Expectations: It Hurts – It Cures!!!!

Hey Folks, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. The topic of today’s blog is recommended by one of my collegue. Though at first I won’t get any sense but after observing the Words I couldn’t stop myself to write on it, So let’s start

But before that, let me give quick updates of the World. Halloween fever was shown in many American – Europeon Countries/States. After Amazon forest Firegoal, there’s recorded one more incident of it in California, USA. In Cricket Australia had clean sweep Srilanka in T-20 Series. German Chancelor (Angela Morkel) was its official visit to India for 2 days. China launched 5G Covered Bus. Many news agencies confirmed death of ISIS leader Bagdadi.

Anyways let’s comeback to today’s topic. What will you mean by Expectations? Just Hope for Something from Someone, that’s all? Yet it’s not wrong at all, hence it has more deep meaning than it.

Expectation isn’t just a Word, It’s a Mixture of Hope – Feeling – Emotions & Tear of Joy.

“Expectations not always Work but Work as per your Expectations.”

Don’t you believe? Ok then let me explain you. In this World Everyone expect something from someone, though there’s nothing wrong from it. But still when those expectations can’t fulfilled, many people broke down or say they just lost hope from those to whom they expect.

A Child Expect to get everything and if his/her mule wasn’t satisfied, he/she tried to fulfilled it by Crying. A Mother Expect a bright future of her kid. Father expect to satisfy all his family’s requirement. A Lover Expect a pure love and trust from her/his beloved ones. Rich Expect more n more money & Poor Expect to be Rich soon. A Begger Expect a food for one time, A Pet Expect love from its Warden. Student Expects Good Mark in Exams & Player Expect Match Winning performance of himself. Giant Tech Expect More Margin and Entrepreneur Expect Success.

So there’s each n every People in this World Expect from others in return of Something. There’s no one who is UNEXPECTED, and if people not Expect from others then at last Expect from GOD. Because in this World none is fully/wholly satisfied, There seems a Flow of Greed in Vein of Human Boday instead of Flow of Blood.

“Perfection Should be Expected But Expectation Shouldn’t be Perfect.”

“Expectation is just Assumption of Reality.”

To have Expectation is good because it’s show Optimism of Mankind. But when those expectations couldn’t fulfilled then also be ready to Pamper Courage to Get up and Fight to achieve it. The Whole World walk on Expectation. Because people Hope Tomorrow Morning will bring something New for them. & As said If there’s a Hope may be there’s Success Too.

Expectation Hurts, When you expect More, than you able for it. Expectation Cures, When you expect Less, & Achieve More. So there’s only needed one mindset, Expect Less but give Try 110% , so that you won’t get Unsatisfied. Although more expectations from others will definitely Ruin your life, so its better to Expect from yourself.

When You start to Expect from Yourself, You Really Starts to Live the Life on Your Own. If you still expect from others then after sometime You’ll return by Bare hand – a Broken & as Pessimist.

Expectations are Good but Always Good Expecatation, Don’t you think it isn’t Good?

“Unexpected Expectations are like Human Without Sense.”

We People always Hope for Good because we can’t bear Failure or say we have no guts to accept the failure, but Sometimes Failure is More Important than Success. If We Can’t Fall Down then How can We Learn to Get Up? So it’s necessary to fell down, to get up, to give try until n unless Satisfactory Victory recorded.

Expectation Sounds like Synonym of Hope. Limited Expectation Prove you to be MAN, Unlimited Expectations Prove you to be PUNK.

Never be Upset if your expectations go unnoticed. Add one More Expectation to that list, Tomorrow will be Mine & I’ll be fuc*in satisfied. Be Hungry Enough to get it, Rather than to wait like a Kitten.

And last one quote,

“I Hope but Never Expect…”

So that’s all for the Day. Hope you Enjoy it. Keep Liking – Commenting and Sharing your views, will reply you soon. See you soon on next week until n unless than Bbbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Allah Hafiz…

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29 thoughts on “Expectations: It Hurts – It Cures!!!!

  1. Hey Lulu, glad to see you here. But am not agree with you this time, as age has no relevant to expectations. Greed makes man blind & that leads to disaster. Am not prove you wrong but I am just saying you my opinion. As hope immortal, we human never leave expectations from our lives. Thank you for sharing your words…..


  2. When you’ve reached my age you’ll understand my meaning. With age comes knowledge, greed has nothing to do with appreciating life to its fullest. Monetary things and friendships exchanged for it are meaningless when your days are numbered.

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  3. I too am guilty of too high of expectations. I think because I expect sooo much of myself, that others must also have high expectations of themselves. In my mind if people are attempting to hold themselves to high expectations, then surely I would see the effects of that. Surely they would at some point reflect my interactions in positive manners. That’s where my expectations fail and I cause my own hurts. I rarely see even a fraction of what I give to others on a daily basis. It is a fault of mine. I’m moving towards taking care of self only and letting others come to me when they’re ready… Not there yet, just the goal. धन्यवाद

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  4. I agreed with you…Even circumstances sometimes change us…we learn how to expect less from others. After being a wife,a mother…I gained maturity and expecting much from others automatically got reduced..

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  5. It’s better to just count on yourself to get things done and if someone exceeds your expectations, than be thankful for the surprise ❤️


  6. Good evening, I relate on a higher level to what you have shared. It is only recently, that I began lowering my expectations when it comes to others. Somehow, it took the disappointments away. Lovin “Tomorrow will be Mine & I’ll be fuc*in satisfied”. I would like to thank you for liking my latest blog post “Sunrise Resolutions Pearl 🌇🕊”. It meant so much to me. Have a lovely evening. 🌸

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  7. I like your title. I agree. Expectation does cure if you expect only from yourself. It does hurt if we expect from others without communicating our expectations. Even if we do communicate our expectations, I learned personally that I was so much happier, and my loved ones were happier too when I let go of expecting anything from anyone. Everyone has their own path and they must make their own choices. There are guidelines, of course, that we all follow instinctively. We expect people to follow the law of the land and to respect our privacy and person. Yet if they don’t, that is their choice. It can be terrible when people make choices not aligned with goodness or fairness. So in that regard, I think that expectation is a good thing. It keeps society functioning. And then there’s my parental expectation. I expect my son will work today, but if he doesn’t, it’s his decision. Then you wrote about the expectation from God, a very personal kind of thing that for me is still a mystery. I really believe there are two choices in life: 1. Toward love. 2. Away from love. It helps me decide if I am doing the right thing. This is a very good topic to think about. Thank you for writing it. I like your graphics too. Thank you also for your visits to my blog. I really appreciate it. =) ♥.

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  8. Yes, very true.. Expectations are good but if they don’t get fulfilled then let it go, rather than to cry for it. Anyways Thank you for your words n for your time to read it out. Stay in touch….

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