Words : That Really Matters!!!!

Hey Folks, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. I came up with new idea for you, So from now I am adding one more interesting thing in my blog i.e. Weekly Update of World.

So Let me give quick updates of World because There is so much happening in the world right now, i.e. British Royal Couple’s Official Visit to Pakistan, Violence in Catalonia for their different status from Spain, Amazon forest’s fire almost covered 10-12 Countries, In India Dengue fever covers most of the states and many dies because of it. UN cuts their spending because of Non-availability of necessary Funds from Member Countries. In short there’s so much that we mankind struggle now a days, by ourselves – by nature.

So now let’s turn back to our today’s topic, i.e. Words spoken by us i.e. We Human Beings. Have you ever give importance to your words or say have you ever think your words Pros and Cons before speaking? No, then really think about it because it’s not a lit-bit thing, it’s much bigger issue than you think. Though it doesn’t mean to overthinking, but make sure whatever you are going to tell is really reasonable to say or not.

Words, The people’s Real Inner Sound. Because what is inside of Human Body will come outside as Words. So make sure whever you speak, make worth it otherwise your value also be Nil & was that make any sense? Don’t think so.

“Some Make World from their Words , Some Just Make Words from this World.”

As said Pen is Mightier than Sword, I just wants to change it by Words are Strenghten than Sword. Because it’s the word which effect on one’s heart or say it’s the words which affects one directly or indirectly.

You know it’s look like quite easy and simple to reply somebody but behind that there’s need a proper mindset and understandment. Don’t believe? Ok let me explain.

While facing an Interview apart from your Dressing – Look and Resume, Your Confidence of Reply to questions turned the game by your side. Believe me Your words make a huge impact on opposed person. Your sense of humour is upmost necessary in doing all the stuff. In someone’s funeral you can’t make a statement- I am happy for his/her Death. Or say you can’t make a Statement in Someone’s Marriage that They will going to separate after Marriage. So it’s your Words which makes you a REAL MAN.

One will may Poor by Money but Sweetness of his/her Words will definitely Changed his/her Destiny.

“Change Words – Change World”

Don’t think to give more narration for above mentioned thought as it fully and wholly depends on you how would you react and reply to others.

While on the other hand, if you’re millionaire but no sense how to talk with others then believe me your piece of papers are just Scrap. If your words hurts someone then people afraid from you to talk. Other Peoples will just use you for their purpose and after fulfilling their purpose they’ll start to Ignore you. Because they know You are always burried mouth.

There are different kind of people : The Talkative One – The Silent One & The Rubbish One. Words of Talkative ones’ are Good to listen but there flow of words will ends up in Confusion. Then the words of Silent ones’ are most effective as per study. As they speaks oftenly people loves to listen it and understand it. They speak less but very Consciously.

And last one the words of Rubbish one, who don’t care what impact of their words are falling upon people. They speak without thinking which ends up with misery. People hurts from their words, (here it doesn’t mean to identify weak people).


Some are also good in playing Word Games, they just shape themselves for handling different types of situations or say challenges.

P.S. Politicians are Exception in above case…😂😂 Please note

So that’s all for the day. Hope you enjoy it and as always keep liking share and Comment as well. See you all next Sunday (Diwali Special Post) till then Bbye – Shukran – Rab Rakhkha – Alaah Hafiz.

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21 thoughts on “Words : That Really Matters!!!!

  1. You are so right we should make our words matter. There is a lot going on in this world today. As writers we certainly do have a certain amount of responsibility I believe. Great post to get folks thinking about the importance of making a difference. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. Written words can be misconstrued, so elaborating helps. But when speaking, there’s more at play here. Body language, facial expression and there’s an immediate response from the person you’re interacting with. You’ll see if they’re confused, agreeable, annoyed or aggressive. Words are weighed and have consequences. Be thoughtful, kind, detailed and if it’s inappropriate, keep it to yourself. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Totally agree with you. Not only your thoughts are expressed through words, but also words shape your mind. Take for example a mantra: the more you say it, the more it will work on your thinking patterns and change it. So words are crucial. And it is said, the more you learn new languages, the more you embrace foreigners minds, the more mind flexible you become. Great post

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  4. Yes that’s what I want to say by this post. Our words are really precious that what we say – when to say – whom to say & how to say is really important… BTW thank you for sharing your view too…

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  5. Powerful words, powerful post. I completely agree with you. Words hold utmost importance. Recently, I rekindled with an old friend, while discussing whom else from our old group we are in touch with, I asked her about this one person and she told me she is not because of something he said long time ago. She tried to recall what he said for few seconds, then she said, “It doesn’t matter. Sometimes, you don’t remember what were the words, you just remember how those words made you feel and I remember, his words made me feel terrible.” That’s the power of words.

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  6. Happy Diwali! … I sometimes feel I use too many words, but I use far more in writing than when I actually talk. We all regret words at some point, the goal is to reduce that negative impact. The book “4 Agreements” is where I learned to do my best to be impeccable with my word. Thank you for the reminder.

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