Plans that Works, that Runs!!

Hello guys, what’s up? Hope you all are safe and well. In India, finally lockdown 4.0 will comes into force from tomorrow in which many relaxations and reliefs should be provided to both, Individuals and Economy but corona virus still spread its fear at its peak, as said we have to learn to live with Corona, that’s the sole way to stabilize human existence. Government tried full, applied many strategies too but it won’t control at all. May be that’s our destiny, roam with Mask on face, to follow social distancing n all. Anyways we are habitual ones to accept the changes, don’t you think; whether it’s in Technology or in Human, so let’s start from there where we paused!! I’ve surprise for you, for that you have to read till last.

Anyways let’s move towards today’s one more interesting topic, i.e. Plans. There are so many synonym of Plans like Strategy, Bullet Journal, Budget, or say to do list etc. So, what is Plan? How it works and How many types of Plan? We should go through each, step by step. So, let’s start,

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Plan, In General Meaning, The future vision created in Present or let me say the policy/the procedure to work on certain things to achieve predetermined Goal. We all made plans accordingly, as per our requirements- as per our needs, right? Absolutely, without pre-set strategies one could never succeeded in their vision. As said the small vision of Present often turns into Future Brand. For constant and rapid growth, one must has to organize things, lack of it leads to failure.

“Plan Doesn’t mean to consider only Future, A Proper Organization of People, Money and Resource management which leads you towards your Ultimate Goal. In short You’ve to Keep Pace with Everyone for Everything that You Assumed!!!”

One could never Jump big without making small step. If they tried to do so, they fell badly. We all works for Growth and Development of Ours, of people of the country, of Nation. But the condition is that you need a proper roadmap to reach there. You have to work on it without fail to conquer it. If you don’t then whole your work considered into scarp. Study also proves that the chances of success in Pre-set plans is higher than compared to Emergency ones.

Plans almost works everywhere. From small houses to run big industries/companies to Government to World. Everyone knows too that plans are necessary for happy living; it also controls the unnecessary usage of Money and resources. Through plans one can easily access it and execute it. Here Execution also plays a major role. If you made some plans-strategy but couldn’t execute it in time, then is there any worth of it? In addition to that your strength and energy also wasted. You occurred loss from everywhere. It’s better to make some row drafts rather than to finalize one and sole if you have time flexibility.

Revision is better than Amendment in Plans. Make amend only that which is necessary because it’s very tough process. Everything is changed while adopting amended plans compared to revised ones. Not get my point? Okay let’s Understand, Suppose you Make wish list to visit Places. You add many places from your bucket like Visiting of Taj Mahal, Disney Land, Pyramid of Egypt, New York City, etc. But after precisely observing it you think that your budget isn’t enough to cover all places, so you revise your wish list and remove the high cost visit of New York. This is called revision of your Plan.

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Now Come to Amendment. You think New York isn’t your cup of tea, so you replace New York to Madrid. Madrid is covering in your budget and also good to visit, so you amend Madrid in your wish list alternatively. Likewise, you change everything, from ticket to places you want to visit. This is called an Amendment in Plans. So yes, there’s difference between Revision and Amendment in plans, based on person themselves. So now let’s come to the types of the plans,    

Basically, there are 3 major types of Plans.

  • Short Term Plans
  • Long Term Plans
  • Emergency/Spontaneous Plans

Short Term Plans: – Well this type of plans are pre-arranged and valid up to monthly, quarterly, half yearly or semi-annually based on their requirement. Not only an individual but MNCs and corporate world are habitual to this one. From your bullet journal to arrangement of liquidity (Finance in MNCs), these plans have their own uniqueness and status. Short term plans are in other words is like engine of Motorcar, it has to perform irrespective of its result. Short term plans are more useful in comparison of other two. One can’t easily predict long future and emergency situation, so they have to handy some strategies/policies to come out from the danger.

Long Term Plans: – Basically the plans which aren’t short term, automatically considered into long term plans. Generally, the tenure of long-term plans are from One years to infinite period. Here, Infinite period means, suppose one had think to establish a business. So, the foremost condition is to assume the future of the business in current scenario and then to make roadmap accordingly. Well set business isn’t so easy process, one can search the office of Amazon in 1999. One has to think from each n every angle of business criteria and make it tolerable one to bear some uncertainty prevailing in the market. Since the long term are risky one compared to short term, one has to make necessary arrangement of security as well.

Emergency/Spontaneous Plans: – As we all know life is full of uncertainty. So, one has to ready with back up plans as well. If something goes wrong whether in business or individual life, this plan works out always. I don’t think anyone isn’t aware from the current situation of Corona pandemic where government comes out with an emergency plan to combat against it. Economic packages and Reserves are often provided to get control over the present situation. Likewise, people has also be ready to face the unpredicted situation of their respective life. One can only survive if they know how to overcome from it.

So, these are the plans which carried the life of ones. First You make the plans but after those are the Plans which makes you, a better person, a better individual but only if you execute it in properly. Don’t you think, Plans only runs if it works!!!

Surprise!!! Yes, now like I’d done previously I’ll tell you the topic of my next post here, everyone is free to make a content on that as well…  Topic is, Numbers, don’t Lies at all. Feel free to participate in, voluntarily. Just ping me if you done a post on it!! Thank you, all the best!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it. Send your suggestions, thoughts, opinion on today’s post in comment section. Will soon replied you over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbbye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz!!

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26 thoughts on “Plans that Works, that Runs!!

  1. I am a huge to do plans person. I can’t say huge as yet since it’s only been a month since I started with it and I absolutely love how organised my thoughts are and how helpful it’s been for me
    Also ‘spontaneous plans’ cracked me up a bit. Sort of like an oxymoron no?

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  2. Hey Yuga, After long tym yeah….😅 It really means a lot but maybe you don’t know that my blog is award free one so I couldn’t publish this kind of stuffs, please don’t mind. You can go through site, you won’t find anything like that…😅

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  3. Glad to know that, & maybe that’s necessary too in today’s fast forwarding life, don’t you think?😅 Really appreciate your thoughts, Thank you Anya…😄😄 Spontaneous, my site is nothing but result of unscheduled thoughts, 😅

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  4. That’s so kind of you Anya, and sorry for the inconvenience.😅 My name is Divyang Rajput, belongs Kshatriya dynasty of Gujarat…😄 That’s why I’d suggest you to visit my page Face behind the blog anyways You too an Indian? 😅😅

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