Indian Democracy: The Self Illustration!!

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are in this pandemic. For me, it’s been quite hectic so far, as we have to keep up the pace with all the upcoming due dates of Government department. Though let me confess, slowly I became, short tempered in between this, don’t know the reason behind it but it really happens with me. In little matters, I became so much aggressive and angry at the same time. Maybe workload or post corona frustration won’t let me live peacefully. I badly need a break but couldn’t afford this time. So, this time I have a tough fight with myself, to overcome my weakness to perform in pressurised situation. This isn’t new for me but at the time too much happens in life, in country, I couldn’t be able to concentrate on one thing fully, but I’ll surely outshine it. This fight isn’t to win, it’s to defend myself from the unhealthier atmosphere I am surrounded by. Hope, I’ll soon weakened it and get best out of myself.

Image Source: Forbes India

Anyways let’s quick move towards our one more interesting topic of the day. The topic of today is lit-bit personal but best than rest of all my published post, you’ll find it when you read it till the end. So, don’t missed a single word from it. So very first we know the meaning of concept from its root and understand how governments works.

We all know that every country needs government, who will later look into the matter related to benefit of whole group/ group of people(s). Government consist people themselves. Republic, Democracy, Communism, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Fascism and Dictatorship, etc are the main type of Government. All have their own pros and cons. These can be stretch to many more types too. Among all Democracy is the one in which people had all the rights by fulfilling criteria for being eligible in voting. Especially, the people who born India, they got all the rights by birth of democracy. There are around 12 to 14 basic rights which given by Government to Indian citizen(s) to aware them that they will be safe and secured by having all the rights.

In simple Terms, Democracy means, “All have the same right to live the life, to love the life peacefully. There will be no discrimination among the people, irrespective of caste, region, age, wealth, health and sex.” There will be no difference among the people to chose, to select and to implement the same.

As said Indian Government is Run for People, By People, to people to secure the rights provided to them, but does it really perform as stated in Constitution of India? Does it really succeed to safeguard the voice of common people? Does it have really Democratic rule in nation or just stayed as it is in paper? Many questions raised earlier too but the ongoing controversies of India, insist me to ask those question again n again. Those kind of void words and space bites the people of nation. They also knew about it, but they finds no way out.

If you aren’t rich then you will be pissed off, pieced off and peace off. You will be finished if you raised your voice against injustice, which is the main subject matter of Democracy. Exception are always there who born as common people turned their life into Paradise, like APJ Late President Abdul Kalam, but those are limited ones. Though it won’t if you are rich or any of the following because the value of normal people is normal, was normal and will be normal always in India, the greatest democracy in the world.

  1. Politician
  2. Actor/Actress
  3. Cricketer
  4. Cleric
  5. Businessmen.

If you are any of the above, or some connection with them too, you’ll be survive and meant to be the horse of long race. You can do anything if you are any of the above, one can compare the holy place like India to POK too, who often forgets that the place which one addressed as POK had provided them shelter, money and pride too. If that wasn’t enough, then they write to PM and CM too, for their security, they feel unsafe, why? Simple, just because they know that they had done something wrong, if not they why to ask for security? On the other hand government also approve their demand and provide Y category security to them, Who has no sense that to wear the mask is mandatory in this situation, instead they prefer to wore glasses, maybe because of shame they aren’t in position for eye to eye contact with people. This is called Democracy, first to speak without any sense on social media platform from hometown and then to beg for security to government. I often thinks, what if people like me spoke that kind of words publicly, will I/We still alive?

Now coming back to another viewpoint of the story by political angle. One make a statement by addressing India as POK and the reaction of politic side works like two-edged sword. On one side the local government fully protest the statement of crazy lad and do some harm to their property too. While on another side the Central government who had provided security to that crazy lad, maybe and maybe due to their future vote bank in some regional areas of Northern part of country support her. So now there is cold war between local government and Central government due to this, just because of one crazy lad. This is Democracy really? Especially when your country fought against outer enemies like a lone wolf, you are continuous working to demolish it instead to make it high.

