Depression: The Modern Plague!!

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Anyways let’s get back to today’s topic, most demanding topic and concerning as well, Depression. What’s that? We all are aware from it, but couldn’t able to express it, right? And that’s the harsh reality that we are scared to confess that Yes, I’m depressed. The more you try to pressed, the more you depressed. We human surrounded by so many people around us but no one is available when we badly need at least one with whom we share our words, our sorrow, our feelings, our mindset, our situation. Money, Power and Dignity isn’t enough to be happy, if you aren’t happy with your inner half anymore. So, let’s start from the bottom,

Depression: – When the person sad deeply somewhere in inner self, when the fight of Heart & Mind is actually on another level and hesitant  to express that what he/she wants, what makes him/her monotonous gently, which leads him/her to loneliness in crowd, how he/she separated from rest of the people, won’t be able to find out the answers, believes him/herself to be there where he can able to see one way only, to shorten the life and finds the peace which, in this life isn’t possible for him/her. He/ She noticed everything, they surrounded with, they also know that they aren’t in good condition – both mentally and physically, they want to express those unspoken words but scared to be spoken. When they find themselves alone even, they are surrounded by people.

He/she need just one person to share those feelings, those words, those dried emotions, but not succeeded in that and from there they often find themselves into more trouble. They need one, but that wasn’t the whole truth although!! They need actually three, to convinced, to listen what he/she wants to show, to express. First Heart and Soul & finally the person who stand by him/her. If they won’t find anyone, anymore, they gonna soon thinking to complete their life chapter in any manner, for any matter.

“The one who already made his/her Mind to Die finds many Reasons for it but won’t able to find out that one which proves enough to save his/her life.”

Sometimes people try to be that which they aren’t actually. They hide their real identity and prefer to stay in fake reality. They know it goings to be hurt, but not much aware that it will change their life, even they have to take decision to end it. They became villain of their life, by co-incidentally but they are. They taken the decision so they must have to face the consequences of it, no one would run away from it.

If you had guts to play with your Mind, then also be ready to pay for your mind. If you screwed it, it’ll definitely screwed you, even more than what you actually did to it. You know it going to be crazy then why you taken that type of fierce steps? Did you forget, your mind isn’t yours. You are of your mind. Actually, you aren’t either of your heart too, it’s already beating for someone else, don’t you remember? Nothing is yours except your soul, that too till you are alive. Listen everything, everyone but Never consider that which lost your control on your crazy mind, which can possibly cost your heart, and hurt your soul the most. 

Image Source: Lori Calabrese

Right now, in the world, everyone has one power in themselves by default. To judge people either to themselves or someone else. If you start judging yourself then it’s really great way as you want to improvise yourself but at the same time there’s very thin line between Improvisation and Depression. If you start overthinking without having a proper idea about something then probably you gonna sink, no one would never ever gonna save you. If you lost somewhere then you must have to try to find the way out. If you just sat and waiting for someone then you won’t stay long. Same happens in Depression, If you can’t stop judging yourself you won’t able to overcome from it. Stop your mind and try to restart it.

Have you worked on P.C./Laptop/MacBook? You aware from that whenever system gets load, opens up so many programmes at the same time, it’ll started stuck/hang during it’s functionalization. If you won’t take proper, immediate step/action then it’ll stop running and soon you ended up bare hand and upsetting. Same happens with Mind too. If you give too much load to your Mind, it will get confused, tried to give signals to you as well but still if you won’t take instant necessary steps it’ll go crazy, and soon made your life, a living hell.

In short Depression is nothing but when you gave so much pressure to your mind to think that which is still not happens in reality, it adversely affects your body, your mindset, your thinking capacity and your heartbeat. Don’t forget to clean up the cache – temps, the unnecessary confused thought from your mind. If you can’t trash it, then only trash will be come out from you as well.

The other way to fight against it is to Restart your mind, sounds silly but just try to delete all those thoughts from your mind which is practically Impossible. That’s the sacrifice you have to give, if you want to live. Reboot your body system and forget who you are before system rebooting. If you won that race, you had guts to face.

Yes, I know in my previous post I had announced about the upcoming post about 7 Ways to deal with Depression but while writing that, I just realize that how people knows that they are stressed, depressed and how they trapped into it gently? So, my mind insisted me to start from its small particle, the process of it, causes of depression n all. Sorry if I upset your curiosity, but really, it’s necessary to know the basic about it. If you don’t know how you depressed and if you really depressed or not then those ways won’t help at all. In the next post we’ll see the causes/reason of Depression, followed by ways to deal with Depression.


The topic of Next Sunday: – 7 Causes/Reason and Symptoms of Depression!!

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62 thoughts on “Depression: The Modern Plague!!

  1. How can be am not good when I had family like you!!🙂🙂

    Yeah that’s the problem that people gets lit bit confused over their own situation, you knew it more well I guess!!🤗🤗

    Again thank you so much Era for constant encouragement☺☺

    Yeah, it’s almost ready just need to look over it, stay tuned!!🤗🤗

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  2. Depression – if that is descriptive of a world view – is a precondition of art. Very little that is exuberant inspires a lasting memory or resonates profoundly upon the soul. It is our duty to be depressed (and bravely smile on occasion).

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