Is the Racism only Disease Exist in the World?

Hello Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and well wherever you are. As I mentioned in my last post about our firm’s new undertaking. i.e. Undertaking of the Accounting and Legal Compliance of William John’s Pizza outlet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat post lockdown. Here I cover my little experience about it as it was my first solo experience as an Inspector of Inventory and Asset Management. Many go wrong that I’d pizza outlets but no, our one of the clients is just entering into the business as an investor. They chose us as their accounting head, as we are registered as Chartered Accountancy firm. So, my Sir had given me opportunity to had little experience in this field. Though if you will ever plan to visit Ahmedabad then you’re most welcome at these venues, i.e. Vastrapur, Maninagar, Motera and Odhav.

It was really a new experience for me. New in that way, because before this in person meeting with client, I accompanied to my sir or some senior colleague. But in this adventure, my sir provided me the sole and whole right to visit all outlet to me and also given the grant to ask any question what I want to know curiously. I go there and met the Manager of all the outlets, develop new business relations which eventually turned out to grew my confidence of public speaking. During my first visit to Odhav, I was lit bit nervous but as soon as I reach there, I gradually started showing my true colours. i.e to ask questions to them, visited Kitchen area and noted down everything, that I think to be helpful for us in valuation. Soon in 2 days I completed the visit of rest of the outlets and submitted my work to the sir, presenting them and understand the accounting held on outlets, policies and some observation to him. It was really wonderful experience, So, that’s all, I think I add little bit more personal touch in today’s blog but let me confess Yeah that’s true I was overwhelmed by my work.

Image Source: Pixabay

Anyways let’s move towards our today’s one more interesting topic of the day. You got the basic idea right that what we should gonna talk about today, right? Yes, right the type of hatred ness among the people, by the people, for the people. This is based on incident of George Floyd. Yeah, the one who is died by torturing of Police official while he was allegedly passing a counterfeit of billion of dollars. All started the movement and showed their support to him, by #blacklivesmatter. But really, he was innocent like that? Why we just able to see the only side of the coin? He was about to arrest and soon find himself behind the bars, then definitely he had done some acts which isn’t right in eyes of law. It not shows any biased opinion, but no one thinks the reason behind it? If you go in past you find many evidences that he was involved in many unlawful acts. If he was genuine citizen then, why police official held him? We people are really crazy, when some people tells about something, we soon started believing on that without revealing that dark side of the picture. We mob just need one reason, to hate someone, even thousand reason of love doesn’t matter in front of it.

Though It doesn’t mean police had power to do anything with us, they have some criteria, ethics, rules, they must have to follow, maintain. But the real question is that, why we start supporting that hashtag, #blacklivesmatter? Had anyone given try to know the real truth behind the story? Social media, never believe on that. News channels, Newspapers, only print that, what actually beneficiary for them, not us. We all are same then why to give that separate importance to it? Look at the sky in the night, you won’t find anything exact contrasting to it except moon and stars. Just turned off all the switches of your house, you won’t able to see anything. Black was important, is important and will always be important. But why we forget if we start that movement, then there are some people exist who adversely available to gain the benefit from it? Is it not enough to spread the hatredness to white tone people?

Racism, what actually it means? Do you know? Not at all. If you know then you never did support the movement like blacklivesmatter. People had not problem with body/skin colour, we had problem with ourselves. When we can’t see other’s success or when we couldn’t digest success of others, we soon start hating them by whatsoever reason. Will you start that chain again if some black cop kills white man, #whitelivesmatter? Just think about it, it was coincident may be, that the one who died was black and cops were white by tone. Racism is our own set up, so don’t make it personal. If to call someone is black is racism, then how you feel when someone judges you by body type/structure? Is that not bodism? In fact, that was more problematic than Racism. Skinny, fatty, deaf, handicapped, we all saw/met this kind of people in routine.

How you feel when someone constantly reminds you about your body type? Ohh look at that stick, Hey want to see balloon, look at that girl. The synonym of body type isn’t found yet, but still we managed to do by ourselves, our own creation. Their continuous reminder leads people to there where they soon start judging themselves and ends up by giving up on their respective life. Many feels stress due to that regular slow poison. Is that not torture? Why they go unnoticed, injustice? Why someone not started the chain #nobodytypematters. Or are you still in search of illustration like George Floyd?

