7 Road Hacks to Follow While Driving!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. I know it’s early today, but as I’ve hectic upcoming Sunday, so hope you won’t mind. Days are really flying, that we have already entered into the last quarter of the year, 2020. The quarter of happiness, festivals, new beginnings. After having a stressful year, something good is on its way, I guess. So, let’s hope for the best, and also wish you the best for your endeavours.

Anyways, let’s quick start our session with one more interesting topic of the day. In every year at least 1 Million to 1.5 Million people lost their lives in the road accidents all over the world, more than the normal disease. It’s insane, but true. So, think to penned down this topic, which also seems demanding by looking after the current scenario, where people looks depressed and feel the load in their respective lives by whatsoever reason. So just follow the rules mentioned below while driving on the road..

In chaos of Destination, Don't Forget to Enjoy the Journey!!
  1. Keep Calm: – When you are angry, there’s a chance that you may lost control on yourself and end up by messed up everything. Same theory applied while driving too. If you thinks too much, there’s a probability that you smoothly lost control on your driving skills and lost in the thought of Ocean. If you’re angry, don’t give try to drive by yourself, instead use public transportation or wait till you gets control on yourself otherwise you do harm to yourself or either to others. Anger ness, maybe it’s your due but paid by others too. So, skip the driving if possible. So don’t add emotions while driving, put it aside and then try.
  2. Read and Follow Signboards: – Signboards, are really helpful, only, and only if you followed it too, reading it only, won’t works at all. Where to overtake vehicles, is it okay to honking the horns, Speed limits, Direction, Kilometre/Miles to the destination, nearby Hospitals and Petrol Pumps, Speed breakers, all are important, they aren’t just to print and to stick on the board by roadside. If you kindly follow it, you don’t need Google to assist you, to your destination. Most of us, just read it and ignore it, which is later on part of our sole regret. So, it’s better to follow the signboards while driving, especially when you are new to somewhere. Life has no signboard, but paths have!!
  3. Use Indicators: – Many of us, always are in hurry to reach somewhere instead of to start our trip early, right? But in that chaos, we often forgets to use indicators, which causes to unwanted accidents/ slip ups. Just Effectively use the indicators, deepers and blow the horn when seems necessary and while overtaking the vehicles/crossroads. Get an eye on Fuel tank too, when travelling to unknown place, even for a short trip. Do check the Speedometer too whether it’s properly works or not. Break are working properly or not you have to check everything before making your routine journey as well for your safety and safety of others too.
  4. Avoid Talks or Loud Music: – As said, you’ve to be concentrate on one thing fully if you want to avoid some unnecessary incidents and early results of something. Brain has also some limits, if too much load it bears, then be ready to face the consequence of it too. Avoid loud music and unnecessary talks on cell phones, air-pods or use of your devices if possible. There’s a possibility that you became careless for a moment and your whole life gonna be useless for you, for the people you surrounded by. Your life is in your hand, the steering you hold, followed the instruction of yours, so think twice before messed up the things with your own hands.
  5. Handy First Aid Kit: – Life is full of uncertainties so better to step out from the home with necessary handy medical stuff. Don’t forgot to bring Bandages, some medicines and visiting card of your family doctor, so in case you met something bad, then people have some clue to reach you/ family member of yours. Add the number of your parents/siblings in emergency contact of your device. If you live separate from your family, then add the number of people whom you can trust and always pick up the call. In this time, it’s worthy to bring some medical stuffs, if not needed by you then maybe it proves life changing moment for others too, by you.
  6. Don’t Drink and Drive: – Yes, you read it right. Even if you are confident enough to drive by yourself to home, or from home to somewhere, don’t take that type of risk. It’s not just risky but it’s also breach of law, so better to avoid it. Maybe you think you are good enough to drive, but not everyone feels the same, the chances of Accidents gone higher in that cases. You just not take the risk of your life only, there are many other lives too apart from yourself, have you forget it? The moment you close the eye for a second in that hangover, maybe and maybe you don’t need a second chance to open it again, so advice not to do that.
  7. Be Like Tortoise, but not like Rabbit: – In this fast-forwarding life, we all are in too hurry to reach somewhere, in given/schedule time, right? Yes, we do often, no argue in that. Reaching somewhere late is tolerable one or to pay the price of your life, what would you prefer? Listening the hard words of your boss is good or to meet the god in-person is good? We all knew the story of Tortoise and Rabbit, right? What would you to be, Rabbit or Tortoise? The one who is enthusiastic one to reach its destination without knowing the path or the one who is slow but know the path, direction and steady too? If you want to race, don’t do that with your vehicles, instead make race with the time you have, and you want to.

