Aware From Creature Resides in You!!

Hello folks what’s up? Hope you all are well and healthier wherever you are. After long 2 months stay at home Finally, able to see the mother nature, following norms of Social Distancing, and use of face mask. Don’t know but it Feels weird when walking on the streets, working in the shifts. After coming back to home one question constantly played in my Mind Should I changed or the World? The Sun still shined at bright, the Moon also spread its magic, the Nature too was good as before the pandemic so what changed, really don’t know. Did you feel the same? If yes, had you succeeded to find the answer what changes made in the world? May be this is just starting. Something Strange or something worst is yet to come!!!

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Anyways let’s move towards today’s topic. The topic is something different rather than rest of the topics. Many awaits to knew what it is after all. But let me aware you guys This is in reply to my fellow blogger Pankanzy’s Post. i.e. She Interviewed the Most Dangerous Animal. So, all the men hood, brotherhood present here if you upset or disagree on my thoughts then please pardon me or let shut off your fucking mouth. This will be going to one of the fierce posts. Abused words also used in it so made your mind bearable one to tolerate it, especially Men like me. The post is fully dedicated to Girls/Women present here, present in the World, present anywhere in the Galaxy.

Dangerous Animal, the word Pankanzy, my dear friend had used to describe the Men hood, to describe people like me. I totally agree on that after reading the post of him but then I think this is inappropriate use of word to describe people like me, Men. Why to insult the breed of Animals, for the shake of people like me, Men? At least they won’t rape of other animals by misusing the name of God that too in those holy places like Temple, Mosque, Churches etc… Had you read any news at any time that Animal caught while raping of another animal at Mosque? Had you read any news at any time in the life that Lion raped his own kid? I hadn’t, never ever.

The intention is just to say that the one who is mature enough never done this kind of act, more precisely non forgivable crime. If that become forgivable then everyone habitual to forget and doing rape became usual/routine activity for men like me. Animals, I remember something from that. It is said that We are updated version of Monkeys, right? Yes, we are. But as fast as we updated, our thoughts at the same time and at the same speed our thoughts were became more n more lower graded or let me say deteriorate. Is this the real development or growth of brain of people like me? Men, if we born as Men then who said that We have all the rights to do anything with anyone?

People said that we are Social Animal, right? But can you find the difference between Animal and Social Animal? Animal, they have their own feelings, emotions, care for others while what we have on the other side? Yes, we are so called Social Animal forget to behave Socially. The never satisfied Hunger ness of Sex, Greed of Money and how to do wrong with others, qualities of men like me. Yes, I am Men, Social Animal. People call me by that but just forget the meaning of Socialize itself.

Priyanka Reddy, the nearest possible case I could remind of Hyderabad. A Doctor by profession belongs to good family background. But what had happened to her? Majority of People knows that Convicts of crime were Encountered by the Police Officials but had anyone thought Is the real justice delivered? The convicts had first followed her then brutally raped her one by one, followed by burying the body of her. What if the same procedure will follow to give the justice of late Priyanka Reddy? First raped of all convicts, enforced them to run nudes/naked on the street and then bury them all Basterds. (Here raped of convicts means to cut out that fucking dick of them, that they used as weapon.) This case reminds many of us to Nirbhaya Kand of Delhi, 2012. 7 Years to that horrible incident and still daily one Nirbhaya lost her life because of this kind of Creature, Social Animal.  

In addition to that this kind of Creature lodged Mercy petition to the President and their family members also doing best possible for their bailment. Like how? Are you not human? Is there any kind of humanity in you? First you raped and then files mercy petition. Have you given chance to that girl for the same? Had you Mercy on her before raped? Fuckers, you ruin someone’s life. There are so many red-light areas, go there and satisfied your hunger but why you spoiled life of her? If you aren’t ready to made expense on that then do masturbate, had you forgotten you had hands too??

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You even not seen her age fucker. She’s not in position to bear the pain. Even if she is in position to bear the pain you had no right to satisfy your hunger on her. What you get after doing that? Your second of enforced, enough to spoiled her whole life!!! Have you forgotten; you are also from her? Men, why you forget to respect the Women?

These Creatures are so mentally unbalanced that even they won’t let out their mother, daughter, cousin, niece, the list goes on. Some says the cloths wore by girls enough to seduced us, Men. Like how? What you see in that dress wore by that 4 years old? What she has to wear, is also chosen by you? It’s her choice, it’s her selection that what to wear and what not to. And yeah more over it’s her life after all, who given you right to interfere in her matter? Creepy People – Creepy thoughts!!!

