy!! That’s all. The above mentioned 3 attacks performed in 3 Different Countries but the motto of those will definitely be one, Remove Humanity – Human Erased Automatically.  But may be they forgot, by doing so none of them will find Peace anytime. How can one expect to get place in Paradise whereas your actions aren’t enough to have place in Hell either.     

And how can one forget the roller coaster ride of Presidency election of USA, Congratulations America, Joe Biden will soon take over the Presidency of World’s heavyweight. Hope he will continue to do good work in future for all of us.

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Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Any guess? Yeah, as always it will be on human behaviour. Find it most appropriate ones to write on instead of to focus on other niche. Human, it’s like never ending topic, one can write anything on it, whatever they likes to, but the only condition is, be companion of reality. Because we people likes to read ourselves but not that which often go against one’s will, so keep in mind that basic rule. Rest based on your creativity and fiction.

Confession, What is it mean by? If one asked you about to brief Confession, how would you explain that? Any Idea? May be, you said, Confession is to accept the consequences of your actions and reactions, right? Yeah, it is. But don’t you find it narrow? Whereas it’s more than what one has confessed and what one about to deliver after that confession of counterpart. In short, Confession is a wide and broad concept that what one thinks about it and what one adopt from that. We will gone through it sooner later on, before that let’s start from root.  

Confession as said earlier, It’s the whole process, starting from to realise by someone that they had done mistake in their respective work, followed by to think about it how to amend/clear it, followed by steps to be consider while doing so which finally followed by judgement process as outcome of that confession. So, it’s not only to confess by someone and approved by another, it’s beyond that if you closely looks the above mentioned process of Confession. It depends on the person, situation and time being in force. So let’s deep dive into this to know more about it, to know what confession is and what’s the process, what’s outcome of it.

Confession, when one thinks that he/she has to take responsibility of their work, their mislead – their greedy selfish motto? Look before confessing something one has to assure about its probable pros and cons, without it, maybe it creates more dramatic/confusing situation. So, one has to keep in mind the 3P, The Place and The Person and the Probable Result for their act of confession. Here probable result means to ready with backup plans too, that what if it goes right and what if it goes wrong.

“Leader always Comes Ahead not because they wants to be leader

They comes ahead because they wants to Grow, not to run away from Problems.”

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Definitely it’s not the cup of tea of Craven, more precisely the person who prefers to run over everything instead of to face the situation and get through it. One must have strong will, to go out with the person to whom, he/she thinks to confess. The process of Apology followed by the process of Confession, because without confession one couldn’t find the reason behind being apologetic and being forgiven, right? So, if you think to apologise someone, better to learn to admit your bad first. If one go directly for sorry, it creates thrill/mystery in between people, so better to admit first your offense and then be apologise for the same.

Confession isn’t the game of Kind-hearted, one need Courage to face the people, the guts to face the criticism of the people, the strength to stand on their own feet, and the strong will that would enough to land on accurate result. But one need crystal clear eye in their vision of being Responsible and procedure thereafter. Lack of confession often shows that you aren’t unable to stand on your own; you are coward and you’ll never be leader anymore.

But in today’s world, it sounds good only n only on paper, in real life nobody comes ahead. Once they did something, then they easily forget about the consequences of their acts, right? We prefer to run away from the situation, even without giving try to handle it. We scared to come ahead, we scared to take responsibility, we scared of consequences, we scared of result, and in between that scared you don’t know, how and when their acts become hell for others. Here we people don’t scared of taking risk, but we scared of just assuming that risk, and how’s that good in any ways?

Confess when you think you hurt someone, confess when you did something wrong, confess when you think you are wrong, confess when and how situations gets out of your control, confess on every little error, it won’t make you silly, in fact it’ll help you to be better, to perform best. If you aren’t able to see your own error, and held responsible for your own acts then how people recognise you, did you think that? Confession makes you strong not weak, if you think so. It shows that you are matured enough to step ahead and accept your acts/deeds. 

“If you find excuse in every matters of others, Then you’ll never grew on your Own.”

So that’s all for the day, hope you all follow this simple rule of life, Confess and Face!! Penned down your thoughts, suggestions and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic of the day till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the Next Sunday: From Everything to Nothing and Nothing to Everything!!


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15 thoughts on “Confession, The Passion One Must Follow

  1. Easy to say, difficult to be done, that’s what I can say for confession. Also, at times, it backfires. Your intention may be purely apologetic, yet the other person may take it in different way and reaction may be much worse either. So, as you rightly mentioned, we have to keep certain things in mind before going for any kind of confession. As always, great piece of writing Devyang !!!

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  2. No doubt one can forget the elections of the superpower! 😃

    In a sense we all are bad in someone’s story. But when people confess something about themselves that they had never admit in normal conversations, it is a big deal. The action and reaction should be in balance.
    Confessing something and someone absorbing it on the same level is so important right now.

    I hope everyone confess and face as well as embrace and ace! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Confessions are always better, I think the best over anything. I guess, it’s so much better to confess rather than ending up in a mess…isn’t that??😅

    Whatever it be, what we can least do, is be truthfull.. ! In any way we can, to others and so to ourselves, indirectly..!😁


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