Sum up of 2010 Decade

Finally another year comes to an end and the more over that the decade 2010’s. I just started this decade as school going guy and ended up with hope of miracle in eyes for upcoming future. A lot of things happened in between this by Personally and the Globally as well. Here I consider major Events of the decade from different genre i.e. Sports, Movies, Music, Person, Politics, Innovations & lastly followed by My Journey of life. So let’s Start….

Sports :- Starts from 2010, Spanish Football Team became the World Champion by beating Dutch Giants followed by Germany in 2014 & France in 2018. In 2011 Indian Cricket Team overcame Srilanka in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai to gain most Prestigious Trophy of Cricket followed by Australia in 2015 & England in 2019. In PyeongChang Olympics 2018, Norway finished with 39 Medals, set a record by winning medal by a single Country in an Olympic broke down the previous record held by US in Vancouver Olympics 2010 by winning 37 medals in Total. In Men Tennis Serbian Star Novak Djokovic leads the way by winning 13 Grand slams Title followed by Rafa Nadal from Spain with 11 & Roger Federer aka Knows as Swiss Express with 5 Titles in the Decade. In latest Canadian Girl Bianca Andreescu(19) won the US Open Grand slam by defeating Serena Williams, becoming youngest to win the title.

In Individual Records Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi leads all the way by winning most Awards between themselves. Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes highest paid Instagram Celebrity & Messi just overstep him by winning 6th Baloon D’or, the greatest individual achievement in Football. Ronaldo Won 2 Major International Trophy with Portugal in the decade while Messi still wait for silverware with his countrymen. Neymar becomes 222M€ Boy.

Movies :- This decade was very fascinating for movie lovers all over the world. Whether it’s been for Avengers: End Game whether it’s been for Shape of water / La La Land / Life of Pie or whether it’s been for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, these movies takes the ticket counters by storm. Many will go unnoticed, many come into limelight, many criticize badly but still there are many movies that will remember for long. Social Network(2010) is one of the best in the earlier stage of decade followed by Avengers (2012), Gravity/Wolf of Wall street(2013), The Fault in our Stars/John wick(2014), The Martian(2015), Newton/FF 8(2017), First Man/Venom/Andhadhun(2018), Joker/IT II/Captain Marvel/URI/Hotel Mumbai/Once upon a time in Hollywood/ The Irish Man(2019).

Though above are few, there are many more which one like to be consider in the list. But let me confess above are I personally recommend you to watch if you still not watch. In addition to that many Web series also released during the period. 13 Reasons Why, Money Heist, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, Narcos : Mexico, Sacred Games, Mirzapur, The 100, Stranger Things and many more. The growth of digital platform was outrageously increasing day by day.

Music :- & here we go.. When the talks of music starts, the whole world is looks like the different sweets in one box. Really means music turned down a heartless guys into a Lover Boy. Whether it’s been Starboy or Don’t let me down or See you again or Despacito or Tum hi ho or We Don’t talk Anymore or Senorita or One kiss or Sunflower or Chantje or Maps or Closer or Treat you better or Girl like you or Tu Jo Mila or Waka Waka the official song of 2010 FIFA Football WC, all heat the dance floor gently. Year after year there comes a song which going to set a record either on You tube or on Billboard.

Someone had truly said that, The music has power that it generates a Current even in Paralyzed human. We don’t even forget the lyrics of See you again and there’s come Kyo ki Tum hi,ab tum hi ho Meri Ashiqi ab tum hi ho to I know it breaks your heart, Moved to the city in the broke down Car to the I’m motherf*cker starboy to oh Angels sent from up above to But You’ll Never be alone I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn to Despacito to Girls like you – Run around with guys like me to Apna time aayega to I love it when you call me Senorita, just stole many hearts. Charlie PuthSiaClean BanditSelena GomezBebe Rexha – Taylor Swift – Arijit Singh –Post Malone – Coldplay – Drake – Anne MarieEd Sheeran – Marshmellow –Shawn Mendes – Dua lipa – Imagine DragonMaroon 5Zayn – Katty Perry – Fifth Harmony all give their best to the industry. Heads off to all…

Person :- The decade definitely Dominated by Men. Means when there’s Ronaldo in Europe and Virat Kohli in Asia, one even don’t want to dare to measure the temperature of Ground. There’s better personality than them like Federer/ Leonardo Di Caprio/ Labron James/ Tom Cruise/ Messi/ but what they(CR7 & VK18) do is just amazing, the self made person, aggressive at the time and dedicated to their respective Business. People will remember them for long. From Entrepreneurs to Start up Ideas this decade was remember for Tesla’s(Elon Musk) Cybertruck to Alibaba’s(Jack Ma) One Day Record sale. The decade also remember for the people like Jeff Bezos to Warren Buffet to Bill Gates to Mukesh Ambani to Mark Zuckerberg.

