Had You Think Though?!

If Every Pain isn’t Bearable,

Then How Can Every Scream is meant to be Tolerable?

If Every Tear isn’t to be Dried,

Then How Can Every Drop is meant to be Forget?

If Every Smile isn’t Real,

Then How Can Every emotion is meant to be Fake?

If Every Reply isn’t Answerable,

Then How Can Every Breath is meant to be Inhale?

If Every Opinion isn’t Considerable one,

Then How Can Every Advice is meant to be Follow?

If Every War isn’t to be Won,

Then How Can Every Fight is meant to be Lose?

Image Source: Unsplash.com

If Every Dream isn’t Forgettable,

Then How Can Every Moment is meant to be Memorable.

If Every Book isn’t Judge by its Cover,

Then How Can Every Human meant to be Recognisable by Face?

If Every Crime isn’t Forgivable,

Then How Can Every Accused meant to be Convict?

If Every Boon isn’t Good,

Then How Can Every Curse is meant to be Bad?

If Every Heart isn’t to be Broken,

Then How Can Every Soul is meant to be Hurt?

If Every Human’ isn’t to be Die,

Then How Can be it Possible to Live Forever?

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46 thoughts on “Had You Think Though?!

  1. Hey bro. Just a reminder that I’ve nominated you for the LIEBSTER Award, please see my latest blog post for details. I look forward to reading your response to my questions upon acceptance of the award! 😊

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  2. If Every Human’ isn’t to be Die, Then How Can be it Possible to Live Forever? , simply wow, as usual, a deep meaning full poem 🤗😊

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  3. Hey bro. Thanks for letting me know and I don’t mind at all. I realize that some have award free sites so I pass nomination on to those who don’t. At least you know how much I think of the great work your doing here! 😀


  4. Hey Darel, Thank you for the nomination but Really I couldn’t accept it or publish it as my site is award free one.😶 I’ not dishonouring you, it really means a lot but Sorry I couldn’t… Hope You won’t mind!! Thank you again, 😄

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  5. Obviously, Sunday Post is my base.. These are some jumble words, tried to arrange them in this days!! Btw sunday post is ready to publish, check it out in Couple of minutes…🤗🤗 Thank you 😄

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  6. This is just so good…The first two lines itself are so deep..It talks about so many on so many levels…Just so good it is…Keep safe:)

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  7. Thank you so much for your consideration but sorry girl I couldn’t participate in it as my site is award free one. I am not dishonoring you, it really means a lot but I couldn’t do anything in this regard, sorry. Please don’t mind….🤗🤗

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  8. It’s totally fine. To each his own. Please continue to write frequently, I enjoy your work. Cheers!!


  9. Am also good Ma’am..😊 Just read your post on pain yesterday, so eagerly asked your condition!! Hope you and Sir will be okay, wishes the best for your health and fast recovery…😊

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