Tips, Tricks and Trims of Life!!

Hello guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic in your respective lives. Life is really challenging now a days, the one who advice others to be better, had lose control on themselves often. Disconnecting from the rest of the world, Workload and ongoing issues makes life harder to live it peacefully. There is difference between Mentally and physically disabled person. The one who is disabled physically still has chance to outshine his/her weakness with help of strong will power but the one who is disabled by mentally, not gets a single clue to edge past his/her weakness.

Giving up on the life isn’t be the option never ever, but still when people lose mentally, finds it best amongst all. Not discouraging you, but sharing you the facts of life that how it will going to consume you slowly. You became victim of yours and no one gonna survive you from there. Life isn’t that what you expect to be happen, it’s all about uncertainty and maybe that’s the beauty of it.

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So let’s quick start our session today. Yes, there’s happening so many things right now in the world, in the life that its very difficult to stay high always. The idea of today’s post is based on that. So here are some of the tips, tricks and trims of life which going to helpful you all;

Tips: Tips, it’s easy to motivate others, but when one tried to get in someone’s shoes, the real transparency of life revealed by that very first moment, which previously not seen, feel or understandable. So following are some quick tips of life which might be assist you all in your hard time.

  • Want to see a smile, then observe the innocent chuckle of toddler.
  • Want to do something, implement without much hesitant.
  • Want to see a beauty, then observe the beauty of Nature.
  • Want to see an unconditional love, then find a mother
  • Want to see an Inspiration, wake up and find the mirror.
  • Want to see improvements, start with yourself.
  • Want to Motivate, first be that.
  • Want to learn something, it’s never too late.
  • Want to give up, give up that idea first.
  • Want to live, don’t look for happiness, first start to believe to be live.
  • Want to Die, don’t find reason, be like season, just think to change that Decision.

Tricks: Likewise Tips, Tricks often works there where tips aren’t allowed to follow. Some tricks are handy enough to adopt and amend the decision whenever and wherever it seems like to be. When one is low, lost and betrayal they put more weight on trick than to Tips. So following are some of the handy tricks to follow and to recommend as well.

  • Don’t understand word, understand people.
  • Don’t be hard to yourself, at last you survive yourself from sinking.
  • Don’t count the numbers, mind the numbers.
  • Don’t ashamed to cry, it’s better than fake laugh, even in public.
  • Don’t give up too early, maybe decision you took proves early.
  • Don’t be right every time, try to be southpaw too.
  • Don’t judge people, know people.
  • Don’t look for peace, it’s within you. If you can’t find in yourself then it’s rare to find anywhere.
  • Don’t find comfort, find the place, and make it comfortable.
  • Don’t solve puzzle, solve the issues you face/you gone through.
  • Don’t copy, make others to do.
  • Don’t boost Confidence, uplift yourself than previous day.
  • Do silly, if you want to famous and known.

Trims: Trims, in general trims means to remove unnecessary stuff from there where it seems like to be needed, for cleanliness, for betterment/improvement or for satisfaction of themselves. So following are some trims which one should implement soon in their respective lives.

  • Trim toxic people.
  • Trim toxic relationship as well.
  • Detox unnecessary social media accounts.
  • Trim negative vibes and grew positive mindsets.
  • Trim unwanted monthly shopping expenditures.
  • Try to Trim screen time.
  • Trim and update Music list as and when feel needed.
  • Trim fear while to do new.
  • Trim unwanted thoughts of brain.
  • Trim evil within you.
  • Trim your feelings, emotions, World isn’t that much kind to handle it.
  • Trim expectations, Grew acceptations.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all find something from it, and help your respective selves. Share your thoughts, opinions and suggestion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. Share your experience as well, if you implement/adopted something recently, curious to know about it. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic of the day till then Tataa, Bbyye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda hafiz. Stay safe, take care!!

Topic of the Next Sunday: 7 Tips to follow While Driving on Road!!


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68 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks and Trims of Life!!

  1. Oopps yeh feelings, not in control of someone neither can be controllable by someone!!😂😂😛😛

    Yeah, I was finished mentally 2-3 weeks ago, I really scarce that, a mental piece! There’s so much to deal with, I guess!!