She is Female, not a Free Male…

We Men thought that if we have dick, we can do anything with it, right? Learn to Control your dick. If it tightens then do something good. Be a Sperm Donor, but please don’t do this. In addition to that by doing so you also got some money. If she is Female, and you are Male then it’s your duty to save her. Before Lose your Pants, Ready to see yourself in Grave soon.

If She is for Love then it doesn’t mean she is for Enjoyment. 

If She is for Sex, then it doesn’t mean she is for Enforcement.

Always Remember If she is, then and only then You are!!

Aware from the Creature resides you, Men. Learn to control it in time, otherwise you won’t get a second to Revive. Before going to rape her, always remember you also gonna be fucked up sometime, somewhere maybe more brutally and more ridiculously.

“If She is Bleeding

Because of your Enforcement

Then prepared yourself

To Exhales Bloody Tears.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion on today’s post in comment section. Will soon replied you over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

Topic of Next Sunday:- I Can’t Be You, You Can’t be Me!!

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67 thoughts on “Aware From Creature Resides in You!!

  1. Strong message you gave here. Although, nothing unknown to us. But at times we forget it , that rage cools down and words like these remind us our duty towards society and towards women. Thank you for your compassionate and understanding words. Good work .

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  2. I am speechless, Divyang, Much respect to you, it needs guts to write something like this, and I want to thank you for writing it, really 😊😊, it is a very thought-provoking article with a very strong message, Hope for a change in future 😅😅

    Liked by 3 people

  3. This is pretty awesome. All the points that you wrote, all the facts that you stated and the way you presented it. But then again, I have a question. Does so much support for the women give some particular women the power and the privilege to pose severe atrocities on men? What are your thoughts on this one?
    I’m hinting towards the Boy’s Locker Room and the Girl’s Locker Room Scandal wherein both were equal culprits

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I don’t want to appreciate your message as this much strong message never need any approval or appreciation each and every feeling used in your message is self approved and we all should follow that to see beautiful world where humans can live with one feeling of love and respect to each other… I am grateful that we still have people who are willing to make the world livable…Salute to you…stay safe and healthy

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  5. Yeah, fully agreed with you here Muskan…😄 We shouldn’t forget our duty towards society but still there are horror available to this…😑 Thank you so much for sharing your words here.. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Thank you so much Era.. Yeah it’s responsibility of people like me, Male to protect you, to protect your rights..😅 If you aren’t safe then it’s really impossible to imagine a world without you.. I know you aren’t safe at anywhere but all boys aren’t bad though…😄 Once again Thank you so much for your words and you know I face hard backforce from my own gender, men really don’t like this post but I don’t care..
    Truth can be Challenged but Can’t be Changed…
    Stay safe.. 😊

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  7. Hey Krishnapriya, Glad to see you here..😄 Ammm I agree with you, I really appreciate your thinking as well. The boy’s locker room and Girl’s locker room said all itself but we couldn’t overlook the horror faced by you, the womenhood. The newspaper always feed with this type of Content not a single day go blank..😶 If not by Rape, then sexual harasshment, if not by then Bullying, if not by then gaslighting….😑 There are so much you are suffering from, as a Man I can’t be biased and silent.
    Thank you so much for this question,🤗
    Stay safe,🤗🤗

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  8. Hello Coach, thank you so so much for this appreciation…🤗 Though I don’t think this type of punishment will come into force in real life which I consider… 😶 Justice isn’t justice if delievered late…
    Stay safe..🤗🤗

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  9. Thank you so much but sorry as my site is award free one I couldn’t able to post it.. Not dishonouring you, it means a lot but sorry.. 🤗 Hope you don’t mind..🤗🤗


  10. Ava, Thank you so much… I know I write too much against my own gender and that’s what the reality..
    Truth can be Challenged but Never be Change…🤗🤗
    Stay safe, 😄


  11. That’s great….🤩🤩
    But sorry Ma’am as my site is free by this kind of stuff, I couldn’t publish it..
    Not dishonoring you, it means a lot but I couldn’t.. Sorry!!🤐
    Thank you again, and hope you don’t mind…🤗🤗

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  12. You said right, we are thank full for people like you, and yes people will say something always but one thing, what I feel is may be it is our society, female don’t respect themselves, they think by default, that they are weak, I think this should be changed, if you yourself don’t respect yourself or think like that, you cannot except anyone to do the same, and sufferings cannot end, basically same to stop being victim and grow up more stronger 😃😃
    Thank you for writing it and you are most welcome 😊😊, hopefully things will change one day
    Take care, Stay safe🤗🤗


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