Cricketer, if you are one, then you’ll be rule in heart of people. You’ll be paid for your services, much higher than the yearly income of many Indians for one match. Endorsements, Advertisements, Dignity, all they got but still some went unsatisfied. Some have bigger bellies than rest of all, proved in this field too. Sports politics is more dangerous sometimes, the one who gives all often rejected and some came through by support of wealth. This is Indian Democracy, all have right to know but no one has right to know BTS (Behind The Scene).

Cleric just be it. It’s not wrong to say that You’ll get more prestige than God too. Not much hard though, learn some tricks to treach people, grow some beard, that’s all. Knowledge, no use of that here. As people of India are kind of superstitious, one don’t need more efforts to spread their tips and tricks on them. Want to rapped someone, then do it by name of God. Want money then do it by name of God, want to play with someone then do it without any fear that you are the lone superiority over here. Here people wastes tons of milk daily, but finds it so hard to share some clothes, food to poor guys, this is democracy, Indian Democracy.

How much Ambani/Adani/Mahindra/Tatas gain and lose, media is busy to cover those, but no one really cares how many people died on regular basis. If they consumed alcohol, then it showed their status and if people like me consumed it, then we called by Fluffy (Sharabi), drunken and all by the same society who recognised the wealthier good and common people bad. Here many parents still, forced their daughters to marry rich guy, irrespective of his age, health instead of to free her to make her own choices. Indian Democracy where, women is still handcuffed by old tradition of their respective regions, she is free to chose but not to implement the same.

Image Source: John hain on Pixabay

P.S.: Not writing this to spread hatred ness, but to show the mirror image of Indian Democracy. Yes, I am diehard fan of MS Dhoni, but from very first ball of every cricket game, it is fixed already. Yes, I am the Fan of Narendra Modi, especially when he is coming from our own city, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, but let me confess the current politics games are really dirty ones. If current situation is stay long, then it’s not wrong to say, China will soon seize India, the whole South Asia more precisely.

This is genuine appeal by an Indian to every Indian there, who read this, Please be one, instead of to be Termite. India is all ours, all we need an eye to accept it as our mother nature. In past, the lack of unity amongst our Kings, already haunt us. So please don’t do that this time. India need all us, we need India. Freedom is a big thing; collective efforts is needed for our betterment.

“If you aren’t able to do something good then don’t do the bad either at least!!

So that’s all for the day. I know today’s topic is not my kind of, but I have to penned it down. I can’t see, India this much pressurised. Hope you all can understand. Penned down your thoughts, suggestion, and opinion regarding today’s post in comment section will replied you soon over there. I also request to all of you, to share this article as much as possible for you. Be a Contributor not a Spreader!! See you all next Sunday till then Tataaa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

The topic for the next Sunday: Tips, Tricks and Trims of Life!!


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50 thoughts on “Indian Democracy: The Self Illustration!!

  1. Yup, Freedom is precious
    And our past still haunts us, and where we are heading today, we don’t know
    I wonder, do people actually know what rights they have what actually democracy means because many don’t even know that I guess😅😅😅
    Very well written post, Divyang ☺☺

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Winston Churchill said that “…democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms…” Democracy has its flaws because human beings have theirs. As you point out, wealth, fame, and influence often lead to corruption. Unfortunately, that is true of other systems of government, as well — and they allow ordinary individuals less control over their lives.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. This one is penned so well…! And, totally upto the need of the hour..!
    Specifically, the mention of the rich and the ones who raise voices against the wrong, that’s all so well written and so justified..!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. I agree with you. People have gone crazy discussing about celebs and all. They ignored all the important issues which needed to be addressed not realising we are the one who will suffer later. External invasions, economy going down, loss of jobs due to lockdown, bank frauds, disasters like flood problems in Assam, no good quality of education, people losing lives due to the pandemic, food security, the EIA draft and etc etc. I wonder when people will give importance to these issues and not just discuss about celebs. 😐😐

    Liked by 6 people

  5. I know what you need for your short temper, Divyang! You need to write some really ridiculously bad poetry. It will make you laugh and smile. It will even things out. Try it! 😀😀😀 Smile Divyang! No more short temper. Be well my friend.