    I can feel that I am changing, sometimes I done something wrong on which later I feel guilty, I also want to apologise but end up with spoiler mood!!
    Yes, as I said earlier something isn’t changeable, we have to accept, whatever it is!!😶😶 I became so much aggressive at the time, but I couldn’t do much…
    Yeah meditate, is good option, will try definitely…😌😌😁😁

    Yeah, each has their own dilemma, right?😅😅 Yeah but now I am getting back into my original shape and behavior!! 😁😁 Fun is indeed, necessary in life, 😁😁

    Yeah, believe me you are really done a great job Akshita, seriously, not kidding this time!! The struggle of today always turn into brighter tomorrow!!😁😁 Kudos to you, especially when you are living separately from your parent, 👏👏 really appreciate one…
    Your understanding and encouraging words means a lot, 😊😊 Thank you Akshita for this wise words…

    Absolutely, break is necessary!! Not possible, at least till Diwali!! Because Nirmala di has extended the GST deadline by one month only to 31st October and Tax Audit to 30th November with more than 100+ clients is pending till date, increasing on regular basis!! We are working on Sundays too that you can imagine our situation!!😅😅

    I planned to go on a break, after Diwali or by Christmas just due to hectic schedule… I talk to you, feel like a piece!!😁😁

    Thanks, surely I’ll Akshita…😁😁 Sure, in morning took some breakfast with Milk.. No habit to take tea/coffee at any time.. Then took lunch at around 2, then in evening ate some snacks brings by other interns… Don’t tell me then this is fuckin coincidence!!😂😂😛😛
    Jokes apart, you also passed through this stage? Feel pity for you!!😌😌

    Stress, I think yeah these are some symptoms of stress.. Maybe, Yes I had…

    Sharing is the best option, it lighter your mood definitely!! Well with all I had good relationship, but don’t know why this change occurs in me, everyone feels the same, even my Sir’s wife once told me, Dvyang are you on diet, as I started loosing weight too…. I can make sure, if you audit my office, you can’t find a wrong words of me, the only thing you comes to know that they all will utter that Divyang had changed,
    Definitely, I enjoyed the company of people, but corona just ruined everything!!😶😶

    Good time with good company makes life beautiful!!😁😁
    Why it doesn’t stuck in this moment?

    You too Akshita
    Stay safe. Keep smiling 😁😁🙌🙌

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  2. Ik ik, totally agreeable..!🙌🏻

    Yes, I know, this mental piece..! Its so very hard to find. Anyways, you overcame, and that is what that actually matters divyang.

    Well change…change for good is totally appreciable. This all what you are actually feeling is very normal, I guess you shouldn’t overthink a lot. OVERTHINKING is bad. Even I’ve landed up so many times in situations like these..!😪
    These all are a part of a lot of busy schedules, I can understand all this. Aggression or anything you are kinda feeling, as I said before, let it flow divyang. Dont let it occupy your mind for sure.😊
    Yes, meditation really helps. Do try one day😊

    That sounds good divyang, it really has to. After all you know this is how life works( or maybe we have ti make it work😉)
    Fun is so very important, can never neglect that. After all, if you might have known anytime, a feeling of fun do activates some centres of our brain and this is so very imp for the normal activity of the brain as well.😊

    Well, I appreciate your words, and all I have to say is thanks, thanks for even understanding the struggle.
    Even your understanding and encouraging words means a lot to me divyang, I’m so glad yet again.😁

    Haaahhhhh, can really understand that so well. Break is so very necessary, and believe me, when you do get one, do enjoy that to the fullest divyang. Work is imp too..! Wait till diwali then😅😅

    Well good to hear..!😊 well if you are already planning do that. You can choose a south india place, they are worth visiting and so at peace too(the temples) especially kerela and around. It is really good. I can tell you a good list if you want to😅🤭
    Even I feel so great conencting virtually with a perosn like you😁

    Diets are good man..! I guess you stress a lot. Anyday I meet this nirmala lady, surely gonna talk to her about this.. lmao😅🤭🤭🤭
    Well yeassss, I did. That’s why I know how that very feels. But I’ve seen, once we make up our minds, its pretty at ease..everything..!😁
    Haaaahhh, thanks for that. I had no one then to even share. I felt pity too..! Lol.😅

    Yes, it really is, divyang. Like I said stop over stressing things. Let them flow the way they want to. After all, jobs like these do require mental piece for sure.

