The Long Unwanted Pause!

Hola guys, What’s up? Hope you all are doing good and safe wherever you are. The Corona became serious migraine day by day. The more we taken care off from it, the more it’ll press us. Staying home and social distancing the only way to combat against it. I know no one like it but that’s what we can do the best for ourselves.

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Have anyone thought those days would also come that all of us must have to stay home to save ourselves? Not at all, right? Obviously, no one think about it, even not in the dream though may be many imagine this situation in their fictions like movie/web series/short films etc.

The Whole world stops, the Countries imparting lock-downs, the Stats imposes Curfew, the Government imposes penalty against those who intended to breaks lock-down, The Transaction among countries pause, People became slave of their own. Have you found any difference between Prisoners and these kinds of People?

The World Economy enters in Recession, Many Packages provided by government to combat against this Epidemic. Millions and Billion dollars of Donations/Pledge announce by Companies/Person/NGOs/Hospitals/Charity Foundation to fight back and stand against this Pandemic. Still that is the truth the crisis mark its outrageous impact on Human Existence.

Streets are Desolate waiting for resuming Transportation, The Offices are Vacant waiting for resuming its Operations, Boss waiting for Clients, Clients waiting for some relaxations, The Flights are setting idle on run-ways waiting for its Passengers, Governments are searching vaccine and waiting for some good news, People are waiting in good faith and expectations from respective governments.

In this Situation every Government should thankful to Their Real Heroes. The Policeman (I know They are Corrupt but, in this time, they justify their duty/role very well). The Doctors (The Distinguished God in white Outfit). The Farmer (Because of them we got proper food grains to eat in this situation as well).

Though still one Question plays in mind, Is this Pause necessary in Worldwide? May be yes, may be No. This is the proof that Human is still Human, there is around 7 Billion People in the World, but no one succeeded to find out vaccine for it. Many Pros of this pandemic like Global Pollution Decreased, Men valued the life gifted by God, People come ahead to help others, Insects/Birds/Animals also get insight of this beautiful World.

During this time, we came across through many new words and understand the real meaning of it. Like Self Quarantine – Lockdown – Pandemic – Social Distancing – Isolation – Work from Home – Comorbidity – Covidiot – Asymptomatic – Community Spread – Mitigation – Cluster Quarantine – Transmission – Ventilator – Incubation Period, etc.

The one who survive will have one more topic to share with their grandchild. Yes, definitely it is a fight not against enemy, it is the fight within themselves. It is a fight of one’s Mental health to Physical wealth. Enemy is good but what if Enemy is invincible? Yeah, ours fight is against it. So be ready, never give up so early. It’s just a beginning.

Still the fatalities recorded can never be forgotten easily. This Pandemic will definitely go down in the History. Is the life after this Pandemic will be the same which is before the start of the Pandemic? Not at all, many things will going to change. Global Economy has to Tolerate/Omit many things to get back on the Track. So, get ready for roller-coaster ride.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all follow the government guidelines and co-operate with them to fight against this Pandemic. Sent your suggestions/thoughts/opinion in comment section will replier you soon over there. See you all next Sunday till then Tataa, Bbyee, Shukran, Rab Rakkha, Khuda Hafiz.

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66 thoughts on “The Long Unwanted Pause!

  1. This should be published in a newspaper! Have you considered freelance journalism? You definitely have the skills! I’m following your blog now so please follow mine too!

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  2. I sincerely hope you are right about things changing after this is over, but I’m afraid I don’t have the optimism of you and your commentators. Even during the lockdown many people are breaking the rules.
    They want things to return to how they were before. They want to drive their cars (each individual with their own vehicle) jump into aircraft and fly around the world. They want to go back to their factories that add to the pollution, have animals treated badly so we can have cheap meat, and vegetables sprayed with insecticide (in spite of the detrimental effect on good insects, including bees) so we can have cheap vegetables.
    They’ll carry on chopping down trees that not only help reduce pollution, but also bind the soil to prevent landslides. They’ll carry on slaughtering wild animals, not for food nor control of numbers, but for pleasure or the misguided belief that certain of their body parts will help with certain diseases.

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