News Channels and NewsPapers: The Truth Lacker cum Truth Leaker!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. Time is definitely challenging, so as we. One must have to break all the barriers to live the life fullest. In life something is non-negotiable. One has to accept it whether they wanna believe or not. Life isn’t what you expect to be, it’s how you accept it. Challenges are always there, that doesn’t mean you have to passed it with flying colours, sometimes failure proves to be a great teacher also. So, don’t be afraid to be fail, at last you tried where others give up. You won there when others lost hope, don’t think you lose there where others even not give try. Dominating position is good but have an upper hand is always preferable one.


Anyways let’s kick start our session of today, quite similar and lightning one. Your guess is right, Media, we all gonna learn about the role, the so-called media plays now a days. We will start from root to the actual outcome of their so-called spicy news. As said, one has to know the very simple meaning of it, then to step ahead, right? Absolutely, without having much knowledge one isn’t able to know the motto behind it. So, let’s start.

Communication, we all need it to match the step with the rest of the world, right? Yes, absolutely, indeed we need everything which increase knowledge of one’s, to stay updated with the things one is surrounded by, to know what matters them the most, etc. And how can one joint the dots with world, what are the sources to stay update, what is going on in the world they are live? Answer of all is just one, to keep an eye on all the events occurred and how’s that possible? To see or by reading the news, either on News Channels or Newspapers, right? But really are they trustworthy in current scenario, did you really think like that? Come on man, one can’t be fool by just reading it or knowing it without having depth knowledge of news you read actually. We going through both the sources in depth, subsequently.

So, let’s first start with News Channels. Well if I am not wrong, you all had some idea about Fox News Channel, of USA. Roger Alies, the former US Republican party’s political strategist and NBC executive embarked the journey of one of the biggest News group in 1996, whose practicing biased reporting in favour of George Bush and Donald Trump. The very basic motto of any news channel is to brought out the real truth, which is hidden behind the scenes, to published them and let people allow to know what exactly happens. The FNC isn’t bad either in their perspective, but the way they published news is misleading, also breaching the very basic low of media, not to use that medium where the large public (more precisely, audience) is interested.

There’s very thin line difference between News and Rumours if you find it. News is what you allow people to know and Rumour is what you enforced audience to believe what you show/published. You repeatedly show audience that, which indirectly enforce them to make it believe that whatever they are showing is only truth, nothing else. Truth only unveiled, if one really want a change, which is scarce here in this so-called World, especially in Human. Rumours spread like they are real, and Reality never comes into limelight. Rumour, News channels spread it like they are done something really good.

TRP, News channels, they only show that what increase their revenue, even they don’t care what effect will be on the people who are actually suffering. News Channels are only interested to show what Celebrity wore while step out from the house/gym and what they are doing all day? Which film had done a good on box office and who played better Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni? Well they (News Channels) played better off filed than anyone else, fuckin idiots. Here when one victim is suffering from injustice and they all are in search of some spicy hot news, like really, how far would you go, have you think about it?

Now let’s coming to the other source of increasing Knowledge, i.e. News Papers. If it really print some good topics, it’ll definitely helping hand for the people of country. Reading, it’s make a deeper impact on people, when they read and start implementing some false information. Media, if you work for it then don’t be black dot of it. Newspaper who won’t read it? The begetter of family in early morning, to the customer in saloon, to public service aspirant all read it then why you print some bullshit in it? Is it not your duty to cover that what News Channels lack, the truth?

The world is beyond celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, and rapist, have you forgot it? Why to print that which is no use of anyone? They print those shits because they are paid for that. If you really look into the 20 page of newspaper, one couldn’t find the useful informative news from it. On very first page, they put some hot breaking news, which already becomes normal overnight. As soon as you turned down the pages, you may see, The ex-politician’s son held in rave party, the well-known builder’s name revealed in some high profile murder case, this b-town celebrity celebrate his/her birthday in some foreign country and social media applauded them by saw her/his pictures. This cricketer purchased luxurious bungalow/car, with highlighting the rumoured value of it. Then there comes Astrology page, get rid of your any problem in just 5 minutes, like seriously is there any letter written down on our forehead? And how can one forget advertises? Advertise of new built houses, Some facial creams, weight gainer/losers, just spoiled whole the mood of reading newspaper. There’s hardly any information one could apply in real life.

There are so many similarities in between these two sources but they fucked up the mind of one in different-different ways. Sometimes the tone of Anchor, sometimes the headlines of newspaper itself, sometimes the news they show, sometimes the news they print, sometimes the way they published the news, sometimes the way they print the news, all are ridiculous.

The sole motto of any media is to bring out the reality, whether it’s of Newspaper or News Channels. Instead of to publish unnecessary debates, just do one thing, don’t do anything shit spreading. Maybe it’s your work/duty but how can you spoil others mood/work/health, did you think about it. Still not get it, Are you Really Truth Lacker or Truth Leaker? Are you scarce of truth or you just leak the Truth by yourself?

Truth is Denial Here;

Reality is Abandon Here;

Honesty is Forbidden Here;

Patriotism is Prohibited Here.

P.S.: There must be inclusion of one line on every News Channels and Newspapers; Readers/Audience Caution: One can read/watch the news, but one can’t follow it. Follow it on your risk.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all understand the necessity of the topic. Share your thoughts, suggestions, opinions and advice regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, BByyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the next Sunday: We are Dying Before We are Trying


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57 thoughts on “News Channels and NewsPapers: The Truth Lacker cum Truth Leaker!!

  1. That’s so kind of you Ma’am, really appreciate your efforts!!🤗🤗
    I was in need of that which I scarce and you actual delivered the same, so will always be your indebted to you!!😁😁

    Yes, time is real shit, we all have our own fights and we must have to fight back, in time.. Yes, we will definitely, just to cross this lava night, tomorrow will be us for sure, I know!!😊😊😊

    Yes, smile is back but I became too aggressive at the time, I’ve learn to control myself, I guess!! Thank you for this Ma’am!!
    You too stay safe,
    Take care…😁😁

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  2. Hahah, I’m glad 😌
    And I must say, your try came out very well divyang. 😅😁
    Hahah, well exactly. They dont even deserve that divyang.😂😂

    Exactly. Fark padta hota to quantity se zydada quality pr kaam krte, and that too something real. Right, they seriously dont care. Ek itne serious issue ko itna troll kr denge, god save them from hell..lmao.

    They really are. Most of the news is total crap and fake. Bhyee km se km unn logon ka toh soch lein jo inki news ko pathar ki lakeer smjh lete hai 😂😂😂
    I hope so it happens. This bann thing, man unity is so much required. And indians, hahah, not possible though.

    My pleasure..❤
    Ohh, well, it came out so good with the whole piece.:)
    Even I think so, wht if that happens.😐
    Yeass…shhhhh, I’m not telling that to anyone😂😂

    Hahaha, did I????( well hmne socha akele akele kya darna iss baat se, aapko bhi thoda bata hi diya jaye🤭🤭)


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