Bullying and Social media hatred ness works like to add petrol in the fire. If we want to hate someone then we don’t need reason, we need social media. Yeah, there is no source better than that. When you had no guts to face people, you find social media your best companion. Meet me on social media, I’ll see you on Social media, the latest virtual slogan used by people. Really means, social media, is it social or are we forget to be social? Still confused….

Sexual harassment, the very old concept which is relevant to specific industry, Film industry, Business industry, etc. #metoo, another hashtag moment which had roots of 80s and 90s or maybe older than that. We are focused but only when other steps up, right? We scared to be pioneer rather than we find peace to be shadow of others. Why to scared when we are right and something wrong had happened to us, irrespective of nature.

Casteism, the new flu seen among the people, would you experience it? We have some strong belief that if person related to that cast then he/she must be like other people of the caste. Is that right thinking? If one apple is bad then will you not give chance to taste those other apples in the basket? People are different, their mindset is different so as their thought.

So that’s what I like to say about the different disease that are still exist in this modern era too. Not sure, you are agreeing with it or not but it doesn’t matter. Most of you will cursing me about that inclusion of George Floyd, but think about that question I asked, or simply just google it you’ll find the answer. If you still not satisfy then comment all your query, suggestion, thoughts and opinion regarding the post will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday with one more interesting topic till then Tataa, Bbyee, Sukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz.

Topic for the Next Sunday: Welcome to the World of Nepotism!!


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36 thoughts on “Is the Racism only Disease Exist in the World?

  1. This post is so good. Actually these days we all are so quick to assume and judge others and honestly that’s not the worst part. The worst part is we are not even interested or bothered to know the whole story.

    And yeah social media plays a big big part. Its a best place where people can hide behind faje ids and harass or bully people.

    Thank you. This post was needed.

    P.S. All the best for your professional life.

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  2. That’s why I don’t believe on social media or news channels not at all , they dont show half of the things most of the times
    It is always easy to judge, same happens in our country, I don’t wanna talk here but I think, you might have got on which thing I am referring too

    This is very thought provoking article, Great job, Divyang 😊😊 Every human which were caste, race or color, body type, whatever, everybody lived matters

    It is good to know about, your experience at work 😊😊
    Waiting to read next week post!!!

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  3. Where most of the things/facts you stated might be true, I still can’t help myself correcting you here. #blacklivesmatter isn’t just for George but all those who have befallen under the hideous acts of white police men. The campaign isnt about who broke the law. It is the fact how cases are handled when it comes to black men. History is full of stories when racism made a living life hell for people. This movement, thus, aimed to shed light upon how narrow minded people are when it comes to even talking to a black person. A state who fails to give protection to a person who’s abused in all forms has the courage to put foot on the neck of a person who’s done nothing but broken a law as minor as he did? And most of all – killing him? Though we all agree and have seen how media spreads propaganda, but even if it’s propaganda that has lead to awareness on such a massive scale I am glad to have become a participant. I respect your prospective, but since I am following you and have been reading your posts, I felt it necessary to pen down what I think is right.

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  4. Since you have really amazing posts on your blog and I thought if you would need even more recognition for it, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please check out my recent post. You really are so deserving!🤗

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  5. I actually don’t know what to say about the George Floyd thing. So many opinions out there. Sometimes too many people talking about things they don’t truly understand. When I am not certain what to say or think, I think it’s best for me to stay away from a topic.

    I really loved reading about your work experience, Divyang. It sounds like you are doing great…getting some good experience, learning and growing in confidence. That’s good. 😃 Your posts always make me smile friend. 😊😊😊

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  6. Hey Vanya thank you for this nomination…🙂🙂
    This means a lot but as my blog is award free one, I couldn’t able to make it and publish it…😅😅
    I am not dishonoring you but really I couldn’t do that, hope you won’t mind..🙂🙂
    Congratulations on your awards to you…🤗🤗

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  7. Hello Ma’am thank you thank you so much… 🤗🤗
    Absolutely, we people are quick to judge others by whatsoever reason without knowing them in person.
    We only made our mind if we know them personally otherwise we just followed that mob who is already crazy..😅😅

    Social media, the source to spread the hatredness and to criticize people, which initially founded as source of happiness…😅😅
    But we are so much creative that even in those platforms we found how to stalk people and how to discourage them..