Bonus Tips:

  • Use helmet while driving the two wheelers.
  • Don’t forget to tie the seat belt in Four wheelers.
  • Keep an eye on Oil and other possible maintenance of vehicle.
  • Take care of your vehicle in proper manner and matter.
  • Wash and clean it once in half a month.
  • Maintain at least 10 feet of distance, prior to your vehicle.
  • Vehicles aren’t for race, remember they are for comfort!!

So that’s all for the day, hope you all follow this simple rules and safety measures before starting your trip. Life is precious so why to lose it by our own hand? Penned down your thoughts, suggestions and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic of the day till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the next Sunday: News Channels and NewsPapers: The Truth Lacker!!


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45 thoughts on “7 Road Hacks to Follow While Driving!!

  1. I recently started taking driving lessons and I love it so much!! Of course safety is mandatory and so is the proper following of road rules and signs, I can’t wait to get my license! Thank you for the tips! I get a little nervous as I’m still learning and notice how easy it is to mess up then.

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  2. I somehow feel road rage has increased post lockdown. People have become so depressed and angry in general, that they don’t think twice before taking it out on a fellow rider.
    Good post👍

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I was waiting for the @7PM to have a next booming article from you..!😅😅
    Today you uploaded earlier..haan?🤭
    Btw, very well explained, this is a major issue of concern these days and always had been. People are so careless in matters of this.
    Totally agreed to the tips and bonus tips you added. They are so upto the mark..!🙌🏻
    You bring out topics which need a look..! Alwyas to the need of the hour..! Kudos.!🙌🏻😁
    Anyways, even that ‘ chaos of destination, dont forget the journey” that’s quite deep..!
    Well penned divyang 😁😁

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ohh that’s great, then..🤩
    Good luck for your driving lessons and keep in mind the above rules while driving!!😅😅
    Learning is always good, the process is hard but the outcome is alwapreferableble one!!😁😁

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  5. Yeah, absolutely true Ma’am, i feel the same too,

    That’s why it insist me to penned down on this topic, don’t mix up emotions while driving whether it’s of life or vehicle!!🤗
    Thank you so much!!😁😁

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  6. Yes, only n only if they follow it, many lives could be save,right? But that scarce in us, we avoid it!😅😅

    Absolutely being late is good rather than to lost the live!
    Thank you so much for sharing your views!!😁😁

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  7. Sure, It’ll worth waiting I make sure you!!😉😉

    Yes, had tight schedule so posted early, 😅😅
    First of all thank you,
    The issues of today’s are concern mostly majorly, i guess..
    Absolutely we people became careless in doing so, we put lives of others in danger too while doing the same

    Haha, appreciation noted,
    Yuup, that’s quite deep but in this time, I scarce both, literally!!😂😂
    Again thank you Akshita, for sharing your words here!!🙂😊

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  8. Haha, my great pleasure🥰
    Yeass, this chaotic life made us so busy to neglect these small things.(which can put our whole life at stake)
    Haha, well said that, I can agree here😂😂.. we literally scarce the very thing, journeys and destinations.
    Haahh, your most welcome divyang😁

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  9. Woww…😁😁🤩

    Yes, absolutely, that’s the beauty of the life, right? Where we often forget to spare time for own selves, 😅😅

    Journey and destination, if we bridges that gap then outcome of companion will definitely the best ever, 😊😊

    That’s so sweet of you Akshita, 😁😁

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  10. I guess, yeasss..! This is so much the beauty of life indeed. And what are we, like adding to this unknowing beauty..right??😂😂🤭
    We very much forget that. This is si scarce these days..!

