Money: The Dearest Honey!!

Hello folks, what’s up? Hope you all doing great wherever you are. Time flies, really means 2020 is about to end but our fight is still there, to combat against the virus. We already going through the demanding issue of today’s new normal about depression in our previous three instalments. The one who missed kindly follow the link mentioned below. Really happy to know your feedback and suggestion towards it, stay alert because you never know when you reach there and became a victim of it. Our fight is within ourselves so let’s hold a breath for a second to face the upcoming threat with courage. Wishing you all the very best for the forbidden War.

Anyways now let’s coming back to today’s one more interesting topic. Yeah, sounds funny but that’s the title, Money: The Dearest Honey. As soon as you keep reading it till the end you will soon find the reply automatically from the post. Title is very important part of Post, as said we are habitual to judge the book by its cover. So, the more crazy you chose the Title, the more people will likely to attract it. Shh, this is the tips of a good blogging too, chose apt title for your post so that your audience will easily connect with it.

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Money, how would you define it? Amm, maybe you said, Source of one’s income or say the bunch of paper which has some value or maybe you said, the one which has power to satisfy need or requirements of life. All are true, no argue in that but is it enough though? Really money had that much value/importance only? No, Right? Absolutely like people, we are surrounded with money too, even if that’s not wrong to say; more than people. Aren’t we?

Money, as said the most powerful inspiration, the one which is used to negotiate transaction (monetary-non monetary), the one which satisfy the hunger of people, the one which leads to unnecessary quarrel between peoples often, the one which is strong enough to cheat the people, the one which is motto of life, the one who possessed is reach and who don’t is poor, the one which testify the strength of country, the one which is basic need to live the life, the one which can’t be eat, but still many consumes it, the one which can exchange with anyone. In short Money is the instrument, which sounds good when we have it.

Money used everywhere. Don’t you think? Obviously, it is. But for that 2 condition is much needed. The first one, You have to have it, if you have to buy something/someone. Here someone relates to human being, as said if you have money you can buy anyone, anything. Everything and Everyone has a price tag, all you need is to preparedness to pay for it. But only n only if you are ready to pay the demanding price. The second one, You must have to show your Interest of buying. You simply can’t negotiate if you don’t want to purchase something, if you do then also be ready to bear the hard words of the counterparts. If you want to buy something but will not able to spend or you won’t like to spend then it’s not your cup of tea, to be successful bargainer.

We all love money, right? Yes, we are. Had you thought why we earn money? If we don’t love money then why we possessed it with us? Does that have any meaning to possessed that which actually we don’t like to. Then there’s no difference between that and scrap. We all love to spend, right? We all love to save, right? Yes, we save it for future and also by spending it We satisfy many of our needs, greed. We are blind fold of it and believes it to be everything. Aren’t we?

It’s not bad though but the way you earned the money, the way you spend the money says a lot about you, about your character. If you live luxurious life, everyone gonna attracts by you, if you live simple life, very few one can find. Money is the new measurement of today’s life. Your status also determined by how much you earned. Earning is important, no matter how you earn it. Money, actually what it does? It pays your dues/debts, it pays your subscription, it pays your luxurious brands, it pays your routine expenses, it pays your rent, it pays everything where monetary exchange acceptable.

From running your houses to run MNCs to proceeds the growth of country/nation, money is the basic of everything. If you want to buy vegetables/fruits or want to buy house, then do it with money. If you want to gift someone, then buy it through it. If you’d acquire services of someone then pay them for their services through that papers. If you consumed goods then cancel out your due with it.

Though Money isn’t everything if you believe or not. Money is only n only source of happiness but not the true happiness, one can buy anything with that bunch of money but not the satisfaction he really wants. Go in the market and Ask any vendor are they deliver happiness/ or are they supplier of happiness? The only answer you got is, We only sell that what you want, what you demanded for not what happies you. Because they are also right, How can they sale that what they actually don’t know? i.e. what makes you happy. It only knows by you that what actually means for you, you have better idea of your happiness than anyone else. You have lots of lots of money, but still there’s chance that you passed many sleepless nights when on the other hand one had little money but they got that sleep which other scarce.

If you have money then value it. If you not then it also won’t. If you become arrogant by having it, then remember you won’t carry that with you. You placed the money but you can’t carry out it. It also can’t be carried forward in your next life too. What you have is only for this term so utilize it for betterment of you, for your countrymen, for the poor, for the orphan, for the needy ones. There’s no confession needed that one isn’t love money.

“Money Speaks, Money Leaks; Money Sticks, Money Picks.

Money Splits, Money Connects; Money Saved, Money Waved.

Money Spend, Money Bend; Money Lend, Money End.

Penny Money, Money Honey.”

So that’s all for the day, Hope you all experienced that sweet trap of Money somewhere, sometimes in the life. Send your experience, thoughts, suggestions, opinion regarding today’s post in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next sunday, till then Tataa, Bbyyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz..


P.S. Tomorrow is a big day for me as I’ll look after the Inventory and Asset Management of William John’s Pizza outlet for the first time, since my firm has taken all the charges of Accounting, Legal Compliances of all 4 outlets of Ahmedabad, Gujarat post lockdown. Will share experience in the next post.

Topic of the next Sunday: Is the Racism only Disease exist in the World?

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60 thoughts on “Money: The Dearest Honey!!

  1. So true……well written

    A few lines from me…
    Something that we need …..
    Causes within us a greed…..
    Something we require…….
    Turns our life after we acquire……
    What is it honey……
    Ofcourse it our dearest money…….

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  2. Ohh hey Mate, how’s you?😅😅

    Yeah I too noticed your absence from the platform.. 😅
    Firstly I thought that you are gone because people started something new with great courage but after sometime they can’t continue with it by some of the circumstances, but find you again writing is surprise to me..

    Thank you for your words, ask me if you need help anytime.. 🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This made me think of a Bible verse. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (1 Tim. 6: 10).

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  4. “Money Speaks, Money Leaks; Money Sticks, Money Picks.

    Money Splits, Money Connects; Money Saved, Money Waved.

    Money Spend, Money Bend; Money Lend, Money End.

    Penny Money, Money Honey.”

    the best tongue twister I’ve seen lately..

    Liked by 1 person

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