5 Subject Wish to See in Modern Education!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing great and well wherever you are in this pandemic. It’s almost September, the end of 3rd quarter of the year 2020, very soon, seriously??!! Time really flies, we even don’t know when Festival comes, when it goes. Still confused and don’t know that How many people comes and how many left during this pandemic, but whatever happened, happens for the good. Take high notes from it rather than to regret on what we lose and what we were able to do. Just concentrate on what you learned from this pandemic and how much it gonna helpful to you in due course.

Pandemic, as far as we human exist on this earth, it was normal- it is normal, and it will be normal. If we hurt someone/something, then be prepared for the same. How can one think he/she will be pardon by almighty. He is there to justice, no one can escape from it. The topic of the today is also based on this pandemic. Many new changes adopted by us during this pandemic, whether it’s pertaining to Work or Education or Meetings or Interviews, everything changed.

So now let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. As said earlier, due to COVID-19 Pandemic, many changes adopted by us, which are necessary for the benefit of all. As we are heading towards that world, which we all imagine sometimes ago, but in due course it happens swiftly than think. Changes come and history is the proof that we successfully adopted those as well. So below are few subjects, more precisely some topics which should be consider in education for betterment of that respective country/nation. Because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow. What we teach them today will done by them, direct them towards progress.  

Some Subjects don’t need books, modules or prospectus. It’s neither subjective nor objective. It’s the Compulsive, which should be taught to students for well being of their, of the mother nature. Today we are going to see some of that topics which is demand of today or will be demanding topics in nearest future, so let’s start…

  1. Stress Management: – Stress, What is it? Any idea? No, right? Yeah that’s the problem. Because many of us know nothing about it that what is Stress, and how it affects the body type of one’s. The emerge situation like this corona pandemic reveal the face of all hypocrite people. Many Survey also suggest that the people of age group between 18-35, often passed from this transmission of Stress again and again. And more shocking news is that they had no idea about it which later on proves to be life changing moments for their respective lives. So concerned is just to start this process, as soon as possible so that they can be able to know it, to understand it, successfully overcome from this plague and save themselves. Had you thought what if we gave them knowledge about that? The current situation is like we all need a consultant for our mental health, who took care of ourselves on our behalf. So, teach them to identify what stress them, what harms them and taught to fight for themselves.
  2. Sex Education: – Sex education, sounds silly, right? But no, it is not silly though. Likewise, Maths, Science and Social studies how can we forget to teach them that what is good and what is bad? As a teacher, it’s their duty to talk about it with them without any shame because that’s what the necessity of today. If one don’t know what it is then how can you expect as a teacher that your student will never do wrong to anyone in life? Sex isn’t just the satisfaction of one’s hunger. It’s the feeling, emotion, love, and care towards each other. If it won’t then why people married to their love birds, think about it. If as a Child they can be able to understand it, then do it. Make them aware that if Sex is important then the people with whom you were having forcefully sex was also important to someone else too. The topic is maybe new and maybe not, but if as a teacher you able to teach them about this then, congratulations you done a great job. Many people will be hesitant by introducing this subject topic is school, maybe they were going to protest too but that’s the requirement of today. If we serve them this type of knowledge since childhood then and only then the crime rates relating to Sexual harassment, human trafficking and rapes will dip. Because what literate man does is only done by them.
  3. Nature Conservation: – Now a days Social Studies is limited till books only but in real life no one is really care about nature, right? The current situation is perfect illustration for us. There are so many issues raising regarding environment protection. Temperature flexibility, fire in rain forests, earthquakes, floods, storms and so on, list is going on. So better to aware the next generation child about conservation and importance of nature in life. Then why to wait for the moment, why not to start from today onwards? The topic isn’t new but the way to describe it will certainly need some work to do. In starting as a kid its absolute that many will take it granted but among all if couple of kids will take pledge to conserve it then your work won’t wasted at all. As said, for a fire, a little spark is enough. Insist them to do all helpful to environment. Teach them to throw a waste in dustbin only, make proper use of papers, grew more trees by providing them live illustration with showing its benefits and all. Nature is beautiful and so as you, make them believe.
  4. Class of Happiness: – Let us be Kid with Kid. If you can’t give wings to them then how can they fly? If you won’t encourage them then how’s their confidence will boost? A daily one lecture will be like do whatever you like to do. Where everything is free, and everyone is free to smile to laugh to express to explore to impress. Want to sing then do, want to share some story then do, want to do mimic then do, want to crack a joke then do. There will be no denial in anything. Encouragement and Appreciation will take place instead of regular student- teacher talk. This will also going to helpful to hike the relationship between teacher and student. In this fast-forwarding life, many forgets to smile, cheer up them to show guts to stand up. Motivate them that they done a great job. There’s no shy to be kid with kid, because in everyone a little kid is always there to enjoy the present moment, don’t you find?  
  5. Tactical Solution: – Tactics, any idea? What is it? Teach them to find a solution rather than to solve a puzzle. The tactics which are generally follows in Sports, especially in Football where co-operation, alertness and discipline of team member is equally important. It’s the coach whose tactics ensures the victory of their respective team, be that coach of your students. If something bad happens then instantly rectify the error by changing the tactics. The instant decision-making process will definitely be handy in some situation in real life too. Teach them to find the solution of the same problem in different ways. Make them insist that they can do better. Don’t pressure them, assist them to identify the changes and challenges faced by them. Make them Attacker who also knows how to defend, how to dribble past the problems, how to tackle the situation.

