The Mysterious Trio : Heart, Mind and Soul

Hey folks, what’s up? Hope you all are doing well and good. I know this time the whole world is passing through transformation from one phase to another. Though this is the time to show what we human able to do. I know, It’s not so easy but still how can we easily give up on situation where we are the most updated version on this earth!! We ruled almost everywhere and tech-savvy. So, let’s pledge to do something to save ourselves from this outbreak. And Let’s Hope soon we’ll find the solution to overcome from this situation.

Image Credits : Destiny’s Odyssey

Anyways let’s come back to today’s topic. Today I won’t publish/write anything about Corona. Instead of that, Today I’ll share something fresh with you which I come across when I wrote my book yesterday. Yes, I am still half in my book, as changes come, I modified it & that’s how I got the idea to write on this topic.

In our Body 3 Parts are more important than any other parts, right? i.e. Mind (Brain), Soul and Heart. As all these have significant effect on our body. Absence of any of the above mention 3 parts creates difficulties for One to survive or let me say without it One can’t live. Right? Yes, absolutely. Have you heard/seen any People/Man who has no Soul or heart? Not at all, right? We saw many people who has Brain, but he/she has no functionality of it. You may find many people in mental hospital, that’s because of Low brain power or say acentric/limited use of it. Sometimes one go mad as something unexpected happened with them in their respective life. In short without these 3 parts Humans won’t sound Human. They seems like Live body or let me say a bag of Bones.

If someone give you chance, then what you acquire from those 3? Many go with Mind; Many go with heart but very little will go with Soul. Not getting my words, let me understand you all.

Let’s first take Mind (Brain). You may see very intelligent people in the world in your entire life; or maybe not. It’s also depends on the person, vary from person to person. You know, to control one mind is very easy, you may heard many stories about it. We People are very sensitive, if someone talks with us sweetly, we’ll start put trusting on them soon. As we people won’t listen bad about ourselves so one can easily rule the brain of Ours.

Hypnotize, I don’t think any of you don’t aware from this word. This is the Technique through which one can easily play with mind of others. You may find one phrase in my post that Brain never goes old, but that doesn’t mean it won’t Tired. One can shape their mind to do so many things at a time but after some time, it won’t work at all. One’s stamina/immunity/power is limited whether they believe or not. So, my point is that don’t choose Brain.

Now come to the second point i.e. Heart. Have you seen Heart? No, I am also not much lucky in that too!! A 250G small piece looks like engine of One’s body. Without it no one can live, at least not Human. The people who is very close to us lives in our Heart and without them we feel like our heart missed to beat, right? Obviously, We human are emotional fool!! We take small matters in Big sense and there starts drama. The one whose Heart is bigger (not in size) looks happy all the time or say at least pretend to stay happy. They just avoid to cry before the World, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get hurts.

The one who has heart, hurts sooner or later. Heart Attack, I think you all are familiar to it, right? Okay but have any of you think why it calls heart attack? Simple man, when one can’t bear the shock, their heart isn’t in the condition to tolerate it. So, whenever some spontaneous things happen in one life, they either live happily or they going to Die soon. Many people are in habit to break the heart of others and Heart also broke easily. They break it not because of it is small/weak, they break it because we gave them authority to break it.

Now let’s back to 3rd part i.e. Soul. Where Mind can be control by someone, when your Heart is ruled by someone, but there it’s your Soul which never separates from you. Neither it can be broke, nor it can be control. It’s all yours till your Existence. Soul and your body is complimentary to each other. Without soul body is just bundle of bones and without body there’s no existence for Soul. You know Soul is immortal. After your death, your body may be either buried or may be found in graveyards. So Rather to find Life partner put weigh to find Soul partner.

Though my main point is come now to write on this Post. Whenever I do something I want to listen to my soul, but then Mind present its different Opinion and what I say about Heart? Heart always had its own view for it. They all are also right in their respective scenario. Mind is Working Properly. Heart is in Perfect Condition and Soul is also its own view. So, with whom should I have to go? If I asked you the same question whom should you Follow? Heart – Mind or Soul?

So that’s all for the day. Please
send your suggestions in comment section, I’ll replied you over there soon. Please stay safe guys, it’s examination of God. We’ll overcome from the situation very soon. If there’s a hope. May be there’s a Success too. The whole world is running on ray of hope, the future is unsure but still we people hope tomorrow will come. Exactly that, this time shall pass soon!!! See you all next Sunday till then Tataaa, bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakha, Khuda Hafiz..
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36 thoughts on “The Mysterious Trio : Heart, Mind and Soul

  1. Wow..😀
    This is something different…
    I really liked the way…you have differentiated them… specially the soul part. 😊
    All the best for your book👍💙

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  2. Totally love this; it’s how I try to live my life too. Everything is connected. Your point about the tiny motor is so true too. Take care of yourselves and peace out! 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What if our soul can be owned, controlled or attacked by someone, as well as our heart and mind? (as well as it can be attacked by us, in order to maintain some self-destructive behaviour just to keep us safe from other)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well am not expecting this question but okay. I’ll try to give you answer. Well I don’t think it’s possible to control the soul of the person. It’s only possible in movies and fictions or merely by black magic. Would you refer me to black magic then let me say if there’s god then there’s demon too. Its all up to us how well we believe things surrounded within us.. Anyways thank you for asking the question… 🙂

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  5. Neha…. Yes I m fine, hope you r well too! Btw from which way I inspire you/others tell me? The nomination means a lot but can you tell me, is ignoring/hurt someone is an inspiration? I am not a source of an inspiration nor an ideal!! Xoxo 💓

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  6. Hii dear good to hear from you 😇 yeah I am fine too. Your blogs has many way to inspire others and me too. Sometimes what we do is not in our hands as well. Buy I really enjoy your content keep writing and the good work 😊 Stay blessed ❤️❤️💕💕

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Hey Mate, Thank you so much for your nomination!! But I can’t do it, you know my blog is award free one so that I couldn’t publish any blog regarding award or something like that. I am not dishonoring you, you can also visit my site..😅 This means a lot and really don’t like to deny so many nomination but I couldn’t do anything.. Hope you won’t mind it.. Thank you✋😊

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  8. Hey! I was going through your blog and found all your posts really amazing, but this one really caught my attention. This is really coherent and I love how you’ve put up everything so beautifully here. Keep up the work, bud. 💖

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