“Everyday is a New Morning”

Hey Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are doing a great. Time really flies, as it’s been now 3-4 months that I’ve started the journey as a blogger and that all happens because of you all. Really glad to have a blogger-family like you. Thank you for your Supports – your appreciation.

Anyways let’s comeback to our today’s topic. Any idea by reading the blog title? No? Well, it’s all right. I’ll tell/explain you everything in this blog.

Ok first of all let me tell, how many of you’ve future fear or say overthinking issue? So many. Right? Yes because after all we are mankind. So that’s natural that We make plans for better future by living today. But is it right though?

No,not at all. As my post title suggest Everyday is a New Morning, means You can’t move on in life by weighing of past load or future ambition if you forget to Live TODAY. No doubt, planning is important but that’s the Goal, which leads you to the path of Success.

“Write a Story you Want to share with Your Grandchild.”

Yes, Daydreaming isn’t bad but for that ruin out the present, don’t you think is it Wrong? Having a Dreams are wonderful, it inspires/motivates you to achieve it,but for that you need a predefined Goals. Because without Goals your Dreams remains only Illusion and You remains a Daydreamer.

Goals are really really Important to fulfillment of those Dreams and that Goal Starts, How well you perform Today.

“Your Today’s Performance will decide your Future, not Future decides how well you Perform Today.”

Yes but in Future, your Today will definitely assist you whenever you need it. So never forget to live better today. Many people think to save Money for better future but what if you are not available to utilize that Life Treasure? No doubt, your next generation will definitely happy by you but what’s the guarantee that, that Money is moving in Good hand? Have you think about it?

“Future Prediction Means Fear of Today’s Failure.”

On the other side there’s a People who won’t to move ahead in life because of their Past. Their thinking is pure pessimistic. If something bad happened in the past then they assume it also same happens in the Present too. But why don’t people understand that, that was the past and today is a Present – Both are Different, You’re also Different – Situations may also be Different and among all may be Your LUCK is in your Favor this time too so why not to take a Chance?

By Weighing of Your Past Load, You Won’t Going to Make your Today Happier.”

Remain your past as it is, Make ready to fight for yourself. To live by Dying Today Regularly how can one Makes their Future Illustrative one?

In short Your TODAY is Really Precious. Make full use of it. Enjoy each n every moment of it. Sometimes be a little bit Selfish for yourself, and what is wrong in it? Believe Today is a New Morning and So as You. Firmly Defeat Your Past, if it comes to Let You Down.

“Be Hero Today, Future Champion is in Process.”

Everything Starts with a Fresh Begining- Just Remove Negetivity and Feel Fresh to make it happen.

“If You Live Better Today then Definitely Your Future Will be Bright. But No Guarantee Your Future is Glorious or not If You Live by Dying Today.”

So that’s all for the day. Hope you all are Really Live Today instead of in search of Illusive Future Greed.

Just leave your reply/suggestion in Comment section, will surely count it down and replied it. Leave your #LiveToday Moment as well. I also share mine too.

Happy Weekend Eve. Thank you, See you next sunday till then Byebye- Shukran- Rab Rakhkha- Allah Hafiz.

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