    Yes, sharing does, a lot. Umm okeyy, well, I guess what we are at work is not at all similar to what we are at our own selves. Completely different people. It requires a lot of courage to forget all and have a sound sleep everyday and wake up with a fresh mind. I know that. But all can be done is try to.
    How corona ruined that well, dont you have virtual communications still?

    Ikr, good time and good companys are rare, so when you get them, do persevere them.🥰
    Maybe we all are more stuck over the thought what is gonna happen next..!!!!!
    Hah, after all it is time, and it waits for none..! Sadly..! ( I wish to have a doraemons gadget here badly divyang😑)

    Yess, stay safe..!
    Take care💞

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  3. Thank god, You are agree!!🙌🙌

    When people is destroyed mentally, it’s really hard for them to continue from there where they left actually, it seems like they have to start by new in each n every time, But I think it’s good too… Just forget what happened in the immediate past and make a new morning, one wish, right??

    Change for good or good for change is based on us, Akshita!! If we want to change something it takes so much, if we want to shape in something, we must have to ready for sacrifices, I guess..
    Over thinking is bad, oh girl, why?? Feeling pity for you, you can also share with me, 😌😌😁😁

    Busy schedules, ruined life!! That’s what I can said!! Aggression is good, but in good manner and good matter, right? 😅😅 Sure I’ll try Akshita, as far as I had Friend like you, I’ll not dive in that type of situation!! Meditation is good, I tried it before!! 😁😁

    Life works, like you must have to suffer to achieve something.. Fun is part of life!!🙌😁 Yeah brain activities also post good results to our body!! Thank you for the wonderful suggestions!!😊😊

    Well, Then I have to appreciate your efforts too, to give such a life changing formulas, wise words n all, Thank you for all you share with me, sometimes I wonder are you doctor or psychiatrist!!!😅😅

    Break is indeed necessary!! One can’t deny that, especially people like us… Sure I’ll enjoy to the fullest!! Diwali, still month away, but your positive approach is really encouraging one, 😁😁😌😌

    I want to try Northeast India…
    I just love mountain, blindfold to it!! Leh- Ladakh, is dream!!🙈🙈😁😁 South India is also good, you visited it??😅😅
    Same here, A friend like you is always good with whom we can share anything!!😁😁

    Sure, let her tell if you want to extend deadline then do it by 15th of month, last time tak wait na krre, aur heartache na de, 😂😂 make up your mind, I remind one song of mazor lazer by the same name…😁😁
    No no, here I am share what you want, always there to listen to you, so don’t pity on that!!😅😅

    No no, I am connected to all my friends even am not active in social media, but I missed wanderlusting, I want to go there!!! 😪😪
    We stuck where we think over, right? Time waits for none, rightly said…🙌🙌

    Doremona gadget, well everyone’s fate isn’t good as Nobita!!😅😅 If you find one, don’t forget to ping me!!

    Stay safe, take care…😁😁😌😌

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  4. Yeass, leave the past, and focus the future. We cant just keep drooling over the past just to spoil the futures too.

    Yeass,exactly..! A change has so many uncountable efforts hidden behind. And overthinking is very bad. I mean it is good in some aspects, but without anything, if one is
    Just without any reason stressing over something, it is bad for him/her only. And many a times, can be devastating too. So you should see whether your OVERTHINKING taking you to have a good vibe or not.
    Hey dont feel pity..lmao😂😂..! It’s just like ik very well what OVERTHINKING is, and how it can affect your valuable time. During the medical preps, I too used to do a lot, whether I will be able to make up to it or not, and ofcourse my parents, with so high expectations..! I couldn’t let them down and I started fearing the thought of not even getting a medical seat. God, it was so bad, just to realise that I can actually make it. OVERTHINKING destroys, it destroyed my hard work and my outcome in tests for a month atleast, until I could relaize I’m spoiling my own dream 😅😪

    Yeass exactly, that’s wht I’m actually saying divyang. Everything has limits, and it is us who has to make out whether it treats us good or bad. And better if we realise this in time.
    Haha, I’m glad. You never have to even dive into something like this. You are doing good and so will you. Yes, meditations do help😅(the only difference is apart from knowing everything, we seldom try it in our lives…right??)