    Liked by 5 people

  6. Absolutely, collective efforts of all are needed for uplifting of country,
    but it’s dark truth of our country that it only focuses on some filthy bollywood celebs and politicians only!!
    couldn’t say anymore!!!🤐🤐

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Absolutely, after all we are freebies, who loved to be like prisoner all the time?🤔

    Yeah, that’s main problem of our country,
    many of us no know nothing about the basic rights given by the Indian democracy,
    while some celebs and politicians had done PhD on that, I guess!!😑😑

    Thank you so much Era, for asking the question and share your view in this regard!!😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Totally agreeing with the words of him, after revealing the dark truth of Democracy!!
    Democracy is worst among all, I guess!!

    Dictatorship, I wonder sometime, Does guys like this celebs and politicians still got guts to made statement like those?
    Cowards, find some shelter instead, who can’t protect themselves and beg for security!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you so much Akshita,
    But let me confess, I am fed up, literary!!😶😶

    Some still play their dirty games, instead of to focus on unity..
    They continuously tried to break unity among people and enforced others to believe that, they are right only!!

    Nothing much to say, but this situation would must be better…
    As a Indian I can’t see/imagine India slave again of someone!!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. That’s the point,

    There are lot more things to focus on, instead of these shitty dirty games, cold wars and hatred ness!!
    But in India, this was trend, is trend and will be trending, as far as these celebs and politicians are there,
    everything I can see is dark only, no hope – no rays of improvement…

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I am really changing Ma’am, losing control on myself gently..
    I want to be normal, I want to apologise too but the current situation won’t allow me to do so!!

    Poetry, I think I am too bad in that,
    For that I’ve to learn from you, which I am doing!!!

    It’s dark everywhere!! Try to find out that little ray, which refuelled my energy!!
    Thank you Ma’am!!
    hope you are doing great!!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh, I’m sorry Divyang.

    I was trying to make you smile by telling you to write some bad poetry. I write silly poems that aren’t very good (on purpose) when I’m not feeling well to shift my focus to the softer or funnier side of life. You don’t have to be a poet to write bad poetry.

    Yes, these times can be dark, but there is still light and hope. I’m sorry things have been so difficult. You are in my prayers. Hang in there, okay? You will definitely be on my heart and in my prayers.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Exactly, a slave india will just be another slap on the face of it..! And, believe me, that’ll be very shameful..!
    But, as you said, fed up..!
    One person cannot change anything, as a nation, unity is soo badly required. But do you think, India as a nation, can really be United? Betrayal, cheat, black money, dirty politics, and all those unusual practices going on here…culprit being actually one amongst us all..! This nation is so screwed up, not because it is INDIA..but, because, of the people residing here..!
    And, thinking of even that, makes me feel so shameful to even call me a part of this country..!

    The situation, definitely, has to become very much better…for sure…!🙌🏻

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Absolutely, there is no hope of positive signs now a days in India, either!!!

    Everyone focuses on their individual benefits and how to demolish other!! Such a shameful shitty act!!

    United, did u really said United? U only see unity in India, when Indo-Pak Cricket match has been schedule otherwise unity and Indians have no relationship…

    Absolutely agree, the people residing in India, themselves are the biggest culprit of current situation, blind following of something without having a much knowledge about it!! 😶😶

    In hope so, this hope boost, some confidence to fight every single day, to stable the existence!🙌

    Liked by 2 people

  15. It’s alright Ma’am..

    Life is cruel sometime, it shows it’s true colors sooner or later but we have to keep going with all the barriers, you shared the best way, but maybe I am not in control to adopt that,

    Fun moments, i really scarce that, now a days, especially..

    your every words is right, that we people finds light in little ray too. I hope so, I find that soon, thank you for your prayers and consider me in that.. Will always remember that!!

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Righttttttt…!😁
    I just hope people realise what a mess they have created all through this period of mankind..! I cant tell you, I really have met so much people who really dont care about anyone else, not even the land other than their home’s…..such a great trap..!

