“24 Hours”

Hey folks,what’s up? Hope you all are doing well. The Idea behind today’s post is based on today’s generation’s fast-forwarding life & their cry for less of time availability. But it is really not enough time for us to done the things in time? Don’t think so,because it’s all depends on us that how we utilize or say use our time. So let’s march towards today’s interesting blog post but before let me give quick updates of the world from past week.

US cities are losing 36 Millions trees a year. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has order nearly 150K Cybertruck despite launch of geffe. Pope demands to end nuclear weapon experiments to stop harmness to mankind. In France over 100+ women were killed by their partners this year itself. In Hongkong & Columbia Violence & Protest towards government won’t stop. Wales & Portugal book their spots for Euro 2020 Football. Nokia will launch its new phone on 5th December, confirms HMD.

Anyways let’s move on our today’s blog post i.e. Cryness of Mankind to scarce of hours in a day. We all see many people around us who always cry for less available of time but is it really not enough hours to done things/stuff in time? We all have equal 24 hours a day.You- Me- She- He- It, We all have equal time duration in a day, i.e. 24 hours – i.e. 1440 Minutes – i.e. 86400 seconds – i.e. 5184000 Miliseconds – i.e. 311040000 Microseconds.

Then it wholly depends on us that how we utilize it or say how we fully use of available time? We can’t blame God for it because it didn’t done injustice to any of us. If you wants to anger on, then did on yourself for wasting of time – for your unability to utilization of time.

“Work in time, otherwise Time will not work for you Anymore.”

Time will not change if you’ll not change early.

Thus before makes any changes change yourself first because There’s nothing better like improving yourself first. You know the mentality of today’s crowd/generation. They use their time in unnecessary stuffs and felt tired. By this way they made double loss from life. One by wasting time and Another by giving Stress to body.

People give importance to that stuff which is not much necessary and they just exchange beneficial stuff to that freaking stuffs. By doing that some will feel confort for sometime but after that they just realise the truth & Even that wasn’t enough One would say If I’d more time I’ll definitely did it by myself. For those I have just one question for those,

If you can’t do it in given maximum time, how can you assume it like, it’s your cup of tea now?

“24 Hours in a Day is enough for those who believes to do work not for those who just think it out…”

I know showing confidence is good but you know that feeling when you are tired as well as you’re alone in hard time, that situation is very tough to go through on. The one who succeed will again Stuck to it’s Primary Goal and others would return bare hands.

We all know life is too small to think about it calmly and at the same time it is too big to think about it deeply. But the One who knows there’s something in life will always think what he achieved in life rather than to what he received from the life. The joy of giving is unmeasurable.

The same formula will applied to time as well. Time is passing, it’s on you what you made out of it. Time is passing now – then & forever only you gonna be stop – resume or pause your life. If you think you’re done you’re stop there, if you think you’re not done yet – you continue to move on automatically. Always remember The way you think, the way you become. The person who cries for less time availability is the one who scarp their most valuable time for doing non sense & jerky stuffs.

Remember you’ve whole 24 hours, if you can’t do today then you’ll be never able to do it any other day.

“Time isn’t burning, In fact you prepare your Cremation by Yourself.”

By above statment it won’t mean to lead on path of pessimism but to explain people never postpone today’s plan on tomorrow. If you then you yourself makes your future more loaded.

The lone way to happy all the time is better scheduling of available time. Make schedule of your time & utilize it towards different kind of activities. Before going to sleep tick mark all the acts done by you today and prepare yourself for new morning. Always remember the work which seems possible to done by today, never postpone it for tomorrow or any other day. Because may be today’s possibily will be turned out in tomorrow’s Impossibility.

Complaining about less time availability seems like kids stuff, be Mature enough to make time for yourself.

The person who wait for good time will always remain in waiting, good time will not come if you just sit & wait…..

P.s. The person who says all the time I don’t have time is the one who always finds idle….😂😂

So it’s all for the day. Keep sharing – liking – commenting & don’t forget to suggest in comment section your thoughts regarding today’s post. Wish you all a very happy Sunday Eve….

See you all next Sunday till then bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz.

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4 thoughts on ““24 Hours”

  1. There is a lot of truth in what you say. One only has to venture into a store and see the lack of ability to get any help from customer service personnel to wonder what is happening in our world. I won’t even get started on what horrors we commit against our God given Earth every day. We have already managed to trash up space. God must shake his head while the Angels cry. Thanks for this post. Love 💕 Joni

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