    Hahah, no worries divyang. I’m sorry you’ll have to deal with these.😅🤭🤭 but, yes, every action we perform has a counteract effect on our brain cells and so much on our outcomes.

    Well, at ease.😁🤭 Always a big welcome for them and anytime, anytime for this..!💐 After all, having moral support is no bad, everyone needs in some or the other way. And it is good too. Hahaha, well whatever you consider.😅🤭🤭 (leave both, first of all I’m on my way to become a good friend..!😁)

    Breaks..! Yeah man..!😂😂😂 and it’s near for you tooo..! Diwalis coming..!🥳🥳😂(one mnth is not that far if we start preparing our minds for it😉)

    Yeass, northeast is🤍🤍
    Well yeass, I’ve been to most if the south I guess😂😂, kerela and adjoining places are just love. That’s why I advised you😅😅, anyways northeast is too lovellyyyyy, even the food.
    Btw mountains, south india too has loads and so beautiful ones out there. Anyways, dream is a dream. I’ve never been to leh,ladhak, but I’ve heard it is heaven too..!😁 good luck with the plans then divyang. Do plan something.😊

    Haha, surely. Nirmala jii🪓🪓
    Aww that’s very sweet divyang, ill surely will

    Well then good for you. A company is better than nothing at all.😁
    I too miss that badly damnnnnnn
    Exactly, unless we tuck out our stuck mind from that..lmao 😅🤭

    Ikr…I wnat his fate🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺🥺 very badly
    Hahah surely, you’ll be the first one to get the news if I myself get some..😅🤭🤭

    Stay safe..!💖

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  5. Absolutely, why to spoiled the future, when we have already bad past? Let’s make it illustrative one!!😁😁

    Change for good and good for change will be the motto of life… It’s necessary like to upgrade oneself to another level.. But overthinking isn’t just the lone way, I guess..
    It’ll bring you there, where you are in position to hear but couldn’t make the call of your own, it presses u more and pushes you to the darkness!!
    Ohh okay, got it..
    Yeah it happens sometimes when we are under loads of expectations of ours, of our families, we feel stress is obvious in that cases…
    Overthinking not only just kills human, it kills all the hope one can assume to have…
    really happy that you overcome it…😊😊

    Limit, we set it so it’s also upto us how we broke the barrier of the same…
    indeed, to realise in time is always good but we people often failed there.
    We only know worth of something either when we lose it for always or when it left us, right?

    Hopefully, I’ll hope for the same that I’ll not have to face the situation am passed through recently, meditation is best medicine one can suggest and one can have without any cost!!😅😅 totally agree with you on that difference!!😄😄

    Haha, that’s the life, maybe I expect more which I couldn’t accept!!! 😅😅
    You sounds like stepsis of Newton, 3rd law of Newton, is quite similar to your line, but the way you define it, is modern, as per requirement of today!!

    haha, that’s very kind of you to share some fun with me here!!😁😁
    Always appreciable your thought, 😁😁
    Exactly, who said that Doctor won’t need medicine either, we all need some type of support from someone, some seek and some suggest, right?😅😅
    Lol, you are still guess you are on way to be good friend, here I already consider myself into your friend list!!😂😂

    Yuup, Diwali is coming so as happiness!!🤩🤩
    One month isn’t too far, I agree.. Let’s see what Diwali brings for me?!!
    So what you planned this Diwali, are you going to home or??

    Wow, then really I feel happy that I connect with you,
    South India is beautiful apparently, and how can one just denied the advice of Doctor,😅😂 In fact In India, wherever you go on tour, you’ll explore new everytimes, right?
    Maybe in that way, sounds appropriate, Incredible India…😋😋

    North India is in bucket list since childhood, don’t know the actual reason but I am blindfold to it’s beauty…😅🥰 Can’t see anything beyond it…

    Nirmala di ko bataiyega, we are human not a balloons..😂😂

    Company is good but good company is always in demand!!!😁😁
    Lol, we tuck out our stuck mind, 🤣🤣

    Nobita was a real troublemaker still he has Doraemon
    We are not, so what we have? Nothing… 😂😂
    History repeating itself!!🤣🤣

    Then I’ll be the lucky one,🤩🤩
    looks even those some of your words fuelled my energy level!!!😁😁

