Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope you all doing Well. I know it’s Tuesday and I just missed out my commitment to post on Sunday but literally I’ve no time to think about it, so sorry for that. So here I just reconcile my mistake by updating blog today. Hope you won’t mind it.

So let’s give me quick updates of the World. In India People enjoying the celebration of King of Festival i.e. Diwali. U.S.A. give updates to the World that they just got the rid of ISIS Leader Bagdadi. Roger Federar aka Swiss Express record 10th time entering into Finals of Basel Open. Violence in Catalonia is still continue. In many Europeon Countries there’s a movement of People for #climatechange & basically my today’a blog is fully based on it. So enjoy it and keep spread it.

Global Warming: I don’t think anybody is not aware of it’s general meaning, but still if there’s anyone who don’t know about it, I just share my view.

When The level of CO2, CFC and other Pollutant particles genually increased in Global Atmosphere & when there’s happening some unexpected events around the World suddenly or time after time, it’s called Global Warming.

“Please Don’t be Part of Disaster”

Here, Unexpected means everything which is caused by us though intentionally or not. Because we human have equal ratio for all disasters. As Our Deeds Comes to Us, no one go pardon.

If you Survive Then may be your next generation will Suffer if you don’t stop some non sense doing. The pollution spread by us is the biggest reason of it. Don’t you think?

Ok let’s take a look – The Wasting of Natural Resources, The Pollution spread by us directly or indirectly, Cutting of Trees for some Bloody shit of papers, Some spoofy Scientific experiments and the deeds of our previous sins, Your undemanded contribution in spreading dirtyness. Though These are the some reasons of it, may be there are more too..

As per many studies, it’s prove that human activities mostly affect the atmosphere of world. So basically we human are responsible for those Disasters.

Nature isn’t Bad, We Human Can’t be Good.

We human forget to be human. We just lost the manner and be disrespectful to it. Temperature of World is Increasing day by day, Temperature also goes down too low in Winter & In Monsoon at one place there is too much rainfall and other place there’s dry land. To Breath in fresh Air is become Poison for a One, and how can one survive for so long?!

“The More you Destroy, The More you’ll be Suffer.”

We all know people of last century live so long with less harmness, in fact they really live the life peacefully & satisfactory. Their lifestyle was slow but they know the meaning of it. While on other hand people of last 2- 3 decades become so selfish that they themselves becomes their victim. They just wants to destroy everything for their Progress but is that progress has any Meaning if no one is available to Enjoy it?

Volcano – Earthquakes – Tsunami sometimes become unjudgemental and we human became helpless. Lots of casualties recorded. There’s nothing we can do against Nature. But one thing can be happen if we all take an oath for an Environment Protection.

Global Warming is clearly indicates Global Warning. It’s the signals from God to stop harmfulness to the Earth. If you still not then, Before you destroy the beautiful creation of God, it’ll destroy you all.

If you are not able to do Something Good, then just leave as it is but please don’t make it worse. If you Good at Nothing then be it because it’s ok rather than to waste this precious – beautiful World.

If You Can’t Contribute in Good Acts then Please Don’t be Part of Bad Acts too.

& Why your Next Generation will suffer by your Deeds? Just ask one question to yourself Have you suffer from deeds of your previous generation? If No, then why you yourself become destroyer of Human Being?

“How can you be So Outrageous to Steal Someone’s Smile?”

Thus it’s become choice Whether you wants to listen Good words from your Grandchilds or Blame of them. At a times they just remember you and regret of having you as their Aencestral.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you love it. Keep spread love and don’t forget to like, comment and share your views. See you all on sunday till then bbbye, shukran, rab rakhkha, allah hafiz.

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10 thoughts on “GLOBAL WARMING Doesn’t sounds like GLOBAL WARNING?!

  1. it will kill us all if we don’t ask fast. what makes me angry is the silence or abstinence of politicians regarding this danger. all they think of is money. what sill they do with it the day floods will cover a big part of the planet? or when desertification happens?

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  2. Yes Ma’m, I really hate Politicians as they just wants to make money for themselves without care of others. But still we humans collectively can do something otherwise nothing left for the future generation…

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  3. I never (rather rarely) write about world events, but yes. I do my best to make choices with the environment in mind, using washable/ reusable items as much as possible, even at work, and recycling as much as possible. I know those around me share the sentiment. I wish we all had bigger impacts on big business, I feel like that’s where the biggest concern lies- especially in manufacturing and outdated power plants/options. May we all find solutions to this common goal of saving our planet.

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  4. Well to be honest this is the biggest issue in current scenario , protecting environment is realy important , if this way it keeps on happening b, human extinction is not far away , probably instead of just supporting some one in social media we need to plant some trees for a better future


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