    Yeah definitely, but I hope we could do that. 😅🤭🤭

    Have a great day divyang (oh no, a busy one)😅🤭

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  11. Yuup… 😁😁
    Life isn’t bad or good, we make it bad and good by our own actss!!😅😅
    We forget to be one which is lack here!!

    Yeah, why not? We can do that, 🤭🤭
    you too had a great day, Akshita!!😁😁
    already finished the shift of today, so no more busy now…

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  12. Exactly, well said one divyang.
    Our acts determine our present and future lives.
    Yes, we are lacking that, but why??🥺🤢 why cant everything be as simple as it looks like?🥺

    Achaaa…ahaannnnn…! Kaise kaise???

    Ohhh, ask jaldi kaise???😂😂 aaj thodi kripa kr hi di nirmala didi ne..nhi???😂😂

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  13. So true Akshita…
    It’s our act which decide our next journey after life…😁😁

    We like to show off, you know..
    We don’t like to be simple, if one try be that, everyone gonna make laugh on them… Apart from that many other reasons are also there to change the person, I guess…😅😅

    Kaise ka to pata nai, par karenge ku6 Jugaad kabhi..😁😁😁 Hope is immortal!! So let’s flow this one with us too,

    Are Sunday ko to half day rehta h na humara, nirmala didi to mahan h…😂😂 Kaha baat kar di uski,
    Vo kaha hum jese choto logo pe kripa karegi,😂😂

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  14. Yeass..!😁

    Yeass, this is basically a show off world, so well said one.🙌🏻 rarely do we realise the show off we are into, will land us in such a great mess..! Maybe even more. Simplicity is not at all appreciated these days, yes, infact, made fun off badly..!😪
    Yeas, change can be in any way..! Has many aspects too…!😆

    Jii kariyega, and hamein bhi bataeiyega😂
    Welll yeasss, immortal it is🤪, cant help rather than going with the flow.🙌🏻

    Ohooo…half day, sounds nice😂😂😂
    Aree karengi karengi aap chinta na karein😂😂🤭

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  15. Yuup!!😁😁

    Show off, in that propaganda we lose ourselves, we forget to be ourselves!! We made a blind race with blind people on blind road, I guess. What you say??😅😅 Simplicity word Gandhiji k sath hi swaha ho gya tha!!
    Change can be in any way but it must be, 😁😁😁

    Are pakka pakka, Angutha lagva de aap kahe to!!😁
    Jaan h to Jahan and Jahan h to Sab ku6!!😁😁

    But as we are nearing to deadline, half day full day me convert hota assume kar rhe h hum!!! There’s remained GST audit of 100+ Clients and we have 15 days from now, mean 7 in a day, and Monthly Return to pending hi h sab!!!😂😂 Nirmala didi adiyal h badi,

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  16. Exactly. Blind it is. And people think this is show off, literally, I mean come on are they fooling others or themselves??😂😂
    Simplicity 😂😂…ikr…Gandhiji kya gaye, ye cheez apne saath hi le Gaye 😂, btw dont you think vo simplicity kuch zyada hi thi.???🤭
    Yes, be any way, should be one.🙌🏻

    Are aree😂😂…chaliye maan lete hain

    Ohoo ho ho ho, aree hamein maaf kijiyega, itna nhi pata tha hamein😂😂🤭…ye to bhyee bahut zyada haiiii, but still ab to aadat ho gai hogi??🤭😂😂
    Kr lenge aap..hamein bharosa h😂

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  17. I think they fool themselves…😜😜
    (Dusra koi banaye usse pehle khud hi ban jao.. 😂😂)

    Yuup so true… Simplicity unse start hui thi aur unpe hi khatam ho gai. that’s all..😅
    Gandhiji nikal liye, unke 3 bandar 6od gye… 😋😋
    Yeah, ku6 simplicity nai thi, aiyaash the sab, congressi!!
    Never been a fan of him, why he recognised as father of nation, still don’t know?! Did you? Mahatma, kahe k mahatma, 🥴🥴 History aesi bhi hoti h dekh lijiye!!