If you are modern, but your thoughts are still stuck to conformist then how can you said that you are MODERN? Subjects which taught at School/Colleges/Universities are helpful to crack the examination but what if you failed in the examination of Life? Think about it. We all begs to god that please change the time, but how can one is so sure that the time will come is definitely a good one?

So that’s all for the day, hope this changes will soon applied in education system. Penned down your thoughts, suggestions, opinions and point of view regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tata, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic for the Next Sunday: Make Space for your Place!!


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91 thoughts on “5 Subject Wish to See in Modern Education!!

  1. Yeah, they know everything of syllabus but they don’t know the syllabus they learnt is also made by some human themselves!!😅😅

    Thank you for your stay and words!!😁😁


  2. Absolutely in most of the countries to talk about sex, gender equalities and rights of human!! It’s not only in India, except some European and American Countries, to talk about this in public is like commuting a crime, this needs to be improve!!

    Is that suggested point of yours, won’t consider in nature conservation? 😅😅
    Anyways good work, thank you for suggesting it!!😁😁


  3. Nice post Divyang! Those sound like good topics to teach students. Sorry I haven’t paid your blog enough attention lately. My brain has definitely been slower without enough sleeep. Definitely makes it more difficult to concentrate on reading. Thanks for checking in on my blog and leaving a comment. It’s always nice to hear from you. Keep inspiring and being your positive self! You make me smile. Take care friend.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. So true and really glad that someone tries hard to let people know that life isn’t only till books, its more than books…

    Real lessons never taught at schools, for them only money matters…
    The all are demanding subjects, mark my words in one or two year everyone will have to be frank to their kid, that’s what I believe and imagine from current situation!!

    Thank you Hemalatha for the words!!😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you thank you so much Ma’am, means a lot coming from you and don’t be sorry for that!!😁😁

    It’s absolutely okay!! Sleep is mandate for healthy body and healthy mind!! 😀😀
    Just focus on good things, 😀😀

    Again thank you so much Ma’am. Really glad that you are smiled!!😊😁

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Exactly, the people these days are going somewhere where they dont even know..!
    And most importantly, lifes got so messed up, we barely take out time for ourselves to focus on these 5 main parameters in life..!

    It was my pleasure reading..! 🙂
    Thanks to you for sharing this, it was really needed to be put before the generation of today..!😊✌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I wish kids were taught philosophy right from the beginning too. That’d go a long way in transforming out society absolutely and completely. Rest, absolutely amazing points! 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Yeah, that’s what I want to convey through this post… We mob are really crazy, we don’t know where we going but we just keep going and following the same trend!!!

    This means a lot, this type of encouraging words always good to receive!!
    Thanks to you too, for sharing your beautiful words here!!😊😀😁

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Maybe that’s a good suggestion though, Palak!!😁
    If we focus on to teach them ethics/morals of life then it’ll definitely going to help!!

    Thank you for this beautiful suggestion, much appreciated!!🙌😀


  10. Five extremely important concepts that they fail to ever teach you in school!!! This is what students should truly be focusing on!!! Rather than useless subjects they’ll never apply in real life!


  11. I think these are all great ideas. I wish I had stress management courses and especially nature conservation. Start kids young caring about the environment!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I agree with all the 5 subjects…I would also like to add one more subject that is screen time management… since children these days are always in front of screen, be it a phone, tv, ipads or tabs, psp ,they r forgetting to live the real way….much needed… Your blog really has good articles…

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Very insightful and important for our education systems to be aware off. Social and emotional management is necessary, in my opinion. Also, learning how to solve issues in a positive direction is something that is lacking. Thanks for sharing


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