5 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Ashamed of Yourself.

Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope you all are doing a great. We are alomst heading towards the end of another year, i.e. 2019 on this planet. So let me give one answer Have your New year resolutions Fulfilled/Achieved? Of Course as always mine not, so am zealous to know about it from you. Though it’s not demotivating but still it hurts when some tasks won’t fulfilled. Still there is positives that you’ve tried if you really take a chance. My today’s topic is fully based on Human Mentality & it confirms blog title. So let’s start

But before that let me give quick updates of World. In Italy, a Flood breaks the records of last 59 years & major part of country affected. In Hongkong & Chile people protest against respected Government & Violence seen there. Even Australia couldn’t save itself from Firebush & there’s danger of scarcity of water in Sydney. In Cricket India remain undefeated for 13 Consecutive Home Series. In Football Ronaldo & Messi shine for their respective national team i.e. Portugal & Argentina.

Have you feel demotivated of yourself anytime in life? Answer is yes, coz there’s no one, that stay positive all the time. Even too much positivity sometimes changes into pessimism itself. So if you’re demotivated anytime during any stage of life then try to read following 10 minute read.

1. You’re Different from Others:- Yes you read it right & that’s the lone truth of World. Don’t believe then let me explain. Have you seen the people who thinks like you – who talks like you – who walks like you – who live like you? Don’t think so beacuse even that much similarities couldn’t find in Twins too. So how can you be like others? Remain in your own personality.

“Believe, You’re going to Make a Difference.”

It’s 100 Time better to remain in own Shadow rather than to Shadow of Someone Else.

Don’t be like others, let allow others to be like you. Beacuse People always prefer Original. If you do different, then people mocks you in earlier stage but after that they also applause you. So if you’re different then Congratulate yourself first, for not like others.

2. Your Thoughts:- As said above you’re different from others, it’s obvious that Your thinking is different than rest of all & that makes you Separate to be a leader. Your thinking capacity will decide your next step beacuse the More you think the More you Link. Never tired of thinking. Though it doesn’t mean to heavy stress on yourself but to match stairs of Success and it’s Story.

“Thinking like Linking, Linking like Connecting.”

If One thinking is Enough to be Rich then Why there’s so much poverty in World?

As only thinking is not necessary a planned/executed presumption is upmost towards the Glory of Success. So keep thinking…

3. Your Ability:- As your thinking differ from others, your ability always stand by you. Not each n every people is able to do the same in what others specialized. Find out that specialization & ready to tackle down situation via it. The ability to dribble problem/issues makes you different from rest of all.

“You can do More than You Know – than You Believe.”

Be ready to Do different, if you not then what is difference between you and others?

Sometimes a little-bit favor of Luck & Risk put you in driving seat in difficulties. Be able to do impossible Because even Possible sounds like positive. Able yourself first – then liable – then reachable & then touchable.

4. Your Confidence:- This is the only thing that is with you even you lost everything. Confidence can’t see – it won’t be touchable & even not know the existence but still it’s always with you if you believe or not so never separate it from you.

“Winners are just Updated Version of Losers, Be that.”

Through Confidence you are going to Win Everything but as soon as you Lost the Confidence, You’re on the verge of loosing Everything.

Confidence is very rare because now a days people are over confident that they are Confident but that over confident just finishes the remained Confidence of mankind. Stay Confident…

5. Your Opportunities:- Sometimes it’s just matter of opportunities that you got and others won’t. Make full use of it. It’s better to utilize those opportunities rather than to regret later. Opportunities are the hidden hints/gifts from God & how can be one fool enough to ignore that precious gift.

“Opportunities aren’t good or bad, they can be either Catch or Miss.”

Winners turns opportunities into stairs of Success, Loosers turns opportunities into Reason of their Loss.

If you are lucky enough then opportunities itself become path of your Glory. Be ready to catch opportunities. If you miss it’ll hit you, badly.

& this last one Extra doze

6. Knowledge:- Do You know, you know that what other’s don’t? If you know that, your knowledge is enough to assist you whenever you need it, then believe me you’re in demand. People will appreciate your knowledge & as well you.

“Believe, it’s just your cup of tea; None would dare to it.”

The One Who knows, Knowledge is Power will definitely Never Sit down Silent.

Once you gain knowledge then rest of life people will take care of it. In the whole world there’s no one who helps you, you and only you’ll going to be Saviour of your life.

So it’s all for the day. Keep sharing – liking – commenting & don’t forget to suggest in comment section your thoughts regarding today’s post. Wish you all a very happy Sunday Eve….

See you all next Sunday till then bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz.

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11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You shouldn’t Ashamed of Yourself.

  1. You are welcome!

    I was once an entry level computer programmer on a project with no experience in comparison to the dozen or so I worked with. Six months later I got a 40% pay increase and the company created a new position just for me.


    I did the unexpected!

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