The Alphabet of Life

Hello Folks, what’s up? Hope you all are doing good and healthy wherever you are. Corona Epidemic rolling its bulldozer all over the world that many strong Buildings i.e. Italy/US/France/UK/Germany also felt vibration through it. Since last 15 days I just heard the word/news of Corona virus more than anything else since I Born, really it gets more attention may be that’s its quality i.e. Attention Seeker. So today I won’t post anything related to it, instead i would like to introduce the unique Alphabet of Human Life. So Let’s Start….

“It’s not just the Alphabet, It’s the Description of LIFE.”

Active:- It doesn’t mean to stay on duty all the time, just mean to give efforts to stay fit-healthy-wealthy. Alertness and Activeness this duo quality is essential for every human being. The day you feel lazy is the starting of your fall-down. Rest is necessary but too much rest made human useless.

Bold:- Be Bold in your nature means prepare yourself to stand in all type of situation irrespective of good/bad situation on your own feet. Believe you are strong enough to face the problems because Others only left you when they find you Fighter!!!

Commitment:- Once you committed to do something than it’s important to make value of your Words because those are the words which affect others directly/indirectly. If you start doubting on yourself than believe me very soon you find yourself there where there’s no U-Turn no Diversion.

Dedication:- When you committed something with someone, you only gonna fulfill it if you dedicated yourself fully towards that task. As said Half Heatedly efforts often ended in result of Pessimism!! So whatever you wants to do, did it with support of inner soul.

Energetic:- Energetic doesn’t mean to stay high or say aggressive all the time. Don’t you find Enthusiasm similar one to Energetic? The only difference between these two is Energetic people are often Enthusiastic but Enthusiastic People are always Energetic as well. The People who is Energetic would also be Enthusiastic otherwise energy of the people wasted by many ways..

Fierce:- Be Fierce in your Decision Making but never take decision Fiercely.. People said Fierce one never be Passionate, In fact those are real who wants to do anything for Success. The heat when you feel the micro edge defeat is the moment, where you don’t need a kind heart – all you need is a Courage which is part of your Fierce Comeback…

Guts:- If You Fail what you do? You’ll give try for max. up to 3-4 times, right? Look the every failure taught you a lesson, if you can’t understood it then it’ll teach you again n again unless n until you know the real meaning of Failure not the Success. It’ll take the Examination of your Guts not your Knowledge because you may gather knowledge from anywhere but Guts are rare!!

Honest:- At least be Honest to Yourself. Because whatever you do your soul partners you in each n every Crime(Act) of yours. If you can’t be honest to yourself than you never be honest to anyone else in the world. Honesty isn’t Rare, Honest People are Rare!!

Intelligence:- Let me clear you all, Study not works at all everywhere. It’s your sense and humor which supports you anywhere. I don’t want to discourage Scholar, Study is important till Interview but in interview your response and intelligence put authority over your study.

Judge-mental:- This quality should be present in every Human Being. In fact it present in all of us but in wrong way. People Start to Judge others but that’s not the correct meaning of the word Judge. If you want to Judge anyone, Starts from yourself. If you find yourself perfect one then and only then Go ahead. If you’re not perfect then how can you expect Perfect-ism everywhere??

Knockout:- You know what is the beautiful moment of Life? The day you defeated your Fear, Knockout it that it’ll never try to Scare you… Though it’s not easy. Many tried but instead of Knock outing Fear they Knock out themselves from the World. It’s like Do or Die game. If you miss it’ll hit.

Labels:- Never give labels to others that what is good/bad. The one which is good for you, doesn’t necessary to good for others too. It’s just matter of opinion that what is good for them and what is not good for others. This is not an Ability nor a Quality. It’s totally viewpoint of People vary from person to person.

Money:- Money is the Most Powerful Inspiration and when you have that you don’t need any other Inspiration right? May be Yes, May be No..The People who run behind Money lost themselves often. Rather to run for Money, Make Money which works to regenerate more money. In past Greed of it, destroy many Human Breed. Be Greedy to make it, rather than to earn it As said Brain never goes old.

Necessary:- Do You really know what is necessary for you or not? If no then mention me the quote of Warren Buffet: If you Bought that what is not Necessary for you, Very soon you Sold out that Which is Really Necessary for you.. Done routine checkout to your requirements and plans accordingly.

