Mind the ABC of Life…

Hello Folks, What’s up? Hope you all had a great start of New year & if not then don’t be sad it’s just beginning. As said beginning should always be different then Climax. So keep up with pace towards your goal & be passionate at the same time. Today’s my post is based on that, hope you all will find it helpful. So let’s start but before that let me give quick update of the world from past week.

The People from all over the world celebrated the New year in very fascinated ways. Like Amazon rainforest wildfire, Australia also become victim of natural calamity, troops sends to tackle down fire,killed almost half a billion animals. Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Commander was assassinated in US Airstrike in Baghdad on Thursday night, the US Defense Department Conformed. In Jakarta, Indonesia More than 50 people were dead in Flood. Russia develops a new weapon travels 27 times more faster than Sound. So that’s all the major events I consider in today’s post.

Anyways, let’s Coming back to today’s point/agenda. The new year comes & many people have resolute/planned to execute many things/stuffs in this year. So my blog topic is wholly reflect on that, that how people should concentrate and not to be arrogant driving towards goal. Though this subject relates to all and one can easily applied this one to their daily healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Each & Every people must have Kept in mind the follow ABC of Life for having beautiful & worthy life.

Attitude:- Ahh not in that mean, what you assume. Let me explain, Attitude means having a Own Grew Personality, not to measure people useless or brainless if one has better understanding than others. To let people know about you, your humbleness and simplicity is all your worth. We all know that Life is race, but You only win if you have power to Digest the Success.

“Develop your own Attitude from differ than Rest of all.”

And as said there’s Slight difference between Attitude and Arrogance. Never be arrogant to have upper hand in competition/stuffs. The people who were arrogant never digest success and ended up in giving up whole life treasure, even sometime he/she has to walk by washing up his/her respective life. Kindness/Helpfulness are the key of Happiness. One can say that he/she is happy but his/her inner soul never stand by his/her side.

Don’t be Blind in Your own Personality, let observe others too and then make your next move. Give equal importance to others as well. If your attitude is bury yourself then what it means? Does it make any sense? Having an Attitude is a good thing but always remain in Attitude is Worthless. Show Attitude there where it’s necessary, never there where it’s seems unusual/outrageous.

Behavior:- Ok let me say, what are you mean by Behavior/Behaviour? To act in different situation or to act towards different people according to situation, right? Well that’s the half meaning of the aforementioned word. Let me give brief explanation of word.

“Change in Your behavior is like Change in Yourself..”

Behavior means to Behave as per our condition, towards different kind of persons in versatile situation/consequences. Here I consider our condition, means changes occurs in ourselves not in others. The Change is made when we progress in life i.e. the stage of becoming Rich from Poor, the stage of becoming Matured from short tempered, the stage of becoming Human from a Ordinary Man. In all the cases we change by experience or say by Age. The person who remain Down to Earth in all the situation is truly knows as a MAN.

The day when that feeling coming in your mind/soul that I am Something your downfall started till What for me, Nothing.. So always be a man and remain helpful to others. Never Change your tone or show off your Money power, always be in nature and smile all the time. Your Vanity may be just for temporary Don’t make it permanently to vanish your Life.

Commitment:- In among all the three, Commitment is the almost necessary all the way. The commitment required whole life, in all situation & in all ife events. The above two are(i.e. Attitude & Behavior) also worthless if you are not committed to yourself because Commitment is predefined/preconditioned everywhere.

Attitude & Behavior don’t changes if you not committed to yourself. The one who is not committed will always finds him/herself uncommitted everywhere. If you wants to do something, then you must have to do that. Lack of commitment showing immaturity of a Man.

“Make a Promise not to break down Commitment.”

Someone has said very truly, The only thing is going to stop yourself, is only You. Be Passionate towards your Goal/Mission/Vision. Focus & Concentration is required when you going to commit something. If you committed but don’t fully concentrate then you’ll end up in pessimism.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you’ll never underestimate the aforementioned ABC of life. Keep the like, share & comment as well as your thoughts, opinions & suggestion regarding today’s post. Will Appreciate your thoughts, Thank you

See you all on next sunday with some more Human Psychology, till then Tata – Bbbyee – Shukran – Rab rakhkha – Khuda hafiz… Please sent your Query/Suggestions/Tips/Questions to following email Id:


38 thoughts on “Mind the ABC of Life…

  1. Thank you, I appreciate seeing another wording of things I aim for, though sometimes I do fail. Do please keep writing, your posts are so encouraging and positive, it helps… Perhaps an update on the speech competition you were going to do?


  2. It’s totally okay, really your visit means a lot… You merely like my post since you start to follow me but at the same time I also stuck between times that for the last one and half month I publish nothing, Article ship and study consume sorry kill my whole time…😂😂

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  3. Seriously!!! In our field, there’s one thinking spread everywhere… If you go to Doctor/CA then prepare to be tell the Truth, the real and whole truth otherwise no one gonna save you… Sometime it is but not always boring, that’s why I also started as Blogger…😅

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