    Thank you so much again for your wonderful words..🙂🙂

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  8. Hey Era, absolutely true and totally agreeing with you here on that first line..
    Social media is now source of hatredness, people feels low, depressed and tense just because of they chose that platform for the happiness, which eventually turned out be living hell for people. 😅😅😅

    We people find easier to judge others rather than to improving ourselves, don’t know is that because of Jealousy, or by other reasons..🙂🙂

    I still not get some of the hashtags which went viral on social media platforms and mob who started supporting it without knowing the truth behind the story..🤨🤨

    Thank you so much for your words Era..
    Stay happy, hope this pandemic treats you well…😄😄

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  9. Yes Ma’am, why just black lives matter, aren’t we human?
    By some of the people you can’t just judge the whole group irrespective of body tone/type…🤗🤗

    Thank you so much Ma’am for your words🙂🙂

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  10. Ohh yes, I am expecting this kind of suggestions, thoughts while I penned down this topic.. 😅😅

    Yes, am totally agreeing here with you that black people treated bad in comparison to white tone people, but maybe you won’t get my point that only black lives matter in this whole planet? Are we not human? Why to support that chain when one doesn’t know the whole and real truth behind the story… We know that in European countries and American states there’s so much oppression by the black tone people, either it’s of breaking the house of people, rob people, or in some other criminal acts, they top the charts.. I am not opposed to them but one can never change the truth… All lives matter, that slogan suits more than that separate hashtag.. I am against that hashtag not the people of black tone…

    If that chain constantly ran then don’t you think it backfires to white tone people’s live? Don’t you find it biased one? Don’t you find it as source of hatredness?🤨🤨

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  11. Hey Arti, thank you so much for the nomination🤗🤗
    It means a lot but as my blog is award free one, I couldn’t able to make it and publish it..
    Am not dishonoring you but really I couldn’t do that, hope you won’t mind..🙂
    Anyways congratulations on your award to you too..😊😊
    Stay safe, 🙂🙂


  12. Yeah really, even I don’t know how to react in some kind of situation…😅😅
    I am not opposed to that people but I am opposed to that chain which ran by name of hashtags, really disgusting..

    I too believe the same, that when you don’t know the truth then stay away from it is the best decision but I couldn’t bear that all white tone people are same, i.e. cruel to black tone people, so decide to write on this topic. If one can think that black lives matter then is it wrong to put down our opinion just amended it to all lives matter? I don’t think so… I will rise the highest when talking about the body of the people, irrespective of body type/color/shape…

    Oh thank you so much Ma’am..
    Yes as a Intern, I focusing on to learn new things of my profession enthusiastically…🤗🤗🤗

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  13. Hey Divyang, how you have been?

    Thank you 🙂🙂

    Yup, actually, true
    Jealousy is always a factor and to prove themselves above all and how can someone do this, believing what is on social media is true without a thought and that’s message forwards 😅😅.

    You ‘ re most welcome, take care and stay safe 🙂🙂
    All the best too.

    Hehe, this pandemic 😂😂😂, is actually treating well

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  14. Yes, I like that so much, Divyang “all lives matter” 😊 Keep being enthusiastic! You make me smile. Keep inspiring, speaking up and being awesome. 😃

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  15. Absolutely no problem! 🙂 No dishonor there! 🙂
    I kept my blog award free for a good two and a half years. Two of the most avid readers of my blog nominated me for the awards so I felt they deserved that much! Haha! 🙂
    Thankyou! 🙂

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  16. I’m sure someone already said it in the comments but the point about George Floyd is that the cop killed him and not because it was self defense. Any attempt to investigate whether Floyd was or wasn’t guilty of anything misses the point that no matter what he may have been guilty of, the cop shouldn’t have killed him. George Floyd should not have been killed that day. Period.

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  17. That’s so kind of you Vanya..🤗🤗

    Tell me if I can offer any other type of help to you…
    That’s great, it’s been just a year for me and in beginning, I posted some award post but then I turned it into award free blog !!🙂🙂😊


  18. Thank you so much Ava,😍😍
    Yes all lives matter, matured people won’t prefer black or white tone, they prefer humanity over all other obstacles!!🤗🤗

    Thank you so much Ava, again for those encouraging words!!😁😁


  19. Am not against that kind of gestures but I really opposed that chain on social media by various hashtags, why only blacklivesmatter?🤔🤔

    He definitely had some wrong with cops and in response cops done that what they shouldn’t have to,
    my condolences to his family but we that chain will surely fuelled hatredness to white people!!🙄🙄


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