Does, Apology Works Always?!

Hello Guys, how are you? Hope you all are doing good and healthy as well. Corona, Corona, Corona words scare me more than its actual existence, have you feel like the same? Don’t worry, here I come to you with a solution. Just remember the days that are before the pandemic and feel how much happy you are then. Really it works!! Why to feel low if you are safe still now?

What’s the difference in yourself you noted before the pandemic and after the pandemic? Have you find? No? Then why to feel alone, broken?? Is that works and changed your mood? Not at all guys, just be positive all the time because that’s what we can do least to save ourselves. It’s not too easy nor too hard, just try. Be motivate all the time, if you are not, then how can you feel Positivity you are surrounded with? Maybe it’s the matter of time, Maybe it’s matter of situation we don’t know when it’ll wrap. Seems like never ending movie, but as we all aware by law of nature Whichever will come, come with an expiry date. So, stay safe Mentally – Physically and Emotionally.

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Anyways let’s comeback to today’s topic. Yes, You guess right, today we’ll discussing one more interesting subject which almost matter’s in most of everyone’s life. Apology!! What you mean by it? In simple words it means, To show our condoles/sympathy to the people who are hurt by us or by some of our acts, right? Absolutely it’s correct but don’t you find it too narrow? Okay here we go…

We all knew the general meaning of Apology, right? Yeah, but very few of us knew the real meaning of it. Apology, why we apologise and how many types of Apology, have you think about it? No? Then ok, let me understand you all. We are Human. That’s truth, right? Okay now tell me, What we made of? Full of Emotions, feelings and Thoughts, right? Obviously, we are. At last on this planet we are the only one who can feel, who can relive and who can believe.

As we are mixture of these component it affect in different ways in our lifestyle. Sorry, sounds easy to say but let me aware you it’s not easy at all. The Arrogance and myth belief of I am something, stop you to do so. When we made mistakes or say when we feel from heart that our words hurts someone, we offers our apology instantly. In that scenario it’s the best way to save the relation, irrespective any kind of it is.

The person who hurts from our words either protest us or they became silent forever. Argument isn’t in their nature may be, still if we won’t offer apology to them then we are not able to consider ourselves in Human. If we are human, then it doesn’t mean we always made mistake and then escaping by just say sorry. There’s a limit of everything, the day you crossed that limit you are finished.

Apparently, Apology is mainly of 3 Kinds. A condoles Apology, Survival Apology and Fake Apology. Condoles Apology mainly used when we heard something strange and won’t find any other words to tackle down the situation. Like if someone die, we usually heard people saying that; Sorry to heard that/Sorry for your loss. This apology used by those people also, whose intention isn’t to hurt others. Like, Sorry I didn’t Mean that.

Now come to 2nd type i.e. Survival Apology. This apology mainly used by those who can do anything to save their relationship with people. If Employee had done some mistake, he better to apologise for that what he has done. The people who lives in relationship often habitual to this one. They don’t want to upset their love bird. Sorry, can we give one more chance to our relationship? People of this kind are usually sensitive and carrying. Even a big mistake from others are let go by them.

And the final one i.e. Fake Apology. This apology is like that people, who offers it. Fake people – Fake Apology. At last what we can expect from those guys? Pretence can be smell from them, from their words. This apology isn’t enough to count in but as said Apology is Apology. Whether it’s from heart or by Fake smile. Used by those for whom it doesn’t matter at all. If some robber, rob your house but after some days police caught him. At the time the apology offers by them is just for their rescue. Some people are that much habitual that they apologise so confidently with giggle on their face that it’ll give them unexpressed peace of world.  Sorry please, don’t go!!

Though it doesn’t meant to apologize is bad. It is Good. It proves you Human. But the way you express Apology is everything. There’s no forgiveness for Crime. In fact, there should be restriction on forgiveness in such acts.

Now say does, Apology works always? No, not all. It always depends on situation, on person and on the circumstances. If you kill anyone and then offer your apology, what you think, would you make your way out from Punishment? May be Law release you innocent, but the soul of the victim will never forgives you. Apology doesn’t works always; it’ll vary whether you believe or not. Apology works there where it really meant but not there where it becomes the source of escapement.

If you had did something wrong to anyone then be prepared to face the circumstances of it. As said your deed comes to you. If not you, then somebody of you. If not in this incarnation, then the followed but you’ve to pay what you do. What you think, Would you escape by the Justice of God? No one will go pardon!!

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all love this. Send your suggestions/ thoughts/ opinion on today’s post in comment section. I’ll replied you over there soon. Stay safe, Stay Healthy. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyye, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda hafiz….

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66 thoughts on “Does, Apology Works Always?!

  1. Oh good! I’m glad you don’t stay down. Keep rising! 😃 You don’t have to call me ma’am by the way. I’m casual. Tina is fine. 😊

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  2. & you used my weapon on me, that’s fine though!! 😅 Very few knew about me as I named my blog, they thought I am European or British one but I am pure Indian. There’s different story behind my Blog name (deeply shreded) too. My name is Divyang, may be you noticed I mentioned my email id in bottom of every post…😅 Now say,

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  3. No Ma’am, how can I call you by that? 😅 It’s such an honor for me to stay in touch with you. This is the respect, we Indian give to our elders!!😄 It’s been really kind of you, Stay safe Ma’am 😊

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  4. Really do you know my name? Okay, that’s good to hear that you read my post till the end..😄 Yugandhara, OMG it’s too long,😅 really it’s nice to talk to you as well..

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  5. “Apology works there where it really meant but not there where it becomes the source of escapement.” You said it right! I personally believe that instead of saying sorry, we should try to remedy our behaviour or make up for our actions and try to salvage a situation.

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  6. Great post…………. Apology should be sincere …… But some wounds can’t be just cured by an apology….. They take time …… Also sometimes even after forgiving the relation never becomes the same as before…….. And so we should always be careful in our acts…..

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