    You too stay safe,
    keep Smiling!!😊😊

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  6. Yeas…exactly..! A bad past will bring out a bad future too if we are stuck upto that..!🙌🏻

    Greattt one..! I can rely on this motto..! Only and only if, we are stuck by it. Upgradation are important.
    Yess so rightly said divyang. But, remember, all this is only possible if we are letting it to conquer our minds and soul over all the positive energies out there.
    Yeass, thanks for understanding here. I mean I’m not at all blaming anyone here, I take up the stacks of all my failures and successes alone. All who were invested in my betterment, provided me everything they could, but amidst that, they forgot wht we really need is mental peace, and someone to believe.😁

    Exactly, ab pachtaye hoth kya jb chidiya chugh gayi khet..right??😂😂
    We cant realise in time, that is very true, not even such a thing strikes our minds at that time..right??

    You will not if you believe in you.😁 hahah, well yeass, the best medicine which is costless, other than laughing..!😁

    Nooo not at all. How do you think you are expecting more than expected..haan?? Expectations are good.
    Hahahah, is that? Really? Thats very kind of you. Well, yeass, newton’s 3rd law, applies here man, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.. lol..applies here 😂😂.

    Well, fun is important…right??😂😂
    Yeass, we are all humans first..! And each one of us, deprived how much successful we get, need this..! And I guess even from time to time.😁🙌🏻
    Hahaha, again so very kind of you divyang😂😂

    Believe me or not, it’ll bring wonders. It will be good divyang.
    Well yeasss, I’ve made up my mind, I’ll leave for home on diwali. (And it’s not gonna be 2 days😌🤭)

    Hahah, well yeass..south is bliss.💖
    Bss yahin apply hoga haan incredible india..lmao😂😂

    North india is love too..! Well then I guess you should first pursue that dream..!🥰🥰

    Ji zroor..aakhir samajh kya rakha hai unhone tum logon ko, robots???😂😂😂😂

    Yeahh actually, a good one is still rare.😌
    Rarely do we meet some🥰

    Hahaha, I never thought this damn😂😂, this is a pure injustice to🥺🥺
    I want his fate very badly now😠😫

    Aww, a big pleasure again divyang. No less than your words too man.

    Take care💖

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  7. True in many ways, one can’t stuck to past if they want upgradation…😁😁

    Aaahhhh, sounds cool…😁😁 Yeah in that case we have to stuck for it, irrespective of time limit!! Upgradation is important, Computer system bhi every 2-3 years k baad update lati h then at last we are human yaar!! 😅😅😁😁
    Agar sab update ho gya but hamara mind hi update na hua to, just imagine that…😜😜

    Yes, agree with you… It should have to conquer one’s mind and soul over all the energies, (bad/good)… Ohh no, now you can’t say that, here I have already took stacks of your failures too😂😂 so no you not alone, mental peace is really deep subject, I think I have to read something on that too. Because in future, it’ll definitely the Gold digger business, mark my words…😂😂😁😁 what u say?

    Chidiya, yaar tum Hindi muhavare bdhiya tarike se chipka dete ho, like centre fresh chewing gum…😂😂 Absolutely right,😁😁
    Yeah, if we want to realise something then we must have to lost it first, then n only then we understand kya khoya humne and kya paaya…😁😁

    Hahahahaha that’s the mandate condition.. Believing in ourselves is important!! Well, you again pick the right point, laughing is the best medicine, so true…😁😁

    Are yeah, in second I am expecting like I must have to all, what others have, which is wrong… How can be something mine, if I am not able for it?? First one has to be able for it, I guess.. 😅😅 What u say?

    Newton baba, Insaan the? If yes then WO apple unpe hi kyo gira?? 😂😂😂 Seriously, you also believe the so? I mean that law?? 😅😅

    Yuup, without fun, life can’t be imagine!! Human fun k liye bana h, serious rehna hota to bhagwan ne dimaag hi nai dala hota, shayad…😂😂
    Yes, we all need it time to time otherwise zindagi na milegi dobara…😂😂😂
    You are too, Akshita, Kind, sweet. BTW is your father halwaai? 😅😅

    I am believing in that… Thanks for the suggestion.. 😁😁
    Ohh, really happy for you Akshita, at last you make a call,🙌🙌🙌 That’s one of the good news, I get before Diwali, so I guess, iss Diwali, something good is on its way..😁😁

