We Are Dying Before We Are Trying!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are healthy and wealthy physically, as well as mentally. Mental peace is need of the hour, right? This situation is like each of us need counsellor who looks after us in every aspects, on behalf of us. How much one is strong enough, one is feel down when they have to face and defeat their own self!! Getting rid of it is easy but there we people who often made it complicated to go through. Here people are not at fault, completely, sometimes situation and luck also played their respective and pivotal roles in downfall of them. But still question raises, are you unable to tackle down the situation or the situation themselves are more challenging, which one had assumed to be?

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. The little bit exciting and demanding one. All you got some idea by the title, that what we gonna talk about today, right? Yes, about failures, the other side of life. While discussing with Akshita, on some issues of life, finds it interesting to penned down this topic as many of us suffering from it and to apply half heartedly efforts, which is almost parallel to nullify efforts at all. So, let’s dive into this to get some positive vibes/energy to live the life fullest.

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We are Dying Every Single Second, We are Dying in Every Minute, We are Dying in Every Moment, before we are about start to something New, right? Don’t hesitant to confess it, even I am not except in this case. We are too curious and energetic in starting session but as soon as Sun starts to set, our confidence also start to sunk, right? Yes, definitely we lack confidence but how can one gets it without any attempt? Victory isn’t far from your Reach in beginning, it’s far when you think to give up on that idea in Mid way!!

As a Human we all in-need of something always, like always, that’s the human tendency whether you believe or not. Greed for good is always good and the attempts you gave to conquer it never went unnoticed. To give efforts is the first thing, one can focused before anything else, right? Yes, because if you aren’t prepared well mentally to show the guts, you’ll never back with smile on face. You, only happy if you feel from the bottom of your heart, because from the face no matter how much you pretend to be happy but somewhere your inner half isn’t stand by you at all, maybe you are satisfied by face but not by soul.

Life is not what you achieve from it, it’s all about how you create it. Mainly as we differentiate the people in 3 basic categories, Poor Class – Middle Class and Rich, we made it easy to recognise the people by their status, right? If we go deep down, there’s more class one can identified from it, higher middle class, lower middle class, backward class, impecunious and beggar. In fact, there’s no such class one can find, it’s only theory one blindly follows it. What’s your thinking about the lifestyle of the Rich? They eat good, wore good, looks good and? That’s all? Really? Think about it again, what Rich do that poor deny to do? What about work?

We all do the work as per our accordance, true? Obviously at last that are the source to fulfil our needs/requirement and belly. Have you observe the mindset of the billionaire of the world ever? Are the people who is Rich won’t work at all, did you think like that? Then be alert, very first, you must have to visit some doctor/counsellor as soon as possible. The truth is Wealthier suffer the most, because to reach at the top isn’t their goal, to stay on top is their ultimate goal. For that they have to take some decision, instantly and accurately. If they failed to do so, there would be bigger inverse impact on their business. There’s no point to give up on situation, if it’s unfavourable, then they tried to make it favourable one at any cost. To accept the defeat by giving an efforts is much better than not to appear for the attempt even.

To give efforts must be our sole motto, irrespective of the result. If you succeed there’s no one happy like you by doing so and what if you failed? Don’t worries if you can’t succeed you gain some experience/ formula to crack these types of hurdles, which definitely gonna assist you in your next attempt. Experience is the key to Success, if you failed to have it, you can’t simply differentiate between Success and Failure. For you Success is opposed of Failure and Failure is opposed to Success, where in reality it’s wide concept. Both term have their own chronology, the process, and the different outcome for sure.  

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Confidence, one simply can’t boost it, before they can practically used their hidden weapon. And what’s that? For that you have to write it down, at least 10 times, Yes, I can do this; whenever you feel like to give up on particular idea. Then fold that paper and put it in your wallet or there where you find it easily. Read it when you about to give up, it’ll never let you allowed to do so. It reminds you that you made the promise to do that, now you have no way out except to try again. Instead of to die with regret of not taking the chances, sounds better to die with satisfactory efforts that you give.

