Age is Just a Number

Hey folks, What’s up? Hope you all are doing well. It’s been a two month since start of the New year, I just can’t understand how time is passed so fast!! My today’s fully based on that, hope you all like it. But before that let me give quick updates of the world.

Donald Trump visited the India, Inaugurated the World’s largest stadium and also visit Taj Mahal. Corona Virus spread rapidly through out the World, the world is under threat of Shut down. The first El Clasico of the year will be played at Santiago Bernabeu this Sunday Night, Where Real Madrid face Barcelona. USA will call it’s whole troop back from Afghanistan within 14 Months, Confirms US Peacekeeper. Muhyiddin Yassin sworn as a New Prime Minister in Malaysia. New York planning to ban Plastic bags.

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s post. Before that just give me answer of One question, Have you ever feel ashamed of yourself by any of the reason? If yes, then just say goodbye to it from today as today’s my post is part of how to be better version of yourself. So let’s start,

Many of us are confused over the career option. In that mystery/puzzle we just getting older n older day by day. People start overthinking about their situation and in that zigzag they start losing themselves. People of today isn’t fully aware of their inner Power, Quality, or say The Capacity of doing something new.

“Mind is a Deep Well, it’s Never getting Older.”

The main problem of today’s people is the issue of Overthinking. Before they start something, they start thinking it’s pros and cons or say they’ll start assuming unwanted people feedback. They think what other’s think if I Do this or that? If you think that then what they think? Just let them be thinker and listen to your Heart.

Listen what your soul wants to do, Do what your Mind wants to do and Apply what your Body Allows you to do.

It’s wholly up to you then how you tackle down the situation. Age is just a Number, it’s not the Parameter to Judge One’s Success and other’s Failure. You never be too old to start something New. All you need is a Strong Will and Deal. Deal with yourself to Stand up on your feet in any Situations.

Okay let’s Understand one Process to Start Something new. Think about Some ideas, but never think about Audience Feedback immediate. If something is good for someone then it’s not necessary that it will beneficiary to all. If you think about people, then you always remain thinking. Just Do that What You Really wants, Success will follow if you’ve not Failure Fear.

Look we all are different. Some achieves the Success at very Small age like Mark Zuckerberg /Kylie Jenner & some gets Success by Hard work – Discipline and Planning like Cristiano Ronaldo. Though it doesn’t mean one can get success only if he/she is young/energetic.

“Just Reconstruct your Brain, Rest will Updates Automatically.”

Do you Know Stan Lee? Yes right, that Stan Lee who created Spider Man – Super Man and many more Superheroes later on his life. He just published his famous Comic, “Fantastic Four” just shy of his 39th birthday in 1961. Henry Ford, the Founder of Ford made his Revolutionary T- Model at the age of 45. Ray Kroc, at the age of 52 he bought McDonald’s who before works as Salesman of Milkshake Device. Anna Mary Robertson Moses aka Known as Grandma Moses, began her prolific painting career at the age of 78.

So it’s wholly up to you When you Start – What you Start and How you Start. All you need is a Guts to be Criticize, to face failure and to get out of your Comfort zone.

P.S. Abraham Lincoln become President of USA after attaining the age of 50 and after so much failure and Struggle.

So that’s all for today. Hope You enjoy reading it. Let me know your thoughts on today’s post in Comment Area. Will Replied you soon. See you all next Sunday till then Tata – Bbbyee – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Khuda Hafiz.

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44 thoughts on “Age is Just a Number

  1. Listen to what your soul wants to do, do what your mind wants to do and apply what your body allows you to do’ beautiful. Keep inspiring💕🤗

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  2. Every being has a reason to be alive, which remains a mystery all his life. And we owe it to that force that we work hard till we get closest to our true meaning and true worth, regardless of the age, or the amount of work and time taken, or the sacrifices. This post doesn’t fall short of reminding us this novel fact. 👍🏻 🙂

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  3. Hey, very well said. We human being doing all that, that really matters to us. The worth and the dignity coming after that but before that one phase come and whosoever survive will going to be champion!! Thank you for commenting and for your words….

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  4. Indeed. Age is just a number and many times people don’t follow their passion just because they are afraid of other people’s opinions.
    It was a very inspiring posts and I didn’t know that so many great personalities started so late in their life. Good to have learnt that.🤗

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  5. Hey Shruti, glad to find you here and yeah truly said we care too much about people’s opinion and start over thinking of it’s pros and Con’s.. Self confidence is necessary unless anyone can hurt or blame us anytime!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!😀

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  6. Yes. I agree with you. The issue of people is overthinking. Before they try to do, they think about outcome of the process.

    Excellently expressed.

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  7. Definitely sir, over thinking is the new disease seen in today’s generation. Rather than to give a try they start worrying about its consequences and spoiled their entire plan!! Thank you Sir,


  8. And that’s the crux of the matter. It doesn’t matter how you start,or when you start,or where you should start. What matters is starting… somehow,anyhow.

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