Whose Whom?!

Hello Folks, What’s Up? Hope you all doing Great. I am glad that you all had given warmth welcome me again. But Still I am not able to give enough time to my precious family, as right now I’d fight with time. I tried my best to allocate time to it but sorry if I failed to doing so. Apart from it I also start to write my own Book, still it’s half done but think to publish it as soon as Possible. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it. I’ll update you as soon as I finished it off and published, till that let’s continue here. But before that let me give quick updates of the World….

India ranked 5th in Global GDP, by overtaking United Kingdom and France. Social Media Application WhatsApp just Crosses 2 Billions Users Worldwide. In UK, Blue Brexit Passports to be issued from next month onward. In Nigeria, military kills 120 Terrorists after Jihadist Attacks. Italy confirms, first death of People affecting Corona Virus; overall 2362 deaths recorded till date all over the world.

Anyways let’s move towards our today’s topic. I found it very very interesting as I pass on through from one experience recently. Any idea? What is title mean by?
It seems too funny but really it completely related to life of today’s human, let me explain…

“Whose Whom? Which side on you?”

The Boy of today is Son of Someone, may be he is Brother of someone too, and obviously he is friend of someone/many also. The boy of today, after sometimes becomes responsible people of country. Soon he becomes responsible to someone in Office if he Choose Job or if he joins Professionalism he becomes part of that Community. Soon he becomes husband of Someone which ultimately leads to be Father of Someone. May be he enjoys the love of His Grandson too.

On the other side The girl of today is Daughter of Someone, may be she is Sister of someone and may be she is friend of Someone/many too. The girl of today is, after sometimes becomes responsible person of the country. Very soon he joins the modern culture and joins Corporate world. Soon he becomes Bride of Someone which ultimately leads to be Mother of Someone also. May be she enjoys the Love of her Grandchild too.

You find too much similarities in above two paragraph, but there’s only difference you can find there, the difference of Gender. Is that Really Matter? And if yes then how can one measure it? Any Equipment to measure it? No, ok then let’s understand more.

The life of today’s people is too Fast. They start forget themselves in search of Versatility. Yes it’s indeed as per today’s situation, but it’s fair to find Versatility by forgetting yourself? Don’t get me? Ok let me tell Whose You?

“United by Us, Divided by Us, there’s no one Can Broke Us…”

If Yesterday You Are Kid of Your Mother/Father
Then Today You are The Mother/Father of Your Kid.

If you are Father/Mother, then you are Son/Daughter of someone too, you are Brother/Sister of someone too, you are Husband/Wife of someone too, you are Uncle/Aunt of someone too, you are Boss/Worker of Someone too, then how can you Justify all your Relations? Do you have any equipment to Measure the love/care of People? You can’t deny The love of one and Accept the The Hate of Another…

The Whole World is a Community, A Community Where Relations are Made, Where Relations are Broke, Where you not just stay as Kid Forever, Where you find each other , Where you find better You, Where you find Love – Emotions – Feelings – Care – Hate and Everthing which one Expects from others or Not..

After Marriage Bride Said to her Groom that He is only hers, then what about His Mother? Is Mother’s Role is ended there? Not at all, if you Get into New Relationship then Don’t cut the Thread of Other Relations… Relationship are very Gentle, if you can’t handle it in time you going to lose it permanently!! Everyone is for Everyone

“Relations are Like Mirror, Once it’s Broke, It’s Never Going to Fix like it was Before Crack”

So Stay in Touch with Everything, Don’t be limited to Yourself only. The World is so Big and So as Your Friends!!! Believe You are for Everyone, and Everyone is for You….
So that’s all for today. Hope Yiu enjoy reading it. Let me know your thoughts on today’s post in Comment Area. Will Replied you soon. See you all next Sunday till then Tata – Bbbyee – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Khuda Hafiz.

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