In Female there comes many new faces. Alex Morgan & Martens are known faces in Women Football. In 2014 Malala Yousufzai awarded by Nobel Prize, Kathryn Bigelow the first ever woman to win Academy Award in 2010, Taylor Swift was awarded as Billboard’s Woman of the Decade. PV Sindhu became Golden Girl for India in Badminton after winning world championship. Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old girl who started the journey against Climate Change moment in Sweden.

Politics :- Means this decade has many politicians to be remember either it’s Narendra Modi or Donald Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu or Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un or Boris Johnson, everybody takes revolutionary steps towards the development and growth of their respective nation. Whether it’s a Meeting between Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump as a part of Hanoi Summit, or Howdy Modi event in Houstan or Modi Government’s Second reign in India or Borrris Johnson’s Victory in England for PM position the decade write its own history.

In many Countries people came on roads in large number to protest against their respective Government for Climate change moments. This decade also remind for its Wildfire of Amazon Rainforest, Uttarakhand Disaster, Order of Former Pak President Musharraf’s Death Sentence, End of Terrorism king Osama Bin Laden & Baghdadi, and many more…

Innovation/Technology :- In earlier stage of Decade, i.e. in 2010 Apple launches iPad, the most awaited gadget of company. Then comes Instagram & Snapchat which highly recommended by today’s generation. Followed by rise in automobile industry, launch of Uber in 2011, followed by Oculus VR in 2012. Finally Tesla made an enormous impact in electric car industry by launching Model S in 2012. DJI Phantom, the new ray of hope in Drone Industry in 2013.

In 2013, Bitcoin makes an immediate impact on people by its easy exchangeable paperless money transfer, initial release in 2015. Then there’s come a Gaming gadget PS4 & Xbox1, a highly demanded products. Then in 2014 like Siri of Apple, Amazon launches its own Voice command assistant namely Alexa. Then in 2014 Microsoft release Windows 10. Then there comes digital revolution by introducing Smartwatch in Global market, followed by Apple Airpods & Google Assistant. In 2016, Microsoft again comeback strongly by launching HoloLens. In closing end of decade market take a storm by release of firstly Tiktok followed by PUBG game. In many countries government try to stop it but then as usual it’s working worldwide. So let’s hope there’s something new will come into trend, and we are going to part of it.

My Journey :- So let me confess in start of decade I was around 11-12 year old school guy who was very sincere & disciplined in study. I was introvert and don’t talk too much & so as I’d small friend group. I completed my schooling & high school, Graduation in Commerce and right now I am doing an Article/Internship in well known CA firm of my city Ahmedabad, Gujarat where I was learning GST & its implementation. Now I am around 22, and also gain some little bit maturity I just wanted to know more n more people in the world.

In Last year of decade (around June-July 2019) I started a journey as a Blogger and made a good move in life. I met many bloggers all around the world & when I started on this platform I thought it would be boring to write on subjects but after completing five-six month I was in love with this platform. Means I just wait for Sunday to upload my post as remain days of week gone through very hectic. Following are some rules of my life, which I followed from childhood.

  1. Forget those, who doesn’t Wants to Remember you.
  2. You’re never Alone, Your Confidence is your partner in each n every act of Yours.
  3. If someone wants to go, let them allow; Don’t stuck with it or regret it.
  4. Believe, You make the Change but before that first Change Yourself.
  5. Never Go there if you Insulted once, Make them regrettable what they going to miss from that moment.

So it’s all for today. Hope you’ll enjoy it and pardon me if I am wrong at somewhere. Please share your thoughts, views and opinion regarding upcoming changes you wants to see in th upcoming decade. So wish you very happy new year, 2020 in advance. Hope you all find a good new year eve celebration company. See you on sunday till then Tata – Bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakkha- Khuda Hafiz….

One will reach me through my email id

34 thoughts on “Sum up of 2010 Decade

  1. I’m sorry to say but I’m not able to understand why everybody is saying that the decade is ending…According to me, the decade will end on 31 December 2020. Can you please explain?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you, I too can’t believe that the decade past.. So much changes made during the decade, & so as we… Let’s hope new decade will bring some changes – trend & innovations… Happy new year

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Century begins from 2000 & ended at 2099.. Though you also not wrong as we seen century ended in rounded figure but it’s the exception in this case.. So decade starts from 2010 & ended in 2019..


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