    Ikr unity is just another word which we read, and ofcourse, in India, people shall know this only as a word…rather than actually knowing the meaning, and, most importantly implementing it..!🙌🏻
    After all, this is the 21ST
    A modern not so modern world..! I guess not at all modern at all…!🤔 right?

    Hope so the same too..! After all, the last hope is to actually hope😅🙌🏻

    Liked by 3 people

  17. Ridiculous, really people in India, are like, their individuality will always gets upper hand on rest of all the issues of the country!!!

    Unity, Really I worries sometimes while reading newspaper, I was like is this really India, we taught about!!

    Either the education we gain is wrong or we are wrong from very beginning, right?😮😮

    The more modern we became, our thoughts are deteriorated in the same speed, I think!!

    Absolutely, if there’s a hope, there’s a life too!!🙌😁

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Exactly..!🙌🏻
    This world is so full of soo many selfish people out there..! I wonder whyyyyy…!🤪
    And yes, no where can we relate to what was taught to us, india is this that, all those big fat words, secularism, dictatorship, democracy, freedom, rights, and ofcourse unity..! Such a
    Exactly, I wonder the same..! I guess that’s why we need to explore everything ourselves, rather than just swallowing the bookish and school knowledge..! Not even worth it😪
    Haha, the modernity is just like the outer clothes, looks so good on the outside, lavish, stunning and bla bla bla, but on the inside, is totally ruined up..!
    After all, yess, where there is hope, there is life. Cant neglect that. Maybe that’s why we all are still here, living, surviving, maybe growing each day the way it is..!

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Thousand faces – Thousand Talks!!

    It’s seems beautiful in books only but in real life, its horrible that’s why maybe government won’t including this type of horror content, in syllabus!! 😅😅

    The much we explore, the different story we come across every time, right? After all its diverse India, Incredible India….😛😛

    Modernity, you defined it very well, sound like Mountains are beautiful by the distance, right?😅😛😅😛

    Hope, yeah… Exactly, where there’s a hope, there’s a life!! We are living, 😁😁
    Have a great day ahead Akshita!!🙌😁

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Well said, each face has a different story to tell..!😁🙌🏻

    Ya ya, very true😂😂, maybe true, that’s why the government itself removed this content😅😅, might have felt to question themselves all over again, this word, ohh damn, we abolished it, maybe indirectly, but yes, no point of having it here in 21st century lol😅😂😂😂😂

    Goddamn, how badly we are screwing up the the already screwed up indian government system, I hope no government senior employee goes through these chats..!😂😂😂

    Yeass, exactly. After all, when we move out of our home, maybe visited a particular place so many times, still end up finding something new everytime we tend to go out…right??
    It is definitely, a diversified, Incredible India after all..!😂😂 (by being so screwed up..!)

    Ya ya, you got that right..!😅😅
    ” door ke dhol suhaaavne ” 👈😅😅

    Hope and life have become like parallel lines lol..never ending😂😂😂
    You too have a great day divyang.
    Take care😁

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Absolutely true, people are here to talk of us, whether we like it or not, like we recently screwed up the Indian System recently, 😂😂😛😛

    I think government became cautious here, not to terrified small child, I guess!!😂😂

    The more we are updating, the more we demolishing ourselves!! We do harm it again n again, and still we are so called human!!😂😂

    Lol, it’s like why to kill the one who is already died, right??😂😂 Ohh I wish, someone will look after this chats, even he/she can’t argue to that!! They also gonna continued their viewpoint in this matter, what u say??😅😅

    Exactly, we are like, oh how can I miss that, but in fact in the meeting of that place it was there but in other condition may be!! 😂😂😛😛
    Incredible India, and we are Incredible Indians!!😁😂

    You got that, Akshita!!
    Door ke dhol Suhaavne, 😂😂

    Yes, it’s like parallel but I think they perform inverse role, 😂😂
    Stay safe,
    Good morning, 😁😁😁

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Exactly, cant help them..!😂🙌🏻

    Yes, right😂😂, unlike us, who doubt the very existence if🤪

    This is really called updation divyang? I doubt that even..!😂😂 updation should be as a whole, and more importantly the thoughts and the thinking of the people here needs updation, which I really doubt. This is just a show off kinda updation, and this is waht demolishing the very existence of humans. Ikr, fucking humans..!😂😂🙌🏻

    Yaa, right😂..!
    I guess so yeass, this system really needs updation..!