Look every coin has two a side, if one is for your opponent then the other would be sure for you, no doubt in that. You know, we all scarce one thing for sure, the confidence booster, while beginning, in mid-way and in finishing too. In beginning we scared to do something as we already new at somewhere, in middle of the path, we scared by the barriers we face, the upcoming hurdles and in finishing we scared of the result. In this whole process we dies so many times on regular basis, even one themselves doesn’t know about their DAILY DYING – DAILY CRYING before one confident TRYING.

You don’t need long lectures on motivation, hour long inspirational speech and all to try something. All you need is to have complete yourself with you, who can walk with you – side by side. To die is too easy, you know. There are many causes to die but there you have to find that one reason which never let you down, shut you down. Scared of Height? Scared of Water glitch? Scared of Evil? Scared of Dreams? All your scar are victorious if you are there, so does the new beginning. In eyes of World, you are alone, but you know you aren’t, make them believe you solely enough to make the changes, you saw, you follow.  

“Do not Die before You Try and Do not Try before You Cry, Cry after Try and Die after Try.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all like this small dose of confidence booster. Share your viewpoints, suggestions, opinions and thoughts regarding today’s post in comment section will replied yoo soo over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tatta, BByee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!! Stay safe, Stay healthy!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Gratitude is the Best Attitude!!


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60 thoughts on “We Are Dying Before We Are Trying!!

  1. Hahah, I’m good, though badly caught with cold..lol..rn ( but eventually will be better 🤪)
    I’m glad for the mention divyang..!😌
    Hahah, well I must say, clever of you then..! You’ve put the tagline so well here..! (Hahah, spices..lol😂😂)

    Exactly, we are our efforts.
    It really does. How can we leave a path incomplete when we were bound to complete that when we actually started it.
    Very well said one, its we who take advantage of ourselves, by allowing others to do so..isnt that?😅
    (Hahahah, go on then, what are you waiting for😂😂, enlighten us all with your deep thoughts over this topic as well..!😉)

    Exactly, its like a fire within us, unless we ourselves start it, no one else will..! We are responsible to lighten or shove it down. So choose wisely..!🙃
    Exactly, why to worry over the result, if we keep doing our work, and be consistent in our path, no matter wht comes, we will be able to overcome that…isnt that..! So, trying is the ultimate option..!

    Aree aree, itni formality😂😂😂, aap thank you bolke aise hamein sharminda na karein 😂😂😂
    Dhanyavaad to hamein aapka karna chahiye, itni achi achi self motivating baatein or ideas jo batate rehte ho😁

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Greed for good is always good… yeah, even if I could not reach that pinnacle I wanted to, at least, striving and making that goal of giving my best keep me fueled! It really does.
    Enlightening post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Arre paji, kya ho gya, cold ho gai?! Delhi me rehte ho, ye to hona hi tha..😂😂😂
    Joke aparts, take care of yourself, wese doctors ko to yeh sab formality vali bate kehni nai chaiye hume, but still as a friend ku6 gun guna to skte hain, right?😅😅
    thank you paji..😉😉
    (yeah, spices..😂😂 not appropriate one?😅😅)

    We are our efforts wow, the second thing i learn today from you,🤗🤗
    If we had guts to start something then definitely we need lit bit courage to reach that finishing line with smiley face, right?😅😅 Start mil gya that’s important not the result everytime..😅😅 Start hi nai mila to koi fark nai painda, but as soon as we gets start we must have to give our 100% to conquer it in anyway…
    yeah absolutely, it’s we who take advantage of us, why to give them fuckin chance to get over us?!!??😅😅
    (well definitely, I’ll..😅😅 Kripa jo hain aapki…)

    Fire, maybe it’s in all of us, the thing we need is to have some petrol in mode of courage.. of course, how can one stop counting on themselves?😅😅 if person can’t help themselves, no one will never help them…😅😅
    Exactly, but as an Indian we worry over all the things, right?
    Even though I am not except in this case as well.. But we must have to get rid of it sooner or later…😄😄 we’ll overcome for sure, it’s just matter of time and lit bit factor of luck, that all we need… Ultimate option, 😁😁

    Arreee arree, aap sharminda ho gye, kya baat kar rhe ho paji?!😂😂😂 sach me?!
    are abhi hamne ki na vo chinti aur hathi vali baat, usme hathi aap hain, aur hum hain chinti…😅😅 aap ke motivation k aage sab fail hain… and that’s true, not kidding..😅😅
    Again take care of yours, 😁😁


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