“What is in NAME?”

Hey Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing great. A few days ago, when I am passed time with myself, a lightning thought come in my mind that What is in Name? Is it necessary to have name of something / someone? And I found it very interesting that yes it’s the name which identifies you differ from others. So let’s start,

But before that let me give quick update of the world. Sister of late ISIS leader Bagdadi was held in Syria. Ice Egg were shown on beach of Finland which is not good as per Meteorologist. In NZ Court just heard the arguments of both the sides over the death of Grace Millane and delayed their decision. In Cricket Bangladesh was register their first ever win over India in T-20I. South Africa Won the Rugby WC for third time,most by any country by beating England in Final.

Anyways let’s comeback to our today’s topic. Had you ever thought the Mystrey/Meaning of your Name Or say have you thought why your name is this and not that. Yes I’ve & this post is result of that thought btw.

“NAME is not just a letter of differenciation from others but it’s that which later identify your True and Real Existence.”

“Build Your Name – Build Your Fame.”

People – Animals – Things/Stuffs – Commercial Buildings – Cities – States – Countries – Continents all have their different Identity and they all are Differenciate by thier Unique NAME. It’s the name which makes you separate/differ then rest of all. So by uppishly Name seems like genuine but it has deeper meaning than you know – than you understand.

It’s the name which separated two Twins, It’s the name which everyone wants to hear from World, It’s the Name which identify you as a Mankind or live Creature, It’s the Name which everyone wants to highlight in the World, It’s the Name which is not other’s property and your fully right on it, It’s the Name, people wants to earn from World, It’s the Name which remember easily rather than Face, It’s the Name which your loved one called you by, It’s the Name which Changes into Brands, It’s the Name which is Immortal, It’s the Name which reminds long than rest of all the things, It’s the Name which reflection makes your life horrible – famous. So there is so much in NAME. Don’t you think?

Some born with Bigger Name & Some come in this World with a aim of Bigger Name. Some Earn their Name & Some lost their Name by some Greedy Events. Some Tries to Value their respective Name & Some demolish their Name by themselves. So at last it’s a Name which Refer others to identify you.

“It’s just Game of Name that Everyone Wants to Play.”

“People Gone but Thier Name Remain Left in the World as Memory.”

Don’t you believe? Ok let’s see here. As soon as human born, he/she got the name from their family. And Everywhere that Name remains most important whether it’s for Admission process – Government Procedures or for documentations. But it’s wholly depends on the people whether to be Fame from it or Destroy it. People remind your name for Two Reason: If you’ve did Good to others and If you’ve did Wrong to others. So it’s Name which memorise others for your Existence.

We love/like when people called us by our name. Because it’s shows the bonding and relation between two or more people. Have anyone observe, That feeling when we don’t know someone’s name and we’ve no idea by which we have to called them by…. Aah what you called then by Excuse me / Miss / Mister?

But when we know the Name of person then that Confidence by calling them by their Name works amazing. Really don’t believe then try sometimes with someone. We should always prefer to call people by their Name, yes really there’s something in the Name.

Name has Perpectual Succession in case of Non-living Creature. Like Giant Tech – Commercial Buildings – MNCs – Designation etc. So we should try to give Name to all those which we love/like. Even though we give Name to Puppys – Cats – Parrots – Tortois – Horses because it’s shows the bonding between two.

So it’s in your hand whether you wants to shine your Name in the world or not.

It’s Said that,

Work Until Your Signature turns into Autograph.”

I just wants to change it by

“Work Until Your Name Becomes Fame itself.”

You know Who is the Real Winner? “A Person Who focuses to Earn Name along with Money.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you like it. Keep loving – liking – sharing – commenting it. And also share your views and meaning of your name in comment section. Wish you happy Sunday Evening.

So see you all Next Sunday till then Bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz.

Suggestion/Collaboration should be welcomed at divyangrajput97@gmail.com

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13 thoughts on ““What is in NAME?”

  1. My name Joni is a masculine term in Finnish. It stands for the word John which means Yahweh meaning God, or to be gracious. Thank you for your interesting article. I would never have looked up my name. I love that it is derived from John or God whom I love with all my heart soul and might. Have a blessed day. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. My name has changed in 3 different stages of my life. My given name is difficult to pronounce because Lj (Ljubica) is one letter that makes one sound, but is always pronounced as two separate letters and sounds nothing like it should. So, only people from my early childhood know my full name and pronounce it properly. By 4th grade I was known as Lulu until my professional career. Now I’m known as Lu. Just by calling my name, I’ll know how long you’ve known me lol…
    The origin and meaning of my name is as follows:
    Ljubica (Serbian) – is a Slavic feminine given name meaning “love” or “kiss”, where -ica is a diminutive suffix. Also, ljubica means violet, while the actual flower is ljubičica, a superdiminutive.
    Wow, I’m so glad I could explain that! Interesting article that puts a different spin on my name. Nothing to do with making a name or money lol. It’s who you are and where you’ve been, it’s the journey of you…

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  3. Wow, Great… Found first one very Interesting though, Ljubica and yeah I don’t know you properly you’re right. BTW thanx for your words n time to read it out….😀


  4. Yes, Build a brand for business is necessary because people know you by your name not your business. Though business doesn’t mean people only look after brand name sometimes they demand quality as well. So Quality and Brand is like two side of coin.. BTW thank you for your words….

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  5. Yeah, well I know the story behind my name…😅😅
    My name, Divyang if you separate it, it sounds like Divya+Ang which means Divya=Precious and Ang=Part. As I had Six fingers, (just like connected to baby finger) in my left hand, My granny put my name based on that but due to infection it gets ripped. There’s rumours that whomsoever has their sixth finger lifetime, they are lucky and also favor by God. But there’s very less chance that you have had that finger lifetime with you, so as I. With that finger, luck also removed from my life…😅😅
    That’s all, 🙃🙃

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