Welcome to the World of Nepotism!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all are good and healthy wherever you are in this pandemic. The week was absolute horrible, as there happened so many horrified events at different places. But the one which shook the whole Beirut, the capital of Lebanon was heart melting and outrageous one!! It’s not even wrong to said it shook the whole world though, tremendous ammonium nitrate explosion took Beirut on terrible ride, felt by 100 miles away too. Over hundreds of fatalities recorded, thousand became shelter less, thousands of missing and damages of billions of dollars had been affected to the economy of Beirut. May those soul find rest in peace.

Another incident of fire occurred in Ajman Market, Dubai, UAE. Not much heated like Beirut one, but this too made a huge impact on UAE economy conservation and pollution control plans. No such reason yet to be find by official behind the incident but hope they will be succeeded soon. We human must have to suffer as we harm earth by our acts since last couple of decades, so this is the lesson nature wants to taught us. If we still underestimate it, we must be ready to face the circumstance of it, even worse than this. Human, we aren’t for regret!! Either we have to change or we had already in the financial statements of God, still not known. Air India Plane crashed on runway while landing in Kozhikode airport in Kerala, India, resulted into death of both the Pilots along with other 16 people who returned from Dubai to India under Vande Bharat Mission, initiative of Indian Government to bring back Stranded Indians to India. May all those soul find the peace wherever they are!!

Image Source: Groundreport.in

Anyways let’s move towards one more interesting topic of the day. Nepotism, you all are aware from it, right? No? That’s fine, here we learn all about it, that too in depth. Sushant Singh Rajput, mostly Indians know that there are spreading so many gossips on his death, the idea to penned down this topic is fully based on that. Many believes that he too became victim of this poison, i.e. Nepotism. Many believes that he was in depression because of nepotism which enforced him to lead to that decision. Rhea Chakraborty, his girlfriend was also one of the major suspects as she tried to push him in dark and gain some undue advantage of his fame. Thousand faces – Thousand Talks.

So today basically, We will come across that What really Nepotism is and how it comes into limelight. Is it so bad as we people think about it? Are we really know how it affects and all? Obviously, this topic isn’t new, but we people made it fresh in recent time. Don’t you think? Sushant Singh Rajput, a late Bollywood actor was a gem, who acquires good personality, fame and popularity in his short career, but nepotism just outshines him in every aspect, that’s what we people talk, share and believe about him but that’s not the real and whole truth though. We will try to enlighten the concept so we will able to think about it again.

Nepotism, When the people gives priority to other who is his/her relative or who had given some preference while making of choices or selection in comparison to others by whatsoever reason is generally termed as Nepotism. This tradition was highly applicable in Corporate world which lately followed by all the industries, whose Chairperson/CEO will be of that who had some connection/genes to founder of the company. The next generation will just have to do one thing, to adjust themselves while filling in off other’s shoe, which leads to injustice to those who was really able for that position, for that designation, that’s what we people think.

But do you really think that by some backward support, success is guaranteed? Not at all, it’s the whole delusive concept. The struggle you did, to be acted by those too who is entered as your competitor. One can buy anything with money, but talent guts – courage – luck not favoured by anyone. Look maybe they introduced by some people, who thinks they are beneficiary for them but then how would you judge yourself to them? When you think you compared to them, then it doesn’t mean at all. If you are replaceable one then always remember the one who replaced you, had also replaceable at the time being in force at sometime in the life. Everything is interchangeable, it’s just matters of choices, followed by rightly execution of those selections.

The one who enters via some connection, had in fact more pressure than you.

  • Very first challenge for them is to remove your fame from the audience which is quite impossible if you are stable and well popular.
  • The second challenge for them is to carry forward that legacy which is, itself a huge mountain to weigh on the back.
  • The third challenge for them is to prove right in each and every decision made by their ancestral.
  • The fourth one is to prepared themselves better than you, who attracts more fanbase, power in comparison to yourself.
  • The fifth one is to boost the self-confidence, to face the criticism and blame because compared to normal people, the son-daughter of celebrities are highly judged by either paparazzies or people. These are some of the reasons, why you shouldn’t try to entered in the game as nepotist.