    Ohh thank god, aap nahi maante, fir bhi I insist you to make you believe so!!🤭🤭😂

    Ohh ho ho ho, Irfan sir ka gaana yad aa gya,😜😜
    Ab kon le raha h, bataye to zaraa…😅😅
    Aadat to ho gai h, but ab nai hota, yr itna pressure to cooker ko bhi nahi diya jata hoga, I guess!! Sab karna h matlb, GST Registration bhi karo, return bhi file kro, audit bhi kro, vo bhi accurately and speed me, client ko bhi handle kro vo alag se, aadhe to pagal hote h usme se…..😶😶

    Bharosa h, to koi baat nahi, kar lenge sab..😂😂

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  18. 😂😂😂😂, ik exactly, its better than that, and less embarrassing too..lmao

    Umm..yeass..! I was about to ask you the same…then I thought maybe people will get offended 😂😂😂😂, but I’m glad you think the same😂😂, I really dont know exactly, why is he such a role model, and yes, why a mahatma? I mean do people exactly know what actually a mahatma is?? Bss, aise hi purani chali baaton pr bharosa krte rehte hain..batao. vhi toh, history aisi bhi hoti h sir😂😂😂,kalyug h.

    Ahem ahem 😂😂😂, I am trying hard to

    Hahah😂😂😂, aree hm to sirf puch rhe hain dekhiye, aise mt boliye dekhiye aap😌😂🤭🤭
    Ik..I’m understanding your condition divyang 🥺, all I can say is, despite all this you have no choice, you have to, and may god give you courage to deal with all🥺😐

    Han hamein poora bharosa h sir, aap bhi bharosa rakhein 😌🤭

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  19. Haha, well played…😂😂

    Well I just hate to read our so called ancient history, india was good without them (so called kings), India is good without us and India will be good always if no one will here as well..😁😁 Arre I just can’t narrate how much I am fed up while attending the history class in School days, means books me to maano aesa likha jata h, inki wajah se hi Azadi mili h, bhai aur bhi log the, literally I want to call the opinion of people, whether the dignity/pride given to him is really worthy? Why there’s pic of him only on our currency, sometime I asked the same question to my sir and then starts the fuckin debate,😅😅 ended up we can’t do anything to this system…

    Lol, you are trying hard, that’s good.. 🤣🤣🤣
    Are mazaak kar rhe the, lete rho, hume bhi mazza aa raha h, aapko bhi aa raha hain then do it..😂😂 After all fun is important,
    yuup, I have no choice, suicide kiya h to fir marna to padega ek baar!!
    Marke zinda ho jayenge!!😂😂 Maybe that’s the better way, I think…

    Oho, Madamji bol rhe hain , fir to heartless people ko bhi zinda rehni ki ummid chodne se rahi…😁😁 Kar rhe h, thanks for this booster!!😄😄😅😅
    Aur kya haal chaal aapke? Everythings good?

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  20. Exactly, india was so good without them, and always will be. I really think that was it us, indians, who made india a worse place to live in😂😂..???? Yes, exactly, the very mindsets of people living, and much more of those running all the systems in it.
    Seriously, that sounded all so bullshit. Itne Lambe lambe 50 page ke chapters sirf to tell us who the father of the nation actually is and why..lmao(with no justified reasons)
    I so much agree here divyang, after all a single person couldn’t do anything, it was a whole unity among some which led to this great achievement, then why do we remember only one as the father of the nation, who brought out the free Independent india..its wierd…!!!

