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Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope you all are doing well. By the Way any idea by reading blog title? What we are going to discuss today? No? Well it’s okay, I’ll help you find out. Today’s blog is just different than rest of my other blogs, So are y’ all ready? but before that let me give quick updates of the World of past week.

Once again Terrorism knocked the door of World, this time on London Bridge,U.K. as a Man injured around five people in incident, later shot dead by local Police. In Iraq, PM ready to give resign from his designation amid more violence. Philippines President made a controversial statement that he was fighting against his own Government in Drug War. RIL Becomes the first Company of India that crosses 1M Crore Market cap. eCommerce Co. Uber just lost license in London, a big setback to it. A terrific incident in Hyderabad, India taken place on night of 29th of December as a veterinary Doctor was firstly Gang-rape by four people & burnt to the death, a Incident which reminds 2012 Nirbhaya Kand of Delhi!!!! RIP Priyanka Reddy…πŸ™πŸ™

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s blog post. After writing so many articles on Human emotion-nature, was just drive myself towards latest news of Country. I will tell you everything that I gathered information regarding this article SPEAK FOR INDIA, So here we Start….

  • What is SPEAK FOR INDIA? :- Speak For India is a One kind of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative of FBI (Federal Bank of India) to give bigger platform to the College going youth of the Country. As Youth is Power, FBI had just took the pioneer step towards the Youth Empowerment of the Country, firstly started in 2014 in Kerala & then frequently started in other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra & Tamilnadu in 2015, 2016 & 2018 respectively.

Basically Speak For India is a Large Debate Competition which involved Students from Different Colleges, Differents Cities & Differents States of India without any biased registration processed. The big Set piece of this Competition, is that to enter in this Competition you don’t need to pay any kind of registration fees, it’s absolutely free for all the college going Students. Secondly if you are good in Speaking then believe me you are going to Impressed the Audience, as this platform has many to give.

The Number of last year was quite Impressive that around 200,000 students got registered in this competition from above mentioned 4 States itself. From this year onwards, this Competition has spread its excitement to more 3 states of Country i.e. Gujarat, Delhi & West Bengal. Now Just Imagine the heat of Competition as now Gujarat is Ready to roar….

The addition of Gujarat state was felt like Awesome as I just can’t keep calm to enroll myself into this Competition. But at the same time I was feeling nervous that I had never experienced Public Speaking. The Fear of public speaking was felt me think again n again on my decision that if I made a mistake by enrolling into this Competition. And whenever I was confused regarding decision I question myself, Is it Going to take my live? & If answer is NO, I just do that…

And If not Now then When? I know Public Speaking isn’t a Simple & Easy as Writing but still I have to give effort. One more interesting thing of this Competition is that Topic of Competition is revealed only at the time of Competition Venue. This makes it more excited.

  • How to Get Register for SPEAK FOR INDIA:- You can Simply visit the official website of Competition as speakforindia.in or by following below link,

https://speakforindiagujarat.com for Gujarat Students.

http://www.speakforindia.in the Official Website.

  • When to Get Register for SPEAK FOR INDIA:- The Last date for registering as a Competitor in the Competition is 5th of January 2020. So start enrolling yourself if you are interested one.
  • Where SPEAK FOR INDIA held?:- This Competition held in Seven Different States of India. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, West Bengal & Tamil Nadu. The Venue will be soon updated on respective state’s official website or for those who already registered themselves will get Notification about Eligibility/Rejection, Venue and query via Email.

Still Have any Query Regarding Competition raised your questions at mail@speakforindiagujarat.comΒ or visit https://www.facebook.com/speakforindiagujarat….

Still not satisfied with answer reach me ASAP for queries and questions via below mention email. Will replied you soon. So India get ready for the upcoming competition and raise your voice.


At last just wants to add one Slogan regarding this Competition,

I Don’t wants to be part of Crowd, Rather I’ll like If that Crowd Gather for ME….

So that’s all for the day. Hope you like this reminder, just wants suggest if you are above mentioned states college guy then don’t miss this opportunity. I like if you participate and don’t do anything if you don’t. Keep Sharing your Views, in comment section would like to show you their. See you all next Sunday till then Bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz…

10 thoughts on “Speak For India

  1. This debate sounds really interesting. Also I appreciate the world news at the beginning. I admit sometimes I get caught up in my bubble and forget about the world outside of my doors.

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  2. Hello Ma’m, thank you for the nomination but as my blog is award free one, I’ll going to participate in please don’t mind.. It means a lot but I really apologize for it… Your appreciation will always motivate writers like me around the globe….

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