No argue in that, that nepotist finds work easily but that’s how the company runs, Industries runs, nation runs. You must have to learn to deal with it. One couldn’t run away from it that they gain some advantage over you. If that chronology works, then Messi-Ronaldo won’t chase each other, the son of farmer won’t posted at reputed designation in Government, the orphan of today won’t become future billionaire. You must have to clear all the barriers/obstacles because that’s what the life means to be.      

Image Source: CEOworld magazine.org

If you think all circumstance will favour you then be alert. Hard work and Struggle, the more you did, the chances of your success are more than nepotist. Had you heard about the experience? That’s all, you edge past your competitor there. Maybe they gain some favouritism, but they can’t ask for experience from anyone. Make space for yourself rather than to find space for yourself.

Look we all are related to someone, so it doesn’t mean that we all are nepotist. Favouring to someone makes you Nepotist then be that and accept frankly, what’s wrong in that? After all it’s your money you gamble either on Nepotist or normal one. The need and choices of people are used to be change each n every day, so don’t start judging yourself rather than to start focusing to improve yourself.

The law of nature is very clear, Be Kind to Everyone But never expect the same. The world is so cruel at the same time, they need one reason to hate you in exchange of thousand reasons to be love are perished against it. There are many illustrations that nepotism won’t always work. Find that opportunity and make them believe & regrettable that what they missed. Your value is in your hand, if you forget to observe it then how can you expect others be?

It’s not the matter that Who is Wrong and Who is Right but it’s the matter of What is Right and What is Wrong? If you tried to prove others wrong then how can be you Right either? Think about it, your happiness is your key of success, if you allowed other to unlocked it then prepared to fall apart. It’s absolutely right that your decision will definitely going to affects you but how much right it is to blame others if others decision also affects you. Is other’s influence on you that much, that it leads you to unwanted paths? If yes then, believe me you had no control on your life.

So thinks about it again, before judging anyone that who’s nepotist and who is not. If you are not then why to be jealous to them? Are you not capable of that or had you already scared of being lose? So that’s all for the day. Sent and share your suggestions, tips, thought to comment section section will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday till then Tataa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz…

P.S.:- By the next week or two I am thinking to start my own Podcast, I’ll informed you about it in the next post if everything plans accordingly. I tested my voice and some improvement is needed so I’ll have to work on it to improve my voice as a podcaster, Stay tuned for the further updates..

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50 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Nepotism!!

  1. We human must have to suffer as we harm earth by our acts since last couple of decades, so this is the lesson nature wants to taught us. completely agree to this! Well said!!❣❣

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  2. Another great post by you…… What u wrote is absolutely correct…… If we observe carefully most of us favor someone and many of us are favoured by someone for something or other…. Only relations can’t be the reason for it…… U have to have potential to be good at something and prove yourself only then other factors start to matter and accompany you……

    U can be brought to a path by someone but u need to follow and reach the end on your own…….

    Liked by 7 people

  3. Very well written post, Divyang 🙂🙂🙂
    Nepotism is everywhere we can’t run from it and should learn to deal it and prove ourselves.

    Th law of nature is very clear, Be Kind to Everyone But never expect the same. The world is so cruel at the same time, they need one reason to hate you in exchange for a thousand reasons to be loved to perish against it. So true, these lines are 👌👌

    Oh, wow, podcast, nice, all the best 🤗

    Liked by 5 people

  4. What a timely post this is! This was so well written and so accurate. Such a good job with this and seeing that it’s come to light at such a great time with all that is happening in the movie fraternity.
    And huge yaaaay for your podcast. It’s so refreshing to hear about something new and I wish you all the luck and success with it 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Your post is spot on! One of my past workplaces was infected with nepotism but I didn’t let it bother me. But it sure bothered a lot of other people there and they were wasting their energy on something they couldn’t do anything about. Thank you for posting!