    South India ki yahi problem h, Language ki, aadhe ko hum kya Bol rhe h vo pata nai chalta, aur aadhe kya Bol rhe h vo Hume pata nai chalta…😂😂😂

    Yeah, am too thinking on that.. Planning is under process dekhte h outcome kya aata h..😁😁

    Robots to bigad jaye to chalo chalta h ek time, yaha Insaan pagla rha h, jo dusro ko bhi pagal bana raha h.. 😂😂

    But I am not in scarce of that now, I found one good company though I guess 😁😁

    Pure injustice nai h, Pura injustice boliye… Ek vo nobita h, chapadganju (careless) jiske paas Doraemon h aur ek hum…😂😂
    Are milega aapko bhi, usse bhi better fate…🙌🙌😁😁

    Your words works like magic sometime,😁😁
    You too take care Akshita!!😁😁

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  8. Exactly, for upgradation, you have to move out of your comfort zones..!😁🙌🏻

    Hahahah, nice put up logic here..!😂🙌🏻 agreed, we are not at all a goddamn machine..! People need upgradations and changes, and they can only come when we decide to come out of all our discomforts. Bethe bethe to kuch bhi hone se rha..right??😂😂
    Hahah, sounds strange..what if..!!🤯🤯🤯 damn, sounds strange, very very strange.

    Yeasss, all the positive vibes in..and exhaling all the negative ones. Hahahaha, seriously..??? Mine as well..!😂😂🤭 itna zulm na karein khud pe bhyee🤭🤭.
    Yeas, it indeed is a deep one. And I totally agree with this idea too, it is so much needed, today tomorrow, every single second. People are actually so fucked up..!!!!!

    Hahahaha, itne ratte jo maare the inke pehle😂😂😂😂..dimaag me chipke hue hain..ab kahin to chipkaenge naa😆😆😆😆
    Yeahhh, we dont consider the value of something unless we loose it once.

    Yes, indeed it is. Laughing or even smiling releases certain hormones which heal our body from inside, and brings positive energy and outlook to it definitely is🤪🤭🤭

    Yeasss exactly divyang. Unless we are sure for something on the very first place how can we claim it to be even ours. Expectations are good and so the ability to live upto them too..!😁👊

    Ji haan suna to yhi hai..!😂😂 btw, irony to dekho, ek insaan ne kaise logon ki zindagiyan haraam kr rkhi hain…roz becahre ko kitni badduaein milti hongi😂😂😂..! Haan haan I believe, I so very much believe..! Ab har action ka equal and opposite reaction to rehta hi h na..cant deny the fact 😂😅

    Hahah, so true..!😂😂😂
    Aree aree😂😂…aap bhi kaafi ache se chipka lete hain dekho filmy lines😂😂😂😂
    Hehehhe, very funny😂😂😂😂 ( kaash hote, I loveeee mithai😰😰😵)

    You should😊💖
    Aree ji bilkul, ye diwali toh badiya hi hone wali h😂😂..aap chinta na karein

    Aree scch mein pucho mt😂😂..unki bhasha vo hi jaane😂😂😂😪

    Outcome..badiya hi hoga..chinta na karein 😂😂..aap bss planning kijiye

    Aree aree😂😂😂😂…shi mad with another mad makes others feel like they are mad too..lmao

    Awww…thank youuu😌😌. Yes, you are definitely not, and neither me😌🤭

    Aree haan ….pura hi h..kismat to dekho uski😠😠, ek hum hain, itni mehnat, pura din raat ghisna and kuch nhi milta..usko bethe bithaye🤢😭😭😭
    I hope so…!🤢🤢🤢

    Even yours too divyang..!😁
    Hope you had a great day..!🤭🤭

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wahi to jadd h sari samasya ki, we won’t to go out of our comfort zone, we stuck to preferred zone!!😂😂😂

    Absolutely otherwise what’s the difference between us and machines? 😂😂 we all need upgradation in some or other way that’s for sure!!
    Absolutely Bethe bethe to daal galne se rahi!!!😂😂
    Strange na?! Hume bhi bilkul vo hi laga!😂😂😂

    Or aesa kro ki positive vibes utni exhale kro k negative vibes k liye space hi na bache!!😂😂
    Zulm to hoga vo bhi khule aam!!😂😂 Think to start something on that but again time sucks!!!😂😂 People are fucked up in many ways and they even don’t know how and who fucked them!!! 😂😂😂

    There’s some gujju muhavare too, similar to this…😂😂😂 Dimaag me kisne chipkaye? Kya aap centre fresh dimag se khati h, lol…😂😂😂 Sorry my bad!!! Yeah, you should use this kind of one like liners, makes convo funny,🙌🙌😁
    Absolutely we only worth it when we lose it first!!