    Hahah, well explained though😂😅😅.
    After all, yeass, incredible it is..!🙌🏻😑

    I agree, parallel though the inverse 😂😂😂
    Its feeling like a kinda myth to me, where there is life there is screw me, first tell them to develop a sensible mindset.😅😪

    Morningg to you and be safe and sound🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Hahahahaha, agree!!😂😂😛😛

    Yes its updation but don’t know the source of it,
    Leave the thoughts here, in India people will never update their so called thoughts, tradition… They want up gradation but forget to update their chronology, I guess!!😂😛

    Still India is ours, we are of it!!🙌😁

    Lol, they follow inverse relationship in reality while they are parallel in context, right??😛😛

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Yeahhhh…!😂😂😂
    Totally agreed..!🙌🏻
    Exactly, people need upgradation in every field it be, but forget the most important thing, the fucking chronolgies…!😐
    I don’t know if I can even find a perosn with that now..!🤔
    Yayaya, sadly, the reality is always there..! We are Indians, india is our country…!😂😂🤦‍♀️ (ohh damn here I remember the pledge we used to take during any national days at schools, india is our country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters…and bla bla bla so on..! Crazy😂)
    Omg, so true😂😂…parallelism though following the inverse theorem, something kinda indirectly proportional lol😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

  25. The media unfortunately is more concerned with News that promises to boost the TRPs. While many real issues that impact the common middle class are never pulled up in any discussions. #MyWordsKraft

    Liked by 3 people

  26. Good then, 😂😂

    Upgradation, need of today, not of future, right?😅
    If u want chronological mind then don’t find it in human like us, try somewhere else, I suggest!! 😂😂

    Well yeah, In school how can one forget that pledge,( All Indians are my brother and sister) how sophisticated it sounds!! But in reality everyone wants fuck up everyone,😂😂 Who fucks whom, don’t get it!!😂😂

    Lol, Very very true!!😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

  27. I guess, it is the need of the hour..! Dont know about the future india, or even the future self, but yes, this upgradation is really the need of the hour..!🙌🏻
    Achaa, and tell me where will I find #the chronological minds..!??😂😂haan? I guess, I’m likely to find fucked and messed up instead. LMAO.!🤪🤪

    ikr, see the respect given man, all Indians are my brothers and sisters..! And the very ones saying that, treating them like shit? You see the current situations out stupid a country it could be?

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Definitely, need of the hour but no one cares in reality, right?
    even I too sometime prefer silence or just give my diplomatic suggestions,😅😅

    It’s rare, very rare to find chronological mind people now a days, I think you guess right though, lol….🤣🤣

    Pledge is like you must have to speak it, whether you speak it by heart or not, when people not feel from the deep he/she couldn’t understand the meaning of it, right?😅😅

    Can we get PhD, based on this convos, after all it’s better than the so called economist of the country…😂😂 In addition to that we served truth here, but our bad luck, truth is injurious to ourselves, to the people of our country, I guess, right?😅😅

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Haha, yes, no one cares to give a shit..ikr🙌🏻
    Yess, even me, it’s just like how can one perosn stop..? Believe me, if we even tried, a single perosn shouting in the crowd, and the crowd would address him/her as stupid enough.
    Very rare, I dont think if they have already gone extinct? Or even were they even present?😂😂
    Anything, be it a pledge or anything (can be a promise) unless you really mean that actually, it dont has any meaning..right? And that is what the so called indians do, just going with the crowd, bol diya bss, pata nhi hai kya vo.
    I badly need one now😂😂😂 and I guess we are worthy of that..! It’s totally better than so called economists, whom barely people give a shit..! Ikr, sach kadva hota h bhyee, and it will be totally a bad luck, phewwww..!😪

    Liked by 1 person

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