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Thank you Deeksha…
    Yeah jack works everywhere, whether it’s Government job or any private job..
    That doesn’t mean all are nepotist,

    Yes relations isn’t the sole reason behind it many other reason also works there!!😅😅
    Someone just show you the path, the next journey would be yours and you will solely responsible for it…
    Thank you again for your words..🙂🙂


  7. Thank you so much Era…🤗🙂
    Yes true, Nepotism is everywhere, connection always works directly or indirectly…

    Politics is also not except in that as well..😅😅
    If that works there then why we protest against star kids? I can’t get it..
    If you get some hint, don’t forget to share with me..🙂🤗

    Yes, Podcast, sound interesting naah? 😅😅
    I’ll try to add that trailer link of podcast in tomorrow’s post..
    Stay tuned..🤗🤗

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  8. Really glad to find you here after so long, looks lit-bit busy right?😅😅
    Just rewind my mind and come across the recent riots of Banglore, hope you are safe and well..🤗🤗

    Nepotism is the never ending topic because at some point we also have connection with people, may be more strong or less but as far as we human exist in this world, this will too will exist with us. So we must have to learn to dealt with us soon..😅😅 What u say?

    Ahha, thank you so much Anya for warmth wishes…🙂🙂
    Stay tuned for further updates..😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yeah that’s what we people had to learn, to deal with the time…
    Time changes of everyone, if today is yours then maybe tomorrow will be mine..
    It’s never be the same, irrespective of how much you succeed or failed in life…🤗🤗

    Thank you for sharing your words here..🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Yes that’s my point,
    If we people aren’t sure about anything then we should avoid talking/gossip about it..

    The recent fiasco of Sadak 2 trailer is just illustration of the crazy mob…🤔🤔
    yeah totally agreeing with you here,
    Sushant was a gem, I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t more when I lastly showed his character in Dil Bechara..❣❣💔
    Heart crushing news..


  11. You’re most welcome, Divyang ☺☺
    Yup, I get that 😂😂😂, wo expectational case hai
    I have seen this in my field too, they play with health services too 😅😅
    Thing is, is only they are responsible for nepotism, people to are responsible, they have made them more popular, following them as God

    That’s great☺🤗

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  12. Nepotism exists indeed, but one must possess some mettle to succeed afterwards, on the other hand if a flower has fragrance nobody can stop it to spread, what really matters is talent and perseverance. Article very well written 👏

    Liked by 1 person

  13. If they have some connections then does that mean they have no right to work in the industry? I still can’t get the mindset of people…😣😣 You know in this time, I just start hating Kangana ranaut by her latest propaganda regarding Ayushman and Tapsee..

    From where they come I don’t know… Seriously in this time too we are in search of who is right and who’s wrong.. Really disgusting..🤐🤐

    Thank you Shagun for sharing your views regarding it, stay safe..🙂🙂


  14. Yes Ma’am it exist everywhere..
    One can’t run away from the situation every time..
    Some day, some time they have to faced it then why not to learn now?
    Yes if you’re good enough then people will accept you without any demand 😅😅
    Thank you for sharing your wise words here…🤗🤗


  15. Lol, yes they are everywhere..😂😂
    If I talk about my profession then it’s not wrong to say the son of CA will be CA one day..
    Even where I pursuing my articleship right now, My Sir is CA and CMA as well, his father was Well known CMA and faculty of IIM-A..
    So does that mean he is nepotist?
    Is encouraging our related defined as nepotism then yeah We are nepotist, no shame in that..😅😅

    Yes we people are really crazy, in one second we offer our condolences by supporting hashtag #blacklivesmatter and in very next second we start protesting star kids.. 😂 The propaganda continues…..

    Liked by 1 person

  16. hehe 😂😂😂

    no this is not nepotism, everyone do favorism in one thing or another but problem is when it effect somebody else life in bad way I think so

    hehe, yup 😂😂😂


  17. Yayayaya … What else Kangana can do like ik she is so extrovert but she don’t think what she is saying and I don’t know why she feels that she is rht everytime🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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  18. Yes, I’ve been gone for a little. Just had to clear my head a little – i’m finding it a tiny bit hard to keep up a schedule or routine in quarantine so I’ve been slacking a lot on here. Either way feels good to be back

    I completely agree with your view on nepotism. We all do definitely have a few strings to pull here and there and I see what you mean.

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Yuup, find your absence ‘here..😅😅
    It’s always good to be back there where we find peace!! What u say?🙂🙂

    Ohh that’s too encouraging words Anya, thank you for sharing it…🤗🤗

    Yes, am fine, hope you are so..😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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