    Haha, well our teachers or anyone, I dont think they will ever understand, or have a justified reason for anything they say, so the debate you had with one, will continue for ages😂😂, bo doubt with any. They believe wht they were asked to believe, cant help them.

    Yaaaa…very much😪😶, and that sucks sometimes.😐
    Hahahha, jiiii jiiii
    Marke Zinda hona, sounds so good to my ears😂😂😂😂, that is a better one for sure, and yes, never the same way..lmao

    Hahaha, jii kyun nhi…but vo depend krta h medical condition hai ya just an emotional rush 😉😉
    Karte rahiye phir 😁😂

    Haal chaal, yes, I think it is. I hope it is😶

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Yes, that’s what i said in earlier phase that India was beautiful, is beautiful and will always be, it’s we who made us worse to live, totally agree…🙂🙂
    Dekho we can’t blame the system alone, there’s something beyond that, as far as I know… We people are in centre of anything, we chose them to fuck us, so we can’t deny that fact as well..(fyi, bhale hi modi bhakt hoo, but still never gave vote in election, sala ek regret to na ho, bhai hamara koi haath nai hain isme…🙈😜😜)

    Arre mujhe to sab bounce jata tha, kaha se kaha le gye bhai..🧐😂😂
    Sala hum vaha nai the to hume C, banaoge ku6 bhi anap sanap padhake…
    I am not agreeing on that bookish knowledge, of anyone(regarding Indian History)..
    If I am there, then n only then I can believe so, otherwise don’t try to fuck me..🤪
    I am not there so I never believe whatever had printed in book is 100% true!!!

    Yeah, all played their respective roles whether it’s less or more, but no one’s contribution is forgettable, right?!😅😅 Freedom fight, it was all India’s fight so credit kisi ek ko dena, not reasonable in any manner…

    Yuup, right.. No one helps those poor mind..
    But actually my sir is good for debate, bhale hi maarte ho hamari, har roz…😜😜

    That sucks and fucks too often..😂😂
    Sab kehne sunne ki baat hain, bolne me aur sunne me maza aa raha hain, but it’s almost impossible, marke zinda hona(except it was some daily shops of Ekta kapoor… )😂😂🤣🤣

    Par aapke paas dono ka solution hain na right?
    Doctor bhi ho and psychiatrist bhi…😅😅
    Kar rahe h fir…😁😁

    Kyo bhai? Kya ho gya?!
    Sounds low?!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Exactly. And we have gone so far, cant rewind everything and make good.

    Yeah, actually, true. Main reason is obviously the people, the indians, who actually brought them up to that positions without actually knowing the importance of that position. (Hahah, ye hui na baat😂😂😂, vote to hmne bhi nhi diya aaj tk, I said you I never believed this system, never will😂😂, so never wanting to give one)

    Scch bole aap😂😂😂, inn logon ne to kiya hi yhi h divyang, kuch bhi likh dete hain and then what the childish minds to believe that shit.
    Well, ab something, which actually makes sense, and so agreeable, but this, like we read before, and we are seeing the present scenarios, right? So, we know that was bullshit. Hahha, not even me, blindfolded faith doenst work here.

    Exactly. That is exactly the point. After all india got independent because of all the people at that time, and more significantly, planned strategies by a group of people, so why we always remember mahatma Gandhi, whenever a topic like this arises?? And yes, as you said, that thing, his face printed on the currency notes.. that is total bullshit. Sometimes if these people try reading his history, as a person, A family to someone, they’ll get to know the real colours behind. Not at all a sadhu person. 😂😂

    Hahahah, well then lucky to have one😂😂😂

    Hahah, ik, ab dekho reality mein toh hone se raha, to kyun na aise imagine krke hi tassalli le li jaye..kya kehte hain aap??😂😂 (hahah, lol, agreeable 🤪)

    Hahhaha, but no one is perfect right??😂😂

    All good, nthn like that. Just kinda freaked up..lmao😂😂
    Life sucks sometimes


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