Suicide: Not an Option Nor a Choice

Hey Folks, What’s Up? Hope you all doing well. You may got the assumption of my post, by title of the blog. So I don’t think I should’ve to give more narration about it, Right?

Exactly Right guess, in today’s post I told/explain you, why you shouldn’t commit SUICIDE. But have you any Idea Why people/person commit suicide? As one’s life became more n more stressful/painful – by giving up to situation person chose to Commit Suicide as a last option.

But Really it’s Right Option though? Not at all, Infact Suicide will never be the Right Option/Choice even Not Today – Not Yesterday and Never Ever. By commiting Suicide one may release from those situation which lead them to there, but they forget they lost the most precious thing of World, i.e. LIFE.

But do you know what Life mean by? The person who knew it will never commits Suicide and the person who doesn’t knew will always find Suicide as a Right choice or say right option. But their Right option will turned out to be Blow for their family, a huge blow, which never imagine by other.

“Don’t you think, By committing Suicide – You Just Disrespect the GOD?”

Suicide, the word itself shows its Cruelty. By Killing themselves how can One can said that he/she survived? Infact they don’t kill themselves only, They kills firstly their Confidence, which forced him/her to doing stuffs & face result whatsoever.

They kills their family, by giving them unexpected news of the death. They kills their respective life which is very rare. They just kills the aim of their life.

But really If you born as Human then just Thank to God, for giving you life as human and what do you did if you’ve no courage to face problems or issues of life? Just shorten your life, that’s all? Is it the right treatment to the God Gift?

Of Course, NO. Then what to do if you’ve thought in your mind to commit Suicide? Really, I know when people have no guts to face the world or say left no option to live the life they drove towards it. One should’ve to find the Reason to live the life, & that reason is very clear – Happiness of your Parents.

Just think about it, when you decided to commit Suicide – Remember Your Mother’s Face, Ocean of Million Dreams to see you as Most Successful person of the World & Your Father’s Face, who say less but there’s lot to learn from each n every word of him. Really don’t you think that reason is enough which forced you to think about your Decision regarding life?

“Just Remove Pessimism from You Brain.”

Look Problems, Obstacles, Issues, Defeats and Shame is part of your life cycle. It doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on situations or say you are useless. Let people blame you or whatever they want to do with you. Just stay with yourself.

It’s said that In Bad Time Even your Shadow won’t Stay with you. But I want to say Who need Shadow when you’ve your own Support. Never break down your Confidence. The Day when you starting to doubt towards yourself, Your count down is began of Life.

Do whatever just be hammer will. Never give a shitty chance to others to judge you. Just stay with your Real Personality. Never be Fack, be Original.

I just want to share my funda which help me lot when negative thoughts playing in my Brain,

Always carry a Photograph of your Parent in yout Wallet or Purse & whenever you feel pessimist/negative, Just See it, Believe me You Automatically Gonna Smile/feels Relaxed.

“Just Tell the God, Yes I’m Living the LIFE.”

Really Before commiting Suicide, think Calmly, think Twice, think pros and cons of it and then chose, Is it really Beneficial to others by commiting you Suicide? If your inner soul won’t respond stop there & calls to your close one to whom you can share your Situation.

Suicide is not an Option, Not NOW – Not THEN – Not SO EVER.

So that’s all for the day, if you meet any person who looks broken and left no interest to live the life then help him/her to get out of difficulties. Otherwise one can contact me on follow email ID, I’ll consult you soon.

16 thoughts on “Suicide: Not an Option Nor a Choice

  1. My brother took his life. A traumatic childhood caused mental illness. When a person reaches that point in their life they don’t feel they have a choice. They want the pain to go away. I think it’s important to understand this.

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  2. Even though I agree with the end result here, I have struggled with suicidal depression in the past. When you’re there, you literally can’t see any of that. Your brain is in so much pain it can’t see 6 inches in front of you. If you ever meet a person struggling that bad, you can’t use words. You have to soothe, hug, kiss, touch gently, help them in any and every way you can. They need anti-inflammatory help: advil, lots of turmeric, Co-Q10, etc. Then once the brain begins to regain composure, then you can remind them of what you wrote here. That is my biggest mission here on Earth, having lived through it and figured it out, is teaching others how to actually help someone ready to end their life. Most of us didn’t get there easily and telling them think of these things won’t help fix a long hard painful battle. You have to fight the battle and then remember the gratitude once you clear the worst of the battle.

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  3. This post is truly inspiring. Sadly, the world should be kind and less torturing so that no one thinks of committing suicide. Suicide is committed by one person but the whole of society should be held responsible for the act. When a system fails to give hope to the person, that time the person ends his/her life. Shame on our society. The suicide rate is increasing especially among teenagers. They end their life before even understanding the meaning of life.
    Your post is great.

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  4. Hey, thank you… You said very well when people lost by heart he think like suicide will be the last option.. At least he/she got the peace for sometime but he/she don’t know what will happen to his/her family after that incident. Thank you for your words…..


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