Opportunities:- Opportunities are like Ball of Cricket Game. If you miss, you may got other balls to face, but the only condition is that not to hurt too early. Because barriers are part of your Success Journey. If One Opportunities gone find another one to be Succeed. As said You only Lost if you Give Up. Just hammer strong your will power and confidence in yourself.

Practice:- Practice makes Man Perfect, is this Idiom/Phrase Wrong? No? Then why to stop yourself? The more you Practice, The more expertise knowledge you gather in that particular matter. You only advise others if you well Developed. As said first Learn then remove L from it.

Quality:- What you prefer, Quality over Quantity or Quantity over Quality? Quality, right? For example iPhone. If you give quality to others they will be habitual of yours and never left you unless n until your better Competitor enters the market. People loves show off then why not to take benefit of that habit? Be Brand – Sold Brand – Sold Quality!!

Reason:- We people often find reason to leave someone/something. Don’t we? Definitely, we always love arguing so that argue sometimes itself becomes reason. Never Find A Reason rather than find a Visionary Mission of that reason which wants to lead you towards the mountain of Success!!

Success:- Success is not your cup of tea if you have egoistic or say arrogant belly. Your metabolism to digest the failure is everything that you need to be Succeed. If you want Success then Achieve it but never beg it. If you beg then it’s not Success, it’s only some shitty sympathy of others which you accepted as Success. Be a Failure, so and so you can only knew the meaning of what the Success is.

Tactics:- Yes as I said above your sense of humor and intelligence plays an important role in your life. Your will power and out of box thinking that how to tackle the particular situation when to Dribble and how to shuffle for the next move is all you need. Prefer on to Be Tactical More rather than to be Practical!! Because for appliance of Tactics you’ve to be Practical sooner or later..

Unique:- The efforts which are different from others will put you in that category which many often Dream about. Uniqueness and Incomparable, this both quality is enough to monopolize your Existence. People only choose/select you if they find you/your efforts more comfortable than their Previous Experience, otherwise why they strike an ax on their own leg?

Varieties:- Always try to Give variety to People. People have fond of accepting new changes whether it’s in Cloth/Gadgets/Books/Food or other items. You may find people hunger at most of the time, so it’s up to you how you satisfy their need and requirements. People Consume what they Digest easily so be humble to them as well..

Wallet:- We know Money couldn’t buy happiness but Money gives many reasons to be happy, Don’t you think? Absolutely, money satisfies most of the requirements so always think big. Rather than to weigh your Wallet, think to Rise up your bank balance. The more you earn, the more you try to live peacefully happy life!!!

Xenophobia:- If you come in this world then just forget that really you hate someone. That someone whatever do to harm you, just ignore them and be kind enough to draw your attention to productive work. Always Remember We are here to save not to harm, We are here to Produce not to vanish!! Never be too strict to yourself either…

Yield:- As a Human being we always go there where we make profit now, or in nearest Future. That’s the human tendency. There’s one rule in investment: Higher the Risk, Higher the Return. So prepared yourself to lose first, the same or more what you expect to earn. Because Without losing you never think to Win.

Zero:- Simply The value of zero always seems nullify. But in reality it’s the Zero which make worth of your Wealth. Don’t believe? Then try to remove last zero from your Earning. Still not saw any change? Do you know the special Quality of Zero, It is good enough to make you Zero from Hero. So who are you?

So that’s all for the day, hope you all like the new version of my Alphabet which is essential in human life cycle. Keep sharing your views, thoughts, opinion,suggestions in comment section – will replied you soon. See u soon on next Sunday till that Taata, Babbye, Rab Rakkha, Shukran, Khuda Hafiz!!


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39 thoughts on “The Alphabet of Life

  1. Was seriously very curious about what can be the matter when I saw the title “The Alphabet of Life”.
    My curiosity was well answered with you wonderful and detailed explanations😊.
    Well written.
    Keep it up!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Really?? I just give try to consider all essential which is important in all of us.. I am glad that my post spoke on behalf of me, thank you so much Ava!!!😊


  3. A truly excellent list! I would add God under the letter “G” since we must never forget Him, and prayer under the letter “P” since w/o that we are lost (whether we know it or not). πŸ™‚

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Yeah that’s good suggestion, though I’d made a whole Post on God while I am on my Alphabetical challenge, hope you would check it out.. Anyways thank you so much for stopping by, suggestion and words!!

    Liked by 1 person

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