7 Things You Must Learn To Control in Time!!

Hello Folks, what’s up? Hope you all are good and well in health n wealth wherever you are. Corona, had done enough damages irrespective of Monetary, Non- Monetary. World Economy had been gone already down and we all soon finds it, that’s the monetary damage. The Non-Monetary damages, maybe it hit more than that of monetary ones. Stress, depression, anxiety, fear, future uncertainty and loneliness insist all us to think about us more n more. We could overcome from Monetary crisis but outshined our own self will ask more sacrifice from all of us.

Recently I came across through many people and many blogs, news that people had started assuming their respective lives in danger. And the main thing is that the youth affected badly due to this pandemic. The reason is very simple that they had fear of losing someone or themselves. Sounds weird but that’s the harsh truth of today. Many assumed that future will be uncertain but not this type of. Corona, made us all helpless but how can we forget that we are human. As far as our existence will be on this Earth, how can we remove hope within us? Maybe we are helpless but not hopeless. Will come up on this topic in next blog till that let’s move towards one more interesting subject of the day. So let’s start,

Today we are going to see which would get control for better future and for better us, hope this will find helpful to all of us. So, let’s Start,

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  1. Control your Emotions:Had you thought where we lose? No? Okay so here we go. We all know that we human are bundle of emotion and where there comes emotion between us, between our decision, between our choices, we start thinking from heart and there starts the real panic. We couldn’t control our emotions, not bad though but as said be emotional not emotional fool!! There are lots of people who is available to take advantage of your emotions, if you give them chance then they will definitely gonna piece you off. Consider both the opinion of Heart and Mind if you want to control anything, it gonna works. Lack of anyone will enough to destroy you, destroy your whole life. Show emotions, but never reveal what your Heart wants over your Mind.   
  2. Control Your Hunger:Hunger, not related to food only. There are so-so many types of hunger whether it’s of earning money, fulfilment of requirements, to be perfect in everything or of getting everything in quick succession, which one has to control in time. Greedy never satisfied their hunger as they remain always greedy. Always believe that your brain, has also some limit like your belly. The one who failed to get control on their hunger ness will always go half stomach. Even a life treasure isn’t enough to satisfy their hunger, often they ended up in satisfaction of others hunger; like hunter haunt down itself. Satisfaction is a big thing, if you jealous by someone then you ended up losing your lit hut in search of Mansion.
  3. Control Your Anxiety:Anxiety, how would you define it? Any guess? Yes, you are right. It’s the prediction of Future Danger but how can be you fool enough to ruined your today for that which not happened in reality? We all know well that the whole world is based on assumption, people had strong belief that tomorrow will come but who said that tomorrow will only bring bad? The Sun never forgets to shine in less or more manner then how can you forget to rise up? Did you forget that you are Human? Don’t think so, it’s obvious that we scared from danger but even in danger we aren’t meant to be lose every time. We would overcome from it, but only n only if you believe that Yes, I can do.
  4. Control Your Mind:There are plenty of thoughts playing in one’s head, in that small power house known as Brain. In those thoughts we don’t know when and how we started to forecast our life events so rapidly, ended up losing control on ourselves. It’s never easy task to control Mind as it does what it wants and did accordingly. The cycle is simple of your downfall. First you start assuming something which leads to overthinking, which leads to anxiety, which leads to stress, which leads to depression and finally leads you to there where you find one way, Give up on your life. Mind has power that forces you to do that which you actually don’t want to but as it’s not in your control you gonna follow it. So in time learn to control your Mind, before someone gets rid of it.
  5. Control Your Heart: – Off course, If you learn to control your Mind then how can you forget to control your Heart? At last each n every decision is parallel to this both, don’t you think? Look here too a cycle works, very first Mind thought something, then that thought goes towards Heart to know its concern. If it approve then mind works accordingly, but if it denies then, human body betrayal within itself. Heart, itself never took decision but enforced Mind to take the decision on behalf of it. Heart wants so much which is nearly Impossible, which n how many wishes you would able to complete of your Heart? If Mind is an Ocean of thought then Heart is Pond, which produce so many rays, so many ways.
  6. Control Your Spending: – Spend, we all like to spend on thing, right? Whether it’s off on Clothes, Accessories, Electronics, Shoes or others stuffs like that. But really you need that or just to fulfil your mule demands? Not saying or stop you to spend but alert you to navigate your budget. Looks every time isn’t the same, one should have to do some savings from their respective earnings, like this corona pandemic has learn so much about it. Emergency funds would always be there if something bad happens in all of a sudden. Don’t buy that which just fulfilled your requirement, instead of that invest your money and make more money from that money.
  7. Control Your Screen time: – Last but not the least, Learn to Control your screen time. Yeah, sounds crazy but you should have to control your screen time sooner. Your eyes had to tolerate so much just because of you. Had you seen a Blind people? Just try to blind fold for some time. Even 5 minutes you can’t imagine your life without your eyes then how can you punish your eyes like this? Give it proper rest time to time. The world is so beautiful but for that you need an eye. Had you thought though, what if you lost it just because of your own shit?

