Not Hurt at All!!!

Hello Folks, what’s up? Here I comes, I know I missed so many things on this platform for last one and half month but can’t do anything. I am still Alive, so as my blog!!! It’s been a hectic start of the New Year for me as I can’t even realize that it’s already one and half month has been passed and I publish not even a single post. As a Student and Intern I have to manage my work whole the time, but as workload become smoothing I found some time for my Friends, which is more than a Family. So let’s start but before that let me give quick updates of the world.

Corona Virus just spread it’s fear all over the World and lack of Doctors in China made life cruel of the people. Donald Trump will be on his official visit of India by the end of Month. In Sports, Manchester City football club was handed over Two-season ban, restricting to play in UEFA Club Competition Games and also charged by UEFA 30M€. People Celebrated Valentines day all over the world in fascinated ways, shows their different color of love and emotions towards their beloved ones. Korean Movie, Parasite leave its remark and made history in 92nd Academy Award (Oscar) Ceremony.

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s blog. Have you ever hurt, by others or by yourself? Yes it’s look like silly question that how people hurt themselves but believe me there’s no one who hurts you, there’s only you who hurts yourself time after time.. Don’t get it, let’s understand then…

We people always find a reason to pamper ourselves. We always looking for sympathy from others when we hurts. But is it the right way to deal it with? If someone left us, we started to cry for them. If someone Changed, we started to beg from his/her old behaviour. If someone taunted us, we become emotional at the time & if we fallen down by our own mistake, still we hope help from others!!! If someone not replied, we start doing shit with our mind via ridiculous thoughts. If someone go, we start changing our moods like Swing.

“Just Cross the fingers and Wish the best to Yourself..”

Now let’s understand There’s difference between Pain & Wound. Wound can be cured after sometime but pain don’t, till it not get sympathy or happiness. Wound can be seen but that is pain, which can’t be seen it’s just realise/felt!!! & That makes ones’ life more outrageous!!!

The one who know he/she was hurts, will broke down immediately. Because he/she know it was painful. So it’s better to pretend like nothing was happened. If you don’t then you fell in the well of self- illusion.

Β Β  The More you Think you are Hurt;
The More you Realize/Felt That Really You are Hurt…

Changed the “Hurt me Like you do” to “It’ll not hurt me anymore.”

We ourselves finds reason for being hurt. Small kids also not exception to this case, as if their mule demand not going to be satisfied they thinks they hurt by their parents. You are hurt in no big matter like seriously and still blame others!! I know that feeling very well by being hurt by others but that’s what they wants to do, it’s upto you how you respond!!

If you are hurt by someone then tell him/her frankly that you are hurt but if you don’t tell then it leads to pessimism.. The more you think about it the more you feel down. One more suggestion would like to add on here, When you really hurt by someone, then Cry, Cry Whole heartily till your pain not calm down.

The one who tries to hurt you down, Just learn to tell him/her Am not hurt at all!! All you need is guts and courage to replied that person. If you succeded that person will never ever try to hurt you again. If still that person hurts you, Just Smile & said is it the baddest/worst thing you could ever done to me, Really? Am still not hurt at all, please try again later.

Now what after telling them above mentioned words, if you really hurt then Cry in loneliness not in between those who ready to make benefit out of your situation. Crying not make you Weak, in fact Crying shows your Courage, your strength to stand on your feet confidently.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy reading it. Do keep like, comment and share your thoughts on today’s post, will replied you soon. See you all next sunday till then Tata – bbbyee – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Khuda Hafiz…

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19 thoughts on “Not Hurt at All!!!

  1. So damn true πŸ˜‡ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ we are the only one who allows other person to hurt ourselves. Expressing ourselves is not at all the sign of weakness and it couldn be in any form πŸ˜‡Nice postπŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Firstly, many many congratulations on your first post of 2020. And secondly, it is really a great post. It’s true may times we get hurt by people surrounding us or by us ourselves. And crying is definitely not a weakness. True words.

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  3. I loved your post! I totally agree with your thoughts..Crying is a strength not weakness.. if we hurt by someone.. always tell and that we can be get rid of it..for our is so necessary thing..
    Very well said by you πŸ‘Œ

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