    Yeah, I read some blogs on this too, How Smiling and laughing heals!! It creates magic in gentle way!!🙌🙌😁

    Expectations are good but excess of anything cause danger to ones, as far as I know!! But on the other wag expectations ki koi limit bai hoti, kahi se ku6 bhi expectations nikal aati h…😂😂 Fir se punch, boxer se bhi bhari wala h ye!!!😂😂

    Mar gya, badduaein Marne ke baad bhi lagti h kya?😅😅😂😂 Well I am not much agree on that, but won’t asked the question on that, it’s horrible one, so leave it…😂😂

    Hahahahaha, ho jata h kbhi kbhi, achcha lagta h to chipka dete h!! 😂😂😂
    No, sometimes you talks so sweetly so raha nhi gya pu6e bina!!😂😂 ( I too…😍😍🙌🙌)
    Are sure sure!!😌😌
    Ji hope to yahi h, bas hope poped na ho Jaye!!😂😂

    Lol, sounds like you experienced it, like seriously??🙈😂😂🙈

    Yuup aap Bol rhe h to bdhiya hi hoga!! 🙌🙌😁 Chinta krna to humne chod diya kab se,😅

    Kya Arrangement kiye h words ka, mazaa aa gya!!😂😂😂 Mad with another mad made all the mad!!!😂😂😂 lol…

    Haha, welcome ji welcome Madamji…..😂😂

    Vo hi na, fir bhi rote rehta h pure din!! Jiyaan better h usse to, aese chutyapa to nai karta at least but chutyapa ka reason zarror vo hi hota h…😂😂😂

    Are itni kripa….😂😂😂
    BTW day wasn’t great though!!😪😪

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Exactly, but we need to learn to do anything we want, we have to come out of our comfort zones.

    Right. We are not machines, I mean come on the way the government is treating us is strictly not done😐😐
    Aree bahut strange h😂😂..aise to jee hi nhi paenge bhyeeee

    Hahahah, I wish something like this really existed.😂😂 aree aree, hm nhi chahte bhyeee itna zulm khule aam😂😂
    Hahah, exactly..!😂😂 literally fucked up.

    Aree khud hi zimmedaar hain iske toh bhyee😂😂😂
    Hahaha lol does. Some wonders you never know 😁
    So…keep smilingggg:)

    Yeahhh…these expectations suck sometimes, maybe many times.🤪 and yes, people even do make many on their own too, you know like one sided😂😂😂
    Achaa…abhi to aapko aur bhi bahut milenge bhyee😂😂😂

    Kyun nhi…bahut lagti hain bhyeee…agar kaand vaise kiye hon😂😂😂

    Hahahahaha, I can get that..hahahha
    Achaawwww, do I??😌🤭, chalk thank you😌🤭 (hai naa, mithai is just love 😍🧡🧡)
    Aree nhi hogi, aap bharosa rkhiye😂😂, sb acha hone wala get prepared for that😂😌

    Aree haan, bahut ache se..!😂😂😂 I went there for some camps and meets lmao, chennai..!😑😪 it was a good but a horrifying experience too. Mtlb there I was, knowing nthn and the people there, i mean outside the meet area, it was all like you know some crossedup lines lol, knew nthn, and languages sucks. I’m thinking of learning some😂😂, I dont want to have that same experience ever again..😪😂😂

    Aree badiya badiya😂😂, ye ek kaam aap acha kiye😂, chinta to kabhi nhi lene ka

    Hahahahaha, well that it is😂😂, the mad world.

    Aree aree, itna saara welcome😂😂😂

    Hahahhaah, looks like you too watch that a lot???😂😂😂😂

    Why what happened divyang??😐 ( I hope nthn to worry about)


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