Bonus Tips, Control Your Words: – Yes, you read it right. You must learn to get control on your words. If not then Mahabharat is the best possible Example, the word enough of Draupadi for the War. One has to know that how to use, when to use, where to use and which to use otherwise your value will be like that which acceptable by all but not applicable at all. Rather than put weight on your action. Believe in to do, not just to speak. Speak less, show more. Made your work recognisable one, you don’t need an identity.

So that’s all for the day, Hope you all like it. Send your suggestion, thought, opinion, tips in comment section, will replied you soon over there. See you all next Sunday, till then Tata, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!!

The topic of Next Sunday: Experience Matter, For Better!!

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75 thoughts on “7 Things You Must Learn To Control in Time!!

  1. Controlling something is a way harder for me… I panick easily and become impatient in certain situations….. How to keep calm when u got so much to let you down? Hope I don’t sound much depressing but feel like asking you this coz your blogs r a way to communicate , a platform to improve….

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  2. Very informative. Your tip #1 is a good one. Lately, I’ve been emotional and finding myself doing and saying things that don’t make sense because my emotions get in the way. Thank you for the reminder. Enjoy your day!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great post Divyang. Self control is so important. I especially liked what you said about screen time and causing ourselves damage. That could be applied to all forms of self control. It may not gaurantees that life will always go as we want it to, but it’s better that our wounds aren’t self inflicted.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Self control is so important Divyang. Your post highlights every important point for a better positive life. Just one point I don’t agree with you. It’s about anxiety.
    Yes, it’s true we should always find ways to avoid anxiety but those who get it I don’t think it comes by their choice. You can say we need to control negativity and pessimist thoughts so that eventually we don’t fall in the traps of anxiety but anxiety can’t be controlled it just happens. We need to control other things to avoid letting it happen.
    Anyways great post!!!

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  5. After all who doesn’t panic?
    Just saw me one people, who is happy all the time.
    We are all human, so as these are the spices of our respective lives!!
    Don’t upset, just try to find the way which makes you happy and refreshed!!🤗🤗
    If you aren’t succeeded in to control then don’t push hard, try another way..
    Just learnt to let go, and always remember if today isn’t yours then tomorrow will be. If tomorrow will not too then some day will also come in your life in which life gives you chance to outshine all the people, all the fears!!
    Thank you for asking the question, really glad😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Absolutely, we human often takes decision by emotion rather than to consider the opinion of Mind too!!
    Try to listen your mind too, what it says🤗🤗
    Thank you for sharing your views Ma’am!!😄😄

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Ohh Tina Ma’am, how’s you?
    Always glad when I saw you appreciate my post, feel blessed at the same time!!🤗
    Absolutely Ma’am, Screen time causes us more, which we have learnt to control for our own betterment..
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful words here!!🤗🤗


  8. Yeah, I agree with your thought.
    But there’s difference between Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Fool.
    If you take decision based on emotion, you only find pretended favour, 🤔🤨
    Every time emotions don’t work, especially in corporate world.. I think you are quite relevant to that, don’t you?😅😅


  9. Thank you so much Mitika.. 🤗🤗
    That one liner is just heat, we have to control our mind but it isn’t easy as it looks!!
    Really glad to knew that u find it worthy😄😄


  10. Well everyone’s thinking is different, may be you are right too in your perspective, and I too in my perspective. 🤗🤗
    You know anxiety is the starting point of Depression,
    and how that starts you know?
    By overthinking, we overthink, we love the game of assumption, guessing which finally leads to our destination!!
    Sometimes negativity isn’t the reason of anxiety, we ourselves responsible for that. If we lost control on our thinking then definitely we lost somewhere in between clash of Mind and Soul!!🤨🤨
    Thank you for sharing your views, really like to answer..
    Just clashing of two different thought of your and mine..😅😅


  11. That’s normal though!!
    It’s not necessary that we have to agree with each other.
    You shared yours, I shared mine.
    Look we both something new, which we not know before, don’t we?😅😅
    Just a clash of thought, 🤗🤗


  12. Hello Ma’am
    Thank you so much for the nomination🤗🤗
    But literally as my site is award free one I couldn’t participate in it, not disrespect you
    This matters a lot but sorry I couldn’t.
    Hope you won’t mind!!🤗🤗

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